Copenhagen and those Tungsten Filled Gold Bar Twinkies.

We’ll be doing a hammer and tongs, Smoking Mirrors flavored radio transmission this evening. It should be available for download on Monday evening. It makes sense to have a companion mirrors to counterpoint the broadcast.


Dog Poet Transmitting…….


The climate, data tinkering scandal, continues to implode as red-faced, finger pointing, dissembling scientists run out of the burning building, faster that Tiger Woods, in advance of his wife with a 7 iron …and with bad knees on both accounts.


Once, these august emblems of pure scientific inquiry were wide-eyed children, dreaming of Nobel Prizes, dancing like sugar plums in their heads. Like the long tradition of other lying collectives, which date from the Royal Geographic Society and before; these graft-taking scoundrels have done their industry proud. They found what they were supposed to find and they said what they were told to say by the corporations who provided the grants and salaries, in advance of their complicity in one more gargantuan, public rip-off. They are joined in spirit by their comrades in the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine with their Tammy Faye flu and toxic vaccines. They are joined by their comrades on Wall Street and the banking world with their toxic mortgages and tungsten-filled gold bars; the accidental Twinkie. They are joined by their comrades in the heroin trade, as the opium flows from the killing fields of Afghanistan to the sidewalks of Main Street, USA. They are joined by their comrades in the halls of government, as the wars expand across the Middle East.


Yes, these honorable men and women are joined by other soulless husks in suits, from every industry and field of endeavor, whispering as they go, “Me first, you later… maybe.” They are attended by a plague of lawyers who swarm like locusts across the looted plains. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, with thousands of deranged lunatics grasping at the swirling dust of imaginary gold… trampling their fellows, elbows sweeping to the right and the left as they belly up to the trough, snorting and stamping and sodomizing everything in their path like overcrowded rats… eating their own children, stabbing the household pets with forks and dancing to dissonant symphonies that sound like John Cage on bad acid.


Some unnamed hero dropped a dime. Some pissed off former comrade had finally had enough of those bankrupt, lying swines. Here they are, these men of complex learning and fine reputation. Somebody said, “Hello Sailor” and they went right up the stairs. They took off their clothes and they rolled around on the stained mattresses in the burning shame of their moral incontinence. They got on their knees and they did the job and they took the money. They weren’t set up like Randy Cunningham and James Traficant for opposing the juggernaut of Ersatz Israel. They went willingly and laid it on the line for the corporate dime.


Few cities in the world look like Copenhagen at Christmas. It’s a wonder to see and all the uptown panhandlers from around the world will be walking around with their hands out; looking for Santa to reach into his bag for their just rewards. They lied their asses off. They sold their souls for a pallet of tungsten filled gold. They want what’s coming to them. They earned it. There will be no dissenting voices in Copenhagen. They will all be of one accord. The liars and thieves will toast one another for their tireless efforts on behalf of themselves. The faceless thugs in the black, Kevlar jumpsuits will be at every corner, just looking to break some heads, already half tumescent in anticipation of the crack of batons on available heads. They are damn well going to kick some radical, hippie ass. If they can’t fire up the crowd, they’ll send their agitators into the midst of them to get the party going.


Fleets of hookers have flown in from Ost Bloc and there will be young boys and girls in the back rooms for discriminating tastes. There will be dominatrixes and red ping pong balls. It will be a three part mini-series called, “Blood and Semen”. There will be buggery and skullduggery and animal abuse. There will be Satanists in the shadows and dancing in the streets. There will be talk of money and necessary deaths. There will be crimson-faced martini-drinking, fat men riding on the Heart Attack Express. There will be groping and fumbling in the dark, as the Horned Goat of Mendes rises above the city and smiles on his frolicking children in the bacchanal below.


Obama (rhymes with Osama) will be there, grateful that there are no Russians who won’t shake his hand and there will be a raging epidemic of lawyers. There will be lawyers everywhere; in the closets and under the beds, rising out of the cisterns in three piece suits. There will be thousands of pens on automatic pilot, moving across thousands of sheets of paper. There will be sheets in the wind and sheets on the beds, where robot armies of lawyers will copulate with demons and there will be drowning polar bears in the canals. It will be The Devil’s Mardi Gras, swept by a wildfire of unbridled greed.


I will not be there and you will not be there. We will receive no golden, tungsten Twinkies. They will speak of us though. They will talk about what to do with us after the fix goes in. I fear that the world is top heavy. When it falls it will crush itself under the weight of the plunder.


They howled and screamed about Chavez wanting the legal opportunity for a third term. However, in New York, Michael Bloomberg got permission to do it …and the public didn’t even have to vote on it. I guess it depends on who you are. I guess it depends on who you are.


Well, my friends… absurdity piles on to absurdity, like some confection designed by Gaudi. There are no boundaries to contain reality. Reality is running for its life, with thousands of lawyers in pursuit. There is no way to predict just how crazy it might get before critical mass is reached. How does it maintain? How does it continue? I am astonished that it can hold itself together. It is a scientific marvel far beyond the abilities of the global warming guys. This unreal fiction, formerly know as life, is breaking every law of physics. This is far beyond small airliners bringing down enormous skyscrapers at free fall into their own footprints. This is the wonder of the age; this tragi-comic fantasy. Is it held up by invisible wires… force fields… blind faith? “I guess but I just don’t know”.


Can you imagine being in the position of having to explain this day after day? How do they do it? Well… December brings us into a very different vibration than any we have known before. I won’t be commenting on that at this time. Suffice it to say that something entirely new is going to be added to the equation and you will become increasingly aware of it. Certain doors are opening and certain energies are going to be pouring out and… how is that going to affect what is already off the charts?


Strangely enough, I feel good. I don’t know why. Things don’t look all that good. The world has the appearance of a starving wino with a serious case of delirium tremens. The world looks like George W. Bush trying to ride a six foot unicycle. The world looks like it needs to go into detox before it has a nervous breakdown. The world has got the shakes and it really needs a drink. The world is knotting its tie around its wrist and then tossing the rest of it over the back of its neck. It’s pulling the tie with the opposite hand which is pulling the wrist, which is attached to the other hand that is holding the shot glass; necessity is the mother of invention, maybe blind need is too.


The Global Warming Magical Mystery Tour is headed for Copenhagen and I’m headed out to the front of the house to work on my succulents in the various planters. I’ll be missing all the parties and the meets and greets. My invitation never arrived so it looks like I won’t depart; no complimentary, tungsten filled, gold bars for me.


I am Alive


The New Shangri-La





30 Responses to “Copenhagen and those Tungsten Filled Gold Bar Twinkies.”

  1. Emil von Fernanper Says:

    L.V. that part starting with “they are attended by a plague of lawyers” was just en fuego on fire! Cue that Carly Simon song from the old 007 move about nobody does it better. Your word riffs are at maximum righteousness today. Thank you kind sir for the laughs and hope you bring to this sad lost soul.

    • I beleive that was poetic Justice(or PROPHETIC).I cried a lot last night …and have asked GOD for HIS strength to guide me in the most un-ego-ed way possible….because I cannot allow this non-sense to go on much longer.Mayan calendrix dictate the following timeline to Dajaal’s minions.. blood.sacrifice.and it will all happen so much faster in these final days.Bless our hearts and Minds for discernment…disinfo will go into overdrive as well.You words though….you said it all my friend and with eloquince!!

  2. Fort Knox to be renamed ‘Fort Tungsten’, in fact I would be suprised if they even bothered to fab the fake tungsten bars for America, why bother? Its not like the Americans are going to check what happened to the gold, however if they sold it to someone else, then the new owners will come looking for their gold, and they will not accept another warehouse full of Fed paper vouchers.

  3. and now I pray for help with my sons…and their Mom…although we are seperate…we so need each other for this….dont we???divided we are easily conquered….together we are not….there must be a way??

  4. Tungsten makes great AP penetrators, except you have to have a oven well over 2000 degrees celsius to melt the stuff. Just saying.

  5. Your writing is a huge rush of wind blowing into a stale,dank house.Much needed.I read recently where 15% of the population sees right through this insidious dastardly plot or scheme to capture all of the worlds resources.The more unfathomable the motive, the better to go to the wacko,conspiracy card. The more lies, halftruths,misdirection plays, disinformation,and undeniable unconciable cruelty,the more it is denied,ignored or called “justified”.When televsion shows and the newspapers print and quite convieniently do not print or show these terrible acts of degredation they prove our point for us.THE LIE IS SO BIG IT DOESN’T MAKE A NOISE

  6. Brainplague Says:

    Awesome today. Well done.

    Karl, the gold in Ft. Knox was gone long since before Nixon took us off the gold standard.

    As far as who has it, that would be CHINA. Along with our dollars and economy.

  7. Oh this is great stuff, whoever is writing has it nailed.. faster than Tiger Woods preceeding his wife with a 7 iron – LOVE IT!!!

  8. Dear Sir,
    Your gift of gab is astounding.

  9. space2525 Says:

    Visiting Fort Knox many years past…Talked to a soldier who had guarded the interior of the vaults. Asked him about the splendor of all that gold in bars. He replied that not all of them are bars, some are painted 2 x 4’s by which I assume he meant they were wooden fakes.

  10. ok, now is the time for all merry souls to come to our luminous senses and lenses.
    The code word is Fiction.
    The Game is “Money ‘n Time.”
    The M.O. is fear-fraud-kontrol-klamor-distraction-delusion-illusion-deception…(FFKKDDID).
    The signet is an inverted pyramid.
    The entire “money game/spiel/ploy/plot/Protocol/gambit…” is a Ponzi Scheme that must continue or the entire world would be plunged into a MadMax;RoadWarrior-prophesied barter system…according to present levels of massUnconsciousness..
    (Granting that even this can Quantum Shift “in the blink of an eye.”
    The “eye” on the NWO debt-note-dollar-scrip-PyramidScheme
    signifying (amongst many possible metaphors) Totalitarian Surveillance Tyranny is The Plan AFOOT (read Orwell’s Boot stamping the human Face etc, etc.)
    The runAMOK fictions are all the man-made inventional corporate fictions including USGov.Inc, all alphabetAGENTize, STRAWMEN/WOMEN, BERTHcertificated Admiralty Vessels, PaperNotesSecurities/Bonds/MorteGages/Bills Of LadingCommerce/PlasticSwipes/GoldenTungsten/SilverSpoons et al.

    All them FICTIONS fulcrum upon the (inverted pyramidScam)Signet
    right at the Point of the tippy-top:tipped-over PYRaMid precise
    moment of Now
    the “separate-SEEKINGself”, the “sufferer-seeker-storyLine”
    which is just an eyeblink Thought of ONENESS
    like an upstanding oceanWave, touched by Vapor for a noting instant, long
    enough to mortally think, “I AM SO FAR FROM HOME”
    when “waving”OCEAN is always, only, Ever-NOW i.e. ONE
    Oneness can never capture it’s Own Tail
    (no matter how many sharp teeth effortGenuflectingMantras…)
    ONENESS can never be captured by a name, symbol, sign or sound
    because it is so plainly This Raw Happeningness
    (because the hand may clench but can’t grab itself nor the ear hear itself
    nor the eyeball see itself!)
    The anguished fever-pitch rises (sometimes to the despairing Point of considering Suicide)
    when surprisingly the suffering waveIdentity loses its grip on unReality,
    relaxes into the Grace,
    that always IS
    and suddenly ALL Fictions are seen through.
    Spontaneous Laugher
    now what??

    This is the revolution, ascension, 2012, shift of the ages, gathering, quickenment, transition, revelation, apocalypse,global satori, awakening etc, that all the little, large and humongous birds are suggesting. Otherwise it’s the very old “rocks and clubs” routine. (Seems like we been there/done that!) How about something too simple to understand?

    There is nothing left to you at this moment
    but to have a good laugh.
    –Zen Master

    And for no reason
    I start skipping like a child.
    And for no reason,
    I turn into a leaf
    that is carried so high
    I kiss the sun’s mouth and dissolve.

    connecticut autumn

  11. Elite demise will come as energy theft is demostrated …

    Rotoverter Motor is prof of that …

    people will demand answers.. on why this technology
    was suppressed for over 100 years to be recently rediscovered again , to expose Utility & powerbrokers theft

  12. Mr. Charlie Says:

    Chavez is a cokehead Marxist. His own people despise him. “Nuff said…

  13. Well written Account of the coming storm of deceit
    They pulverized 3 skyscrapers in NYC ,told the people
    fires did it . The American people did not even blink.
    they lied the country into war and used torture
    the American people still did not blink.
    They stole 24 trillion dollars from them and still the American people did not even blink
    clearly the American people are numb in the brain.
    Thus they now know the American people are now the walking dead
    that can be trampled on .They know that the American people
    have no more backbone left in them.
    Oh mercy me the coming deceit will be grand in scale
    As the final days of America comes into view ,I can see the rest of the world getting ready for the party ,the circus is in town.
    and the American people have been hired to play the clown.
    and as they rob the treasury blind silence not even a sound
    the American people can no longer see the crap that is going down

  14. “Twinkies”, yes great name for them.

    As always totally in tune with the message. Its beyond Alice in Wonderland trying to figure out how it is still standing, more or less intact on the surface such that the majoirty seem able to keep on keeping on, with the shopping and gawping at rubbish on the idiot box.

    The demonic angle is what more and more, are noticing lately. I recently “Came out” regarding my spiritualist beliefs and experiences and relating it to how I percieve Zionism to literally be demonism. It is a collection of possessed and obsessed (open to posession) souls and this may be what is referred to in the abrahamic traditions as the third of the host of heaven who were cast out with satan. This is an older archetype than the Bible stories however and I see it from a spiritualist perspective. Strip away the religious dogma and it still is a form of bestial, violent avaricious and hateful spirit seeking a body to inhabit. Zionism is a belief system which can turn day to night and make darkness out of light, it fills with paranoia and hatred and these are all perfect tools towards preparing a soul for takeover by a determined entity with the know how.
    Watch out for that Israeli richbitch banker. She began talking about past lives and talking about her mission for world peace the same week they Zhids tore my channel down which discussed the same angles of spirituality she was trying to “bandwagon” onto. I believe that was done as a countermeasure to my announcement about my own memories and why I know Zionists are demons. I sincerely believe that I was targeted by the most professional team ever to hit me that time and I am used to the works. Yet my channel which had nothing about Zionists or Israel for a change and only had rabbits and a series of vids which discussed spiritualist themse and mentioned the demon angle once, got ripped within a week of this and yet my far more confrontational ones are still standing against the usual flurry of attacks as they will for a ltitle longer yet. I know how long it takes but to see the most innocent channel I ever did, ripped instantly and the videos stolen then re-uploaded and ridiculed with impunity in an attempt to defame, then within days I see an announcement about a book and this woman so closely copying what I’d gotten into, I believe it was an attempt to draw the spiritualists back away from the suggestion I’d made that Zionism is the other side. I’d already noticed that the MOSSAD already puts much resources into infiltration of spiritualist circles and the message they are fed. Most of them are Zionists by default as evidence. They went into damage control as soon as I, (and others for I noticed many come out about this just afterwards) spoke out about this.

    Since speaking of these things I experienced a worse attack on my site and person than I’d ever experienced before and that is saying something, since I get up to half a dozen hate phone calls a day sometimes. I think more than their actual crimes they fear their demonic natures being known. The imagery you use is accurate and not necessarily the least bit hyperbolic I’d suggest, but its likely you know this. Of course Zionism isn’t the only demonis centre but I think its the one being used to mass produce what I call “shells” for the demons who are arriving in great numbers now. That third of the hosts are looking for their rides about now. sadly for those who lose their shells, many on the earth at this time appear to be souls on their final trick. Not sure what to call that either but it seems from my angle (I’m an freak walk-in by the way) but many souls today seem to be sort of transparent, fading, as if they won’t be reborn again. Is this the end for many? Really my interpretation is that many souls are now on their last chance, and if they cannot make the grade this time, its goodbye for good to that little spark of the divine. Not sure about the rest but I personally am off this rock after this round. I’m earning my pasage out as we speak.

    Cheers and good luck. You’re one of the enlightened anyway, that I long recognised in you. The impish spirit is familiar and close to my own and you rarely lose it in expression whereas I have to dredge mine out for display but if you recognise the genuine reality of certain dimensions which we may refer to as spirit world but which are as real as time, just less understood by us and just as traverisble for most; then you know this really does look like we’re into some interesting times indeed.

    You should be happy, I am. I am living in some trepidation of what comes and I know its going to get mean, and painful and weird before its over, but something inside of me tells me that we’re going to win and that this darkening is just the moment before the new dawn. we always knew we’d have to deal with the dark ones. There was always two streams of consciousness and it was unreasonable to expect we’d bring all the others over. In fact the thrid who are already lost are working to ensure as many more as possible join them, and in the end only a minority will cross over. This is the truth behind the religious stuff.
    This set of lives is kind of like a prison we have to earn our right to leave from, and there is a time limit, which comes around in cycles and the next cycle is due.
    This is not from any religion it is just what I know.

  15. Hans von Pumpernickel der Ruffhaus Says:

    My friend, what a great exposition you just wrote. Dupes have no clue as to what you just decribed what will be going on in Copenhagen. It will be a bacchanalia(?) going on. The sound of hoofs will echo throughout Scandinavia. You said “strangely enough, I feel good”. I do too, because I know these things must be, and that I am saved from these things and have peace about these things through my Lord and Savior Yehshua. These reprobates have a short time to revel.

    These miscreants’ will soon have a tab to pay. And I am at peace.

  16. Aussie Mal Says:

    Well said!
    I wonder if the gold missing from these adulterated bars is the gold that was stored in the twin towers until just before the 9/11 atrocity.

  17. Outstanding summary-it truely has happened, Goofy has taken over the keys to disneyland.

  18. They must be cutting back my invitation never made it either…

    these planetary leaders are nothing but the criminally insane in fancy suits…all they know is control by destruction…wars, HAARP and weather modification, GM food, toxic medications and vaccines, every three letter department is planted to protect their criminal acitivity and NOT for the betterment of the citizens…anything on their agenda never dies no matter how many are in opposition, the citizens that see their country failing and fighting to do something about it have become enemies of our bought and paid for militarized police force…they are now brainwashed robots in place to protect these souless criminals…I am uncertain how much longer they can fool the majority as they have become outright blatent in their actions and really don’t give a damm if the folks know or not at this point how sick in the head they really are…that is how deep the corruption has infiltrated across this planet…the only good I see of that is more are now aware of this Satanic Cult of evil than ever before…this change of conciousness to something better for ALL will not be without some pain and suffering…but I cannot wait for the day these criminals run in fear of their lives and WE the people taking back the GROSS WEALTH THEY OUTRIGHT STOLE…bring back morales, self honesty and self responsibility to demoralized nations…the damage by this cabal is breathtaking.

    Democracy = Demons gone CRAZY…

    We the people are a REPUBLIC…promoting life for ALL…not greedy death and destruction.

    I enjoyed your article…Thanks

  19. Good stuff, the truth is the best comedy !!!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  20. This is fresh work. Good style.

  21. WELL DONE!

  22. I pray against these freaks who wish to destroy humanity. Their works of darkness will never prevail and the rule of the final Anti-Christ will last 7 years and not a day longer, after which he will be destroyed along with his drooling, pedophile sycophants and so many lost souls. Their hidden miscreant deads will be shouted from the rooftops for all eternity. The truth will not set them free – their ultimate fate is beyond pathetic.

  23. I was interested in reading the article based on the title, but when I started to read it was readily evident that the it was complete twaddle and the author must be doing drugs. It has not a shread of sense to it. Pure crap. Make some sense, man

    • smokingmirrors Says:

      Always glad to hear from Zionist shills; nice sweeping generalities without example or explanation. I expect your comment to have a large impact here.

    • @Tom
      Way to say nothing except that you got butt hurt by the truth you pathetic Zionist demon. If this is your best effort, why even bother? Is it like tagging done by bored glue sniffing youths? Maybe more of a spraying, like some hyena or a ferret marking the boundaries of its territory?

  24. Martin Blaine Says:

    Kick ass post.

    How does it hold itself together? It’s just always been this way. A world of people swimming in a sea of lies is nothing new. 9/11 didn’t start it. Men were playing golf on the moon 40 years ago, ho ho ho, after Lee Harvey shot the President in the front from the back with magic bullets. JFK was maybe going to expose the “Cold War ” or something — that thing the West was having with the Communist regime built by Wall Street. Hitler tried to stop the madness, but now he’s remembered as the cooker of koshers. Ho ho ho. 6 miliion. No 4. Ok, well, really none. But who’s counting anyway?

    The world was long ago conquered and in place of naked force they set up a network of brain washing. Go read Sidney George Fisher’s “True History of the American Revolution.” Almost everything and everyone you believe in is a fraud. Hoax upon hoax, and don’t think the people on CNN and in the Dean’s lounge room don’t know what’s going on. They’re the better people. They lie to the serfs because it’s their birth right and in your best interest. Some of the serfs get badges and guns and a book of rules that govern the other serfs, who are of course all free. Free but governed. My dictionary is lying to me too.

  25. I’m sure that most of the Ft. Knox gold may be in Saudi Arabia. That’s what the oil embargo of 1972-1973 was all about. The sheiks were tired of getting paid in ever devaluing paper dollars, and insisted on REAL GOLD bars, instead. Once they got it, the oil started flowing again!

  26. I am an Atheist who just read some really strange replies to an equally strange article. Religion is a belief, it is no more real than the Hollywood movies that perpetuate their madness. So far not one prediction made on this and Alex Jones’ site have come true, the religious whackos always try to tell all of us that THEY have the answer, they will be ‘saved’ somehow while others get theirs. What pious bullshit!! Every ‘christian’ is so arrogant that the very idea of a Universe that has existed for at least 14 billion years without them could do so after their demise is just impossible. How will you see, remember, hear, don’t you realise how asinine the very idea is? You get a godcondo in godville for what????? You are but one of millions of species that have come and gone, the most destructive for sure so why do you get eternal rewards?? Other than rising unemployment there is absolutely nothing different here in my city than 15 years ago, they keep putting up new businesses and people shop just like they always did. What if everyone stopped griping and offered solutions that exist in reality?

  27. Atheism is neither the scientific choice, although most Atheists fail to realise it. Most Atheists are just anti-reeligion and fail to comprehend the spirituality which transcnends religion and is its philosophical driving force. Atheism is for those self described ones, actually just a lack of beliefs in a higher force but it is entirely based on beliefs itself. ie: A faith based belief system. There is no evidence which even suggests there is no higher creative force, and many things observed which indeed suggest that such is a possibility. The reverse entropy seen in all observable systems is the greatest in my opinion. If things are observed which have no scientific explanation, and which are however explained by even an ethereal non-specific possibility of a higher or creative force and sentience, then denying this possibility is both unscientific and rather stupid but it is above all a faith based response.
    Agnosticism is the correct logical scientific response to any untestable hypothesis if it at least fulfills other logical criteria.
    Most attempts at defining god must of necessity fall short since we know nothing, and cannot even create a blade of grass. We can manipulate things, use our poor senses in a few dimensions but most other species on this planet even have better senses in most realms than we huge brained virtual sensory moles. We strive to understand things that are yet beyond our small instruments with philosophy and when it comes to discussion of philosophy there is nothing so utterly out of its depth usually than a self described atheist.

    You come on and clasim to be an atheist then start attacking some anthropomorphic “God” as a response to this article and the people who derived something from it which may well have been beyond yourt ability to do so. You miss the point altogether.

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