The Hammer of Heaven and the Synagogue of Satan.

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I suspect we are looking at ‘The Israeli Mistake’, as predicted by the Half Past Human Report. A lot of people are outraged by this vicious, criminal act by the criminal Rothschild Crime and Banking Family consortium that operates as a nation, for the purpose of every permutation of crime for profit and pleasure. Aside from the loss of life which attends nearly every act committed by this crime syndicate, this is actually a good thing. There will be more, because the entire nation is insane and made militarily powerful through their control of the United States government.

I say it’s a good thing because a good portion of the world can now see what psychopathic thugs are operating from this crime syndicate. Gaza displayed this too and future events will continue to show what manner of beasts operates beneath the seeming human skin. They have been able to do this because of their control of the world press. As you have noted, this murderous event was hardly mentioned and, when it was, it was lied about. They are able to manipulate the news and the public’s perception of it. This has allowed them to perpetuate all kinds of lies about themselves, since before they stole the Palestinian’s land. They also control much of the world’s banking and are able to print their own money, which they use to buy whores that they can put into government positions so that they can control the governments and make them do what they want.

The internet and news organizations of certain other countries tell the true tale of what happened and more and more people are going there and… The Apocalypse is causing more and more of the world to see and also bringing the truth to their eyes by whatever means. This is a cosmic force that operates everywhere for the purpose unveiling what has been occurring behind the dreamscape that has occupied human attention until now.

You either understand what I’m talking about or you don’t because you either believe that this is all being directed toward a certain conclusion by a conscious intelligence or you don’t. That doesn’t matter, except for you personally, because it’s going to happen anyway.

Some are saying that it is only the Israeli leaders who are the problem but that the Israeli people are good people, yadda yadda; this not the case. The whole nation is like their leaders. 94% supported the Gaza mass murders. They are the spiritual children of Satan and operate accordingly. It’s irrefutably apparent in all the things they do. They seek material control over Planet Earth and the enslavement of humanity which they consider bugs. They have no moral constraints and lie about everything and insist that their lies are truth while the truth stands right beside them, for those who choose to see. Evil is their nature and they cannot be reformed. Fools talk about peace and nationhood for Palestine and all sorts of nonsense. They intend to murder or evict; and then probably murder, every Palestinian they see. That’s the way it is.

There is a reason why this is all going on the way it does. There is a reason why major politicians support every ugly, indefensible act by these inhuman creatures. It is so you can see them do it. There is a reason they are getting away with this. It is so you can see it happen. Of course, there are the obvious reasons but that only continues for as long as it is allowed. The hammer of Heaven is going to come down on them but, certain things must play out first. It must be difficult for those of you who are unaware of the hidden power behind all things. I realize that religion has made it difficult for you to see and be aware of it and that those speaking on behalf of it and behaving like scoundrels also hinders your belief in it. I realize you haven’t attempted to come into contact with it and that you haven’t looked into the science that proves it. Some of us have. Though I feel sorry for those of you, who do not have the comfort and confidence that results from having taken the trouble to look into the hidden side of life, I can’t do much for you. You either put in the effort to find out or you don’t. It appears to be easier to accept the surface appearances as truth and there you have it.

Since there is most definitely a conscious power that permeates and controls everything, an awesome destruction is going to come down on those who are committing the terrible crimes of our day. I know it is hard for you to understand how that is going to take place but you weren’t that interested in knowing anyway. You could have proven it to yourself in a number of ways, if your stomach and sex organs hadn’t been running your life and if your own survival hadn’t been more important than everyone else at every turn. I and others are well aware of this power and recognize what is taking place now. You’ll be much more fully aware of the circumstances when they appear shortly but you still won’t know what it means.

All of the despicable posturing and behavior of your witless and morally bankrupt leaders is a simple demonstration of something that has happened before and will happen again. Before something can be completely destroyed and ferried to its future residence, it must be exposed before the world as a warning to wake up and see. That will happen anyway but you are benefited greatly by waking up before that and changing what you have been.

There’s something in the mass human consciousness that derails their understanding of what is actually happening around them and also what their real nature is. They would rather conform to the pattern of beasts because appetite and fear overpowers their reason and ignorance enfolds them in the limitations of material experience. The less they know… the more certain they are that they know everything. It accounts for the ridiculous vanities and self important presumptions that make them an embarrassment to themselves and the wonderful potential hidden within them. They spit on their own divinity and assist their tormentors while they make possible what you see happening before you now.

None of this means anything in terms of what is going to happen. The power I am talking about can kick the ass of the entire human race, all by itself, with less trouble than it takes to blink an eye. The presentation of power in the hands of nations and armies is only a shallow appearance, intended to deceive those who are unaware of any other force. All force proceeds from one source and exists only so long as it is allowed and can be withdrawn- and will be- at any time.

The force of The Apocalypse is going to make it possible for those who are willing, to see that there is a living truth within the manifest lie. All sorts of understandings are being made available for those who are inclined to experience them. You won’t be able to say that you didn’t have the opportunity to see. It’s going to get very real.

Personally, it’s no great matter to me. I’ve only one thing that I consider important and it either is or it is not and I’m convinced that it is. Everyone else has whatever they find important and also whatever they think is real, to motivate and guide them. No one can put into words what people are not prepared to believe or will not believe because it threatens their affections and appetites, as well as their acquisitions and the power they think it gives them. In this time you will have the opportunity to see the degree of protection that any of these things will provide you.

There is a reason why the criminal nation, under discussion here, behaves as it does and why it commits such terrible crimes without fear of consequence and why it intends to commit much larger outrages against all manner of peoples and nations. They believe they can do anything they want and also get you to believe whatever lie they tell to justify it. This is all part of a demonstration that is going to be made about the arrogance of the human will which, it only has on loan. You would think that a people whose primary interest is extracting interest from counterfeit money would know something about loans.

The actual meaning of life has very little to do with material things and the material world; this only an environment in which to discover who you are. What you discover determines your destiny. If you look hard and are sincere, you will find it. If you don’t you won’t. Meanwhile there is everything else to occupy your time otherwise. One really can’t put it more clearly. In case you think the effort to uncover your true self might be wasted, I can assure you it will not.

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5 Responses to “The Hammer of Heaven and the Synagogue of Satan.”

  1. Les, is it your belief that almost all Jewish people are of the synagogue of Satan? I struggle with this because it seems to me that there are Jewish people that I tend to agree with on a lot of other things, however, when the subject of Israel comes up, we part ways big time. I cannot figure out if they are being willfully blind to reality or if they truly believe all that drivel they spew about Israel needing it’s own state blah, blah, blah. I suppose if I could figure out if they are being duplicitous (which is what I tend to believe because unless you have been brainwashed/mind controlled)–why else would you not be able to see what is right before your eyes? I think I would have compassion for the ones who are deep in denial because of brainwashing because I believe I was brainwashed myself (by the Catholic church) and I know how hard it is psychologically to accept that a lot of what you learned and lived was a lie. It takes letting go of your ego and realizing that the worst thing is NOT to find out that you were lied to–it’s far worse to remain in that sort of denial (at least that’s what I think). Anyway, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Are all Jewish people beyond redemption?

  2. Gunther Gilmer Says:

    Since they consider themselves “chosen” it is no wonder they behave this way. The statement about 95% of the people being accomplices could apply to the majority in the peoples republik of amerika as well. If any other race stood up and said we are the “chosen” they would be ostracized and ridiculed.

  3. blood red hammer of satan Says:

    Be careful someone will hit report abuse and the jews that own your blog will cut you off.

  4. I wish what you suggest is true, but history proves otherwise. Whomever is in charge of our sector of the universe seems to like it just the way it is.

    I mean, such human outrages have been ongoing for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and not just by jews, though jews may very well have covertly financed them.

    Our world was taken over by a dark energy long ago (at least to Toth), operating under the guise of many ethnicities. The power you suggest that will soon right their injustices knows full well the extent of this dark energies intention. If it doesn’t approve of what they have already done, let alone what they plan, why wait?

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