The Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order.

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Of course Roman Polanski is a mainline Satanist and the desire to make him a public item is not accidental by any means. This is a calculated event. The recent refusal by the Swiss to extradite Polanski extends the drama for the purpose of ongoing misdirection. The fact is that there are forces in motion to blow the lid off of an international traffic and practice of sex with underage girls and boys of any and all ages. There are several reasons for this practice in relation to satanic ritual. One of these is the despoiling of innocence which is a trademark of the path. It also serves to put the practitioner beyond the pale and is one of the steps on the way to darker things. Each step is a progression toward the main event that I don’t think I have to illustrate. It’s described in many texts and retrospectives.

Another reason is to bind the member to the order and therefore compromise him or her into various uses that benefit the order, such as the commission of crimes on behalf of the order that profit by way of information, other gain or the use of one’s position in government or business to accomplish certain ends. It’s a well known method of blackmail, which can also result in the member not doing certain things that are a requirement of their position, such as legitimately representing the wishes of their constituents or employer.

Another reason is because it is against the laws of a nation, state or religion. Satanism involves the reversal of the natural order of things both in terms of general society and of Nature itself. The effect of certain practices upon the mind of the person performing them sets up propensities and mindsets that break down barriers set in place during one’s formative state.

This practice is widespread in the religions and governments around the globe. Over the last few decades a lot of evidence has surfaced which indicates beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a longstanding European operation headquartered in Belgium that extends to Portugal, Spain, France and the U.K. Certainly it, no doubt, is extant in all of the other countries but those named have been prominent in the news in recent times. Any and all investigations come up upon a wall of official resistance which has also been reported in the mainstream media.

An operation of the same sort and magnitude exists in the United States and has also been the subject of national press reportage. The Franklin Scandal that reached into the Reagan, White House is one and is directly connected to George Bush Sr.

Polanski is being offered up as a tribute from TPTB to take the focus off of far more critical people and things that have to do with the natural unveiling of such practices in this apocalyptic period. What is happening to the Catholic Church is an example of how this sort of thing is taking place at this time. Those who run these operations for the purpose of controlling people in positions of authority are not unaware of the conditions of the times. They hope to bypass the majority of possible exposures by manipulating what comes into the public view and throwing as many people as necessary into the public eye in order to protect the main portion of the organization and their own station and person. They are prepared to sacrifice the entire operation in certain countries and to eliminate those who might be in a position to expose those higher up by getting rid of a certain level of the chain. In this way those who are gone can be blamed for the whole affair and presented as the highest level without there being anyone in a position to point further up the ladder.

After a certain point the identity of those at a certain level is only revealed to those directly below. They have all kinds of fail-safes in place and people positioned in every area of government, the judiciary and law enforcement as well as in the media and the corporate world to insure that only a certain part of the operation and its practices will ever come to light.

It should be known that there is a great deal of dissension in the ranks at the moment. This is the case in every area of the temporal world. The old order of things is being done away with and the survival of Satanism and all similar groups needs to transfer itself into the framework of the new systems replacing the old order. Those engaged in the perpetuation of their order know that every facet of government and religion are going to be changed in the same way they have been changed in the past and grafted on to the systems that preceded them just as they were previously.

It should be obvious to anyone paying any kind of attention that nearly all of the members of their government and religious organizations are compromised in one way or another and it is not just by way of bribery and the promise of gain or advancement. Any number of people would not ordinarily be compelled to behave in the way we see so many of our officials behaving. It is beyond the boundaries of normal affairs to see the whole of your elected officials tolerating and supporting things like the gratuitous murders that took place in Operation Cast Lead or the killing of those on the flotilla. It makes no kind of sense that those in the highest positions in the Catholic Church would behave as they do in the face of what keeps surfacing into the public view.

The influence of the Central Banks and the world markets in causing the ruinous bailouts which were presented as a protection of the interests of the common citizens and for the purpose of making money available for loan and the continued smooth functioning of the system can be seen as the scam that it was just by noting that money is not available to lend, which goes completely against the argument for its having taken place to begin with. That this was willingly engaged in and supported, speaks of unknown pressures that must be more than what would be obvious. It does not make sense that nearly all elected officials would toss their reputations into the fire just for the promise of gain and the maintenance of their positions when they could have been secured in so many other ways.

We’re not talking about people being fooled by simple lies when these people are trained to spot the transparency of the arguments. These are people who, in the main, were elected because they have some background in these matters. It is the height of absurdity to accept that no one in a position of authority would be speaking out against the push to attack Iran after the same arguments were used to justify the Iraq invasion. It is also unbelievable that no one in a position of authority would have come forth to question what took place on 9/11, especially those who are no longer in office now. Every time someone in a position to question does so, they turn out to be those whose presentations give the appearance that they are senile or otherwise impaired, such as that officer who was the head of the war college and who comes off sounding like Mr. Potato Head.

Anyone who has been exposed to presentations given by the leading spokesmen for the 9/11 truth movement has encountered the numbing boredom of their demonstrations; their obvious desire for celebrity, their pandering for personal gain and their avoidance of naming the actual perpetrators. There are some noteworthy exceptions but these are soon removed from their positions of prominence or routinely ignored by both the left and the right.

The good news is that its all falling apart and all of the people involved in all of these things are running scared and trying to plug up a leaking dyke with far two few fingers and hands. The basic integrity of the institutions of the departing age is crumbling away from within. It can’t be supported. We are about to see all kinds of astonishing, interesting and unusual things coming to light. The force of the unveiling apocalypse increases by the day. You can’t hide things in a room where the walls have suddenly gone missing.

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