Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.

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Sucking up to Israel and messing with the balance of world harmony- inasmuch as such a thing exists- comes at great cost. Sarkozy got hammered in his regional election and now he’s a duck with a big cast on his leg. They went after Berlusconi and Berlusconi won his regionals. I don’t know if Berlusconi and I could sit down for a glass of Campari- like the one I’m having right now- but he’s a good friend of Putin’s so it could be I don’t get certain things and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Unlike some amount of readers here and many, many more people everywhere else, I understand the dimensions of Realpolitick. There is no question in my mind that most people need to be led and governed. The absence of government is chaos, until government comes back in anyway, after a lot of bloodshed and torment. I understand the basic corruptions of government and the kind of taking care of business that leads to the rewards that first attracted people into government in the first place.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind people lining their pockets a little, if they also see to the general welfare. When I worked in the restaurant and bar business there was always a degree of theft. My personal margin was ten percent. I’d let people steal ten percent and that created a kind of lassez faire situation that worked. I could always add ten percent to the cost of food and drinks to even it out and… let’s face it; the good people who work their asses off in the trade don’t make much. This is not an excuse for theft but merely a way of dealing with reality. Meanwhile, the people at the top of the food chain are stealing a lot more and killing people while they do it.

What I’m trying to say and, speaking only for myself, is that I like to keep a certain amount of tolerance in the works and close my eyes to various elements of human frailty because, “there but for fortune goes I”. Don’t ever get in the habit of being too harsh a judge of your fellows. It WILL come back on you.

If someone starts to steal more than I already let them steal, then a conversation could take place. The thing that most thieves don’t get is that there are only so many ways to steal and there are professionals who can identify the who and how.

What I’m getting around to is that, regardless of what we tell ourselves, we accept a certain amount of lying media info. We are also hamstrung by what we don’t know and that is a lot more than we do know. You try governing a large country and see how you do. For this reason I am warm toward Putin. As far as I am concerned, things could be a lot worse right now if not for him. There are a few other world leaders that are doing their job as well. They might be a little heavy handed at times and they might be feathering their nest a bit but they are doing the right thing most of the time.

The true art of governing is to keep the opposing forces focused on each other and not on you. The true art of governing makes sure that the people at the bottom are not in an awful state. Certain limitations exist in the lives of the poor and they have to live with that. There should always be food, housing and medicine though. These basics should be there because they can be there and because it is the right thing to do. I’m poor by most standards but I don’t want anything, so I guess I’m actually rich.

Most people are poor because of too many desires and the inability to concentrate on necessary things until some excess appears; don’t go giving me some liberal lecture now. It’s all fine and good to wish for and work for a better world but only a fool doesn’t recognize the world they live in. The number one problem for most people is an inability to see reality. They are enamored of the ideal to the distress of the real. Of course, none of it is real but that’s a metaphysical construct and only applies to a few of us and even fewer actually live with the understanding.

This is not meant to be an apology for wrong doing. I have to repeat myself because some people just won’t get it. There is no white and black in the relative, phenomenal world, only shades of gray. There is a white and black that broadcasts from other zones into this world and that accounts for why some people are better than they might have been and worse than they might have been. When I look at the world, I see a magical war in operation. The outcome is always the same and the outcome is never in doubt but the time frame makes us despair of justice. Justice gets done. You don’t always see it getting done because all of it doesn’t get done here.

Why I am writing about this is because I have been thinking about the UN Security Council and Iran as well as what is going on behind the scenes. The news reports that so and so said this and that. The news reports that certain countries are going to do this and that. The news reports these things because the people controlling the news want public opinion swayed in a certain direction in order to pressure the policies of various nations. This is why you see these useless phony polls that never go away. They state that public opinion is such and such by so many percentage points. It’s all a load of horseshit but people read it and believe it.

I’m okay with the lies of this world up to a point. I’m okay with the greater freedoms of the rich and the closer confinements of the poor. These two shift positions via reincarnation, so maybe they learn their lessons and maybe they don’t. That’s how this world is. This world is not a paradise and even in a golden age there are problems and places you would rather not be. One can live according to the highest standards they can imagine but… they cannot expect the world to follow.

We don’t know what the ruler(s) of Russia and China are actually thinking and saying to their western adversaries or to each other. You can be sure of one thing though, they are not going to endanger their country by bending over for the worst excuse for a super power since I don’t know when. The irony is that this turned-out super power is under the control of a criminal enterprise, masquerading as a country It shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

In the final analysis, Rothschildlandia is the enemy of every other country on Earth and an enemy to humanity in general. The walls they are building around their ever expanding empire should be built much higher and completely encircle them; not to protect them from non existent threats that are fabricated by rockets fired into empty lots by agents of Rothschildlandia …but to protect everyone else. Every country in the world should cut off diplomatic relations with them and refuse to trade with them period. This might wake their psychopathic asses up and keep in mind that nothing that is done to them will make things any worse because they already intend the worst. This is a, foaming at the mouth, mad dog that requires quarantine. They orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks as well as the London Tube bombings and I’ve little doubt they were also behind just about everything else. Their involvement in human trafficking, pornography and hard drug trafficking is well known.

It’s time the world woke up to the fact that the world’s greatest victims, heading the world’s biggest victim industry are not victims at all. Everyone else is the victim of this outsize crocodile looking to swallow the world. Now we have to watch, yet again, as they pummel Gaza for no reason at all, while the usual cowards stand mute. Like I say, I can tolerate a certain amount of play in the moral compass of planetary enterprise but I draw the line when it comes to bloodstained murders burning, pillaging and then crying out in pain as if it were the real victims fault. Whatever the real truth of their historical excuse for acting like vicious beasts, they exhausted any currency there might have been long ago. The world owes them nothing… except withering contempt.

Sooner or later the worm is going to turn and there will be no sympathy anywhere for these despicable creatures. Sooner or later they’re going to find there is a divine being, besides the vampire, cannibal demon they serve. It’s clear who their god is. Every time they have a religious holiday, they attack and murder defenseless people as a sacrifice. It’s happened too often to be coincidence by now.

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And we Could all Be Free

The New Shangri-La


2 Responses to “Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.”

  1. Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench….

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. Sucking up to Israel and messing with the balance of world harmony- inasmuch as such a thing exists- comes at great cost. Sarkozy got hammered in his regional election and now he’s a duck with a big cast on his leg. T…

  2. Happy Easter. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your postings. I know I am only one among many, but I don’t think good things can be said enough and so I wanted to make sure you know I am out here listening.

    Sometimes when I am despairing, your words help calm me. Thank you.

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