The Hour is Coming Round as Surely it Must.

I try not to focus on the punishment angle. I believe what scripture reveals about that; “Justice is mine”, sayeth the Lord”. I can’t help myself sometimes when I find myself wishing that a hard rain will fall upon the heads of these demons in human form. I don’t stay there. It’s very momentary and then it passes. It’s a kind of red haze that rims the eyes and dreams of fire. (I’m not a Christian but I am a friend of Christ; if that makes sense.)

The very worst of them are those who pose as the opposite of what they are; men like George Soros whose money went to fund the Iranian Green Revolution; Zionist occupied Georgia’s Rose Revolution and the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. It makes me think of all the color coded alerts that the Bush League administration used to come up with. George Soros likes to paint himself as a philanthropist. He’s had some sneaky little efforts that landed him on the perceptual end of good guy country. It’s amusing to see now how all those organizations he funded are in full support of Obama’s Murder Inc.

I’d like to slip inside George’s head (and I might) and turn up the volume on Love’s recording of “She Comes in Colors”

I hate to say that I don’t trust very many people and almost no organizations. I used to look at and Code Pink the same way I looked at The Daily Kos; just power grabs of empty space to posture in. I don’t mean to be a cynic. I have powerful belief in some things that approach the level of ‘know’ instead of ‘believe’ but time and time again; I find that these organizations that rise up in opposition to the status quo are actually created by the status quo to give the impression of an opposition that doesn’t exist. I can say with certainty that not all the money or promise of personal power that could possibly be offered would cause me to change what I do… not one whit. You might say that’s easy words to say and hard words to live by but in this one regard I know myself very well. Some things are more important than money and personal power.

Why would anyone, given the opportunity to really make a difference, sell their asses like a street side hooker for temporary gain? Does it not occur to these people that these notes come due? There’s a temporal bank and a spiritual bank and you’re welcome to your choices. What forms a man like Soros who makes himself personally responsible for the deaths of people in countries far away, which are none of his fucking business? What kind of a vampire buys the souls of fools for money and then provokes them toward prison and execution?

Maybe I’ll be disappointed again but as far as I am concerned, Vladimir Putin, at the moment, is the greatest statesman alive. I think about Mr. Putin a great deal. I know he’s ex-KGB. I know various things about his life because I took the trouble to learn. Certain features about this man fascinated me. And I have some gift for Phrenology so there would be some curiosity in that regard but still, I will take him head and tails above the rest. I like Ahmanedijad also. He fares much better phrenologically. He is surely an honest man who loves his country. In this sense Putin and Ahmanedijad are quite similar. Putin loves Russia. He loves Russia more than himself. This could not be said about Obama, or Netanyahu, or Sarkozy, or Merkel or Gordon Brown. These creeps are in love with themselves and in a personal confrontational crisis they would all be cowards. Phrenology tells me this as well.

Putin’s a martial artist and I have studied in that area all my life. My interest in Phrenology came in tandem with this because when you’ve been sent to prison and other places for extended tours, you had better know a little something about Phrenology and body language. The mental institutions were the best. Then you really had to be on your game. But hey, the world is a mental institution and …if you are sane, and I’m not saying you are, but if you are sane you had better watch your step. They know you hooked those glasses from the set of “They Live”. Which-

brings me back to things I believe in strongly enough that they have become one of the few things I can actually say I know. I know there is a cosmic force for good and, regardless of appearances, it always triumphs… period. Go on with your vain fantasies of empires and fortunes, dancing boys and dancing girls; shimmering in a sea of permitted violation… the corner table at the high tower and the blood of your fellows on your hands. I will see you fall. I will watch you go.

George Soros, let me tell you personally that you are a soulless husk and your destiny is grim. You approach the gates George and the one who granted you this fortune will step aside as you go by; soon to see you in an entirely different context.

Let me say to everyone of you now strutting and parading across the stage while you play to the cheap seats; the population of which you have drastically increased, that your hour has come. You have been warned. There is a small window still open and if in your arrogant disregard you disdain this priceless mercy then there will be none after. You had better heed while you can. You had better fall to your knees and recognize the Lord of Light or you will be summarily handed over to his less benign aspect.

The time is shorter than you can imagine.

Let me tell you a little something about the ‘less benign aspect’. It’s you on steroids. It is exactly you, as you would have become, in your presumptions …of becoming the dark lord who brooks no competition. All the time you served him all you really achieved was his determined hatred. Just as the non-existent anthropomorphic god of the fundamentally inclined has no real existence; being nothing more than a bigger expression of the uncharitable self… the same applies to the dark side. Think of the irony of being in your own merciless hands …but raised beyond what you… mere mortal… aspired to. It is an easy road to enter and a lot of people go but as scripture also records, you will not leave until you have paid the last farthing.

So… even though I know too few of you have enough self-inquiry left to be slumming in my neighborhood, I’d like to take you back to the beginning of this piece and my mention of vengeance and notes come due. As hard as it is for me, I choose to err on the side of mercy and if you are in a position to heed, I suggest you be about that now. I am not imagining or fooling about what I am saying and you had better address this opportunity now because at some point known only to the Lord of Light, that window will close. Scripture also talks of wailing and lamentation; gnashing of teeth and I’m sure there’s a deal more to that. No man in flesh can accurately measure the blessings of Heaven or the miseries of Hell. I don’t come out of this particular bag very often because, as I said, I’m not involved at the punishment end. I do have something to do with the process itself, so you would be wise indeed to hear what I am saying.

Everyone ought to put just that much more effort into their lives at this time. When the entire spectrum shifts, you will only have what you have invested- and some grace- to call on. It’s not a hard thing that’s being asked of you. Serve as you go. Reach intensely within and recognize that it’s always now and that is for one reason only… that at some point in the eternal ongoing moment you will see that your life is a limitless possibility toward a singular bright home. You are admired and rewarded most for what you do when no one is looking. My friends… there are no secret places.

I never wanted any part of this, even when I was very young; all I ever wanted was my walled garden and the privacy of my invisible friends. Everything else had already let me down long ago but I can no more wall out the suffering of my fellows than You… yes You, can avoid the certain and irreversible judgment that is coming your way. You’ve seen the cartoon of the deranged, bearded man holding up a placard that says. “Repent, the hour is at hand”? Believe it.


The New Shangri-La


2 Responses to “The Hour is Coming Round as Surely it Must.”

  1. lil' brother Says:

    Greetings L.V. I hope you are well. I remember an old Smoking Mirrors post about one selling his soul to the devil and enjoying the ill gotten gains. The devil shows up and says well as soon as you offered your soul for sale you forfeited right there. Have been walled up in the fortress of solitude listening to the radio shows most enjoyable. I try to keep the toxic sludge of the lamestream media out of my headspace always. As for George Soros he is what I call a misanthropic philanthropist funnelling money to things that are not in humanities best interest while posing as a person with empathy and soul. Not.

  2. Hi Les

    I think your main site for smoking mirror and visible origami at blogspot got problem accessing.

    Even dublin mick blog at blogspot also has similar problem. I think he has an open letter to david rocky-fella dated Oct 22, 09.

    Must’ve touched a raw nerve there with your latest posting.


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