Monsanto and the Hellraiser Clan of the Damned.

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Last night, in the beginning I dreamed of a powerful vampire clan. For some reason, although they were dangerous in the extreme, there was an understanding that existed in which I was in no danger from them. I had done, or was doing something, that affected all of this. For the rest of the night, I dreamed about 9/11 and the people behind it and was engaged in something that was bringing the knowledge of the participants out before the world. They were toast and it was an indisputable reality that they were doomed and could not repair the incipient, emerging reality of their downfall. All night I was up and then back to bed and each time I was, once again, into the proactive, engaged scenario of 9/11 exposure.


Larry Silverstein made the most appearances, as his involvement was being detailed, prior to some sort of specific judgment that was in reserve for him. He bought the WTC just shortly before the attacks. He was in charge when the building security was shut down and no one was allowed to monitor whatever was taking place, just before the attacks, with the assistance of Marvin Bush’s security company. He took out massive anti-terror insurance and afterwards sued for double what was initially expected. He called for Building 7 to be pulled and spoke with his good friend Bennie ‘the rat’ Netanyahu every Sunday.


Barak, the mastermind of 9/11 (along with Dov Zakheim) was in New York City on 9/11 with Olmert. Where was Zakheim on 9/11? I never seem to be able to find that out. It’s probably a simple answer that evades me, like the more intricate components of a dream. I get the overview and my intent but often the details escape me.


It stands to reason that the concept of the Synagogue of Satan is a real thing. Even Jesus Christ referred to the members of specific tribes as the children of the devil. So this explains the source of the power, which seems so inexplicable to us; how do they do it? They have supernatural help of the demonic kind. I’m not a Christian and I’ve little use for religion of any type. They are all obfuscators but… I am presenting this in the context of the manifest realm in manifest words, regardless of more invisible implications. It explains the obsession with money and further explains the control of outer circumstance and temporal powers.


In times of The Apocalypse, all of this is revealed to us in stages and by means dependent on one’s unwillingness to awaken. It also implies the end of their run of core deceptions for the purpose of ruling the world. They are in deep shit and all of those who are silent will be seen as guilty by association. This is one wakeup call that ought to be heeded more than any other.


A few days ago I was thinking about the bat plague, which interrupts the feeding duties of the bats that control the insects that eat the agriculture, which feeds the world. This requires a massive increase in the use of pesticides and it dawned on me that Monsanto was behind whatever was happening to the bats. Then it occurred to me that Monsanto was behind whatever was happening to the honeybees. The two are connected and it became a near indisputable plausibility in my mind that Monsanto (My Satan) was behind these and other conditions as well. Part of the motivation is profit and control and part of the motive is eugenics. Monsanto is also a creation of the tribe. Here you can see just how widespread the proliferation is and why the world is the way it is.


Is it a crime or a moral offense to point these things out? The question that should be asked is, “are these things true”? The ownership and control of all of these companies is right there to be seen. Either it is so or it is not. If this is not true, then point out to me how I have erred and what is true so that I will not be further deceived. Here a member of the tribe boasts about the control. Here names are named about the 96% control of the media. When one looks at the Federal Reserve, the same phenomenon appears. Are these things not true? I’m waiting for the clear and informed mind that is going to set me straight, if I am being misled on any of these counts. I have people telling me tall tales about things that don’t happen and things they are doing for me that play havoc with my schedule when they don’t happen, as if their intent was to confuse and disrupt me. Maybe it’s all not what it seems but… there it is in black and white.


As clear as it all appears to be, it doesn’t register with those oppressed by the actions of their slave masters. They even defend their slave masters and die in their wars. Their lives are ruined by financial manipulations and yet they become advocate mouthpieces for the ones who do this, using inapplicable terms of slander, created as a defense mechanism by their oppressors, against those who question the obvious. Theodor Herzl said that the slander of anti-Semitism should be applied, whether it is true or not, as an effective weapon against criticism. You can scan the expanded intent of this in many places and agendas.


Now comes this most curious of events, the Obama trip to India where we have been told that 65 planes; 34 warships, thousands of personnel, 200 CEO’s and family friends and retainers are accompanying a zombie president whose name rhymes with another dead man who keeps rising from the grave. The Pentagon denies that he is shadowed by such a massive collection of war material.


Cliff High of Half Past Human has predicted tension builds and tipping points to occur between November 5th and November 14th of this year and that is the exact span of Obama’s trip to The East. It’s in January where it is supposed to get really severe but that’s for later consideration (grin). There’s a lot to think about and as far as Obama’s trip goes, Obama is a liar and The Pentagon is a collective of liars so no matter what the truth is, it’s not coming from either of these plumbing outlets. What’s coming out of these outlets is the sort of stuff that normally moves through plumbing outlets, on their way to flammable septic tanks of the sort that spontaneously ignites. It’s flaming shit, with the inferno generated by the outrage of the offended water that has to ferry it.


Those who expose the reality of what is, are pushed to the sidelines by the endless drone of lies on behalf of selective empire. The mass that follows or is herded toward the thresher teeth of the judgment that awaits ignorant destinies, do not hear the voices of those who call out to them on their behalf. Once again, it is like the voices from strange rooms, in a dream of the acknowledged parameters, of the deadly confinements of a lie that circumscribes all that the dreamer sees and hears… and accepts as real. It is not real. It is a dream that inexorably cycles into nightmare and frightful awakening.


If the things said in this posting are true; if the names and places are accurate, in respect of the claims, then… what does that mean? If they are not true then surely there is some other explanation and it will be seen today in the comments section and I can adjust myself accordingly. If these things are true but are denied as being true, what is one to make of this state of being? What does one make of the wide agreement of so many who demand the continuance of lies, as if they were the very bread of Heaven? What kind of terrible cowardice and denial motivates the greater herd of deceived and doomed sheep?


Given the result of centuries of lies, which define history as it never was, it seems a fool’s errand to declaim against them. They just go on and on, giving life to new lies that consistently mean more to those being hoodwinked than the truth has ever done. The religions that advertise liberty from the playing fields of manifest torment and suffering, have also been hijacked in support of the lies from which they claim we shall be freed, by avatars and masters, which they are at singular pains to misinterpret and obscure. It’s all done for power over the living in the temporary plane of existence, whose purpose is to redirect them through recurrent death into yet one more lifetime of servitude to the beast, on an endless, rotating wheel of fire.


I can’t remember if it was Kierkegaard who said “we must work out our salvation through fear and trembling” but whoever said it, it sounds about right. It’s in the meaning of what is to be feared and what the trembling is where we go astray. The fear should be the concern that we do not give in to the deceptions, at the risk of a separation from that which liberates us and the trembling is the presence of the very same. Why is it trembling? Because of the uncertainty in the heart and mind of the supplicant… and so it goes.


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There will be a radio show this Sunday night at 7:30 Central Time or download it the next day.


Everlasting Love


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2 Responses to “Monsanto and the Hellraiser Clan of the Damned.”

  1. valerie murphy greene Says:

    i recently listened to Barrie Trower – an expert in microwave radiation – discuss the effect of cell phone towers on the bee colony. it might not be the only
    cause of the bees’ demise, but it was a most convincing explanation.

    his interview is in several parts – this is part 2, beginning at 7:50

  2. Yeah – what you said, Les, but to get a grip on monsatan’s downfall is necessary to study them in conjunction with Cargyll, ADM & Astra-Zeneca ‘policies’ with reference to Heritage Foundation.

    O’Bummer in India – just another mega-arms-sale commission to pick up? Tipping point more likely open ended bank holidays starting tomorrow, along with CERN playing godz/silly buggers…? Don’t forget where Clif’s coming from – Prolog and predictive programming…

    Chicken and egg? May the Pies be with You.

    Love from justabod xxx and great to see you on wordpress.

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