The Apocalypse is one of Your Best Friends

They’re not just arrogant. They’re not just clumsy. They’re not just drunk or taking their own bad pharmaceuticals. They are transparent. In our minds an apocalypse has a negative connotation… uh huh… if we happen to be negative. If you did kill a lot of people for personal gain and have been at pains to suppress it then ‘apocalypse’ is not a happy meal and Jack the Ripper is wearing a Ronald McDonald suit.


It’s unfortunate how so much of the focus is on Iran while Saudi Arabia is getting billions to manifest bristling and massive defense systems and all of these defense systems are to defend lies. Now they keep making more lies. Their power is draining. As more and more people see the ridiculous inconsistencies between planes that never came from Yemen with printing cartridges that look like a kid’s electric, circuit board kit, I’m thinking even the committed political party materialists; Fox News, Newsmax, Peephole Magazine, Oprah Winfrey and come to Jesus funda-money, ‘rapture me with a swipe card’ people are picking up on it now.


The game is up so you can expect them to go for desperation and I can only hope that there is someone involved who still has some honor and any feeling for humanity who screws up the coming false flag and a lot of people don’t have to die. I’m hoping personal gain will win out and one of them will betray the others. I’m hoping any numbers of positive scenarios are going to happen. I am asking, I am insisting I am appealing, I am commanding, I command that you screw up this thing right in front of the whole world.


I’m on an extended delay. Should I go now and be traveling while it happens? Should I be in Italy? I’m staying where I am until this goes down. I don’t have to go there. The expense of going can be turned into a profit just by hiring someone to bleach the mold and maybe I lose some olives but I have plenty of oil still. I’m thinking about how evil is destroying itself. Do you want to see how? Think about a dinner table placement with a knife and fork and spoon. If you’re eating at Buckingham Palace you will even have variants that purpose is to expose the people who don’t know how to use the cutlery (grin). That is how they do themselves in. They do it with the sharp instruments of their own pleasure, if you can call that pleasure. It’s not for me.


9/11 and the holocaust and probably we shall also see the holocausts caused as well. It’s epic and tragic and I believe in magic. I feel like I want to rock your gypsy soul right through the aperture of time and skinny dip with you in the pools of infinity. It feels like that’s what’s on the table. What evil doesn’t know is that it is the thing that is going to be served to it and it’s getting preposterously dressed up to demonstrate it.


The apocalypse is our best friend in more ways that anyone can tell and I am going to be patient and opening and believing that they will screw up and the best things that can be done is for me to be as honest in my own life as I can manage. I call on the divine for help but that is my personal belief in the existence of it. It’s a certainty for me and I extend my love.


The world is awakening. Loving Lady Nature is awakening. It is all awakening and it is there on the table. I hope everyone who is involved in these things gets caught in the act by the right people.


We need to keep asking ourselves why we aren’t doing more to make this happen. I look at men like Jacques Fresco and Buckminster Fuller and I see the world that wants to happen and there are improvements on that too. I don’t want anymore of this old world. I want a better world and the apocalypse turns out to be our best friend.


People ask me about Mayan prophecies and 2012 but we are in 2010 and that has a lot to do with how 2012 turns out. We need to look right at it and do whatever we can in our own small way because for some reason, it seems like no matter how important we are or how insignificant, it all counts. We probably need to look at ourselves and not be engaged in anything stupid right now.


You can see how comical it is getting when funny isn’t funny but it’s funny. You can see how the news is not news but is fast food murder pastry.


I’d like to “keep on rocking in the free world” but it’s my own world that I am rocking in. I sure hope the rest of you can hear the music and make some moves. Whistleblowers should find a rise in the hill so they can be seen and heard and get Clarence Clemons -like so there won’t be an issue about picking up on what’s being presented. If you were born to run then you need to get out on Thunder Road and make it happen. All that great music from so many streams was not an accident. Maybe everything isn’t to your taste but just look at the thing. My taste in music is if it’s well done then it’s well done. Sometimes even top forty is immortal if you catch my drift.


You know they’re out there looking to make an even bigger problem now and they have been at this game for a long time. Somewhere in the back of my head for years, I kept hearing the lines, “remember, remember, the 5th of November” and I think that was John Lennon and I think I have the number wrong and it always used to puzzle me and still does because I never got the reference or there was something off. You have heard that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Liberty won has to be maintained to remain and when you have it solid you can stop paying the attention you should. That’s not a good idea.


I like to relax and party but I’ve seen the side of the road I was driving on. I’ve seen the things that wound up in the desert and the cans and plastic in the jungle and the ocean, as well as the bodies. I’ve seen the natural things too. I’ve seen the natural beauty and danger. I like having fun with Nature but I don’t test myself against her because she can kick my ass. One time on Brotherhood of Love acid I was in Joshua Tree National Monument with the devil and a bystander and wind dervishes came up and they were impressive mini tornadoes. They were caused by holographic cobras who were coiled and sucking the sand and whatever up into their nostrils and then blowing it out down to the ground and they would spin toward us. I was doing my Aikido thing with them and it was an incredible rush since I could feel the power of what could happen if I wasn’t doing my toreador thing to the max. At one point, the devil, who was a person of another name and who I saw periodically through the years, said, “I wonder what would happen if I just let it hit me.” He was doing what I was doing. So he stepped into one and it picked him up and threw him many meters away and blew his mind. The bystander at one point wandered off into the desert and too many things happened to relate here but some months later the bystander broke his back climbing with the devil. I don’t mess with Nature but I do like to play.


I hope this is useful somehow because we are right there now. This is the moment and The Apocalypse is “shakin’ it here boss” or something (grin). Stay frosty.


It Always Breaks Your Heart


The New Shangri-La



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