November 8th Radio Show and a Little Extemporaneous Dog Poet.

Greetings Citizens of earth. This is the Dog Poet transmitting from the Sirius Cluster, via the mothership and then via the small translation pod hiding in a magnetic cloud bank somewhere in Southern Europe. I suspect it’s giving the terror agencies fits. You’re aware of these terror agencies. They are based in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. they’re the ones that do things like the Oklahoma bombing, the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks as well a the Madrid Train station. You only need to look up the security firms at work in these operations to see who gave the Manchurian Candidates and Tavistock graduates their VIP passes. Afterwards the mop up men in black went around and killed the patsies so they would have bodies to display for the Schmoos in the pleather recliners getting the mind injection programming from the S&MSM media.


Well… apparently the world stupidity index has risen… or is it dropped? … as you prefer; whatever the direction of ‘more stupid’ lies in ….because now they want you to believe; they certainly can’t be counting on me to… they want you to believe that a single- non combat medical officer shot about forty people with a handgun in a military base. Hey, maybe next time they’ll see what they can get at a police station. You have to realize, a military base is not a fast food joint. Now they are saying this Major… this psychiatrist had ties to 9/11 terrorists. Yes, they said that in the UK Telegraph yellow sheet yesterday. We’ll have to wait and see if a Mossad or CIA connection can be established and then we’ll know if he was connected to certain terrorists. Wait a minute… they’re talking about Muslims. Well that’s meaningless. Muslims didn’t do 9/11 and so it goes. I’m glad I put the single italics around ‘more stupid’ because you might have thought I was talking about ‘more stupid lies’. Well… either will work, I guess


Dog poet visible had a bit of a crisis over the last couple of weeks. Unable to get his medication, which treats the condition he undergoes when the alien mind Jedi’s fix their rays on his location, he had to resort to things the sleeping class use to numb all sense of objective awareness and the higher centers with… horrific results. Visible is limping but he figures he could still go a few rounds if he had to. There just wouldn’t any double reverse back kicks in the equation. We might throw in a few rhetorical back kicks this evening so make sure you’re wearing your kendo mind Kevlar at all times.


I don’t like to let my readers and listeners down but… even though I am an interdimensional being, temporarily housed in a human form, it doesn’t mean I’m not human too… just like you, well… most of you. I couldn’t do the show last week because of severe technical problems which I could not solve and this was compounded by my having to rely on the legal and approved medications as protection against the astral assaults of a certain group of mind Jedi aliens. I appear to have solved that with a little mind control of my own but… these are not ordinary times. Then again, when you look back at human history for the last so many thousand years; it does seem like one relentless, goose-stepping of international banker armies working through a dark nobility bloodline. This is not to suggest there is anything noble about them. It’s just what they believe themselves to be. That’s about to change although, I don’t know exactly how.


Readers of this blog have been getting angry with each other lately and that, I believe, is due to the pressure of the moment. It’s the old sad tale of using multi-pronged confusions of disinfo, from seemingly oppositional points of view, to get that ‘house divided’ thing happening. My friends, we have one ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants and his greatest strength is our weaknesses. We do have the resources to command this force back into the darkness from which it came but it’s less likely depending on the degree of darkness within us. Now, just as forces of darkness can overtake the human mind… and we have seen many examples of this, it stands to reason that the forces of light can do the same thing. We have only to invoke them and… not waver.


You have heard the ancient saying that, “it is always darkest before the dawn”. I submit that that is the position in which we find ourselves at this time. We’ve got hybrid, laboratory engineered, flu viruses and we are finding that the cure is worse than the flu. This is some kind of multi-creature amalgam that probably looks like a Griffin on a really bad hair day. We’ve got banker inspired wars going on all over the place. We’ve got specific outbreaks of insanity resulting in injury and death and all being blamed on Muslims. It so happens I know the Muslim community pretty well and they do not fit the profile being presented. Certain other groups do, however, fit this profile very well and we can see them in action every day.


The bad news is that they haven’t even released the really nasty flu yet and they haven’t done their worst in the killing fields of the Middle East or in the target locations where acts of violence serve to control the public mind through fears and lies about various patsies and straw men. It’s also useful to turn the frustration and anger of the populace against a designated target and keep their attention off the people who are actually doing it to them. All these things need to be said because their must be a counterpoint to the engines of death and despair in the hands of the psychopaths who presently imagine themselves to be in control of things. They are soon to find they can’t even control basic body functions and they will destroy each other so it behooves the discriminating to gain some distance from these bloodstained clowns.


Though I would personally put no one beyond redemption, I do get the suspicions that some number seems to be. When there were demonstrations by protestors in ‘The City’; that area that houses the financial district and is the financial neve center for the whole world, traders and associates were leaning out of the windows of their offices and sneering at the people and waving money in gleeful indifference to what caused the protestors to be there in the first place. You see this kind of disconnect all the time now. You see it in the way the MP’s and members of The House of Lords were bilking the public in a truly pornographic manner in their hour of need. You see it whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth and the same can be said of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the thieving hypocrites elected to serve the public interest while serving no ones but their own.







As infuriating and dreadful as this behavior is and, I suspect we don’t know the half of it, we can’t let them make us like them. We can’t allow fear of them to influence our behavior or, we effectively become their servants. The self interest and conniving is epidemic. The lies are like veritable tsunamis washing over the human consciousness. The depraved cruelties and murders are beyond the scope of definition. This is how it is in times like these. A great writer once wrote a book about times like these and his opening line was, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”.


Think about it. In times like these our true nature is revealed. In some, the higher nature will come forth at the presence of adversity and extremity, others will, metaphorically- and maybe not so metaphorically- drop to all fours and behave as only a human, no longer human, can behave.


This is not some random thing my friends. This is the fulfilling of destinies, the running of the demons and the coming of divinity. Those who persevere and endure are going to get a great surprise and so too will those who do not. Thus ends the blog portion of tonight’s show. I’ll be back with the more extemporaneous in about a heartbeat.


All the Mistakes …Pretty rough and badly mixed but I think the lyrics tell the tale


The New Shangri-La


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