It’s Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!

Yes, friends and neighbors and all you little kiddies watching the Howdy Doody show; “What time is it? What time is it? It’s Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!” It’s Richard Reid Redux. Was he setting his shoe on fire? Was he just setting off fireworks? Was he going to ignite the powder and chase the dragon in the economy seats? It depends on whether you are reading foreign or domestic news.

Well, he’s from Nigeria and they have oil. The Somalis must have some oil too and they’ve got lots of toxic wastes also. Whose toxic wastes are they? Who’s shipping their sludge to Somali? And… how come Richard Reid’s shoe never exploded and who were the three guys that jumped powder-boy and saved the day and didn’t even have to call their relatives on a cell phone at 35,000 feet? These are all good questions.

Gordon Brown and Dragul Netanyahoo are talking about the next big terror thing. They have to be don’t they? They’re involved in setting it up. Obama (rhymes with Osama) would be talking about it with them but Obama isn’t really involved in the planning because he’s lucky if he can tie his shoes. No… Obama’s people do his talking for him, which means that either Rahm (definitely not Emmanuel) or Hilarious Clinton are probably in the room with Dragul and Gordon; could be Nazgul Negroponte and it could be Dick Cheney, cause he may still be running the White House under the aegis of his Israeli handler .

Yes… the early stages of the next big terror event are in progress. It’s been awhile. Some of us thought (me included) that it would happen earlier but obviously 2010 has all the necessary elements; economic freefall, annoying Goldstone Reports, Israeli organ theft from all over, including adopted Romanian children… it’s kind of a real life slasher film isn’t it? The setting is a slumber party at an orphanage. Ehud Barak comes in wearing a hockey mask and goes about his business never saying a word. Do you know why Jason and Michael Myers never speak? You can’t reason with someone who doesn’t talk to you. The killer takes on the persona of an automaton. At least Obama (rhymes with Osama) won’t need his teleprompter because he’s probably wearing a bag over his head. He’d better look out for the horny drunks come closing time at the pub.

At the moment, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is in Hawaii for a little R&R. He’s in the land of perfect, island sun, while the rest of the country is buried in snow and trying to negotiate the purchase of rock salt and snow shovels with food stamps. He’s sending a message to the American people. “This is where I am and that is where you are.” Message received Howdy Doody. Message received.

I think I mentioned once that one time when I was in Hollywood and not on anything psychedelic, but obviously having some kind of flashback, I saw cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard… Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera characters both represented… I saw things no sane person could endure. I’ve been thankful many, many times that I’m not sane and have no desire to be; you miss all the special effects. You also don’t get the telepathic narrative and subtitles so you might see what’s happening but you don’t know what’s going on unless you get the play by play.

I read a Penthouse article once ( I had it for the articles) where some muckraking reporter was talking about all the perversions indulged in by Superior Court and Supreme Court justices;  possibly all kinds of justices and not cool ones like Jack Warden in “And Justice for All”. One of them who sat on one of the high courts in Boston used to put a vibrating dildo up his ass when he sentenced the defendants that came before him. I remember the article because it sounded seriously authentic and it didn’t name names because of the danger therein. I wonder what our high up politicians get into while ‘servicing’ the country. You know there’s some serious kink out there. You can’t sell your country out to bankers, commit treason and indulge in routine murder as you go, without some of it finding its way into the bedroom.

What was his name, that guy who does “The Morning Joe” with Zbig’s ugly daughter? He used to be a congressman and they found a dead woman in his office one day which follows along with the old saw about the worst thing that can happen to a politician; being found with a dead girl or a live boy… depending on whether you are a democrat or a republican. I think Joe was a republican so maybe he thought a gender switch made for a good defense. “He couldn’t have done it, the victim was female.” Now if it had been Ann Coulter you’d have had a real mystery in the making.

I have to tread carefully because, before I intentionally banked my fires, I might well have taken advantage of the situation too. It’s one of the reasons I’ve danced away from fame until recently; couldn’t trust myself anymore than they could. At least I would have shown better taste though. If I would have been caught with someone you can bet that when the pictures came out everyone else would have wished they’d been there too. When I used to play baseball, which was my career goal at the time, people said I had a good eye. You can be sure that transfers into all of the other salient areas except for interior decoration and flower arrangement.

I truly loved playing sports and still do. I followed Joe Morgan’s lead with baseball and tried to play ping pong before each game because it made the baseball look like a grapefruit coming in. You can see my dedication since I happened to be a pitcher.

I just want to point something out here and it needs to be said; this new non-terror event and the genocide in Gaza, the organ harvesting, the looting and stealing by alligator pigs in suits, this business about doing God’s work at Goldman Sachs and all the lies and evil deeds that keep getting exposed and then passed over, by the whores who write the news copy, is living proof that it’s all a setup to show the world just what kind of people have shoehorned themselves into the power suites. The world of journalism changed overnight when they cleaned up Time’s Square and turned it into Disney World. All the whores that used to work the area went right into journalism and news-casting and it changed the business.

The more I see of what’s happening these days, the more I am dead certain that these candidates for The Roach Motel are being led down the garden path to their ruin. It’s so glaring and obvious. Can’t you see it? Every time they outdo themselves and you think, “Now they’ll cut back and behave themselves’, they take it one step further. They’re driving around with “No Fear” bumper stickers and they’ve never been on a surfboard in their life. I do believe that they can’t believe they keep getting away with it and it compels them to push the envelope just one step further. Meanwhile the public sits in their shrinking living room. Movers are removing the furniture; everything but the TV. Their kids are on the TV in that new reality show for pre-teens called, “Sexting you Up.” And they don’t even recognize them but they do keep asking each other if the one in the leopard skin leotard doesn’t look familiar.

You know that it’s completely wack now but just think about how wack it is going to get. If I were to walk into any American mall and start crying out that, “You are in great and imminent danger” I would get tackled by security guards and the bystanders would applaud as they took me away. There’s something deep down wrong in the psyche of those who have taken the material expressway; not looking right or left and with no capacity to register what’s actually going on. Just keep moving and sooner or later you’ll get where you’re going… count on it.

This has just been a midnight ramble through the increasingly less substantial dream substance that has had such a grip on the collective mind for so long. Soon other people are going to start seeing cartoon characters coming up out of the sidewalk but they won’t find it entertaining the way I did. Given their lack of control over their imaginations it won’t be long before Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse start to turn into Jason and Michael Myers either. Sure it’s not real but neither is everything else they believed in up to this point. I really don’t want to be there to see it happen and I took the necessary steps to avoid that a long time ago. Also, if you’ve been living on beans and rice for years it is not an unfortunate thing when you are forced to.

End Transmission…….

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2 Responses to “It’s Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!”

  1. I can’t explain it, but my bullshit meter just went wild when I heard about the Nigerian on the airplane yesterday. Everyone else in my family watches the news and they seem to believe what the broadcasters are saying without question and I am on the sidelines shouting, “bullshit, bullshit!!!” You cannot lie to me anymore and me not know it. That’s what I’m trying to say. I know the truth and can see the truth and cannot be fooled. I think it’s up to people like us to help the others see what we see. I am betting on their demise, however, not my own. I think their time is up and they know it. Too bad, so sad.

  2. as Karen say – its realy bullshit

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