The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen.

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It’s hard to find something to write about anymore. Of course, there are many situations and subjects that keep moving toward some unknown destination. All over the world there are conditions and pressures that interconnect with other conditions and pressures around the world. Perhaps the most mystifying feature is the world press. Major cataclysmic events are in operation or soon to be and the press is having tea with advertisers and reality TV stars. You wouldn’t (and don’t) know that much of anything that is happening is actually happening.

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is off the charts and a number of police and enforcement agents are in operation to hinder the access of people seeking to study and report on what is happening. It appears that it has been made a felony to approach locations within a certain distance for the purpose of taking photos. This is in violation of laws that allow citizens to have access to public beaches and other locations. Workers involved in the cleanup are forbidden to speak to anyone about what they are doing.

BP is a company that is largely owned by front corporations that are owned by Rothschild. The press is 96% owned by Zionist concerns. The situation in the Middle East has been made the way it is by the same interests, starting with the 9/11 attack which was carried out by Israeli and American intelligence forces, which also engineered the attack on Afghanistan, which dummied up the false intel on Iraq and is now engaged in an all out effort to accomplish an attack on Iran. When you consider that ICTS was the security firm in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and the Madrid train station; it is pretty obvious who the bad guys are.

Then, when you factor in who is in control of the central banks and what they have done to financial interests that impact on the livelihood of the common soul and then look at what Goldman Sachs has been up to, it can be pretty scary. It explains the critical necessity of controlling the flow of information to the public.

Of course there are other interests involved. Of course there are bad elves and other helpers who have sold their soul for money and token power, as well as those blackmailed and threatened in various ways but… it can’t be denied that the state of Israel and the Zionist hegemonic machine is possibly the single most destructive engine of darkness at work in the world today.

People with the courage to do so are talking about this at blogs and the alternative press. They’re talking about it behind closed doors in the governments of the world. Alliances are shifting and the stage is being set for some world changing acts. Most of the world is watching TV or looking for something to occupy their attention while they hear little or nothing of any importance. The lies are immense and unceasing. It would look pretty bad overall if it weren’t for the fact that what you see is not all there is and… one of the things you don’t see is the most important thing of all. That’s what I’m banking on; meanwhile the operations of clever psychopaths against ignorant mouth breathers is a kind of death dance that goes on life after life with the players changing places.

The biggest difficulty that those who would seek to change the world encounter is that most people don’t want you to change the world. What most people want it to occupy the positions held by their oppressors. Most people want to be rich and famous. Most people want to be shallow and vain and accomplish it marvelously.

It’s like the case with the divine and religions. Most people see God as a bigger version of themselves. Most religious people frown on certain behavior while supporting far worse. Most people don’t want to hear this because most people think they know what’s going on and it is a certainty that most people do not and you can’t tell them any different.

The present situation that exists, as it affects nearly everyone, was brought about by the rise in the power of corporations and banks. As business gained more and more economic clout, it could hire more lawyers. They could also influence legislation. So more and more laws favored the interests of business and fewer laws protected the public from their predations. Business has no real loyalty to any country so business took its manufacturing where it could build its good cheaper and out of cheaper elements. Corporations became obsessed with higher and higher profit margins and this naturally led to worsening situations for the poor and middle class. When you want to squeeze a greater amount of money from everything you do, you have to squeeze those with the least ability to complain and the least amount of capital to hire lawyers in their defense.

This is an age of paramount materialism. Therefore, those interests who operate the machinery also determine the reality. This is why television is set up to indoctrinate the consumer from a very early age and why most people see reality in terms of objects and amusements directed at base appetites because these reflect the products being sold. Business doesn’t have a conscience and a soul, so it doesn’t matter if the products poison the consumer or the environment, because the nature of business is to get bigger and bigger as if there were no end to it. After awhile, most people see their condition as the way it is because, as far as most people are concerned that is the way it is.

Into the mix comes the idea of patriotism in defense of a country whose main intent is to subjugate the rest of the world, based on the presentation of ongoing threats from countries they seek to plunder, on the behalf of corporations that desire the resources and make their money from warfare. Anyone who doesn’t play the game is marginalized or slandered as a threat to the internal security of the nation. Since the media that feeds the public its information is completely controlled by those who also profit from the various evils of imperialism and materialism, it’s a tight little circle from which few escape.

The illusion of the public good, civil rights and citizens rights is maintained by various organizations and charities that are headed by individuals that support the status quo and what should happen doesn’t happen …but it looks like it does, even when the people most affected can clearly see that it doesn’t.

Eventually there is a problem with the population which requires a major reduction in numbers and that’s just something that gets done because it serves the interests of business. I’m not opposed to business because it is a necessary thing. I’m talking about the corporate mind set but most people will think I don’t like business anyway (grin).

So, like it says on those maps in bus kiosks and at tourist centers, you are ‘here’, right where the little arrow is pointing. The combination of all the situations described in this post eventually lead to a terrible tragedy and the breakdown of the whole false envelope of manufactured reality. Out of the ashes, there rises a new world and after a couple of thousand years, you are right back where that arrow is pointing.

People don’t understand why this cycle repeats over and over, if they happen to be aware of it at all …but that is the nature of the world. The whole dance of civilization is just a movie in which people are given the opportunity to play a part. It stands to reason that there must be more than this at some other locations. We know there are times when it is not so bad overall and times when it is pretty bad nearly everywhere.

It’s not easy to make sense out of the whole affair and an objective observer would very soon be able to determine that most people are crazy and that the predictable routine of their movements is what gives them the appearance of sanity where there is none.

As I said, there’s something else that has a major effect on everything and also determines the outcome. It’s that thing I mentioned that you can’t see. Some people are in touch with this but most people are not. Since this is going to be demonstrated while most of us are still here, it isn’t necessary for me to say any more except to say that every life is affected, protected or destroyed by the power of this unseen thing and it probably makes sense to find out what that is and get into some kind of positive relationship with it but… most people won’t because most people think power comes from the visible agencies that seem to most clearly demonstrate the possession of it. Actually, all power is obtained from the unseen and only has that power for so long as the unseen allows it. This is not something most people can grasp and that is unfortunate for most people.

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It gets even stranger as the denouement approaches but we’re used to it.

Fade Away

The New Shangri-La

3 Responses to “The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen.”

  1. introspeck Says:

    Les, I agree that it’s probably hard for you to find anything else to say, but you said this, and that alone made it worthwhile: “The biggest difficulty that those who would seek to change the world encounter is that most people don’t want you to change the world.”

    Concise and too true.

  2. hopey changey flavored kool-aid Says:

    If a mouth breather faints you can revive him/her with ass-to-mouth resuscitation. Whisper free healthcare in their ear three times to test if it worked.

  3. Skeeter Jones Says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    — Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945

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