Once in a Blue Moon over Gaza.

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Here I sit, thinking. Moments ago I was thinking about a Jack in the Box commercial I saw while watching something that included it. Their tag line was something like, “Think outside the buns.” It got me wondering if this was a subtle message for the world to pull its head out of its ass.

The New Year approaches and that seems like something that would go into the Petri Dish, literally. Remember where you are this evening because by this time next year the world will have changed more than most of us can presently imagine. This is the turning point; the tipping point of a watershed year… three hundred and sixty five days worth of All Hallows Eve.

In our last Smoking Mirrors we talked about an exorcism for Occupied Palestine and- on the verge of this New Year- Palestine is very much in my thoughts. So many things that are presently happening in the world are tied in to Occupied Palestine. This is a good moment to trot out the Shrinking Map of Palestine again. Any and all arguments about what has happened there in the last hundred years must include this graphic. This graphic is the truth of the situation and everything else is a diversion or a lie. This graphic is the argument to end all arguments. Nothing more needs to be said. Israel’s right to exist is summed up by this graphic. All of these recent wars can be traced to the mind set that is responsible for what the graphic states. The coming year is going to be tossed like a hamster in a rock tumbler because of the lies that are exposed and made indefensible by this graphic.

Here is the exorcism for Occupied Palestine. Here is the Blue Moon in Gaza affirmation; chant, prayer, invocation… call it what you will.

“Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out

May all their plots turn against them

Out demons out

May they be driven from the occupied lands

Out demons out

May they be exposed in their crimes to all the people of the world

Out demons out

May Gaza be granted relief

Out demons out

And may judgment come to the murderer and thief

Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out”

Tonight when it is midnight in Jerusalem, hundreds and possibly thousands or even more will turn in the direction of Jerusalem and speak these words with conviction and focused intent. It will be spoken with the assurance that what the words state will manifest. It will be performed as an act of ceremonial magic. This will be followed by a moment of silence in which the speaker believes without any possibility of doubt that what they said has already occurred at the primary level and must now only precipitate down to the manifest plane because it is already a reality in the ethers. Now, certain that it is a living thing, the speakers release it from his or her heart and mind and permit it do its work without further tinkering.

It was yesterday (I think) when I made a comment that was taken personally by a reader named Calico. Calico is a good soul and had left a comment that, unfortunately, seemed to resemble what was in my comment. I had not even read her comment and it had no connection to it. These things happen sometimes, despite all of our vigilance not to offend others unless it’s on purpose (grin). I’m mentioning it because the purpose of tonight’s essay relates to the misunderstanding, as the misunderstanding relates to the something that comes up a lot and I think it’s time I clarified where I stand on the matter. I probably could have made that last sentence even more confusing than it presently appears to be but this will have to do…

I hear on a regular basis, now and again, that Love is the solution to all of the world’s problems. We have to love the Israelis and probably all the rest of the serial killers and, if we do, our love will make us victorious over them. Our love will transform them. Our love will heal and compensate (and possibly bring back from the dead) their victims. Our love will send them into recovery and sooner or later we can all dance like Teletubbies in the meadows of the world. Then we can sing The Barney Song because all the bad guys (who really aren’t bad guys, just kind of mislead or something) will be smoking a joint and flashing the peace sign.

I once said to a realized spiritual master that I wanted to surrender. I guess I was trying to ask him how I might do that. He would look into his palm where he could read about my past lives, my present life and the destiny that weaves forth out of all of them. He looked up and smiled at me and said, “No, you do not surrender. You fight and fight and fight and when you can fight no more, then you surrender.” This fellow was/is the genuine article. You only had to be around him for awhile and that became very evident. He didn’t say the kinds of things that you hear from all the new age oracles. He was very direct and definite and he didn’t mince words. He told me some things about myself once and they have become true. Modesty forbids my repeating them (grin). Of course, the things he told me pissed a lot of people off and made me even less welcome there than I already was. He was welcoming. A lot of his followers were not but I digress.

I’m a warrior. I might not be a very good warrior but that’s what I am. I consider myself a spiritual warrior and I am not the only one. Many of you fit that job description as well. I don’t stand around in a circle and hold hands with people ‘like’ they do. I don’t have a curriculum vitae that includes massage; crystal healing, channeling The Comte De St. Germaine, sand play dream working, chakra healing, interpretive dance and a Masters in social work. I’m not going to change my name to Hallelujah Rainbow Morning. I don’t offer free lectures with a mandatory, suggested donation.

I do have several certificates that pronounce me to be a practitioner of various body working disciplines and I do believe that Love is the key to the mystery of life but I do not have a curriculum vitae that states this. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this and maybe not.

94% of the people in Israel support the Palestinian Genocide and all that comes with it. They don’t belong where they are and their being there is an abomination and also, directly and indirectly, responsible for a large part of daily outrages that may or may not seem to be connected to this. Believe it or not; call The Pope and tell him I said the Earth revolves around the sun… I don’t care. Zionism is a psychopathic, racist cancer. There isn’t any more to say about it than that and there are no justifications or excuses for it that have any veracity or power. It should be against the law instead of criminalizing the questioning of historical anomalies.

Once, I was deep into the Hermetic Sciences and the occult. I even got an occult bookstore so that I could study these subjects all day long and have a job at the same time. The spiritual master I referred to earlier, took away my capacity to pursue an understanding of these things. He just took it away and that was that.

The people behind the central banking firm of Israel which pretends to be a country- but only became a country in order to legitimize a criminal enterprise- are practitioners of negative magic and it accounts for a lot of what they are up to and their success at what they engage in. There are a number of organizations that are engaged in magic for the purpose of controlling the public and concealing what they are up to, as well as accessing power in order to accomplish what they are up to. Many of these organizations are at war with each other. Most of what happens is the result of magical wars. That’s what is really going on. Manipulating the culture by controlling the sort of music you hear; the news you get, the entertainment you watch and the great varitiety of magnetic touchstones in society are all there to keep you occupied and ignorant of what is happening to and around you. It’s just another type of Occupied Palestine with you as the Palestinians.

Those of us who are up for it are going to perform the ritual, already mentioned, whenever it becomes midnight in Jerusalem. This sort of thing works. I know that it does. It will have an effect and it is only the beginning of what we can get up to and Israel is only one of the possible targets for this kind of action. It needs to be directed at other predators as well and it will happen in the course of events. I am sure that some of you remember my predictions post of a few weeks ago. One of the things I predicted was that Rush Limbaugh was going have some things happen to him. Well… there it is.

You are welcome to love everyone and radiate the bliss of your incredibly high state of being to all life forms on the planet. I am quite certain you do not do this sort of thing with any consistency but pretty much just talk about it or present yourself as doing it but not doing it. It’s a lot less work to give the impression of something instead of relentlessly living it.

You may have your own idea about who Jesus Christ was/is and what he taught and what he did. Jesus Christ was a warrior and he committed a number of warrior acts. He is no doubt the poster boy for loving all living things… that was his signature dish. It could be that most of us don’t even know what love is and certainly don’t know what divine love is or how much force and power is in it.

I’ve been talking for a long time about various possibilities of action that translate into ‘blows against the empire’. I’ve talked about not buying anything; a collective refusal to pay taxes (also predicted in the post that included Limbaugh), collectively not showing up for work, putting up 9/11 inside job stickers in public places everywhere, collective sit down strikes and so on and so forth. My friends, we are at war. You may think you are not at war but war is being waged on you all the same. These malicious thugs are not going to come around tomorrow and say, “Alright, we’re done now and everything can become prosperous, equitable and harmonious now”.

We have a power that exists in our shared consciousness and unification of purpose that can blow these malefactors right off the planet. We have the ability to beat them like a red-headed Stepford Wife (hmmm). We can roll over them and their nasty little plots like the mother of all tsunamis.

Please do not project on me or make superficial interpretations of what is happening here. This is not about hate. This is not about anger. This is not about manifesting negative emotion through group consciousness, pro-activism. This is about focused intent for the purpose of freedom and an end to bondage and terrorism on the part of the people actually doing it. This is about messing up their plans and working in such a way that their plans backfire on them, which they will in any case. This is about speeding that up and assisting in it coming to pass. This is about taking responsibility for changing what should not be happening. This is a beginning and it can only grow and refine itself as it goes.

Let’s make this New Year the time when we collectively said, “Enough! That’s it.” The cosmos is already doing this. The divine is already doing this. All we are doing is going along with the program. I could say a lot more but I am going to leave it at this for the moment and send you my love and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and the welcome of our ineffable host to enter into the circle of pervasive protection that materializes with every righteous thought, word and deed,

End Transmission…….

God’s Not Dead

The New Shangri-La

2 Responses to “Once in a Blue Moon over Gaza.”

  1. Happy New Year. May good health, happiness and prosperity find its way to you and yours in 2010 and always!


  2. All we are saying “Is give peace a chance.” Beatles. Who controlled them? Just as they did MLK. Fuck peace. If you want real change you have to become a warrior

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