Under the Wire and into the Freedom Land.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It’s been going on for some time. Certainly it’s been years, decades. We all have subjective tendencies, so most of us have probably thought we felt the way we did because of the way we are. I call it, ‘heavy weather’. It’s easy to suppose that it’s some combination of social and economic pressures; that sense of having to keep up all the time just to stay in the same place. The barrage of images and other sensory input and the ceaseless impression that other lives, media enhanced lives, were more important and dynamic than our own, have incrementally diminished our idea of ourselves and forced us into a vicarious existence through the comings and going of public figures that are larger than life.

Along with the intrusion of the world on our personal space, the fear has come slipping through our neighborhoods, rattling at the windows and doors. The force of it grew with each succeeding year. 9/11 was the launching pad. Like a hugely popular film it gave birth to numerous spin-offs and strange product placements based on the characters and the plot line of what has turned out to be a fiction in every sense except for the actual event.

Some of us have suffered more than others from the brutal and draconian follow-up. The less inclined you were to believe in what happened and the less inclined you were to go along with the program, the more you felt the aftershocks that were choreographed to reshape the world and fence in the free and inquisitive parts of our nature with virtual barbed wire. It was barbed wire that won the west, not Colt. The barbed wire was rolled out in the media and served to fence in the freedoms of the mind to think outside the wire. The barbed wire was rolled out at all the checkpoints of human movement. The barbed wire was rolled out in the educational system so that the young would be accustomed to it before they were even in a position to define it. It was defined for them and pronounced ‘good’. It was for their protection. Regulation, restriction and the slander of freedom were made commonplace for your protection.

It’s been in the works for a long time. It arrived wrapped in national symbols and a patriotic fever, not unlike smallpox. Unlike smallpox it didn’t kill the body. It killed the objective reasoning capacity in the human mind. There was barbed wire in the fever and it closed off areas of human thought and emotion. Sometimes it looked like yellow police tape and sometimes it was marked with a red sign that said, ‘high voltage’ or simply, ‘danger’. Sometimes it said, “Keep out!”, “condemned area”. Most went along with the program. Those who did not go along with the program, like Olaf’s Son, were abused; murdered, imprisoned, marginalized or given pariah status. They got a lot of profitable wars out of it but this was all mere prelude.

They had a bad scare in the 60’s and early 70’s but they got a handle on that soon enough. They locked down the music and they altered the chemicals that had been such a catalyst for all those wild flights of imagination and new ways of thinking. It wasn’t long before peace and love gave way to the struggle for survival and a monkey on your back. They took care of that sexual problem too with another virus.

It was a pincer operation, like a pack of raptors hunting. It was coming from long and short term locations with dovetailing agendas.

One faction had been working for over a century on the concept of six million dead and a pariah label for anyone who interfered with their plans for a large slice of the pie. The first effort in the first war failed but they had their dominoes in order for the second one and made it a crime to question any numbers or events having to do with six million dead. This victim industry made those spearheading the agenda into privileged characters that could do just about anything based on what was supposed to have happened to them. Official figures from official agencies, which stated a different set of numbers, were simply ignored.

This agenda and several other agendas grew closer together and successfully plotted and carried out the 9/11 attacks. They’ve been so successful that today they can routinely murder the survivors of a people whose land they have stolen; can actually put them in exactly the same situation they engineered to have happen to members of their own people in the Second World War and justify any behavior no matter how brutal, including the harvesting of organs where the donors were targeted and killed for that purpose.

Much of this was made possible by a near complete control over the media and entertainment industries. These industries were secured by monies given out by central banks like the Federal Reserve which made it possible to print as much money as was needed and to loan it to those sympathetic to the agenda and withhold it from those who were not. Anyone who questioned what was happening was slandered with the deadly label and very few people possessed the courage to risk that. The risk was increased depending on the profile and position of the person doing the questioning so that had it covered from the bottom to the top.

One of the primary agendas shared by the various factions whose intent was a global, fascist government, ruled by corporations, was a relentless effort to present Muslims as the enemy of humanity. There are a number of exhaustive studies that show the proof of this. It is indisputable at this point but of little interest to a large number of people who have been thoroughly brainwashed through long term exposure to consistently repeated lies, as well as the ever present threat of becoming a target for going beyond the barbed wire perimeters of acceptable thought, speech and action.

The barbed wire is like the invisible fencing that one can purchase for their dogs. When the dog breaks the line of the perimeter it receives a shock through the collar around its neck. It’s not too long before the dog doesn’t even need the collar any longer because the dog remembers.

The people of the hidden agendas have infiltrated most areas of life. They control the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs. They control the money supply. They control the police and military that are sworn to protect you from the dangers of a non-extant enemy, while in the service of the very enemy who threatens us all. They control the general flow of information and they control the arts, which have been a medium of awakening and revelation for centuries and which are always a danger to the totalitarian mind set. One thing they do not control is what is controlling them and there lies the hope and redemption of humanity. They cannot control what is controlling them and using them as object lessons for the human race. This lesson has not been finalized yet. It is only in the final stages.

Sometimes the collective mind needs to be impressed or even wounded to the point that a lasting memory is impressed upon it. It needs to be a telling thing so that what has been learned will not be forgotten.

Because the power which controls both the seeming good and the seeming bad is invisible, most people are unaware of what it is doing; how it is doing it and even why it is doing it. Its control is comprehensive and all encompassing. It engineers the thoughts that enter the minds of those engaged in the agendas and it manipulates their responses and actions in order to show us convincingly… what happens when you set yourself up to take over the world. No one has ever done so and this is because everything is under control.

Those who are fortunate enough to know this can rest easy and live in the certain assurance that all will be well in time. They can shake off the heavy weather and slip under the wire. These weights and inconveniences will go away in their time, once the lesson has been impressed upon those who have managed to ignore the obvious or have been …through fear or self-interest, compelled to serve the dark agendas to the detriment of their fellows.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there …and just because you can …doesn’t mean it is.

February is coming.

End Transmission…….

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3 Responses to “Under the Wire and into the Freedom Land.”

  1. Don't Get Any On You Says:

    Where is this Freedom land? Does it exist within the mind? The other day I was remarking how much I hate corporations on my corporate PC using corporate internet in my corporate logo shirt. Then the supremes go and shit on us with this corporations can contribute any amount to whatever politrickian they want. Going under the wire and escaping to Freedom land would be like finding the fountain of youth. It is probably as mythical as the middle class though. Alas I will turn on the game and have some more canned corporate toxic waste and lament the triumph of the swill.

  2. “Then the supremes go and shit on us with this corporations can contribute any amount to whatever politrickian they want.”

    While I sympathise with you, let’s do be clear here. The Supremes have only authorized corporations to do what the unions already may; the decision did NOT disturb bans on direct contributions to candidates; and the decision moreover was a result of the horribly speech-limiting McCain-Feingold act.

    That said — DOG POET LIVES!

  3. nightman1 Says:

    Reading this is quite uncomfortable because it’s so like my own rantings. Both of us share a deep unease about the way the world, and particularly the USA, is heading. And both of us have a sense that there are forces behind that movement that most people don’t see.

    I differ from you–I say with some relief!–in failing to see any shadowy conspiracy behind the malign shifting of economic, political, and social facts that make me uneasy. I don’t identify any one limited group of humans as the villains behind it all. (And particularly not the Jews, whose great influence in the USA and devotion to Israel merely makes them distort our foreign policy in one key area.)

    What I see is just the familiar, hackneyed struggle that’s been going on in the West since the Industrial Revolution: the struggle between the classes. Recently, the balance of power in that struggle has shifted markedly. Rich people have been getting steadily richer. and poor and lower middle class people have been getting poorer in the US since 1980. The advent of globalization has greatly assisted that trend, allowing the owners of capital to ship jobs overseas en masse. It is continuing to accelerate.

    I could provide some urls to substantiate this, and will do so if anyone asks, but I doubt that it would do much good. If one is an intelligent, thoughtful person, as I believe both you and I are, it is very hard to let loose of an overarching world view once one has signed onto one. I have to constantly watch myself, for example, to avoid believing in the “evil rich.” The are not evil; they are just watching out for their own economic interests, and they’re naturally very effective at doing so, plus their interest happen to coincide with the foundational myth of the USA.

    All I can do in this note is commend that kind of intellectual caution to you. It is very, very uncomfortable to watch things going to hell without finding any villains to blame it on. And, conversely, the identification of a cabal of such villains, and adoption of the belief that they’re doing their evil according to a master plan, is actually comforting, because if they and their plan can become known, maybe it can be thwarted.

    But the lesson of the 20th Century is that we have to learn to live with a very large level of discomfort, because we in the West no longer have an overarching religion and its Manichean struggle between Good and Evil to order our universe for us.

    Personally, I think that adopting the burden of that kind of realism and stoicism is heroic. I hope it spreads.

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