There Must be a Reason but the Reason can’t be Sane.

The mass media sounds like a pillow-soft, demented lullaby from a parent who really only wants you to fall asleep so that they can set the house on fire and then write some sensational and entertaining copy about it; copy you won’t be reading. Lately I have been going to to read the comments that follow the articles. Out of a hundred responses you might find two that attempt to alert the readers to what’s actually going on. When that happens, the rest of those commenting jump of them with the usual tin foil hat, conspiracy theory, nut job tags. It’s proof positive that the majority of people will defend those oppressing them as if the news were actually the news instead of manufactured horseshit woven into crowd control medleys of the kind of elevator music that was probably playing in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

I made a comment about the use of Corexit and explained how professionals, who certainly knew the effect, had to have a certain intent. I’ve pointed out that their reality is being shaped by the forces that manipulate the financial system, to reduce the value of everything they own, which has the result of making their efforts to earn a living and gain some portion of all the things the system promises them, into a Sisyphean endeavor. It doesn’t take and that’s why the cosmos is marching toward them with a 2X4 in its hand.

All through history you read about times and places where various individuals were warning the population about one danger or another. In every case they were ignored and whatever was going to happen, happened. Right now and in recent times, people have been stocking up on guns and ammo, food and whatever else they think they need, because of conditions they can see manifesting around them. Meanwhile, when someone tells them why it’s happening, they want to know if you are Mel Gibson. Here they are, arming themselves and preparing themselves as if they expected something, without even considering the cause.

Disinfo agent, Julian Assange has been convincingly outed as shill for the predators and immediately after, he and Wikileaks are on the front page every day. This psychopathic game goes on and on as elements of the bad guys, position themselves for transformation into the good guys, so they can advise and lead you into a new reality shaping, away from those who have been left behind to take the fall for what their associates are saving you from. If people can’t see what’s been happening to them all along, it is doubtful they will see the more complicated strategies that are employed to ruin them more completely. If they can’t master the game of “Go Fish”, it’s pretty clear that “Checkers” will mystify them completely.

This game has been in operation for a long time and an objective view of the present day status makes it clear that the ones running the slaughterhouse don’t have to worry about the cattle catching on. Even when they smell the blood and terror of the killing floor, panic is about all they can achieve. They don’t recall how they got there or much of anything else that happened before.

Consider the number of readers that rely on the mass media for information. The closest they get to arguing about what they hear is when they blame whatever is happening on the other political party. For them it comes down to liberal against conservative and it’s not possible that they even know what that means because both parties routinely trample upon the precepts they insist they are practicing. The fact that frothing at the mouth, demagogues like Limbaugh, Savage and the blockheads at Fox can attract millions of listeners is an irrefutable indication that Stupidity is the death of Curiosity and that Curiosity only travels from their crotch to their stomach and back again. Reason has fled, so there is no one to tell Curiosity that something doesn’t sound right and provoke it to look around the corner where the guys with the baseball bats are waiting. As far as they are concerned, there’s pussy and pizza waiting for them there.

It would be a grim tableau if it weren’t for the mysterious X factor that no one can identify but which keeps brushing everyone’s legs under the table. Part of this operation is to make everyone uneasy and part of it is to make all of the psychopaths think it’s one of their associates. If they smile that means something. If they don’t smile that means something. Everything means something and none of it is good. It is good though, because the end result is that they are at each others throats.

Millions and millions of people are listening to the mouthpieces, who are employed by the people, who own the media, that is owned by the people, who send the cattle through the chutes. Blogs get the attention of a fractional minority who held on to valuable characteristics that told them they should go somewhere else. This blog gets ten times the traffic as Visible Origami. The vibrating, controlling silence gets a great deal less.

If it was just going to go on the way it has been going on, you might expect it to just go right ahead but… that’s not what’s going to happen. The argument about whether there is something conscious behind the scenes and what kind of clothes it wears is not important now. It’s not important what you believe or don’t believe except insofar as it positions you and if you’re locked into some kind of dogma, then your situation is even worse. Dogma is only useful during those periods when self righteousness has the currency to give you importance in a completely buttoned down presence. Those buttons aren’t going to hold and your nakedness is going to bother you a lot more than those who will drop their clothes at any request. What matters is what is going to happen and how much you have to adjust to accommodate it. The greater and more rapid the accommodation has to be, the more intense the suffering, sense of loss and possible departure altogether.

The greatest tell, concerning the state of contemporary humanity, can be seen on the highways and in the supermarkets, where those going nowhere on a general mission of no importance must press and push and communicate their irritation in any possible way simply because they are possessed by a particular ancient force. One could say “get thee behind me”, if they knew where they were going because that’s what the force does. It drives you. It pushes and prods you to act with impatience and hunger. It’s the way animals get trapped and caught, people too. It’s what’s responsible for all the ill considered acts because the drive to the item of desire is greater than the good sense that wants to pause and consider.

When I heard some Israelis (who else?) had made tens of millions on Nigerian email scams, I was stunned. It didn’t seem possible there were that many stupid people who still had any money left to be scammed out of them. When I was in a casino a few years ago I watched people pouring money into machines over and over and all I could think was, they must be mad. Everywhere I go, I see some version of the thing that makes believing lies, already proven to be lies, which repeat toward an assault on one more country, doing a brisk business and it’s a rare bird indeed that ties the ownership of the media selling the lies, to the same interests provoking and demanding each of these wars, while getting those too stupid to notice to die in them for them, while paying for the chance to do so and then seeing if they shouldn’t be sure and send more money that the warmakers can use, to purchase politicians and whatever else they need to keep on keeping on.

Point this out irrefutably to those unaware of it and they will defend the one’s abusing them as if they were proud of it. This is why the X factor has to step into the ring and kick the ass of the predator and the preyed upon, as if there weren’t all that much difference between them sometimes, in terms of damage done to everyone else.

If someone owns the media and also wants some wars and has investments in all the material and also loans the money that indentures the nations involved, you would have to think that meant something; if you could think at all.

Well, it doesn’t matter how slick and efficient some people think they are and it doesn’t matter how stupid, beyond the capacity of actual calculation- due to not having a measuring tool long enough- some other folk must be. Every now and then, it’s time for an accounting and a fresh start on the road to nowhere, with those occasional, hidden lanes to somewhere and it will head off, once again, and develop and evolve until it’s breathing down your neck, once more, in the car behind you, in the line behind you and no doubt in other places that, depending on what comes to mind, tells you even more about yourself. We’re here and the agent of the cosmos is here and it’s going to do what it’s going to do and nothing anyone wants or can do is going to have any effect on it; best get in tune with it now.


The New Shangri-La

3 Responses to “There Must be a Reason but the Reason can’t be Sane.”

  1. Beef Supreme vs. Lord Humongous in the Thunderdome Says:

    Hopefully the elites start fighting amongst each other over the scraps of the shitiocracy. The circuses won’t hold for much longer. It reminds me of the Joseph Goebbels quote about only being able to maintain the lie for so long as the masses are shielded from reality. That veil is cracking now.

  2. Lover Of Truth Says:

    The temporary “agent of the cosmos” you speak of, has already been prophesied in the bible, it is a demonic force.

    Aren’t you doing what you claim the masses are entrapped in? Falling for and protecting the lie?

    You see the reality but not the truth? Is this possible?

    Why reject prophecy, which is the spirit of truth?

    Focusing on what is not is an assault to that which is.

  3. smokingmirrors Says:

    Well, love of truth;

    Aren’t you pushing your own certainty of something you can’t possibly know because you are ignoring the words of Jesus to become as a little child and insisting that I accept fundamental literalism as the real deal instead of direct experience because direct experience might go contrary to it and only you could be right?

    Also, aren’t you pushing something that is not interpretable by man- prophecy, which you don’t even give an example of and then putting the cart before the horse by saying prophecy is the spirit of truth when truth comes before prophecy? I don’t really care one way or another what dogmatic fundamentalists have to say because what is, is and it will be what it will be when it chooses and doesn’t need me howling at people with judgments based on a personal need to play god. These are the thoughts that leap automatically into my mind. Let’s leave whatever it is in the hands of god, which is where it is anyway. Of course you’re free to carry on. I’d hate for you to lose the main enjoyment gained from your personal understanding of everything.

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