The Unstoppable Force of Irresistable Change

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Tomorrow is the 10th. I don’t know why certain dates come into my mind. It’s like I can see a flashing LED sign that’s off to the side in my mind but I have yet to get a date or a time period right. My optimism has taken a beating lately, when I started moving around through mass media comments sections. The sheer weight of false belief and wack opinion becomes oppressive to a noticeable degree. This was about 3 weeks ago, I started putting up comments about what has really been going on and it’s been a little brutal, like a Catholic schoolgirl lost on the streets of Tangiers.

Then, this last week, something interesting has been happening at  I began to see a different kind of commentary beginning to appear. Out of nowhere there appeared a handful of commentators who were speaking in negative terms about Israel and her connection to orchestrating and performing the 9/11 attacks; comments in support of Gaza and in opposition to the Iran War (spoken of here as a real item in virtual space, precipitating down from the ethers). I’d been a little blue over the sheer weight of intransigent stupidity. It became clear that only catastrophic bad shit would change to herd view of accepted lies.

I thought of all the forums that I don’t visit; internet septic systems where regular Joe and ordinary Bob go on defending vicious behavior on the part of their leaders. There is a wide span of the disenfranchised electorate that are sure their votes count. They defend Obama and Bloody Hillary, who attack helpless populations on the pretext that they are engaged in the very acts that drug money fueled black ops, perpetuate on behalf of those they murder for the purpose of terrorizing people who had nothing to do with them.

This is an age of intellectual darkness where the capacity for objective reasoning has been removed from the public mind. We know that poor diet and impoverished conditions are directly tied to a drone like state among the common people. You throw in the force of fascist, fundamentalist, religious fantasies that are very much like hysteria and news that is not news but which is fabricated to give an appearance of truth to palpable lies and you’ve got a mental box of tightly packed fish, who still think they are swimming in the ocean, only they are swimming upside down.

My optimism has shifted since I’ve seen people coming out of the woodwork, to make the kind of comments you seldom see on mass media disinfo sites. It’s mindblowing, even if it is on a small scale. I’m trying to live in a new world that is always around the corner. The time line for so many changes and events has been stretched far past the time when I expected them to have already taken place. Behind the scenes, huge forces are stalemated against each other in pursuit of the kind of thing that used to happen any time the brown shirts wanted them to. The identities of good guys and bad guys has blurred into a shades of gray condition, as if life were now some kind of cinema noir.

You can see the reality of what Lao Tzu had to say about the latter days of any culture or system of government where evil and venal men and women mine the wreckage for personal profit. It’s the accepted thing to lie and conspire while presented oneself as a patriot and defender of the land and the people they are looting. Speeches are filled with flowery words that mean nothing. Honor is an empty suit that parades around as a mockery of itself while ignorant people applaud and wonder at the mysterious presence and power of those who give the appearance of possessing virtues, which would instantly compromise all of their selfish actions. It doesn’t matter anymore what you are, it only matters how you make yourself appear to be. All of these seemingly, intelligent people dance around each other like courtiers at the palace of a corrupt monarch. The trivia of important lives has replaced the substance of what everyone once expected.

People no longer respect their leaders. They fear them and they mock them and the business of politics and public service is business, in the employ of psychopathic profit machines that are called corporations. These vampires drain the people like the flies struggling in a spider’s web. It’s all become “honor and fealty gone to waste” as Lao Tzu says. The time in which he lived must have been a lot like the times we are in. He finally got on a water buffalo and rode out beyond the Great Wall of China which was being constructed at the time he was around. He rode away into the land of the immortals which is veiled from the eyes of mortals. I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them.

This world is not what it appears to be and it is just what it appears to be but only within the context of the illusion that pervades the minds of the sleepwalking dead. Beyond that are all sorts of places that are in solitary retreat from the rampaging ignorance and greed of the times; it is the normal way of being for the majority to emulate those who prey on them and jockey for a position in the employ of their oppressors. It is in periods like these that nations like Israel can thrive and promote the despicable lie that they are some single democratic stronghold, which is surrounded by manufactured enemies; made into enemies for the profit line of what is no more than a commercial interest, that reaps the profits of wars that are fomented by bankers who dance before the image of a Golden Calf.

Systems without a basic integrity cannot hold themselves together, whether they are political, religious or commercial enterprises. It’s all falling apart and can only be held together by force and false information. The power of The Apocalypse is focusing a destructive and revealing light into the temples of darkness, which has imprisoned the people of the world in ceaseless, rotating treadmills of drudgery and abandoned hope.

This light, which is the light of irresistible change is sending terror into the hearts of those who have accepted conditions that are in direct conflict with the urge of human freedom and those on the verge of being liberated by it are locking their arms into the bars of their prisons in a death hold on the forces that have imprisoned them. It’s not a pretty site. Many people are losing themselves in complicated electronic objects that blot out the world around them. Pornography has replaced romance and religious institutions that were designed to promote the message of divine liberators have become money changing rooms that are the principal assets of the enemy that the liberators came to expose and destroy. Christianity has become murder incorporated.

We have no choice but to go through the destruction of all these false gods of a dying time period. Those of us embracing what lies beyond these hypocritical constructs are aware of the age of brotherhood that waits beyond the transformation of the old world. One is in either of two main positions, either wedded or welded to the departing horrors, or reaching into what waits to be constructed. You know who you are supposed to be or you have no clue, beyond lies promoted by those whose purpose is to keep you ignorant of yourself and your true nature.

I find myself in the ‘any day’ mode. One day it will be upon us and everything else is a waiting room of uncertainty. I am waiting too, because what comes will dispose me and all of the rest of us into the roles and destinies that are required, either for the new industries that will build the conditions of the new world or as compost for it.

It’s hard to know what to say anymore. For the last three days I wasn’t sure I would be able to say anything more. Nothing that can be said means very much in this state that waits for the events and circumstances that will change the world we used to know, into something none of us can see that clearly. Heads are going to roll. Outbreaks of mob violence are going to sweep through the corrupt institutions. Those protected by brutal police and unthinking armies are going to find themselves unprotected and vulnerable in conditions that will happen so fast that they will have no idea what happened or how it happened.

It’s not just the catastrophic natural reactions of nature to our unflinching predatory behavior and wars and economic chaos that are going to alter nearly everything. It is the approaching change of consciousness that is going to transform all of our perceptions into new and sometimes frightening states. Those who cannot embrace these deep personal changes are going to be recycled because they have no place in what is coming. Opportunity for personal growth and the elimination of our common darkness is available to everyone but it appears that only a minority is and will be availing itself of possibilities that are benevolent beyond our present ability to apprehend.

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The new radio show should be available for download or will be shortly. I apologize for not knowing what to say and fumbling around in my head for copy that wasn’t there. This is all a part of this recent period of the waiting room environment.

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One Response to “The Unstoppable Force of Irresistable Change”

  1. Jim Freach Says:

    Hi Les,

    Things are changing and they must because the current way of doing things is unsustanable as most of us know. Keep up the work your doing. Those of us that work for a better tomorrow are with you.

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