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Copenhagen and those Tungsten Filled Gold Bar Twinkies.

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We’ll be doing a hammer and tongs, Smoking Mirrors flavored radio transmission this evening. It should be available for download on Monday evening. It makes sense to have a companion mirrors to counterpoint the broadcast.


Dog Poet Transmitting…….


The climate, data tinkering scandal, continues to implode as red-faced, finger pointing, dissembling scientists run out of the burning building, faster that Tiger Woods, in advance of his wife with a 7 iron …and with bad knees on both accounts.


Once, these august emblems of pure scientific inquiry were wide-eyed children, dreaming of Nobel Prizes, dancing like sugar plums in their heads. Like the long tradition of other lying collectives, which date from the Royal Geographic Society and before; these graft-taking scoundrels have done their industry proud. They found what they were supposed to find and they said what they were told to say by the corporations who provided the grants and salaries, in advance of their complicity in one more gargantuan, public rip-off. They are joined in spirit by their comrades in the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine with their Tammy Faye flu and toxic vaccines. They are joined by their comrades on Wall Street and the banking world with their toxic mortgages and tungsten-filled gold bars; the accidental Twinkie. They are joined by their comrades in the heroin trade, as the opium flows from the killing fields of Afghanistan to the sidewalks of Main Street, USA. They are joined by their comrades in the halls of government, as the wars expand across the Middle East.


Yes, these honorable men and women are joined by other soulless husks in suits, from every industry and field of endeavor, whispering as they go, “Me first, you later… maybe.” They are attended by a plague of lawyers who swarm like locusts across the looted plains. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, with thousands of deranged lunatics grasping at the swirling dust of imaginary gold… trampling their fellows, elbows sweeping to the right and the left as they belly up to the trough, snorting and stamping and sodomizing everything in their path like overcrowded rats… eating their own children, stabbing the household pets with forks and dancing to dissonant symphonies that sound like John Cage on bad acid.


Some unnamed hero dropped a dime. Some pissed off former comrade had finally had enough of those bankrupt, lying swines. Here they are, these men of complex learning and fine reputation. Somebody said, “Hello Sailor” and they went right up the stairs. They took off their clothes and they rolled around on the stained mattresses in the burning shame of their moral incontinence. They got on their knees and they did the job and they took the money. They weren’t set up like Randy Cunningham and James Traficant for opposing the juggernaut of Ersatz Israel. They went willingly and laid it on the line for the corporate dime.


Few cities in the world look like Copenhagen at Christmas. It’s a wonder to see and all the uptown panhandlers from around the world will be walking around with their hands out; looking for Santa to reach into his bag for their just rewards. They lied their asses off. They sold their souls for a pallet of tungsten filled gold. They want what’s coming to them. They earned it. There will be no dissenting voices in Copenhagen. They will all be of one accord. The liars and thieves will toast one another for their tireless efforts on behalf of themselves. The faceless thugs in the black, Kevlar jumpsuits will be at every corner, just looking to break some heads, already half tumescent in anticipation of the crack of batons on available heads. They are damn well going to kick some radical, hippie ass. If they can’t fire up the crowd, they’ll send their agitators into the midst of them to get the party going.


Fleets of hookers have flown in from Ost Bloc and there will be young boys and girls in the back rooms for discriminating tastes. There will be dominatrixes and red ping pong balls. It will be a three part mini-series called, “Blood and Semen”. There will be buggery and skullduggery and animal abuse. There will be Satanists in the shadows and dancing in the streets. There will be talk of money and necessary deaths. There will be crimson-faced martini-drinking, fat men riding on the Heart Attack Express. There will be groping and fumbling in the dark, as the Horned Goat of Mendes rises above the city and smiles on his frolicking children in the bacchanal below.


Obama (rhymes with Osama) will be there, grateful that there are no Russians who won’t shake his hand and there will be a raging epidemic of lawyers. There will be lawyers everywhere; in the closets and under the beds, rising out of the cisterns in three piece suits. There will be thousands of pens on automatic pilot, moving across thousands of sheets of paper. There will be sheets in the wind and sheets on the beds, where robot armies of lawyers will copulate with demons and there will be drowning polar bears in the canals. It will be The Devil’s Mardi Gras, swept by a wildfire of unbridled greed.


I will not be there and you will not be there. We will receive no golden, tungsten Twinkies. They will speak of us though. They will talk about what to do with us after the fix goes in. I fear that the world is top heavy. When it falls it will crush itself under the weight of the plunder.


They howled and screamed about Chavez wanting the legal opportunity for a third term. However, in New York, Michael Bloomberg got permission to do it …and the public didn’t even have to vote on it. I guess it depends on who you are. I guess it depends on who you are.


Well, my friends… absurdity piles on to absurdity, like some confection designed by Gaudi. There are no boundaries to contain reality. Reality is running for its life, with thousands of lawyers in pursuit. There is no way to predict just how crazy it might get before critical mass is reached. How does it maintain? How does it continue? I am astonished that it can hold itself together. It is a scientific marvel far beyond the abilities of the global warming guys. This unreal fiction, formerly know as life, is breaking every law of physics. This is far beyond small airliners bringing down enormous skyscrapers at free fall into their own footprints. This is the wonder of the age; this tragi-comic fantasy. Is it held up by invisible wires… force fields… blind faith? “I guess but I just don’t know”.


Can you imagine being in the position of having to explain this day after day? How do they do it? Well… December brings us into a very different vibration than any we have known before. I won’t be commenting on that at this time. Suffice it to say that something entirely new is going to be added to the equation and you will become increasingly aware of it. Certain doors are opening and certain energies are going to be pouring out and… how is that going to affect what is already off the charts?


Strangely enough, I feel good. I don’t know why. Things don’t look all that good. The world has the appearance of a starving wino with a serious case of delirium tremens. The world looks like George W. Bush trying to ride a six foot unicycle. The world looks like it needs to go into detox before it has a nervous breakdown. The world has got the shakes and it really needs a drink. The world is knotting its tie around its wrist and then tossing the rest of it over the back of its neck. It’s pulling the tie with the opposite hand which is pulling the wrist, which is attached to the other hand that is holding the shot glass; necessity is the mother of invention, maybe blind need is too.


The Global Warming Magical Mystery Tour is headed for Copenhagen and I’m headed out to the front of the house to work on my succulents in the various planters. I’ll be missing all the parties and the meets and greets. My invitation never arrived so it looks like I won’t depart; no complimentary, tungsten filled, gold bars for me.


I am Alive


The New Shangri-La




Defending Iran and Condemning the West.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….




Trumpeting from the S&MSM today is the claim by the Zio-Ogres who own the disinfo system that an Iranian Nobel Laureate had her medal confiscated from her safety deposit box in Tehran. Well, by this time we know what a Nobel medal is worth and why they are given out along with what agenda that serves. Occasionally they will give the medal to a worthy person but generally, not. This has been evidenced in giving it to Kissinger; Peres, Rabin, Mother Teresa, Elie the Weasel and Obama. Certainly Mandela, Tutu and the Land Mine Org deserved it (I think) but the award is a capricious thing.




We haven’t heard from Iran on this matter but no doubt the truth of the event is different than the report concerning it. So far as I know, Iran does not have a ghetto of torment which contains the original inhabitants of Iran behind razor wire fences and the Iranians do not use these captive unfortunates for target practice, nor do they routinely kill children for sport. I haven’t heard anything about the Iranians harvesting organs for profit nor have I seen Iran attack her neighbors on a regular basis with zero provocation. I have heard nothing about cluster bombs or banned weapons used on civilian populations either.




Iran’s tens of thousands of long time Jewish residents are very happy in Iran and despite great pressure on the part of Israel, they have no desire to migrate to that fascist, racist state. Iran’s recent elections were certainly more legitimate than any number of recent American elections and the very wide difference in votes between Ahmanedijad and his western backed opponent certainly cancels out any possible effect of any possible hanky panky.




Common sense and the application of anything close to normal intelligence upon the situation shows that the intention of the western neo-cons is nothing less than total subjugation of the Middle East at the behest of corporations seeking to profit from the plunder. These entities orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; that is now beyond dispute and they have used the pretext of this false flag to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with Iran being the main prize from the very gitgo. Of course, the long term intention is to impact on China and Russia in various ways that serve the interest of world hegemony.




I hardly know what to make of countries like America; the UK and Israel, along with their stable of willing whores, in countries of lesser influence, here and there, who have been subjugated to global, fascist enterprise by dint of behind the scenes currency exchanges and arm twisting. They deplore what they call torture and false imprisonment in Iran while they are flat out, in your face, guilty of these very acts on a much greater scale and far more conclusively proven. Millions have been maimed; killed, displaced and tortured by agents of the west, based on attacks carried out by agents of the west, against their own countries and then blamed on those who had no part in it. They have been torturing people for information that only they possess and they know this as they do this.




Today, mindless legions of zombie shoppers descend upon the stores and malls of the falling empire for every kind of manufactured gifts for themselves and others, so that they can celebrate their imagined affection for each other in every way but the ways that might count for something. Meanwhile, their armies of occupation relentlessly plunder and pillage foreign nations because multi-national corporations, who run their governments, have decided they want what is buried in these lands and they don’t want to pay for it.




They brandish their nuclear might against nations without nuclear might and accuse them of seeking to possess nuclear weapons, which constant investigations prove they are not seeking, but that no sane person could blame them for if they did; given the threat they are forced to exist under. Their rank hypocrisy stinks to the heavens. This is the real global warming, which is caused by the noxious methane of their relentless hypocrisy and the heat of their unbelievable greed, as well as their fiery hatred for any nation that will not willing lay its head beneath their hobnailed boots, as they march forward in pursuit of twisted psychopathic destinies, whose intent is to lay waste to the whole of the Earth.




Their corporations pour endless millions of gallons of toxic wastes into their water supplies, at home and abroad. They create bio-weapons with which they assault the world’s populations, as their pharmaceutical combines manufacture vaccines that are worse than the viruses they have engineered. They steal in broad daylight and laugh about it. As Lao Tzu said, “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highway’s harms”.




I don’t have the time or the space to list even a small part of their crimes and offenses but I can tell you without the slightest degree of uncertainty that I know who’s doing what and why.




Whether or not Iran has any part in assisting those being pummeled without mercy by these remorseless engines of darkness is unimportant. It would be wholly justified in any case, given the circumstances before us. All of this is taking place because the illegal, Rothschild created country of Israel, has control of the world’s money supply and is using this to force compliance around the world. This is not a country at all. It is a criminal banking concern, operating under the camouflage of a sovereign nation, with the intention of controlling the world. The country was founded under the guise of a massive hoax that reveals the damning details of itself with the dawn of every new day. The truth is coming out.




Something is loose on the invisible and visible planes of existence and these miscreants do not know what to make of it. They are being exposed right and left and it has only just begun. Their house of cards is trembling. The Earth beneath their feet is shaking. Deep within their minds there are tremors of the unknown and voices from ancient distances across time and space that whisper to them in their private moments. Any sane mind would stop and ask itself the meaning of these things but these minds are not sane and no longer human; if they ever were.




Peoples of the world, look closely, those of you who possess the eyes to see. Look closely at what is happening. So many of you have abdicated your humanity in the pursuit of useless trinkets and false dreams of a security which disappears by the day. So many of you are slaves to appetite and the banal entertainments of a dying age. Instead of realizing what is rising up before you, you bury yourself ever deeper into the kindling. You wrap yourself in the combustible as protection against the flames; madness, marching in lockstep behind the Judas Goat.




Iran and Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq are no threat to the west. They have the misfortune to possess the item most necessary to light the marquees and pleasure centers of a false world, in pursuit of useless distractions, riding in fleets of SUV’s to nowhere. Your fast food Armageddon approaches and your heavy flesh will never carry you across that endless expanse. Your vacant and hypnotized eyes cannot see the way out. As you are, you are doomed and without the will or intelligence to change.




By all means, continue to follow your feckless leaders. Continue to listen to the talking heads that spew the same tired lies as day follows day. The avatar is coming. He is coming in the hearts of the believing, as he will surely appear before the eyes of those who do not. It is an inexorable process and it has repeated itself since long before the brief record of this small moment of badly remembered history. The memory of it is altered even as it is happening. I would weep for you but the oceans of the world are filled with the tears that have been wept already and which served as much purpose as mine would serve now.




End Transmission…….




The New Shangri-La

I’m going to Copenhagen but I can’t take You.

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Dog Poet transmitting…….


The Manchurian President, Barak Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen because Lord Rothschild and his vampire and werewolf brotherhood needs financing for the government, which they intend to utilize to enslave the human race. They don’t actually need the money because they can and do print whatever they need whenever they need it. However, they do need for you to be in a state of penury because it is easier to get your attention that way and it has the benefit of removing the middle class from the equation; effectively getting rid of it.


This band of bloodsucking, self-styled aristocrats, has been around for awhile. They sleep in gold lined coffins at night and don’t actually exist as individuals or human beings in the first place. They are the habitation of demons. I’ve made the chain of command pretty clear at this and other blogs. The demons work for the temporal archetype and that archetype is a mask of darkness that veils the light of the one, ineffable divine. Bad guys need something to believe in too.


There is a consciousness that could be called Rothschild, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Murdoch and the rest of the hyena, demi-gods of the underworld. It’s conscious of itself as what it thinks it is but its motive power comes from what runs it; the same way it wants to run you. In order for it to run you, it has to have your permission and there are ways that that can be acquired through atavistic fear and palpable threats, which can’t actually be carried out unless you give your permission… or permission comes from higher up for whatever reason that might concern you.


I don’t know if Obama (rhymes with Osama) has an implant in his head. I don’t know if Rahm (definitely not) Emmanuel has the remote control in his pocket, like Andy Card did with Bush. There’s a lot I don’t know. It’s kind of like when you run into a thug on an empty street at night and he has his hand in his pocket or behind his back. You don’t know if he has a gun, a knife or a club. What you do know is that he doesn’t mean you well, regardless of the weapon he intends to use on you.


Because the populations of our times have become addicted to convenience and comfort they are easily motivated by fear of the loss of them. Because of the confusion of the various conflicting messages that are presented from the hydra heads of the seemingly diverse, single media machine, people have become divided against themselves and lack the unified will to pierce the appearances and see the manipulations taking place behind the productions.


No matter how clear it might seem to many of us, there is something about authority where a part of us still believes that the predators in power have a right to be there. No matter how clear it is to us that the votes are fixed, when they need to be, and that the laws exist to control people and have no impact in relation to those perverting them, we still somehow believe in the equity of these laws. No matter how many lies we hear that are proven to be lies on the following day, we still think there must be some truth in them.


So, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen to press for punitive, financial legislation against the peoples of the world while, at the same time, it has been revealed conclusively and convincingly that global warming is a scam and the people involved have been caught in the act of perpetrating it.


The hydra-headed, bitch media is remarkably silent about this, except to spin it according to what they want the public to believe. Some aspects of the single media complex (masquerading as competitive units) are simulating outrage about the scientists who have been caught cooking the weather books. That’s just another cloud bank blowing in on a different wind that is part of the same manufactured weather system.


The logical and reasonable response of the people should be to storm the castles of these monsters and drag them into the streets and hang these wannabe Mussolinis from the lamp posts. All that remains, when the government is in the hands of sewer rats and when the laws have been compromised along with the democratic process to where they can no longer be used to protect the rights of those being abused by the system created to serve and support them, is the Ceausescu Remedy.


Will this be implemented by space aliens; evil turning upon itself or a massive up-swell of armed and pissed off citizenry? I have no idea. What I do know is that no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will. The tale of the Tower of Babel and the record of Alexander, among others, is all testimony to this.


I’ve never fancied myself a part of an angry mob, as a member of a leader. I’m the sort who gets on his water buffalo and rides beyond the gates of civilization to await the unfortunate outcome of one more failed experiment in collective living. With everything that I observe these days, I’m not even angry. I don’t know why that is. Something tells me it’s all going to be sorted out perfectly, en masse and in the minutest of circumstances.


I hate to admit it but it makes me laugh when I hear Obama (rhymes with Osama) say the word Al Qaeda; as if there were such a thing. I shake my head and present a rueful smile to my indifferent monitor when I hear the word, “terrorists”. There aren’t any terrorists except those employed to give that impression and who dress up as those they intend to blame for their acts and who work for Israel, England and the United States; along with various lackeys that serve their interests within the machinery of different governments around the world.


Whatever small terror operations there might be are no more than a police matter; not something requiring armies employed to destroy and torment entire populations in countries whose resources the international corporations covet.


It is bewildering to see important puppets, like Sarkozy and Merkel, along with the rest of the mind slaves, engaged in pumping up the lies and hysteria. They know full well that they are lying and the people who work for them know they are lying and they all nod back and forth at one another as if what they were saying was actually so. It’s a marvel… it really is.


These people are made differently than you or I. I couldn’t do these things for any amount of power or position. I couldn’t imagine doing this. It just wouldn’t happen. They are able to do this without any problem at all. They go to bed at night as if everything were exactly as it was supposed to be and then they get up and go out and do the same thing all over again. It is truly a mystery to me.


Obama (rhymes with Osama) should really dress up as a NASCAR driver. He would look so much more authentic in a jumpsuit plastered with corporate logos. The pledge of allegiance and all the rest of the songs and governing themes should be adjusted to reflect where the loyalty really lies. The military anthems should reflect for what the wars are actually for; “From the halls of Rand and Monsanto, to the shores of AIG. We will fight for corporations on the land and on the sea.” Well, you get the idea.


The most astonishing thing of all is that these people (if you can call them that) actually think that this time it will be different. It has never been different, ever, but they are sure that this time it will be. I can only presume that the same force, which has sent them on the road to their certain destruction, has also blinded their minds from the obvious and filled their heads and hearts with the necessary hallucinations to insure their continuing on that ancient road to the place where all insane ambitions and vile actions eventually lead the practitioner. All I can say is bon voyage and may you fully experience the presence and performance of that which you so richly deserve.


End Transmission…….


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Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation.

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Since discussing my flying saucer, certain things have become very clear to me over the last couple of days and a particular idea has been forming in my mind which I want to put out there for the readers and ask them to consider in their deepest core.


An act of great bravery and courage was accomplished by certain unknown individuals or, perhaps only one individual. Someone posted naked pictures of certain bankrupt and sold out scientists who were in the business of authenticating lies for venal gain. Not much has been said about what these scientists were in line to receive for lying and conniving but I think we can assume, with a very high percentage of success in the accuracy of our thought, that they were anticipating some kind of lavish payday for trampling on their integrity and performing like whores.


Someone acting on conscience exposed these nasty characters, with their pants down, in front of a shocked and awakening world. This is one of the finest acts of courageous ingenuity to come down the pike in a long time. Let’s have a huge round of applause on behalf of the human race for whoever this person or persons are and for what they did.


I have a request and a demand that I want to place before everyone reading what is being said here. I want you to give major consideration to it and think of what it may mean in terms of redemption and deliverance for yourself and everyone who might be affected by it. I am speaking to you in the military; in politics and religion, in the business community, in every office and rat warren of industry, in the sciences and academia, in the courts systems and on the law enforcement scene, in every area of endeavor that affects the general well being of the peoples of the world. Look at what has happened with this global warming revelation and go you and do likewise.


I am going to bring to your attention, if you are not already aware of it, The Six Degrees of Separation Game. Every one of you is or is connected to someone who can make a world of difference in the world in which they live. It is time to form The International Organization of Whistleblowers and Spanner Tossers and you are surely a tosser if you don’t join today.


Everyone possessing compromising information about anyone and everyone in every field that affects human freedom of movement and expression must come forth with what they know now. Send your information to me or any blogger you may trust (or post it on the internet) and we will get it out there. We will publish it and trumpet it and we will surely vet it first. I am talking about nothing less than salvation and redemption. I don’t care if you are a rat deserting a sinking ship or an unsung hero ready to have a ballad written in your honor… your time has come and I offer you the succor and friendship of the invisible and the gratitude of the human race. Expose your former masters, turn on them… betray them. Strip them naked before the eyes of the world. I both entreat and command you to do this now.


Senators and others are jumping on the bandwagon, smelling an opportunity to be isolated in a flattering light. All the usual opportunists who imagine they have the good fortune not to be connected to this are elbowing their way to the podium. The righteous among us should do no less. Let’s hit them where they live. Many of you are familiar with my constant reference to the apocalypse and the unveiling that attends it. As you can see, this is a very real force at work… step forward and do your part. No small amounts of you know about awful crimes and future plots. Your time has come; stand and deliver. You can be anonymous but serve the higher interest of your fellows. I am appealing to your true self. I am demanding that you come forward and shine the light of truth upon the engines of darkness.


I want to discuss one other thing today and that is this Project Blue Beam. I am in no way doubting the sincerity and efforts of Serge Monast. I do not know enough to take any sort of a position but… some portion of what is discussed in this article just hits me as way, way over the top. If the PTB had such things and… they would surely have even more if they have what is mentioned here… things would be much different than they are. A lot of what happens in a positive sense would not be happening or have happened. I believe the truth lies somewhere apart from these fantastic claims… somewhere in the area between outrageous disbelief and full acceptance.


I hear bizarre things all the time, from Sorcha Faal (such a fool) to all sorts of wild eyed, pseudo messianic claims about things that never happen but are reported on for whatever reason there may be.


My disbelief in many of these things is based on the fact that the claims predicted never came to pass. My disbelief is based on my belief in something else. My disbelief is based on a certain amount of common sense weighed against my experiences and reasoning concerning the visible and invisible worlds. My disbelief in the power and existence of certain things is based on the many times I have survived efforts to destroy me. I can only go by personal experience and what I have encountered and what has been made known to me. Something like this is primed to feed the, “we’re all screwed” headspace. We are not all screwed. If you want to believe that, you have that freedom. I choose not to believe it because I believe in something whose presence has been proven to me again and again and upon which I rely.


I know that I and others are not going to be taken in by a holographic Jesus in the sky or some uncanny lightshow. First of all, Jesus Christ and every other teacher of humanity is an internal thing. It is within you, not without you. You have heard the saying, “If you see the Buddha on the road, cut him down.” There is a tale of a monk who had Jesus Christ appear to him while he was shoveling shit out of a stable. His response to the apparition was to say, “Get out of her before I fill your mouth with this.” Think, people. The outside world is the devil of appearances. Heaven is within you. You carry it wherever you go, if you possess it at all.


Furthermore, no external power can be matched against the power within. You can be deceived of its might through fear or the intimidation of its appearance but that would be you ‘giving’ it power. Nothing in all the universe can stand against The One and everything both good and evil- and often confused with each other- has no power at all except what is receives from The One, for as long as The One chooses for it to possess it.


You are free to believe as you wish and you are also free to live and receive according to what you believe and… you will. You will. I do not know what curious weapons the enemy may possess and I do not know the full scope of his plans and machinations. I don’t need to, nor do I care what they are. My duty is to seek the light within and serve it regardless of what the darkness may perform or intend. What I serve and what any and all of us are free to serve, under whatever guise we discover it, is all powerful. It only seems to be less so- and less present- to test our faith and try our integrity in the tempering fire of experience.


In conclusion, let me hold forth as a shining example what this unknown hero- or heroes- performed upon the global warming dog and pony show. The opportunity for equal and greater acts lies within the hearts and hands of every one of you who are privy to the secret treacheries directed at all of us. Become a true revolutionary and servant of the higher mind. Become V in whatever way is available to you. Go to war with the powerful weapons that you possess. Go to war with the truth of what you know and have seen and bring it before the eyes of the world. We are all counting on you.


Brothers and Sisters… friends of the light, you who still possess some honor. You whose conscience is tormented by what your fear and reticence conceal… take this great opportunity to nail the skins of the enemy to the wall. They have no defense against the damning evidence of their deeds and you… you can provide that. See that you do.


This Sunday’s radio show is now available for download. It is the bottom show in the list just above the readme PDF file. Click on the little arrow to the left and you have it.


End Transmission…….


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When the Dog Poet gets his Flying Saucer Back.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

No, I am not shocked and dismayed. Quite frankly I am gleeful because, ‘it appears’ that some major league fraudsters, right up there with the 9/11 Commission who blamed the attacks on Muslims, instead of The Mossad and The CIA who actually did the attack, have been caught intentionally lying about- and cooking the weather books– about global warming. It goes without saying that they were probably all in for a piece of the pending world carbon tax or… they could just naturally be lying, snake-eyed, scumbags with a hole inside them where their soul used to be.

As most of us with half a brain already know… global warming is a scam with a bag of looted currencies as the motive. We knew it was bullshit and now it has been tasted and tested and, indeed; “Hmmm, that tastes like shit. Here, try some; what do you think?” “Wow… that does taste like shit. Smells like shit too.”

Well, our boys in the lab probably could have just given it the smell test but… they’re dedicated. We work hard to authenticate what is not real so that you can be spared the ordeal of believing in it!

I was going to say something about the S&MSM completely avoiding the topic and indeed had said something about the Affiliated Federation of Crack Whores or the AFCW, if you prefer but… suddenly, there it was at the Zio-Gates site with the appropriate diminishments and miniaturization of the importance of real scientists, who used to have reputations, telling real lies to boost their stock holdings in the Carbon Tax business.

I could almost feel the allergic reaction of tiny red pimples dotting my neck as I read the sleazy and infected disinfo from someone named Juliet whose Romeo is no doubt closer in spiritual form to Quasimodo than the original character who died for love, preferring instead to live for lies. Luckily I never get red pimples dotting my neck but I could feel the heat from somewhere.

I just returned from that S&MSM Zio-Media site and the headline is now about a quarter of the size it was and underneath another headline and it will probably be gone shortly. This way they can say they reported on it; “What darkness through yonder cistern leaks?” It is Juliet leaning into the world’s car window and running down the prices of what she’ll do for this amount of money. It appears she will do anything and everything. Since we’ve already established what she is, we only need to agree on the price.

We’ve got body fat traffickers in Peru with a little organ snatching on the side, Baby Soup in China and flesh eating crocodiles in the seats of government and the halls of what used to be Justice, until she was gang-raped and shipped to Dubai; after that we lost track of her. Most of the world is bending over and asking, “What about me”? “Haven’t I believed every impossible lie you told me? Don’t I deserve to be ridden hard and put away wet? Burn me with hot irons and put out my eyes, I can’t see anything anyway. Please, please abuse me. Dress me up in a chicken suit that’s naked in the back and film me in front of my family for national TV. I’ve got no brains and no self respect.”

Bend over and wait.

Years ago I thought it was as batshit crazy as it could get but I guess I had humanity on a pedestal. I really thought you could only push them so far before they would riot in the streets. Ah well… and so it goes.

Okay… alright, I know it all works out. Still, sometimes I wish I had my flying saucer so that I could interrupt TV programs and tell it like it is. I want to hover over Washington D.C. and broadcast with major amplification from the Lincoln Reflecting Pool all the way to The Capitol. Meanwhile, helicopters could buzz around me and missiles could bounce off my force fields while SWAT and government hit jockeys let fly with automatic weapons from the ground. Man… what I could do if I had my saucer.

I’d strip just about every member of the government naked. I’d fill the White House, The Senate and The Capitol with pig shit; not that they’d notice. I’d broadcast their naked, trembling forms around the world and turn on the laugh tracks. I’d leech all the secret government documents from around the world; all the corporate secrets and feed them into my universal translating unit and then publish them on the internet. I’d tell who did what to who and when.

I’d nail them for all their infidelities and disloyal acts. I’d expose every payoff and pull video down from the Akashic Records and convert it to AVI or XVID and we could go to the video. I’d shrink all of them to about one foot in height and stick them in terrariums with laminated information posters that tell the story of what they are. I would selectively put those who belonged together with each other and wire it for sound and picture. They would each be a cable show that you could dial up. “Let’s see, Cheney and Friends are on channel 349. I think I’ll check that out.”

Of course, we’d want these terrariums electrified and set to discharge a tazer load at odd intervals. I’d select a different one of them every day and immobilize them in a chair with a klieg light in their faces and interrogate them live. Being as I am not like them I would use only certain inducements to make them talk and I think they would talk. After all, I could just show one of the films I downloaded from the Akashic Library. It would be win, win. I’d turn the entire Rothschild Family along with selected K.A.’s (known associates) into incontinent Gila monsters but leave them with their previous consciousness. They’d have to eat insects and dead rats or whatever the natural fare is. “Hey dude, it’s feeding time at the Rothschild terrarium. Let’s check it out!”

They’d be in some large public museum taken over for that purpose, maybe MOMA. We could just burn all the useless, uninspired, pretentious shit they presently have on display and move the terrariums right in. I’d take the entire, illegal state of Israel and put it in one of those things people buy on vacation. You know, those plastic jobbies that have the Statue of Liberty in them and you turn it upside down and it looks like it’s snowing? I’d make it about as big as a bus. I’d put the whole state in there and have it fixed so that groups of Ritalin challenged school kids could just keep hitting the lever and turning it upside down and making it snow. It might not be snow though. Then again, I could put it in Gaza.

Yeah, if I only had my saucer; I’ll be getting my saucer back at some point and then… and then? Well, I’ve got a creative mind. Mostly what I would do though is go inside their minds and find the appropriate thing… stopping short of any real violence of course. That’s just not my thing, though there is a particular former president that I would most definitely be stepping into the ring with and one or two Fox commentators as well. Rupert Murdoch will be getting the VIP (Vicious Ignorant Prick) treatment. Oh Rupert, you Satan worshipping, black hole of a former human being… you’re going to get the deluxe package. There’s a group of you who are going to be performing on my version of American Idol in front of the whole world when the Dog Poet gets his saucer back.

Meanwhile it’s “promises, promises”. However, I believe if you can imagine it, it is possible. I believe that the one who made me can make anything, so… I also know that in the not too distant future, all of you are going to shed this protective covering that gives you presence here and journey to other locations and, I assure you, as inventive as I am, I am no match for your future hosts and they don’t have my restraint… no, indeed they do not.

I’ll close with saying that I hold you in the most absolute and utter contempt. I do not fear you at all. I want you to know on the day that each of you depart that I will be thinking about you. I won’t be wishing you ill. I don’t need to. I might pray that in the far reach of time, when your punishment is through, that redemption might find its way into your being and that you might even become human again, as you work your way back up again from your first new incarnation as a rock.

Visible is on the radio Sunday night or you can download it here in the next day or so. This show will be completely audio, I’m going to do away with printing half of it as a blog entry. I was just being time efficient or lazy, depending on how you see it. Ahrooooooooooooooooo!

End Transmission…….

Oh Kenny Boy (sung for Ken Lay at his funeral)

The New Shangri la

The Hour of Judgment and the Hour of Need.

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One of the best articles to be written in recent times is this nifty piece of work here. After reading it yesterday, I started getting it in the mail from others. In most cases it is stunning in its clarity with the exception of Item 2, which treats with the environment. I note that it didn’t get by many of the readers. I also noted the presence of an emergent anger that has been showing up in many places of late, including the redoubtable, Smoking Mirrors (grin).


I don’t really know what to thing about the intricacies of global warming/climate change. I do know that the people pushing it are out to make money off of it. I also noted Al Gore getting on to a private jet recently. I remember the article about how much energy his house consumed.


My understanding of what’s going on has come a long way in twenty years. I actually voted for Clinton/Gore and I remember the atmosphere of the country was much different at that time than it was under Reagan/Bush and afterwards under Bush/Cheney. My world view has definitely changed. My awareness of what is going on behind the scenes, what little I can intuit, has also changed. The first mailed fist of awakening that hit me, in respect of all of this, was when I saw Clinton and Bush Sr. chumming around. By degrees, the veils lifted from my eyes. It’s been a gradual thing that increased in speed as it went.


There were so many things that I did not know about Israel. Now I know more than I want to. The manhole covers that have concealed the subterranean stench of so many years have been lifted and it is noxious beyond endurance. When I peer down into the darkness, I can see some large numbers of red eyes glowing below and I realize that things live and feed down there. They breed down there. A Khazarian orgy of hatred, for all living things, is squelching and felching like flesh-eating zombie frogs, copulating in toxic Jell-O.


When I look at Obama; Hillary Clinton, Geithner, Bernake and most of the world’s leadership; the movers and shakers, the front guys and the puppeteers and elves, I don’t see human beings any more. I see reptile aliens moving under the elastic, plastic human simu-skin. I see what may well once have been human but which is now mutating automatons who march to radio signals from dark dimensions. If you told me that all these thousands of children, which keep disappearing and don’t reappear, are actually the preferred veal for these creatures of the pit, I would not be surprised at all. Anything I might be told about these people (who are not people) would not surprise me. I have already seen sufficient evidence of what they are.


The gap between the rapacious rich and the desperately poor, along with the disappearing middle class is a new kind of obscenity. They robbed them blind and then they made them pay for the privilege. They made them pay double. Perhaps the very act of stealing the present and the future from their fellows was more labor than they felt they were required to extend. They need to be recompensed for the time and industry it took them to loot the world.


Who can deny that this entire business; this plague of mad psychopathy, is not headed for some cosmic resolution? If there were no fires of Hell, it would be necessary to invent them. That’s not my job. I’m not employed on the punishment end of the equation, I don’t think. The sheer spectacle of this monstrous greed and indifference beggars the imagination. It has to be a movie. It has to be something cooked up in the councils of the invisible; some kind of Gone with the Wind meets The Night of the Living Dead. Surely someone, something is going to be “trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored”.


I never wanted to be rich and powerful. I surely would not wish it now. The immensity of the hubris is off the charts. “Let them eat cake” and let the cake be laced with rat poison. They want to watch the death agony which they have caused. They want to screw each other with their eyes glued to the scene. Surely they cum hard at the imagery; they cannot get enough. This must be one of punishments they receive. They cannot get enough. They cannot go far enough. They cannot conceive of torments great enough to visit upon their kind. I suspect is it not their kind. They are of some other kind for which no definition has yet been adequate enough to encompass what they are.


I am pronouncing your doom; Rockefeller, Kissinger and Rothschild. It sounds like the law firm from Hell. All you members of The Safari Club, Le Cercle, Opus Dei, Bilderberger, The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, The Council on Foreign Relations… on and on… Mossad and the CIA; ‘the’ 9/11 murdering thugs. Bo Bama Obama Sama says he is certain the 9/11 masterminds will be judged and put to death. Really? I suspect you are right, although we are talking about two different groups of people, I suspect you are right. ♫Your time is gonna come♫…


All you organ stealing, slave trading and sundry, demon swine Zio-Cons and Vati-cons, Fundie-cons for a make believe Jesus; Rolex wearing Bennie Hinns and Kenneth Copelands. All you vacuous-eyed celebrities with your lips sealed and your asses exposed. All you talking heads channeling the undead… every vampire feeding on the hopes and dreams of those too honest to join you or too stupid to understand are going to get a stake through the heart. The saddest part of it all is that so many would change places with you in a heartbeat. They would take your place and perform the same evil acts upon their fellows just as you perform them now. You understand this. You’re a kind of ‘The Shadow’ who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. It’s what’s for dinner.


The clock is ticking. The synchro-mesh of destiny is interlacing into a binding, locking web of justice… here and hereafter. This is the great summing up. This is when the unexpected shows up at the banquet of the damned to feed upon them. I am announcing your doom. You can feel that chill wind at the nape of the neck. You can hear the footsteps in the nether regions of your subconscious. It can’t be coming but it is coming and it is going to catch you in the act. It is going to show up in the midst of you. Who is it? What is it? We shall see.


You’ve had a good run. You’ve killed hundreds of millions. You’ve performed the most terrible things and blamed it on your victims. You’ve fabricated injuries to yourself, which you yourself commissioned, while doing far, far worse both before and after. Though you may be of certain colors, certain nationalities and creeds you are apart from any of that. You have abdicated any and all connections to humanity. There is no crime you will not perform with relish. You do evil for the sheer joy of it. You think nothing can touch you but you are going to be touched. When the hour comes and you are caught in the lights with the blood of others upon your hands and lips what will you say? You will point at each other, I do not doubt. You will cry out that you were forced to do what you will deny having done. You will receive exactly the mercy you have extended.


It won’t end here either. You will learn the meaning of ‘the last farthing’. All this time you have been permitted to continue for the purpose of demon-stration. I can see you now, calling out for the stones and the waters to cover you. Good luck with that.


Consider how ingenious you have been in what you have done to others. Consider from where you got this ingenuity and consider well how ingenious this same source will be in respect of you. You can’t escape it. It is part of you. It has walked along with you through every single moment of your course. I pity you. I think of what it will be like when the intensity of the horror of what you are is turned upon yourself …and I pity you. I even owe you a debt of gratitude for having shown me what can happen when you destroy your moral compass and then you lose your way.


If you heard these words this moment, you would laugh and sneer; unrepentant to the end. You would think me mad and certainly impotent where you are concerned. You could not be more wrong. Even now there is opportunity to change. I imagine you will give some thought to that after it becomes too late.


Every Day


The New Shangri-La

The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond.

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The first thing to keep in mind when trying to understand devious intent is that things are not what they seem. The definition of the word ‘devious’ makes this perfectly clear (irony alert!). Lately, I’ve noted a great deal of effort being made by some parties to lay the blame for the world’s ills at the door of The Vatican. I’ve no doubt they’re involved to a degree but I do doubt they are behind the whole scheme of troubles being visited upon humanity. The Israelis say, “by way of deception ye shall make war”. War’s not just guns and bullets, canon fire and dead bodies; war is any kind of conflict stirred up in the mind, set fire to in the heart and manifested outward in enmity and aggression. We’ve heard of ‘war of words’ and ‘war of ideals’. War is always going on at some level and finding the obvious outlet in whatever place is most disposed to the action.


In order to understand life and the purpose of it, you must understand the presence of conflict in most every endeavor. You are introduced into a world that is perpetually at odds with itself so that you might discover the hidden harmony that lies behind everything that confronts you in your environment. Most people are at war with themselves. It’s not a great leap for them to be at war with others.


A big part of the present financial skullduggery is to reduce a particular portion of the population to extremis. The disappearance of jobs; the devalued currency, the home repossessions and all attendant misery of the times has an intent beyond mere subjugation of the population; beyond obsessing the mind with survival to the point that they lack the time to focus on who is causing it. One of the main and unspoken reasons for the financial crisis is to make the military a desirable option. Where else are you going to go where you will be housed and fed and promised an opportunity for the future if you survive? It’s not rocket surgery, grasshopper.


Combat desensitizes the human heart. It’s a form of pornography whose intent is to damage the human spirit and kill the soul and that’s what ‘they’ are ultimately all about, capturing the human soul. They can’t actually kill it but they can make you believe it is dead. Remember I was discussing guilt not too long ago? Doing grievous injury to others is a definite guilt builder. Guilt is one of the foundation stones of organized Christianity and it is certainly a whip hand of The Vatican.


When I lived in The Jewish Rockies for a number of years, I used to hear a lot about Jewish guilt from various and sundry. I never understood what they were talking about. Now I do and I see the reason for it too. I believe I once said that to be born a Jew was a particular birth whose keyword is ‘redemption’. Everyone born a Jew comes into this life on this planet with a debt outstanding and the opportunity to serve humanity in unique ways. When they fail in this and give over their industry to self interest and predatory actions upon their fellows, they have failed in their commission and guilt will attend them.


You might well ask where I get this sort of information. You’ve got a great many facilities that you are not using. You’re not using them because you are reliant on the common tools. It’s easier that way. It’s why you’ve lost your telepathic abilities for too much dependence on physical speech. There are deep pools in the human psyche that can be accessed by those intent upon doing so. For most people, the carnival; the life lottery, the hopes and dreams machine and the bright lights of unlikely promise are preeminent in their thoughts. It’s the hamster wheel and the carrot and the stick. It’s the mechanical rabbit and slathering, racing hounds.


No one is going to end war on this planet. It’s a foolish notion. This is why the Bhagavad-Gita states, “Nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war.” People think the Indian caste system is an anachronism and maybe it is. I suppose they’ve never studied the pecking order in the UK and elsewhere. There’s a caste system wherever you go.


These viral plagues that are being loosed on humanity are not accidental. They are being time released in locations around the world by the same forces that have manipulated the financial system and performed all of the false flags and started the horrendous and unnecessary conflicts around the globe. Are they part of some temporal organization that’s been around for centuries? I hear all kinds of things about that. Are they members of a particular race of religion? I hear all kinds of things about that too. To understand ‘who’ and ‘what’, you must study the nature of the human mind. You have to study consciousness and how it operates according to impulse and motive.


All human minds are conditioned to some extent. All human minds have doorways that lead in various directions. Everything dark and everything bright is contained in the human mind. There is a phrase in The Lord’s Prayer that states, “Lead us not into temptation.” This seems to indicate that whatever we call God is part and parcel of everything. He’s the voice in the garden and the snake in the grass. It’s all a part of the mystery and marvel of manifest life.


We are placing way too much emphasis on the physical representatives of evil in our times. We give them power when we do this. These men and women have no power and even the appearance of it can be shut off in a heartbeat. This whole presentation is about your being observed as to whom you will serve. Physical existence is a trial and a test. We don’t seem to know that we ate being watched every moment and that everything we think, say and do immediately adjusts our course and all that attends it.


The truly wise understand that nothing belongs to them and that they are nothing except in respect of what they would choose to emulate. This is how some people can give away everything, including themselves and count themselves rich beyond imagining.


There is a fundamental truth that must be grasped and, if you cannot, then you will remain in the soup one way or another. Everything is under control, down to the slightest detail. Everything that happens to you is a testing whose object is to free you. Our fear and self-interest compromise us time and time again. It’s time to let all that go. Everything is in our minds and it is there that we can gain a partnership in control over everything we encounter. The one who set this up wants to give you the keys to the kingdom but you have to believe it is really happening. Guilt is one of the big obstacles. It should help to know that every great master who has walked this Earth has a secret life of shame from which he/she came; water under the bridge.


None of what is happening right now has to touch you. Whose camp are you in? It should be perfectly obvious what is going on. The fact that it is not is one of life’s enduring mysteries. All these secret societies and powerful individuals are anything but. They take their marching orders from a place in the mind. They are tools, bad tools, but tools none the less. Why do you think so much of the world is dancing like a chicken on the griddle to get your attention? It’s because of your soul, baby.


You’re carrying a mighty power around with you, or should I say it is carrying you and you are entirely unaware of it; because your attention is on everything else. Drive relentlessly and fearlessly within and see what it gets you. The way out is the way in.


I realize that this is a most unusual Smoking Mirrors but… we are talking about smoke and we ate talking about mirrors. How is it that you can look at the great deception and tell yourself… that that is what it is …and still carry on as if it were real in spite of that? That’s another enduring mystery.


What is coming is going to break down all of these false constructs and delusions. Ergo, it is far better to meet it on the way than to have it act upon you. One needs to see that all of this, despite its fearsome and unpredictable appearances, is for your benefit and your liberation. Help is all around you at the moment and there is more on the way.


Spread Your Wings


The New Shangri-La

Five Hundred Lawyers on the Bottom of the Ocean.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….


We’re going to wax a little philosophical here today but in a temporal sense. I’ve been watching all this happy horseshit that passes for reality that is anything but. One might ask, what is reality? Go ahead. I guess I’m not talking about reality per se. I know it has something to do with truth. Somehow it’s also connected to the virtues; the possession of the virtues and thereby has something to do with conduct and right behavior. We have heard from religionists and moralists, philosophers and ethicists and all kinds of people who give the impression they know what they are talking about. We’ve increasingly heard more from humanists (who appear to be anything but) and spokes(persons) who represent what is politically correct and is also, anything but.

We’ve heard about the seven deadly sins. I suppose they are called deadly for a reason. We also have things like the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold Path and you can find variations on the theme all over the place.

In America they have something called The Constitution. I’ve got one myself and it’s doing pretty good right now; thank you very much. My impression is that this constitution was created along with The Bill of Rights and god knows what else to protect the rights of the individual and to generally create a never, never land of shared equality that will burn forever in the warm, alcoholic night of the American Dream. It could have, I suppose, except for one thing and that is ‘lawyers’. Shakespeare had it right when he said, “First we kill all the lawyers.”

Now some might put up an argument against this and mention politicians, bankers, religious leaders or whatever but… none of these could accomplish much in the way of their avaricious and evil schemes without the help of…. (Drum roll) lawyers.

What The Constitution has become is a big wedge of Swiss cheese or maybe a honeycomb, something with a lot of canals; thruways and byways and any fucking ways that you can. There are little paths and wide thoroughfares that are traveled by lawyers who move through and across them like rats move through the subways and subterranean pools where all possibilities of perversion lay waiting for those so inclined. You have to be a lawyer though. You get a plastic clip-on ID that lets you through the gates of the Cloaca Maximus which is the present entrance to The Constitution.

You’ve got your Circuit Courts and your Superior Courts and you’ve got your Supreme Courts, where they interpret the law …and all of the judges are former lawyers with, I guess, the occasional exception. You’ve got big law firms and small law firms and independent lawyers. You’ve got very pricey, high end law firms and discount ambulance chasing law firms and… as they say, “You get what you pay for” and you certainly pay.

Some of us have the means to pay whatever it takes to get ‘our will be done’ and some of us cannot. In some cases you have very large corporations which can afford to pay whatever it takes to make what they want happen. I direct you to the famous case that concerned the breakup of A.T. & T. Major corporations like Monsanto can bankrupt and destroy you regardless of such amorphous considerations as right or wrong because lawyers are at work; also without any considerations of right or wrong.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what the law says. It doesn’t matter what The Constitution says. It doesn’t matter what the evidence or the witness says. What matters is how many lawyers you can afford and for how long. They come upon the scene and work as pipe-fitters and justice, like water, will flow in the direction it is compelled to. Everything that has gone down in America, as well as England and other places has been because of the ability of those with the greatest swag to hire the most lawyers to origami the law into whatever shape they desire.

The law has no meaning and all of the concepts associated with it since Hammurabi is mere window dressing on a temple that fronts for a combination casino and brothel. The idea of any fine or noble foundation upon which to base any concept of civilization is nothing more than a dead rat in a silver chaffing dish because the structure can be altered to fit the needs of whoever can hire more lawyers for a longer period of time.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day (don’t know if it’s true). “There are now more people in law school than there are people presently practicing law.” Until the law is made that curbs the potential for manipulation of the law being forced to operate in defiance of itself, things will remain as they are …on the way to getting worse. A further complication is that laws are being made by people whose loyalty is to the most powerful interest in the room. How can the structure be reformed and made sane when the process is in the hands of catamite politicians (most of them former lawyers) in service only to the most powerful interest in the room?

Can we expect those who make the laws and who later move from the public sector into the private sector to work for the most powerful interest in the room; can we expect them to… make laws that curtail the ambitions of the most powerful interest in the room? This is how so many former lobbyists are now being appointed to head the government agencies that regulate the industry with which they were previously associated. If you study the uses to which petroleum is put, you will find yourself astonished at how many products and operations it is involved in. Lawyers are made of petroleum jelly and like WD-40 and duct tape they can be used in way that would continually surprise you.

Laws have to be made that demand instantaneous imprisonment for specific offenses. Laws have to be made that allow for the seizure of all assets (similar to when you are arrested for drug offenses). Laws have to be made that demand immediate severance of the individual and corporation from every field of endeavor they operate in. Today you can go to prison for many years for just about anything; the more ridiculous the circumstances the heavier the penalty. This reflexively includes loss of one’s job and public censure through the press; regardless of whether you did it or not and regardless of whether you understand it or not. So this relentless impetus to create hate crime legislations (in order to silence criticism) and forbid a parent from kissing their child in public must be turned to what is useful. It must be set so that it cannot be manipulated except at a very, very high cost. How are you going to do that? How are you going to do that? Revolution is the only option really. The unfortunate thing about revolutions is that, once the tables are turned, quite often the same people are sitting there.

This manipulation of the law has turned it into a character from the movie, “Freaks”. It is now a capricious and unpredictable landscape where almost anything can happen and does. I honor only the laws I believe are reasonable. I have no country and no remaining loyalty to something that has morphed beyond recognition. I move through this world with the constant awareness that I am in a Monty Python skit directed by John Carpenter and written by Clive Barker.

In the end it is Nature upon whom we must rely. Nature has laws too. Nature is God’s mirror- lest you think I left the ineffable out of the equation. We’ve been in uncertain waters many a time before. None of this is new. It has come to the place where the ridiculous and absurd is commonplace and an adjustment is in the works. It is definite and certain and will become apparent in a fairly short time. The closer you are to the natural balance of life, the less you will notice this adjustment. The further away you are the more dramatic the experience of coming into balance will be but… come into balance you will. You lawyers have my sympathy. You and your pimps are about to meet the Mac Daddy himself in one form or another and experience what you have visited on so many others.

Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire

The New Shangri-La

November 8th Radio Show and a Little Extemporaneous Dog Poet.

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Greetings Citizens of earth. This is the Dog Poet transmitting from the Sirius Cluster, via the mothership and then via the small translation pod hiding in a magnetic cloud bank somewhere in Southern Europe. I suspect it’s giving the terror agencies fits. You’re aware of these terror agencies. They are based in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. they’re the ones that do things like the Oklahoma bombing, the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks as well a the Madrid Train station. You only need to look up the security firms at work in these operations to see who gave the Manchurian Candidates and Tavistock graduates their VIP passes. Afterwards the mop up men in black went around and killed the patsies so they would have bodies to display for the Schmoos in the pleather recliners getting the mind injection programming from the S&MSM media.


Well… apparently the world stupidity index has risen… or is it dropped? … as you prefer; whatever the direction of ‘more stupid’ lies in ….because now they want you to believe; they certainly can’t be counting on me to… they want you to believe that a single- non combat medical officer shot about forty people with a handgun in a military base. Hey, maybe next time they’ll see what they can get at a police station. You have to realize, a military base is not a fast food joint. Now they are saying this Major… this psychiatrist had ties to 9/11 terrorists. Yes, they said that in the UK Telegraph yellow sheet yesterday. We’ll have to wait and see if a Mossad or CIA connection can be established and then we’ll know if he was connected to certain terrorists. Wait a minute… they’re talking about Muslims. Well that’s meaningless. Muslims didn’t do 9/11 and so it goes. I’m glad I put the single italics around ‘more stupid’ because you might have thought I was talking about ‘more stupid lies’. Well… either will work, I guess


Dog poet visible had a bit of a crisis over the last couple of weeks. Unable to get his medication, which treats the condition he undergoes when the alien mind Jedi’s fix their rays on his location, he had to resort to things the sleeping class use to numb all sense of objective awareness and the higher centers with… horrific results. Visible is limping but he figures he could still go a few rounds if he had to. There just wouldn’t any double reverse back kicks in the equation. We might throw in a few rhetorical back kicks this evening so make sure you’re wearing your kendo mind Kevlar at all times.


I don’t like to let my readers and listeners down but… even though I am an interdimensional being, temporarily housed in a human form, it doesn’t mean I’m not human too… just like you, well… most of you. I couldn’t do the show last week because of severe technical problems which I could not solve and this was compounded by my having to rely on the legal and approved medications as protection against the astral assaults of a certain group of mind Jedi aliens. I appear to have solved that with a little mind control of my own but… these are not ordinary times. Then again, when you look back at human history for the last so many thousand years; it does seem like one relentless, goose-stepping of international banker armies working through a dark nobility bloodline. This is not to suggest there is anything noble about them. It’s just what they believe themselves to be. That’s about to change although, I don’t know exactly how.


Readers of this blog have been getting angry with each other lately and that, I believe, is due to the pressure of the moment. It’s the old sad tale of using multi-pronged confusions of disinfo, from seemingly oppositional points of view, to get that ‘house divided’ thing happening. My friends, we have one ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants and his greatest strength is our weaknesses. We do have the resources to command this force back into the darkness from which it came but it’s less likely depending on the degree of darkness within us. Now, just as forces of darkness can overtake the human mind… and we have seen many examples of this, it stands to reason that the forces of light can do the same thing. We have only to invoke them and… not waver.


You have heard the ancient saying that, “it is always darkest before the dawn”. I submit that that is the position in which we find ourselves at this time. We’ve got hybrid, laboratory engineered, flu viruses and we are finding that the cure is worse than the flu. This is some kind of multi-creature amalgam that probably looks like a Griffin on a really bad hair day. We’ve got banker inspired wars going on all over the place. We’ve got specific outbreaks of insanity resulting in injury and death and all being blamed on Muslims. It so happens I know the Muslim community pretty well and they do not fit the profile being presented. Certain other groups do, however, fit this profile very well and we can see them in action every day.


The bad news is that they haven’t even released the really nasty flu yet and they haven’t done their worst in the killing fields of the Middle East or in the target locations where acts of violence serve to control the public mind through fears and lies about various patsies and straw men. It’s also useful to turn the frustration and anger of the populace against a designated target and keep their attention off the people who are actually doing it to them. All these things need to be said because their must be a counterpoint to the engines of death and despair in the hands of the psychopaths who presently imagine themselves to be in control of things. They are soon to find they can’t even control basic body functions and they will destroy each other so it behooves the discriminating to gain some distance from these bloodstained clowns.


Though I would personally put no one beyond redemption, I do get the suspicions that some number seems to be. When there were demonstrations by protestors in ‘The City’; that area that houses the financial district and is the financial neve center for the whole world, traders and associates were leaning out of the windows of their offices and sneering at the people and waving money in gleeful indifference to what caused the protestors to be there in the first place. You see this kind of disconnect all the time now. You see it in the way the MP’s and members of The House of Lords were bilking the public in a truly pornographic manner in their hour of need. You see it whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth and the same can be said of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the thieving hypocrites elected to serve the public interest while serving no ones but their own.







As infuriating and dreadful as this behavior is and, I suspect we don’t know the half of it, we can’t let them make us like them. We can’t allow fear of them to influence our behavior or, we effectively become their servants. The self interest and conniving is epidemic. The lies are like veritable tsunamis washing over the human consciousness. The depraved cruelties and murders are beyond the scope of definition. This is how it is in times like these. A great writer once wrote a book about times like these and his opening line was, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”.


Think about it. In times like these our true nature is revealed. In some, the higher nature will come forth at the presence of adversity and extremity, others will, metaphorically- and maybe not so metaphorically- drop to all fours and behave as only a human, no longer human, can behave.


This is not some random thing my friends. This is the fulfilling of destinies, the running of the demons and the coming of divinity. Those who persevere and endure are going to get a great surprise and so too will those who do not. Thus ends the blog portion of tonight’s show. I’ll be back with the more extemporaneous in about a heartbeat.


All the Mistakes …Pretty rough and badly mixed but I think the lyrics tell the tale


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