Five Hundred Lawyers on the Bottom of the Ocean.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


We’re going to wax a little philosophical here today but in a temporal sense. I’ve been watching all this happy horseshit that passes for reality that is anything but. One might ask, what is reality? Go ahead. I guess I’m not talking about reality per se. I know it has something to do with truth. Somehow it’s also connected to the virtues; the possession of the virtues and thereby has something to do with conduct and right behavior. We have heard from religionists and moralists, philosophers and ethicists and all kinds of people who give the impression they know what they are talking about. We’ve increasingly heard more from humanists (who appear to be anything but) and spokes(persons) who represent what is politically correct and is also, anything but.

We’ve heard about the seven deadly sins. I suppose they are called deadly for a reason. We also have things like the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold Path and you can find variations on the theme all over the place.

In America they have something called The Constitution. I’ve got one myself and it’s doing pretty good right now; thank you very much. My impression is that this constitution was created along with The Bill of Rights and god knows what else to protect the rights of the individual and to generally create a never, never land of shared equality that will burn forever in the warm, alcoholic night of the American Dream. It could have, I suppose, except for one thing and that is ‘lawyers’. Shakespeare had it right when he said, “First we kill all the lawyers.”

Now some might put up an argument against this and mention politicians, bankers, religious leaders or whatever but… none of these could accomplish much in the way of their avaricious and evil schemes without the help of…. (Drum roll) lawyers.

What The Constitution has become is a big wedge of Swiss cheese or maybe a honeycomb, something with a lot of canals; thruways and byways and any fucking ways that you can. There are little paths and wide thoroughfares that are traveled by lawyers who move through and across them like rats move through the subways and subterranean pools where all possibilities of perversion lay waiting for those so inclined. You have to be a lawyer though. You get a plastic clip-on ID that lets you through the gates of the Cloaca Maximus which is the present entrance to The Constitution.

You’ve got your Circuit Courts and your Superior Courts and you’ve got your Supreme Courts, where they interpret the law …and all of the judges are former lawyers with, I guess, the occasional exception. You’ve got big law firms and small law firms and independent lawyers. You’ve got very pricey, high end law firms and discount ambulance chasing law firms and… as they say, “You get what you pay for” and you certainly pay.

Some of us have the means to pay whatever it takes to get ‘our will be done’ and some of us cannot. In some cases you have very large corporations which can afford to pay whatever it takes to make what they want happen. I direct you to the famous case that concerned the breakup of A.T. & T. Major corporations like Monsanto can bankrupt and destroy you regardless of such amorphous considerations as right or wrong because lawyers are at work; also without any considerations of right or wrong.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what the law says. It doesn’t matter what The Constitution says. It doesn’t matter what the evidence or the witness says. What matters is how many lawyers you can afford and for how long. They come upon the scene and work as pipe-fitters and justice, like water, will flow in the direction it is compelled to. Everything that has gone down in America, as well as England and other places has been because of the ability of those with the greatest swag to hire the most lawyers to origami the law into whatever shape they desire.

The law has no meaning and all of the concepts associated with it since Hammurabi is mere window dressing on a temple that fronts for a combination casino and brothel. The idea of any fine or noble foundation upon which to base any concept of civilization is nothing more than a dead rat in a silver chaffing dish because the structure can be altered to fit the needs of whoever can hire more lawyers for a longer period of time.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day (don’t know if it’s true). “There are now more people in law school than there are people presently practicing law.” Until the law is made that curbs the potential for manipulation of the law being forced to operate in defiance of itself, things will remain as they are …on the way to getting worse. A further complication is that laws are being made by people whose loyalty is to the most powerful interest in the room. How can the structure be reformed and made sane when the process is in the hands of catamite politicians (most of them former lawyers) in service only to the most powerful interest in the room?

Can we expect those who make the laws and who later move from the public sector into the private sector to work for the most powerful interest in the room; can we expect them to… make laws that curtail the ambitions of the most powerful interest in the room? This is how so many former lobbyists are now being appointed to head the government agencies that regulate the industry with which they were previously associated. If you study the uses to which petroleum is put, you will find yourself astonished at how many products and operations it is involved in. Lawyers are made of petroleum jelly and like WD-40 and duct tape they can be used in way that would continually surprise you.

Laws have to be made that demand instantaneous imprisonment for specific offenses. Laws have to be made that allow for the seizure of all assets (similar to when you are arrested for drug offenses). Laws have to be made that demand immediate severance of the individual and corporation from every field of endeavor they operate in. Today you can go to prison for many years for just about anything; the more ridiculous the circumstances the heavier the penalty. This reflexively includes loss of one’s job and public censure through the press; regardless of whether you did it or not and regardless of whether you understand it or not. So this relentless impetus to create hate crime legislations (in order to silence criticism) and forbid a parent from kissing their child in public must be turned to what is useful. It must be set so that it cannot be manipulated except at a very, very high cost. How are you going to do that? How are you going to do that? Revolution is the only option really. The unfortunate thing about revolutions is that, once the tables are turned, quite often the same people are sitting there.

This manipulation of the law has turned it into a character from the movie, “Freaks”. It is now a capricious and unpredictable landscape where almost anything can happen and does. I honor only the laws I believe are reasonable. I have no country and no remaining loyalty to something that has morphed beyond recognition. I move through this world with the constant awareness that I am in a Monty Python skit directed by John Carpenter and written by Clive Barker.

In the end it is Nature upon whom we must rely. Nature has laws too. Nature is God’s mirror- lest you think I left the ineffable out of the equation. We’ve been in uncertain waters many a time before. None of this is new. It has come to the place where the ridiculous and absurd is commonplace and an adjustment is in the works. It is definite and certain and will become apparent in a fairly short time. The closer you are to the natural balance of life, the less you will notice this adjustment. The further away you are the more dramatic the experience of coming into balance will be but… come into balance you will. You lawyers have my sympathy. You and your pimps are about to meet the Mac Daddy himself in one form or another and experience what you have visited on so many others.

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2 Responses to “Five Hundred Lawyers on the Bottom of the Ocean.”

  1. Five Hundred Lawyers on the bottom of the Ocean…

    Dog Poet Transmitting……. Ahroooooooooooooooooo!!! We’re going to wax a little philosophical here today but in a temporal sense. I’ve been watching all this happy horseshit that passes for reality that is anything but. One might ask, what is…

  2. Laughing at the Collapse Says:

    Dear Bankers thanks for being even bigger shit heel maggots than we are. With love the Lawyers.

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