Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Probably a lot of people want to know what’s up at Casa Visible. This I intuit due to commentaries designed to cause me to stray from my determined course. You might be surprised to find how I actually live compared to how you think I live. First things first.

Whenever a person sets about telling the truth they are going to come into competition with lies. Lies are big money and they fuel your wars and they coalesce the companies that plunder. Whenever something is a major criminal enterprise such as; money, pussy or drugs, you can be sure that the government and the business community are silent partners. This is how they fund all their illegal behavior from things they made illegal to begin with. Some things should be illegal in a sane society, like human trafficking and loan sharking. Then again, most corporations do the former and most bankers do the latter every day.

So… all in all… it becomes something of a gray area. One thing you should know- these days- is that the government is not your friend when it comes to their market share. There is no real government anymore. They merely front for the corporations.

Because I got hit a lot when I was a child, something went wrong with my serotonin flow. The government and the corporations would prefer that I just bought the regular bottle of Scotch or went to my doctor for an anti-depressant. In all honesty and to be fair, I tried those venues and found them to be worse than the condition they were supposed to relieve. Since I have tried just about everything, I would know. Here is what I know about that. The legal end of what was available is the only thing that really messed me up and I stay away from that action these days.

It just so happens that in my travels I did find something that treated my condition and it worked like a charm. It also happens to be illegal. Well, so are insider trading, routine murder and a host of other charming pursuits that the corporations and governments get up to every day but hey! They are the man. Like Bernie Madoff with his cocaine and silicone-tit, fueled Ponzi scam, that’s all right if you are in the club… for awhile. Most of the time, you can get away with anything because you are the power that makes and breaks the rules.

I’m just some guy on a private mission who needs certain elements for his ship. I landed on this outlaw asteroid awhile back and I’ve been trying to get airborne since. Maybe I shouldn’t have developed the compassion that I did develop on behalf of a lot of the residents but… I did. I took exception to the way they were being treated by the overlords- while I was also looking high and low for the elements I needed to power my ship- and I may have said a few things about it so… there was a period of years there where I got to be a Public Enemy without the advantage of looking like Johnny Depp; that might have been just as well since I became a guest of the state for extended periods now and again.

I make no apologies for being out of my mind. From my personal perspective I can’t see how the rest of you oblige these scoundrels in their relentless bullying ways but that’s you. It ain’t me.

I go by the old stand by of ‘trust but verify’. I apply this to most of my engagements. I look at religion and I know it’s a marketplace that conceals a living wonder. I throw away the excess and I take what’s vital. I look at the rank hypocrisy by which your public servants rule you and I make my own rules. If it works for me then it works. If it doesn’t, I discard it.

Now I see that certain probes are being extended in my direction to see if I will promote behavior, that I might personally engage in, among those who follow my work. I never have and never will. My constitution is different than most peoples because I’m not a native of this planet and what works for me might not work for others. I have it on good authority that there are others like myself here; shipwrecked on this flea market planet and trying to cobble together the necessary parts to get our various conveyances back in the air and from there back to civilization.

I don’t want to drink Scotch. I don’t want to take dangerous anti-depressants. I know what works and what doesn’t. The corners I cut do not result in the same massive loss of life as does the activities of those trying to suppress the seekers and entrepreneurs among you. The fact that I am still standing and in better shape than most is a testimony to the fact that I must have some idea of what I am doing and… by this time… I know that the agents of the dark side that run the show here, for a little while longer, are lying sacks of shit who have no interest beyond self interest and couldn’t care who they hurt on their way to maintaining the status quo SNAFU that they routinely engage in.

It just so happens that I do have certain information that is useful to the saner residents of this planet. There’s nothing all that exceptional about it. I come from somewhere else so I can see things differently than the way most people have been programmed to see things here. The main thrust of what I am about is a change in consciousness and it has nothing to do with ingesting chemicals of any particular type, be they legal or illegal. If a visitor comes from another planet, it seems to me that it should be common courtesy to allow them whatever comestibles they prefer and to leave them alone with their native customs. Unfortunately that is not an automatic here. This has no bearing on what I do however.

The irony of seven thousand tons of opium, which I don’t use, flowing out of a war torn area where is had previously been suppressed by those now being hunted by the very machine that is profiting from this item should not escape the notice of even the most stupid of you but… I never underestimate the power of stupid.

I don’t provide anything to my readers but information and the occasional musical cds or books that they might order without my needing flashing LED adverts on my pages. When I am fortunate enough to obtain a certain item that assists me in my unfortunate stay here- which isn’t often- then I am grateful. It is a failing of mine that I am generally too honest with the reader about my personal behavior and maybe I should make an adjustment in that respect but… I feel I am in the company of friends and tend to behave that way. However, not everyone who comes here is a friend nor has my best interest at heart and I can tell when they show up, I’ve got that particular implant.

Far be it from me to ask those of you who are incapable of being honest with yourselves to be honest in any other way. I wouldn’t dream of it. If you think I’m going to play patty cake with your incredibly, unskilled efforts to make me out as something I am not, well… that’s not operative.

I’m pretty clear about most things and if it’s not clear you have only to ask. I’m probably one of the most law abiding people I know because most of the commonly understood laws make sense to me and I abide by them. I draw the line at the laws which are created for the benefit of corporations and government whores who break them on their own time any time they feel like it.

In the long run it is probably better to leave me be, as you should already know. I don’t work for you but I do work for someone and that someone has a lot more weight than your employers will ever have and you will just wind up looking like what you are, after it is over. Spare yourself this. You have enough embarrassments to be concerned with. You don’t need one more which will also serve to make my case far better than I am already making it on my own.

I know the ins and outs of your various ways and what you are capable of but these are very different times and you do need to keep that in mind. The hounds you formerly unleashed at will, may no longer serve you in the capacities you are used to and you wouldn’t want to find that they are prepared to turn on you now as they might well do.

End Transmission…….

Miracle of Love

The New Shangri-La


2 Responses to “Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup.”

  1. L.V. goog was at it again last night. Any blog page I tried to acess put up an error message and some numerical code to report to spoogle. In one your radio shows you said the people clamoring for combat and strife have probably never been there. I agree. Smart people avoid confrontation and violence until it is five past midnight and no other options are available. I saw a funny bumper sticker it said “don’t steal the government hates competiton.” Bwahaha rock on L.V. we keep you in our prayers always.

  2. iron stinkface Says:

    nabian fanny state is hearing its ugly red
    collectivism stink tank reports
    fart against global forming
    mandate now spleenhouse ass
    frozen mobility sustainability
    high fees penalty please
    agenda military corporate technocrats
    racing ratface facts
    pig announcenments punishing pronouncements
    hear drinkers are pail raisers
    fatrace winners not trailblazers
    seventeen space laser harp
    warhair against fair
    ready action bills
    knave tax hi-jack
    veil shroud crowd
    big bucks crooks
    serfs snooks no service representer
    ballot caster is no dissenter
    switch on teleblaster snifter
    hearth comforter lullaby
    services fail secret revetment
    zero soul investment
    troop stormer presents
    generation peasants

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