They’ll be Singing, ♫Tears of Rage and Tears of Grief♫.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


I hate to do it to you people but I am compelled to give you some more Glenn Beck. I promise it will be revealing and eye-opening. Here is Beck with John Hagee in a way that promises to produce the truth by means of completely distorting it. It is fascinating to watch them set out to prove that The Mahdi is the anti-Christ. It’s in seven parts and it gives you all the time you need to scrutinize these men in an intimate circumstance.


Then I’d like you to watch a little Sheikh Hosein. It’s worth it simply for the question where he asks his audience for the name of a famous English Sheikh. I laughed out loud. If you want more from this brilliant thinker there is plenty to watch and you can pick and choose your subjects. Listening to him can be very rewarding, if you have the patience to let him express himself in his own way. I put these two items up for comparison. Listen to your gut as Hagee and Beck converse and while Sheikh Hosein discourses. Sheikh Hosein has a lecture on Riba (money loaned for interest) that is very interesting.


The truth has a certain elegance and restraint to it. Sometimes it can be a little rough because the truth doesn’t spend as much time in makeup as the lies do. Lies require cosmetics and strategic lighting. Truth possesses its own beauty (if you can see it), without the need for artifice and produces its own light.


I’m not a Christian. I’m not a Muslim. I’m what I found to be intrinsic to me after the rising of my Kundalini. It is self defining and is so for each and all of us when this event occurs. This event can be courted and accomplished by anyone, given the intensity, determination and focus that are required in your specific case. No excuses need be given. You want it bad enough, you get it. Your determination and intensity have to raise a ruckus, where the right ears are tuned for the hearing. If you aren’t getting what you want from a certain quarter than you are not making enough noise. I’m speaking from personal experience.


We know that the Zionist plague, that insidious virus, has taken over the banking world and is instrumental in many of the powerful governments of the world but the most telling impact and the least obvious is in the Jewdiciary. It is in the courts where the important things take place and one should make a calculated search to see just how much of a percentage of Zio-influence pervades in this arena. Consider the judges who were instrumental in critical court issues concerning 9/11.


I am bringing this up because of the effect it is soon to have on the foreclosure scamming that has been ubiquitous throughout the banking world. We know that the Witches of Endor are now on the Supreme Court. What we often do not realize is how deep it goes through the chain of command and out into the every day life of the donkey goy.


I used the term Jewdiciary for a reason. The readers know that I generally stay away from the direct term and I have my reasons for that. I use it in this instance to show the differential between my saying this and high mucky muck rabbis calling us donkeys. Anyone who wants to call me on my term usage had better explain about the donkey moniker first.


These are the people who are going to find themselves in several courts shortly. They are also going to be in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately both of these courts are mostly controlled by the same interests, since the court of public opinion is to a large degree controlled by the pronouncements of the mass media. As for the other courts, there is the outside leveraging of rulings and opinions and this takes place in chambers; in restaurants, on the golf course, at resorts and wherever those engaged in enslaving the rest of us, gather to scrutinize how to extract a few more nickels from the lumpen proletariat.


This is the big one, coming on the heels of one more compromised election of stooges pulling donkey carts, filled with products that have been processed for kosher tax. The donkeys have all been branded with the ranch logo of WOYA, which means ‘we own your ass’, pun intended.


Public anger is a fickle and unpredictable thing. It’s like a bunch of old paint rags, piled in a corner of the garage or basement. You know it’s going to combust at some point, you just don’t know when. Many things in these times might well have already happened at other times but these times are special and they are dependent on off stage cues. Everything has to be lined up. Everything has to be in place. Though it may look otherwise, we are about to enter the realm of ‘managed chaos’.


The presence of The Apocalypse cannot be overstated. Situations and conditions are being ‘revealed’ by the hour. This is incrementally exponential. It’s a logarithmic expansion of exposures; falling pants and curtains, upskirts and peepholes into the mind of darkness and being made public by the very engines whose job is to conceal or reinterpret them. Whatever they do only makes the situation worse because it’s out of their hands and the more control they seek to exert the less control they have. They’re aware of it but not aware of it. They refuse to believe that there is any power greater than their own and it’s pro forma that it will be exactly too late when they realize it.


The air is heavy with a portending deliquescence that shall bring an inescapable lachrymose compulsion into the doomed lives of the vampires in our midst and… I can’t believe I just said that (humor alert). We’re looking at ♫tears of rage and tears of grief♫ in which they will surely be asking themselves ♫why must I always be the thief♫?


They got that bailout in order to restore an impression of ‘business as usual’ returning to the mix, but they went ahead and practiced business as usual, which means they kept the money and just went on like nothing had happened. Now they are really going to need a bailout and all they have to offer is business as usual. They’re in deep shit and there’s no more fitting environment for them that this. Of course, for it to truly depict the deserving denouement, the shit needs to be set on fire and the compression factor of so much shit packed against itself, is eventually going to provide that. It’s one of those laws of nature where they don’t happen to be sitting on the judge’s bench.


This is the critical fact that escaped the incredible complexity of their plans for controlling the world. They may control a lot of things here in the visible world but they control very little in the world unseen. They don’t have a say in the automatic reflex of the universe in response to their deeds. They have no lawyers capable of arguing their case. They have no surety to guarantee their bail. They don’t play golf with this judge. They are in a world of hurt, which is composed of the pain they have caused on all sides around them.


As I mentioned recently, tears are going to appear in the fabric of the illusion that has passed for reality here on terra not so firma. We’ve only seen a little of that as yet but it is going to get seriously woo woo pretty soon. In the moment of their greatest triumph pending, comes the specter of their greatest defeat. No one has ever taken over the world. It’s never happened and there’s a reason for that. You can argue about what the reason is but you can’t argue about whether there is one or not.


I know I keep repeating the same thing but this is what I found when I went looking in the wilderness of the unknown that sits and reaches into incalculable distance beyond the parameters of the known that we use to fence in our little shared reality here in the court of Maya. Outside this little playpen is a land where you find what you bring and it is shown to you in terms of how enduring it is beyond the temporary days and nights in the empire of dreams. I found that no matter what garment you put in something it is the same thing underneath and either there is something beneath the clothes or there isn’t. It’s a simple thing.


Those who bring darkness find a deeper understanding of darkness. Yes, the bad guys go out there too. Those who are in search of light find that their faith in what they could not see has provided a light to illuminate its presence. The end result for these donkey masters is captured in the lyrics of the band as the complete the chorus, ♫come to me now you know we’re so low and life is brief♫


End Transmission………


The Walls


The New Shangri-La





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