The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get into your body. First though, job one, they want to get into your head. These are stages of humiliation designed to strip you of your dignity,

They could have fixed it for Richard Reid to blow up his foot and they could have fixed it for Abdulmutallab to blow up his balls but neither of these have the graphic potential of a suspicious passenger being overpowered on an airliner while weird shit happens. This way, you know exactly what they want you to know. If they have to piece it together (pun intended) later it’s a lot more costly and involved. They also didn’t have to destroy an airplane to do it. Saving expense is, of course, not their primary concern. Their primary concern is putting an image in your mind and making everyone suspicious of each other.

They don’t really care about blowing up airplanes and killing lots of people. Look at what they did with 9/11. Look at the people they are killing in their gratuitous wars. No, they don’t mind the killing because blood spilled in violence has a magical power that can be used by those who court or serve the powers that feed on it.

Actually blowing up airplanes, unless there is a real need (like provocation to attack Iran, or anyone) is counter-productive. They don’t want you to stop flying in airplanes. They just want you to accept the heavy handed behavior of the TSA thugs. They want you to agree in your mind to the need for the outrageous treatment they intend to visit on you. They want you conditioned and programmed because it is necessary to channel your fear and your hate for their purposes.

The reason they trashed the economic system was to put a great many of you into a state of desperation …and to make those who are still sailing along, mindful of what could happen to them. The reason for drumming up a non-existent Al Qaeda is to make people of one color suspicious of people with a different color while also setting religious belief systems against each other. The idea that there could be something like Al Qaeda that is linked up internationally around the world and which can strike anywhere at any time is as scary as it is ridiculous. It’s like Spectre run by a guy called Blofeld Mohammed. It’s everywhere with state of the art communications and endless financial resources with a limitless supply of insane believers willing to die for the cause and it doesn’t exist. What there is of it that does exist, exists because ‘they’ have been tormenting people beyond endurance.

Peoples of the world, you have an enemy and that enemy is your leaders. Your leaders serve the corporations and the corporations serve the bankers and the bankers serve that ancient foe whose pleasure is strife and discord.

Let me break it down for you in a very simple fashion. It’s not primarily about creating a permanent underclass to wait upon their elite status. It’s not primarily about eugenics and a world prison system. It is not primarily about making large sums of money from evil enterprise. It is not primarily about increasing control brought about through fear and timely false flags. It is about pleasure and enjoyment. These things are being done in order to maximize suffering because suffering is nectar to these creatures. They feed on misery and torment. They enjoy it. This is their cardinal motivation.

Before you can understand why these things are happening you have to grasp ‘motive’. You have to understand the perverted nature of the practitioner. You have to understand what drives them. You have to accept that there are immaterial forces at work and that we are all in the midst of a spiritual war, which is about the harvesting of human souls as well as the perversion of human souls, accomplished by the perversions and intentions of those who serve what lives in the darkness.

I am stating facts based on ancient traditions which have survived the test of time and all of them make mention of the enemy of humanity and those who serve that enemy for personal gain. This is not allegory or poetic license. This is the way it is. Everything that has been happening to you and around you is systematic. The pollution of your drinking water and the genetic modification of your foods are designed to put you into a confused and weakened state. The garbage that now passes for music and the pandering of the entertainment business to the lowest impulses in the human psyche are all intentional and your leaders, as well as the industry titans and banking concerns are all neck deep in it.

Yemen is not something that just happened on its own. It is by design in relation to long range plans concerning Iran, Russia and China and… everyone else. Psychopaths sit in guarded rooms where they draft complicated game plans whose goal is world wise chaos and immense human suffering.

Here is a recent S&MSM headline, “Obama links jet attack suspect to Al Qaeda”. What does that mean? Does that mean Obama personally put two and two together and got five and a half? Why is it that most of the news items that appear in the S&MSM no longer have an author? Despite how it might seem at the present; are these Creatures from The Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind going to succeed? No… they will fail. No one ever succeeds at this sort of thing but that does not mean there won’t be a great deal of human suffering.

I’ve tried to say it many different ways at many different times in the different blogs. It is something I am certain of and that does not include a great many items. These miscreants who have sacrificed their humanity on the altar of personal ambition and gain think themselves to be canny sophisticates. They think they’ve got the planet nailed. It doesn’t occur to them that they are merely playing a role in a cosmic drama that has a directed and appointed end.

There is always more good in humanity than there is bad. The greatest problem is the amount of stupid and asleep. The spark of divinity and awakening motors us all but when spiritual awareness and contact with our divine nature has been lost or gotten to the point where it is so obscured that few people possess enough to counterbalance the rest, then transformation; the spirit informing matter, becomes necessary.

You may think this is about any of the obvious forces that present themselves on any given day; unbridled greed, environmental imbalance, failed systems, ubiquitous corrupt officials. The list is large. It is about you. It’s all about you and the precious cargo you carry, often unwittingly. You might think of it as a game that God plays against himself with anticipated successes and failures but you are in the middle of it and it is all about you.

None of us are set a task beyond our endurance and speaking for myself, it has often seemed like it. No one takes second place to me when it comes to screaming imprecations at Heaven, as if it were a living thing that confounds (and it is a living thing) and torments me… primarily because I don’t understand …because I can only see so far and the divine sees all the way through and always has. Wisdom is the fruit of such a struggle for those who endure …and the wheel of return is waiting for those who do not.

This unending battle between our dual natures has a purpose and no matter how hard we struggle it can only end in surrender. Each of us goes about this in our own way. We have traditions and libraries filled with pathways; conclusions, solutions, teachings of every possible stripe and color. None of them are complete or comprehensive by comparison to the living awareness that inhabits our being. It’s a simple matter really. Embrace the immortal intelligence that animates and guides you or make your own plans and follow your own devices. There isn’t any more to it than that. In either case something will be leading you to the inescapable truth.

End Transmission…….

Gone Baby Gone

The New Shangri-La


5 Responses to “The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind.”

  1. The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind….

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get…

  2. Bravo.

    Sir, I tip my hat to you.

  3. Hans Peter Says:

    A kindler gentler fisting. A thousand points of light. The War Against Terrorism (T W A T) or is it a war against a religion that forbids usuary and interest? Muslims must really stand in the way of the socialist corporate plantation. Ahh the new feudalism! Paradise for them hell for us. More taxes are on the way. A peace and safety tax? Sure why not. Administered by the Department of Keeping You Safe. Lorded over by Herr Kommissar. The new Soviet, the third way the melding. We pretend to work they pretend to pay us. Work makes you free. Yess Massa, oh yes sir. Thank you for allowing me to obey sir, your boot sole is delicious.

  4. My take on whatever “divine” entity that is in charge of this sector of the universe is he/she/it is definitely NOT an enabler. We break it- WE fix it.

    Is the insult (NWO) that we deal with every day merely spiritual growing pains?

    Fortunately, we are spirits having a human experience, and not the other way around. And since time is an illusion, the divine does not see this as urgent or requiring intervention.

  5. nightman1 Says:

    FIRST, let’s dispose of one common oddity that appears frequently these days, and is featured in Mr. Says’ comment above: “socialist corporate”.

    This usage is a contradiction in terms. Read history! Socialism is a broad term for an effort of many hundreds of thousands of thinkers and activists in the late 19th and most of the 20th centuries to blunt the power of the rich. The industrial revolution had given the rich amazing power to make profits, unprecedented in history, and they were keeping it ALL. No way were the sharing in with the raggedy proletariat! Pity for the workers induced many people to try to think of ways of changing the structure of Western society to help them. Socialism is the broad term for what those thinkers and activists came up with, which essentially was using the State to redistribute the wealth.

    Manifested in its most extreme form, as Communism, this approach did immense harm, not least because it fatally weakened the economic development of the Soviet Union to the point where that state eventually died (after causing immense misery due to its dictatorial form of government). Manifested in a very much more rational and limited form–social democracy–, the socialist urge is what has today made Europe prosperous, yet, due to the many benefits its people enjoy, still a very much better place for most ORDINARY WORKING PEOPLE to live than the USA.*

    Socialism has been the principle enemy of the rich–which today means, precisely, CORPORATIONS–for about 150 years.

    SECOND, I respect the outrage of the writer of this blog entry. It was because I agreed with that outrage that I was able to keep reading through things I found unlikely to impossible.

    Yes, our leaders here in the USA are using Muslim terrorism to scare us into submission. Bush and Chaney and their henchmen may even have knew about the terrorists’ 9/11 plans ahead of time and failed to stop them. If they did that, it would have been for the same reason that President Franklin Roosevelt is now widely thought to have known in advance of the plans of the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor and failed to try to stop them: Such an attack was the very best way to get us into a war with Japan, which he considered inevitable.

    However, I see no evidence that Muslim terrorism is a myth. It is rational that it should have arisen, as a matter of fact, at least for anyone who knows anything about human nature. For over 60 years now the USA has helped Israel to lord it over and impoverish a Muslim people in land that had been Muslim territory for 1400 years. If that wouldn’t make you murderously furious at the USA if you were a young Muslim man, then I don’t know what would!

    And there is an ocean of $$ over there to finance a movement to respond to that “iniquity” (as they see it), once it got started.

    THIRD, I see no evidence of any “grand plan” of the universe or some God on top of it that explains our suffering. As unruly smart animals WHO MUST DIE, AND WHO KNOW IT, we are in for suffering as soon as we are born. Yet science (which has a pretty good track record for finding out things so far) has never found any phenomenon in the world to justify any supposition of the existence of any Higher Power who might be willing to help with that suffering.

    Suffering appears to me to be simply “the human condition”, and if we humans all would accept that, and as a result start working to lessen each others’ suffering, the world would become better off.

    But it still would be full of suffering. Take a look at Buddhism. The Buddha had that fundamental insight of the inescapability of human suffering around 2700 years ago.

    *details about life in Europe may be found at my blog

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