Falling into the Pit with Ben Stein and The Tribe.

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Ben Stein says that the unemployed are people with unpleasant personalities. He didn’t say anything about how Zionist Bankers are responsible for the majority of the unemployed. He sees no irony in the fact that he himself is one of the most unpleasant people in an unpleasant system that survives by military adventures abroad and cannibalism at home. It can’t be mere accident or coincidence that the authors of all recent assaults on foreign nations have been engineered by Zionists in critical positions in the American government; media, war profiteering corporations and well funded lobby groups.

It’s no accident or coincidence that 9/11 was orchestrated by Zionist, dual nationals in Israel and the U.S., with the help of rogue elements in the intelligence services, military and government leadership. It’s a straight shot from 9/11 to all of the recent assaults in foreign nations and the collapse of the economic system. Now, those responsible, for the awful state of the American dream machine being turned into a nightmare, are migrating to India, Brazil and other locations in order to do it all over again.

For some of us, there is no greater misfortune than to live a lie. For most of us, lies and impossible hopes are a comfort zone against the inconvenience of the truth. The truth is not just what is. It contains a cosmic moral code which says that certain methods and means are unacceptable to a human being. It also contains the understanding of where these means and methods lead; to the loss of one’s humanity and one’s destruction. No one engaged in living a lie and performing injustices upon one’s fellows can bear what the truth affirms. They willingly accept their own destruction rather than to be hampered in the pursuit of selfish ends for temporary gain. It seems insane and it is insane but it is how it is for so many in these times.

I can now see how lucky I was to have been born into terrible circumstances. It made finding the truth an all compelling drive. I was able to see through the illusion of the world and its false promises so that none of these things attracted me for very long. Disappointment was swift and final. I have not yet discovered the truth about myself but I do not believe it can be denied to anyone who is determined in their search.

No doubt since long before the tale of the Golden Calf took place there have been a people upon this planet whose sole interest is the control and manipulation of the material plane. We see them in full flower today, like a Kudzu or Miconia plant infestation or some ravenous, Poison Nightshade, mind parasite that feeds impossible dreams while it feeds on the dreamer. Today, in a country created from a web of deceit and murder for the purpose of financial control over the world’s economies, we see a displaced people confined in a gulag and tormented beyond reason by the people who displaced them and performed before the eyes of an indifferent world.

We see these people in control of the flow of information. We see them as the instigators of world conflicts for the purpose of personal enrichment, while we see them brag about their capacity to perform it. We see millions dead and displaced from the cradle of civilization, while their antiquities are looted to serve revisionist history and for the profit in them. This country should have a t-shirt which reads, “Planet Earth, where the weak and deluded are killed and eaten by us”. We see where the illegally resident, in a country with no right to exist, work in tireless consort with their fellows around the world to plunge the whole of the Earth into a flaming Armageddon. We see the full implications of materialism, as the majority of the world scrambles for their opportunity to serve and emulate these psychopaths in order to get their piece of a replicating disco ball; a piece of something shiny and artificial, without nutrients or actual value. You can’t eat it but you can try to make love to it. Of course, there are a number of things you can’t make Love do and this is one of them.

Seen with the same eyes that see the state of the world, as if it were something to pounce upon, rape, kill and dismember and they sell off for the parts, one could easily be discouraged and led into despair. These eyes cannot see beyond the relative value of what they have stolen and desire. There are other eyes that can. We know something exists beyond this terrible state of the times. Those who have not sold out their birthright for a mess of potage know that a new world is coming. The greatest evidence is the terrible state of the times.

It is an indication of how low civilization has fallen when someone like Ben Stein is not universally loathed for the things he says. I am reminded of Marie Antoinette and her comment about letting the starving class of France eat cake. It’s true that she was referring to an inexpensive bread product and not what she is generally understood to have said but the implication and the point remains. We know what happened to Marie. We know that she was warned by Cagliostro and St. Germain. We know that the same is on the horizon for the Ben Stein’s and Netanyahu’s, the Murdoch’s and Rothschilds.

These bloody affairs do not come for any other reason save that there are no other alternatives. Those who have brought the world to this state and who press for even greater injuries are long past the point where reason and understanding can have any impact on their iniquities. They believe they are beyond judgment and they are determined to reap the ultimate degree of suffering from the lives of those they torment for their profit and pleasure. They actually take pleasure from the conditions they cause.

Those who can read the signs can foretell the future. Singular acts of prediction may fail but the general trends can be apprehended with little trouble. The incredible hubris of the psychopathic overclass; the pornographic butcheries, the unspeakable acts of profit from human misery, the diabolical religions and all of the institutions that operate in broad daylight, without any shame or sense of impending consequence, are all stage markers along the incremental march of a grand awakening out of a persistent and long standing darkness. They are all evidence and testimony against those who perform these things and a guarantee that retribution on a cosmic scale shall not be long denied.

When the hand of the punisher is raised, because it cannot be further withheld and when the patience of Nature, human effort and divine agency has been of little use in convincing those without conscience of the error of their ways, it can be a terrible thing to see. When calamity comes, then people everywhere cry out against the ruination of their hopes, their lives and their low born aspirations which are but the tale of what preceded it. It is easy to see. People in the main do not listen and they do not learn. They just look for another way to go about the same thing. It is no surprise that Ben Stein and his fellows have accomplished so much. All they had to do was pander to the lowest common denominator in all of us. All they had to do was to cater to the basest human appetites and hold out the promise of an opportunity to be like them. They set each of us against each other and ourselves and took profit from the confusion and conflict. They littered the highway of the human passage with road side carcasses and charged so much to roll in them and so much to watch it happen. Then they auctioned them off to each other.

For myself, I cannot look at what is everywhere to be seen, as if it were the real testament of all our efforts and ambitions. I cannot look at it as if this were the true nature of our human state. Someone has deceived us into something far below our real nature into a travesty of ourselves. Something has defined us as beasts of appetite and bid us eat our fill. Something has replaced our plates and cutlery with a trough and turned our environment into a sty. Something also lives in us and cannot be dishonored or killed. It is stronger than all of our failures and misfortunes. It is something beyond definition and the indomitable, single aspiration that will rise within us when all other means have shown us the error of our ways.

This is what I look at, even when it is so completely concealed in the surrounding disorder. Some of us are not going to “go gentle into that dark night”. Some of us will not give up or give in. Some of us have taken the narrow path; the King’s Highway that runs away from the modern road that ends in the unavoidable entropy of what lies result in. All of this madness and ignorant endeavor is nothing more than irrefutable evidence that none of it works. It’s truly said that the fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. There are other ways to reach this state and I sincerely hope you find one.

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  1. Six Flags Over Apocalypse Says:

    Armageddon came and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

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