Gotter and Dammerung on the Horizon.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Some of us are big picture people and some of us are into the details. I’m a big picture person myself. What I tend to notice are the major forces that account for the present state of being. The foremost condition I am noticing is the revealing and unveiling powers that are at work in the world of the moment. The mass media is a lying disinfo machine that props up, apologizes for and promotes the agenda of corporate fascism. This is countered by an amazing amount of internet and street level chatter that is in direct contradiction to carefully woven and globally repeated lies. 9/11, like June, is “bursting out all over”.

You have to be capable of a wide and objective perspective in order to see with clarity, the operations of the predatory liars and banking interests, which run counter to the greater good of the people. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be in a position to say. “I don’t want any position, power or influence in this shitstorm of murder, oppression and lies.” When you can do that it comes clearly into view. It’s very tough for those with families and occupations that are required to support them. You can’t be a fearless crusader for truth if you have too much to lose. You also can’t be a fearless crusader, unless you know what the truth is, because the truth won’t support you otherwise and so the first thing you have to say is, “I don’t know” and then there is a possibility that you will be informed by the truth, which takes the statement of personal limitation of knowledge to be the right starting point for a relationship with it.

This strikes the ordinary mind as extremely contradictory. How can you not know and then know? It seems that you have to have certitude that the truth exists and that it has certain characteristics of a living thing which acts upon falsity with a corrosive effect. You have to be able to see that we are in a period of tremendous change, which demarcates the passing of the old world and the emergence of the new. This can also be extremely difficult because the old world is enraged. It put so much time and trouble into thieving, lying, mass murder and global crowd control, making it near frantic, that all of its activities are now being exposed to an ever greater degree, as time speeds up and exposure becomes exponential.

You can’t turn over a rock anywhere it the world today without seeing a Zionist plot underneath it. It doesn’t matter to me whether there are Masons, illuminati’s or whatever else engaged in the global oppression and deceptions. Get rid of Zionism and their agents and tools and you will have gotten rid of the underpinnings of all of the rest. The central banks have to be destroyed. The media has to be wrenched from the hands of the corporate vampires, the corporations have to be dissolved; principally concerns like Monsanto, BP and Rothschild, among others. Every Zionist organization needs to be criminalized and disenfranchised and named as enemies of greater humanity. The world has to rise up and name them as agents of a world wide, murder incorporated. This can only come about when they are more and more exposed and more and more caught out in the operation of their business as usual. They have to go, period. Israel has to go; its residents scattered to the winds and the land returned to the Palestinians. Jerusalem has to be declared an international city state, like The Vatican and The Vatican needs to be cleaned from the top down.

The great lies upon which Israel are based must be exposed to the eyes of the world. Their role in the Bolshevik Revolution and their murder of the German people must be set before the world as well as their role in 9/11 and the murder and displacement of millions in the Middle East. This is all going to happen and is happening. If the winds of positive change are at our backs, tomorrow is going to be a bad day for Israel. If not, another bad day will appear. This loathsome murder factory of a country has to be expunged from the world stage because it is carrying out false flags all around the world and then blaming it on the people they wish to attack and destroy. The press spins the lies and public opinion follows. 9/11, The London Tube, The Madrid Train Station and Mumbai are all Zionist false flag operations. Somehow they have seduced the world’s leaders into going along with the program and I can only assume this has to do with a control of the world’s currencies and global blackmailing operations, along with threats of murder and mayhem in boardrooms, homes and small airplanes.

They have gotten control of phone systems all around the world and are the owners of security companies that are in charge of a great many of the sensitive and dangerous sites around the world. The beginning of restoring order to the emerging new age is in having Zionism declared an international criminal organization. The agendas and actions of Zionism must be declared criminal so that it is seen as the Nazis were portrayed at the end of World War 2. Zionists and Zionism must be expelled from every country in the world and put somewhere that they can’t harm the rest of us. They founded and own Monsanto. They own a controlling interest in BP. They are the Rothschilds.

They own 96% of the world’s media. They own the entertainment companies, publishing and music industries and a whole lot more. They own the American congress. .2% of the population on Planet Earth did not come by these possessions and level of control through honesty industry. They got this by gaining control of the money supply, which they manipulate to their own ends. The founding Rothschild announced this practice and policy a long time ago. They have manufactured lies to make themselves out to be victims when they are the chief victimizers on the planet. What they have stolen must be taken from them and it will, whether humanity can come into accord about it or not. Powerful, unseen forces are at work toward their destruction. It is a fait accompli. It doesn’t matter what anyone does, their time has come and they must go. The universe is outraged at their behavior and you will see it happen while you are still here. It’s over and it’s marching to completion now.

I am not afraid of these people. My fate is not in their hands and they can do nothing without permission. You should not be afraid of them either. You will never get free of them as long as you fear them. Their power is over and being withdrawn by the moment. Goldman Sachs needs to be torn apart by massive hands and scattered like polluted confetti over the brokerage houses of Wall Street. It’s in advance of a parade of free and marching people, taking back their own rightful possessions from the demons who defrauded them of what was theirs. The sick and sycophantic cowards in governments, religions and businesses need to be called what they are, ‘enablers in global suffering and misery. Their doom is upon them.

They cannot harm you. Align yourself with the changing course of the tides of transformation. Walk away from their world. Do not buy their crap. Do not pay attention to them. Do not pay taxes. Work as a subversive and revolutionary in your jobs against the intentions of your employers. Drag your feet. Don’t vote in their elections. Drop out of helping to prop up the engines of your persecution and watch the whole thing come down around their ears. Plaster the bus kiosks and lampposts; telephone poles and every available surface with the truth about these bloated swine.

They are making it illegal to grow your own food, while even animals won’t eat what they are forcing upon you. Are you okay with this? Are they suddenly going to change when they have never ever changed before except when they were forced to? This is not like all the other times. This time they can’t just migrate into control of what replaces them. This time they pay.

If you don’t step away from the whirlpool of the old world being sucked away into the invisible recycling machines, then you are going to go with it. For many there is no escape as they would choose no other exit even if one were offered. Like someone said recently, “Even if they proved that 9/11 was an inside job, I still wouldn’t believe it”. Some of you can see and some of you know there’s more to what is going on than you can see. We need to act upon our faith in greater possibility and let our ideals become something more than words we trot out to make ourselves look good around hypocrites who do the same. We are not the same. We have the ability to find the way out because we have not lied to ourselves to protect our places among the contemptible of our times.

End Transmission…….

There will be an on air radio show tonight at around 7:15 Central time (give or take fifteen minutes) or you can download it on Monday.

And We Could all be Free.

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  1. Gotter and Damerung on the Horizon…

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. Some of us are big picture people and some of us are into the details. I’m a big picture person myself. What I tend to notice are the major forces that account for the present state of being. The foremost condition I am noticin…

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