The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse.

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The fixed and fake elections of 2010 don’t mean anything because they were fixed and fake. That’s the case with every American election for some time. Change isn’t something that happens in America except to say that it changes into more of what it was. It becomes more extreme and you can call that change but it isn’t change, it’s a modification of degrees.


Howdy Doody Obama came into office on the promise of hope and change. He rode into office because of a national reaction to the polices of possibly the worst president in American history, which was George W. Bush. George Bush, along with the rest of his family, were directly involved in the 9/11 attacks. Previously to that, an argument can be made that George H. Bush was directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The major influence behind the assassination of Kennedy and the 9/11 attacks was the Zionist lobby whose control of the Federal Reserve made it possible to bring about the assassination of the president whose intention was to abolish the Federal Reserve. Here’s a look at the sort of influence which is operating in Howdy Doody’s administration.


Zionism represents a tiny fraction of the American social and political spectrum. The gay rights movement represents a similar tiny fraction. Whether they are directly aware of it or not, The Teabagger Movement (no small irony in the term ‘Teabagger’) was a direct reaction to the policies of The Federal Reserve and the gay marriage movement. Both of these are controlled by world Zionist operations. Zionists sit on the boards of all gay organizations and in some cases are exclusively represented. It’s the gay marriage thing that actually gave rise to the Teabagger movement.


Howdy Doody Obama promised to end the gratuitous, profit driven wars in the Middle East, which were engineered exclusively by Zionists for the benefit of Israel and the military industrial complex, in tandem with the energy industry. Not only did he not stop any of the conflicts, he increased and escalated them. His cabinet, with his rubber stamping support, was deeply involved in the stimulus bailout of the banks, which served the psychopathic Zionist agenda which owns Congress.


The agenda of these mercenary psychopaths has been going on for centuries but gained its biggest coups via the tale of the holocaust, which led to the creation of the state of Israel which is nothing but a crime syndicate masquerading as a country. The truth about this odious affair is coming out in many ways from many locations. In some instances the truth is powerful and inescapable. Here is the present moment status of the Zionist ogre with its distended spider’s belly, perched over the lives and fortunes of the world. Its greed and arrogance can be seen by the degree of tolerance between the boat and the bridge.


In the meantime, these holocaust profiteers are murdering the original inhabitants of the land they stole from the original people of the Bible and harvesting their organs to replace their own. Why do they need so many organs? It is because they are an alien life form and their own organs are so corrupt that they will no longer support life. These are the same murders that orchestrated the Soviet revolution and killed tens of millions of Christians in gulags, who starved the Ukrainians to death and who were responsible, as the Young Turks, for the Armenian holocaust. The truth is that, regardless of the truth of the holocaust, they deserved it many times over, even at its most extended possibilities. That’s how it is.
The Teabaggers and everyone else who is outraged in America and elsewhere are finding out, without actually finding out, who their real enemy is. It is the real enemy who came up with the terms of liberal and conservative and uses them to divide the people from each other so that they can plunder and kill without mercy.


The sailing luxury boat is a metaphor for this beast of a people. It is a metaphor for them sailing out of town and it is a metaphor for their treatment and contempt of the people they robbed for their right of passage. It may be that many do not want to hear this message. That doesn’t alter the truth. There are several tribes of the various tribes; be they twelve or thirteen, who are stone cold evil and who are now being exposed for their historical evils. There are your Rothschilds; your Paul Wolfowitzes, your Madeline Albrights, your Rahm Emanuel’s, your media and entertainment owners, your founders and operators of Monsanto and BP. They are the heads of Israel. They are the ones who carried out 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombing and the Mumbai attack.


They now want war with Yemen because there is a chance that the Ark of the Covenant has been discovered to be buried there. It was one of the main reasons for the Iraq War; to loot the antiquities. They are all about changing and controlling history and it is how they profit and defend themselves. The Apocalypse is bringing all of these things to light and they are frantic to gain power over what is revealed but they are powerless to do so. Their attachment to what they have and what they desire is what will destroy them in the end. They can’t let go of the benefits from their demonic and materialistic god.


They are sleazing their way into every forum and chatroom. They are emailing and lobbying without cease in order to hold on to their ill-gotten gains and to steal yet more on their way to the enslavement and destruction of the human race, which they are not a part of. I receive regular emails from a Zionist entity named Worldchanger who wants me to declaim against Jews in their entirety so that he and his fellows will have the angle they desire to make the arguments they wish to make for their own survival, but it is not to be. They are going down and many who might not truly deserve it are going with them because they have remained silent; often because of their own profiteering.


We have to speak out against this reptilian community of predatory trolls. They work the gay agenda to protect the concept of beleaguered minorities. They infiltrated and hi-jacked the civil rights movement to give the impression that they are champions of the underdogs. They are presently relocating themselves on the other sides of all of the fences, as they hunt relentlessly for someone else to blame it all on while they take the credit for exposing it and presenting themselves as heroes. As I have brought out before, how many members of the tribe associate Israel with 9/11? Anyone who doesn’t is a gatekeeper and an enemy of the human race. How many of them speak out about the holocaust and the uses to which it has been put? Of them, how many discuss the numbers? Any of them who do not are also enemies of humanity and they had better get a clue soon.


It’s past time to continue to cater to the feelings of a powerful elite that presents itself as a champion of the oppressed, to give the impression that they are members of the oppressed, as they incessantly sell their professional victim mythology to the formerly sleeping masses. They are controlling the money and the information in order to fatten themselves at the public’s expense while they sail away on their big boat of luxury, crying out about their sacrifices for the human race. They murdered the prince of sacrifice because of the very nature of the acts preceding it.


They think that now they have reshuffled the deck again and have put a bunch of knobby heads in place to run interference for them. The Apocalypse is not going to permit it. They are screwed and anyone who doesn’t want to be screwed with them had better wake up soon. That luxury boat of the damned is not the only ship sailing.


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5 Responses to “The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse.”

  1. The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse….

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. The fixed and fake elections of 2010 don’t mean anything because they were fixed and fake. That’s the case with every American election for some time. Change isn’t something that happens in America except to say that it changes…

  2. valerie murphy greene Says:

    please add me to your email list – thanks

  3. Yes the actions of the zionists is utterly despicable. However if one gives in to hate and anger then one has begun the journey down the path to the dark side and they have won. expose them to the light but give them no resistance for what you resist persists. the planet is at a nexus point and those who are in a high vibrational state will shift to a new reality and a new earth where zionists and other dark satanic forces cannot exist. they will sink to a hell of their own making and experience seperation from divine source untill they too become ready to rise to the light. a billion lifetimes of suffering in the face of eternity is still just a blink of an eye though it certainly won’t seem that way to them haha. we need a global general strike, and tax revolt. the elites will be on their knees within weeks and their system of control will end.
    blessings chris prince.

  4. I loved it….nailed it right on the old head…

  5. samuel ulrich Says:

    Sad and yes the truth is hard to believe and it hurts and nothen to do but keep going to tea partys and talking to people that care to and let the police know they are to serve and protect the people only peace to all tht care

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