Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


I’ve said a few things over time that I see repeated in places when I travel the internet. When you spiel out so many words, I suppose it’s got to happen now and then; “the president is Howdy Doody”, “Use a search engine, I’m not your research assistant” and some others. One of them is “9/11 is the litmus test”. Anyone who doesn’t flat out know and state that not only was 9/11 an inside job but that the Israelis and their catamites in the American government are responsible, is a gatekeeper or a disinfo agent. I’m not talking about that large segment of the population that is hothousing the de-evolutionary cycle to the point that they look like they are about to drop down on all fours and start feeding off of the landscape. I’m talking about those of us who claim to be informed and ignore or avoid what is inescapably true.


I like to refer to members of that ‘less than’ .2% demographic of a certain tiny minority with enormous financial and political clout, from the Zionist perspective, as members of The Tribe. The reason I do this is because there’s more than one tribe, even within this demographic and I don’t like to wholesale define anyone because it’s not true in my experience and until it is (grin- is that possible?) I’m not going to say it.


Something keeps coming up in my rear view mirror and through my windshield. It’s been tapping me on the shoulder for some time and I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe I’m just missing it. I see a lot of members of The Tribe, prominently out there in the alternative media; criticizing the Zio-Tribe, Gay manipulating, war on Christianity and Islam, board of directors, organization controlling, rainbow tribe, the Israeli, Palestinian genociding tribe, the powerful lobby engines tribe, the mass media, entertainment complex, tribe controlling scenario and all of the other tribes that are one and the same tribe that is causing such awful chaos and confusion in the world we live in. I see members of the greater, tiny tribe giving voice to myriad injustices that megaphone their way into our consciousness.


What I do not see are more than one or possibly two members of the greater, tiny tribe coming right out and saying that Israel is behind 9/11 and hammering it home. The vast majority of the vocal resistance coming from members of the greater, tiny tribe that works the alternative airways is just about completely silent on this. The other thing I don’t see is any strong voices from this tribe that considers the many questions that concern the holocaust. They found themselves a river they could “skate away on”. I saw one member with a video camera at Auschwitz and that’s been about it. Except for Michael Rivero and Brother Nathanial, I can’t think of anyone else and B.N. doesn’t have anything to say about the holocaust that I recall. Maybe I missed it?


Far be it from me to ever deny the holocaust. I have a hard enough time figuring out which holocaust they are talking about; the one they were in or the ones they were responsible for? When someone asks me about their personal holocaust, I say, “well, it was karmic payback for what they did in Russia but there weren’t enough of them to account for all the people they murdered in Russia so they’ll have to come back a few more times to pay that off.


When I look at the numbers of dead at Auschwitz, which originally stated 4.5 million and now states 1.5 million, I don’t even bat an eye thinking about how there could still be six million dead, when they themselves removed 3 million from the roles. I just assume they have a higher form of mathematics, which I don’t understand. I figure that’s how they got control of all the banks and how they manage to operate the way they do, without it making any kind of sense in terms of the explanations given. Sometimes it looks like outright criminal activity but I know that can’t be right because it’s against the law. Right?


When I hear about the German architect who was employed (forced) to build the gas chambers/crematorium emporium in 1948; soon to be a historical record of. I think this is just proof of time travel, no doubt based on that unusual mathematics modality. I observe that of the thousands and thousands of pages in the memoirs of Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, De Gaulle and the rest that there is no mention of gas chambers and crematoriums. These men were all elder statements at this time and I immediately think they must have had a collective senior moment.


When I see the Red Cross document that lists the number of dead in the camps or an analysis by them, I do wonder why the document wasn’t corrected to reflect the number of claimed dead. I mean, they’ve claimed this number since World War 1, even before the war when it happened, so everyone should have already known how many died even before they did. Right? Then I hear from Steven Spielberg that there are presently 250,000 holocaust survivors. From some centers of The Tribe, I hear there are upwards of a million. Of course, they reproduce, except for the ones sitting on those gay org boards of directors, mentioned earlier, who are fighting the good fight against Christianity and Christmas and Islam because of that non-usury thing.


When I read about members of The Tribe running Auschwitz with currency script, brothels, swimming pools and all sorts of amenities I think, “What the hell, if you’re going to be in a concentration camp shouldn’t you get a few perks?”

When I read survivors stories about how many were being gassed and burned by the day and the number comes to an enormous number a month, I think, “Man, they missed a lot of bodies.” The reviews for the book were glowing in their tribute. The book claims that 5,000 a day were marched toward the marshmallow roast just in Birkenau. There have been a lot of touching tributes, so many that it would make a certain type of Catholic priest blush at the prospect; or am I out of context?


What I don’t hear are members of The Tribe, writing in the alternative media about seeming disparities that a lot of gentiles are made uncomfortable by, because we don’t understand the math. You’d think they’d have some compassion for us.


What I think is that is that Stormin’ Norman Finklestein actually is serving a certain purpose by criticizing one thing and then granting huge support to another. I think a lot of the people jailed for holocaust denial may well be working for The Tribe as examples of something that they want impressed on the collective mind. First of all, holocaust denial has nothing to do with proving your case. That is not germane. The law states that you can’t deny it, period, proof or no proof so… you get these show trials and you get Irving, presently fudging all the borders of his former rhetoric. I’ll bet there are mysteries concealing mysteries that are all based on this higher math that I know nothing about. This is why I accept everything they say about the holocaust because I don’t know and I never learned the math. This is important for all of you to understand, just because something doesn’t seem to make sense and appears to be an outright lie, does not mean that it is. It means that you lack the technology to understand it and also lack the restraint exercised by all of your fellows who have the good sense to swallow it whole and get on with their day.


I just don’t understand all of the members of The Tribe who are so daring in their exposes about all manner of things and whose work I see all the time and which seldom if ever deals with who was behind 9/11, much less the realities of the holocaust, which they are in a position to explain to us but just don’t bother to. As I said, I fully accept the official version of the holocaust but I would appreciate having it clarified for me by some member of The Tribe that most profits from the official version.


You see, a lot of what is going on today depends very heavily on the official version. Without it there would be a very different state of affairs. The illegitimate state of Israel would be officially illegitimate instead of generally illegitimate.


I am making an appeal to all of the members of The Tribe, who are riding around on white chargers, in defense of the Palestinians and all manner of truth unveiling courageously, self identified with… types, to please help a gentile out. Please don’t say, “sure, which way did you come in”? Take a moment in your busy world tour in defense of the downtrodden and in the relentless exposure of heinous and enduring lies to let me hear what you have to say about Israel and 9/11 and about the holocaust. I genuinely need to understand a little something about the math that made it possible and I really need to understand why I don’t hear from you about it. Maybe nobody ever asked before. I’m asking now.


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There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central time or you can download it on Monday.


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  1. Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?…

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. I’ve said a few things over time that I see repeated in places when I travel the internet. When you spiel out so many words, I suppose it’s got to happen now and then; “the president is Howdy Doody”, “Use a search engine, I’m n…

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