Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation.

Since discussing my flying saucer, certain things have become very clear to me over the last couple of days and a particular idea has been forming in my mind which I want to put out there for the readers and ask them to consider in their deepest core.


An act of great bravery and courage was accomplished by certain unknown individuals or, perhaps only one individual. Someone posted naked pictures of certain bankrupt and sold out scientists who were in the business of authenticating lies for venal gain. Not much has been said about what these scientists were in line to receive for lying and conniving but I think we can assume, with a very high percentage of success in the accuracy of our thought, that they were anticipating some kind of lavish payday for trampling on their integrity and performing like whores.


Someone acting on conscience exposed these nasty characters, with their pants down, in front of a shocked and awakening world. This is one of the finest acts of courageous ingenuity to come down the pike in a long time. Let’s have a huge round of applause on behalf of the human race for whoever this person or persons are and for what they did.


I have a request and a demand that I want to place before everyone reading what is being said here. I want you to give major consideration to it and think of what it may mean in terms of redemption and deliverance for yourself and everyone who might be affected by it. I am speaking to you in the military; in politics and religion, in the business community, in every office and rat warren of industry, in the sciences and academia, in the courts systems and on the law enforcement scene, in every area of endeavor that affects the general well being of the peoples of the world. Look at what has happened with this global warming revelation and go you and do likewise.


I am going to bring to your attention, if you are not already aware of it, The Six Degrees of Separation Game. Every one of you is or is connected to someone who can make a world of difference in the world in which they live. It is time to form The International Organization of Whistleblowers and Spanner Tossers and you are surely a tosser if you don’t join today.


Everyone possessing compromising information about anyone and everyone in every field that affects human freedom of movement and expression must come forth with what they know now. Send your information to me or any blogger you may trust (or post it on the internet) and we will get it out there. We will publish it and trumpet it and we will surely vet it first. I am talking about nothing less than salvation and redemption. I don’t care if you are a rat deserting a sinking ship or an unsung hero ready to have a ballad written in your honor… your time has come and I offer you the succor and friendship of the invisible and the gratitude of the human race. Expose your former masters, turn on them… betray them. Strip them naked before the eyes of the world. I both entreat and command you to do this now.


Senators and others are jumping on the bandwagon, smelling an opportunity to be isolated in a flattering light. All the usual opportunists who imagine they have the good fortune not to be connected to this are elbowing their way to the podium. The righteous among us should do no less. Let’s hit them where they live. Many of you are familiar with my constant reference to the apocalypse and the unveiling that attends it. As you can see, this is a very real force at work… step forward and do your part. No small amounts of you know about awful crimes and future plots. Your time has come; stand and deliver. You can be anonymous but serve the higher interest of your fellows. I am appealing to your true self. I am demanding that you come forward and shine the light of truth upon the engines of darkness.


I want to discuss one other thing today and that is this Project Blue Beam. I am in no way doubting the sincerity and efforts of Serge Monast. I do not know enough to take any sort of a position but… some portion of what is discussed in this article just hits me as way, way over the top. If the PTB had such things and… they would surely have even more if they have what is mentioned here… things would be much different than they are. A lot of what happens in a positive sense would not be happening or have happened. I believe the truth lies somewhere apart from these fantastic claims… somewhere in the area between outrageous disbelief and full acceptance.


I hear bizarre things all the time, from Sorcha Faal (such a fool) to all sorts of wild eyed, pseudo messianic claims about things that never happen but are reported on for whatever reason there may be.


My disbelief in many of these things is based on the fact that the claims predicted never came to pass. My disbelief is based on my belief in something else. My disbelief is based on a certain amount of common sense weighed against my experiences and reasoning concerning the visible and invisible worlds. My disbelief in the power and existence of certain things is based on the many times I have survived efforts to destroy me. I can only go by personal experience and what I have encountered and what has been made known to me. Something like this is primed to feed the, “we’re all screwed” headspace. We are not all screwed. If you want to believe that, you have that freedom. I choose not to believe it because I believe in something whose presence has been proven to me again and again and upon which I rely.


I know that I and others are not going to be taken in by a holographic Jesus in the sky or some uncanny lightshow. First of all, Jesus Christ and every other teacher of humanity is an internal thing. It is within you, not without you. You have heard the saying, “If you see the Buddha on the road, cut him down.” There is a tale of a monk who had Jesus Christ appear to him while he was shoveling shit out of a stable. His response to the apparition was to say, “Get out of her before I fill your mouth with this.” Think, people. The outside world is the devil of appearances. Heaven is within you. You carry it wherever you go, if you possess it at all.


Furthermore, no external power can be matched against the power within. You can be deceived of its might through fear or the intimidation of its appearance but that would be you ‘giving’ it power. Nothing in all the universe can stand against The One and everything both good and evil- and often confused with each other- has no power at all except what is receives from The One, for as long as The One chooses for it to possess it.


You are free to believe as you wish and you are also free to live and receive according to what you believe and… you will. You will. I do not know what curious weapons the enemy may possess and I do not know the full scope of his plans and machinations. I don’t need to, nor do I care what they are. My duty is to seek the light within and serve it regardless of what the darkness may perform or intend. What I serve and what any and all of us are free to serve, under whatever guise we discover it, is all powerful. It only seems to be less so- and less present- to test our faith and try our integrity in the tempering fire of experience.


In conclusion, let me hold forth as a shining example what this unknown hero- or heroes- performed upon the global warming dog and pony show. The opportunity for equal and greater acts lies within the hearts and hands of every one of you who are privy to the secret treacheries directed at all of us. Become a true revolutionary and servant of the higher mind. Become V in whatever way is available to you. Go to war with the powerful weapons that you possess. Go to war with the truth of what you know and have seen and bring it before the eyes of the world. We are all counting on you.


Brothers and Sisters… friends of the light, you who still possess some honor. You whose conscience is tormented by what your fear and reticence conceal… take this great opportunity to nail the skins of the enemy to the wall. They have no defense against the damning evidence of their deeds and you… you can provide that. See that you do.


This Sunday’s radio show is now available for download. It is the bottom show in the list just above the readme PDF file. Click on the little arrow to the left and you have it.


End Transmission…….


I’m Coming Back


The New Shangri-La




4 Responses to “Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation.”

  1. Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation….

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. Since discussing my flying saucer, certain things have become very clear to me over the last couple of days and a particular idea has been forming in my mind which I want to put out there for the readers and ask them…

  2. My first thought when hearing the news about the emails was…”there is someone, somewhere looking out for us.” That’s the only explanation–someone wants the TRUTH to come to the light so that we the people will open our eyes and see how we are being deceived.

    I pray at night for this–for people in power, people in the know, to divulge information which will help expose these criminals for who they are. We need more of this. I know there are people out there who want to help. Here’s hoping they are brave enough….

  3. Willy Wonkenfuss Says:

    How about those Hackers! Are these CRU hackers white hat or black hat?

  4. As much as I hope there is only one enemy, my fear is that the dark is battling against itself for control

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