The Magical Wars within the Same Old Same Old.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The mothership resonates into the dark haze of materialism that chokes the planet. The tiny repeater pod takes its position above Clear Channel’s main transmission tower and the information wraps itself around the noxious propaganda like alien music which transforms the propaganda into harmless audio confetti. It’s now becoming the inert matter you read about on the back of packages of processed food. The alien music is burrowing into the collective DNA and whispering words like, “freedom”, “awake” and other things. Tune your mind to the inner light and let us burn away the cobwebs of a vanishing age. Welcome to the dog poet radio show. Perk up your ears and wag your tails as the chief walker removes the leashes from your neck and transfers them to the newly forged collars of your former masters.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned it yet, that Israel was involved in an assassination plot against Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan. Well… there was some amount of coverage in the international press. I’m thinking this was the key motivation behind Erdogan walking out on Peres and Turkey denying Israel the opportunity to participate in recent war games. It wasn’t about Gaza. The video of the exchange between Erdogan and Peres has been scrubbed from youtube because of use violations. It’s available in one of the preceding links.

I’ve been noticing the tension between Turkey and Israel for some time now. Turkey was supposed to be one of Israel’s best friends. The truth is that Israel has no friends, just people who fear her and people who have been compromised by her. If you wind your sinuous way into the past, you will find that Israel and Turkey have an interesting relationship. Insert the key words, ‘Ashkenazi Turks’ into a search engine. The AshkeNazis make up more than 80% of world Jewry and they are not of Semitic origin. This is a key to understanding why they immediately change the names of the Arab towns where they have either killed, or driven into exile all of the inhabitants. They need to corroborate what ancient texts claim is so and what modern research has proven false.

The Palestinians are the real descendents of the people in the Bible, not the AshkeNazis. The AshkeNazis mean to graft themselves over the original inhabitants, in a search for legitimacy of their claims that they originated in the lands which they have stolen from the Palestinians.

If your sole purpose for studying anything is to discover the truth of it, you will find that it is not a difficult thing. It is much more difficult to discover or manufacture the evidence to support what isn’t true. Lying is the more arduous art. The truth is much easier but far more dangerous on occasion.

Before Herzl and the boys worked the Dreyfus affair into the international tragedy that we know today, Arabs and Jews lived together in relative peace. That continued for awhile, until the Zionists discovered that the Bible made mention that it is always open season for hunting and killing Arabs. That’s the thing with so-called holy books. You can find anything you’re looking for. This is made all the more interesting, considering that the Bible and, most specifically the Old Testament are works of Gematria. You can find extensive corroboration for this and it gives a deeper meaning to the twenty two major arcana of the Tarot. For years, I was fascinated with the Tarot and its connections to astrology and The Great Work, which is the process of manufacturing the philosopher’s stone …and it seems to have something to do with the pineal gland. Do you ever get a ticklish sensation in the center of your forehead?

Because of a certain consistent and hideous behavior on the part of the Zionist movement, many people simply reject the idea of Jewish mysticism as it relates to the Kabala. It has been further diminished by association with Madonna and the troglodytes, along with the duplicitous activities of the Bergs, as they prostitute the mysteries of a higher order for personal gain.

I want to mention Jacob’s ladder and ask you to keep it in mind. Jacob’s ladder runs up through your spine. In occasional moments of personal rapture, I have found myself climbing it as if it were a real ladder; mimicking the act in concert with an internal process of incremental elevation. For me, some number of these arcane techniques and procedures are real.

Let me present something and see if it might not ring a bell or two with you. Anything that goes up can go down. Every positive, good thing has a negative counterpart and by polarization, they hold each other in place. Polarities are very essential in the world of duality… in the relative world. This is one reason why Advaita Vedanta holds forth a singular promise for those who can apprehend it.

Let us turn now to the Kabala which combines two books, the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sepher Zohar. The original intent of this marvelous system was wisdom and illumination. It has direct parallels to The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. However, we live in a very materialistic age. I said earlier that anything which goes up can go down too. Let’s bring back Jacob’s ladder and add in kundalini and the human spine. Let’s mention ageless wisdom and point out that there is only one force in the universe and that force is given definition according to intention and direction.

It is altogether possible to take rituals from the Kabala and turn them to other intentions, devices and industries than it was intended for. What we have ladies and gentlemen is a reversed Kabala being utilized to manipulate the material plane. When you reverse the kundalini, you also find that its power applies in either direction. This is the source of the sudden expansion of particular, sexual practices and identities in the culture of the moment. Because we are on the verge of the opening of an ancient portal; both within and without, everyone is feeling some degree of kundalini activity. This energy is also the sex energy. Due to the impressive impact of materialism on the human mind, decadence flourishes. There are all kinds of people who will take aggressive opposition to what I am implying here. In any case, it’s either true or it isn’t

Ageless wisdom is concealed by veils. The point of this is to assure the correct progression for the aspirant. As the aspirant passes certain tests, veils fall away. The higher mysteries of divine magic confer powers beyond the capacity of the ordinary, human imagination. When this is reversed, you have personalities like Stalin, Netanyahu and similar types appearing. The power of right use of the principles in any tradition of magical enterprise is always greater than the power of those who have perverted and bastardized it. None the less, the keepers of the keys are vigilant to protect these processes and traditions because they can be very, very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Personally, I stay away from the magical arts. If magic wants to happen spontaneously (and it does) due to an upwelling of love, compassion or any of the virtues then… that is fine with me. To actively seek to perform it is not in my MOS. To paraphrase Arthur Edward Waite, when he commented on the difference between white and black magic; “On the one hand we have something that is certainly dangerous, on the other hand we have something which may only be foolish.

A new magic is coming down on to the planet and the perversion of the principles of light are about to get their due. We’re entering the realm of Topsy Turvy and the only reason this might distress anyone, besides those it is coming for, would be their attachment to what is being recycled into the coming age.

We’ve come to the end of the text portion of this week’s radio transmission/ I’ll be going into more detail about this subject there. I’ll be slipping into your ears in practically no time at all so, practice safe hearing.. Ahroooooooooooooooooo!!!

End Transmission…….

The Tangled Woods

The New Shangri-La


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