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Passing through the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The beginning of the week and the predicted date of October 25th come round together and debut tomorrow. The beginning of the week is certain. We don’t know what may or may not happen on the 25th but it will come along as well, tailing a financial monsoon or not. They say things come in threes so it is only appropriate that the weekly radio show should come around as well and we find ourselves in the introductory text portion of the program. Visible will be in the air (as well as on the air) tomorrow flying off to meetings with the unknown and unimportant (relatively speaking) and so… in a manner of speaking will still be in the telepapod beneath the tracking mothership.

The winds of change are spinning like massive dust dervishes across a landscape burning with the desire to be washed of iniquities and the heavy energies that weigh down upon the backs of the populations like sacks of rocks. Surely there is an answer to our condition and surely the answer is not to simply go on as we always do, each of us planting a handful of rocks on the back of tomorrow.

Since I mentioned it last week I see where other are now mentioning the real fire in the Turkish and Israeli standoff is based on the Mossad plot to assassinate Prime Minister Erdogan. Well that was last week. What have I done for you lately?

Let’s talk a little about conspiracies for a bit. Rixon Stewart of The Truthseeker has an interesting article on whether McVeigh was even executed. Those of you listening only can put The Truthseeker and Timothy McVeigh into a search engine and get the article right at the top of the lineup. I already checked. Given that what he talks about is most certainly true …and I have seen it corroborated elsewhere and… given the recent discovery of nano-thermite at ground zero and… the exposure of Mossad agents residing in the Twin Towers prior to the 9/11 attack, it’s become more and more clear who was involved in the attacks. It has long been accepted as gospel that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job by anyone not taking candy from The Tooth Fairy. Apparently Oklahoma City was done by the same people. It’s hard to imagine they have an unknown competitor running around who was also at Elohim City.

I haven’t been on the American mainland in over a decade and I haven’t even been in American territory since I visited Hawaii about seven years ago, so I don’t know what it’s like there any more. I know I’m not welcome- or they like me too much- because they almost didn’t let me leave last time. I did not feel the need to test the waters again. I do have the internet and I hear things. I hear it’s pretty tense in the denser population zones and pretty much the same as it always was further out, except for the foreclosures, the crumbling infrastructure, the missing jobs and the money going funny.

More and more people seem to know that something is wrong, even if they’re still blaming in on the absence of one party in power and the presence of another. That seems to be the angle of the media these days. You’ve got two seemingly different perspectives being argued from opposite sides of the same operation. Obama is still walking on water after having violated every campaign promise he ever made and McCain and Palin are making the rounds in exile. Palin is headed for touchy feely land on Oprah shortly. That will probably happen as soon as the ghostwriters get her book to the presses.

Ah… I don’t want to talk about this stuff but I did want you to see what it sounds like when someone talks about the usual things running out of the S&MSM and alternative news feeds.

Let’s talk about something or at least in some other way. What’ll it be? Hmmm… Winter is coming and there has been no change in the ruling authorities bending over and genuflecting for the dark lord steaming in his tower. The Axis of terror which is housed variously in Tel Aviv, London and Washington D.C, are churning out the lies and giving the orders for murder abroad. Some great and intricate map of a game plan exists but you can’t pick that up at the gas station. Do they have a plan? They must have some kind of a plan. Part of the plan was to steal as much money and real estate as they could get their hands on while making Goldman Sachs and J.P, Morgan, both Rothschild fronts, the most powerful money launders and counterfeiters on Earth.

The second part was to put the middle class and the poor in survival mode and in constant fear of job loss, eviction and the notice of the police

The logical solution for the people of the world is to march into Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, the Federal Reserve and The Rothschild banks and arrest every single person they can find and throw them in jail. Not much is going to happen until the obvious perpetrators have been stopped in their tracks. This is where the governments and world police; the standing armies of soldiers and lawyers get their marching orders from.

Here’s a simple fact. There’s enough, for everyone on the planet and more, to have whatever food and shelter they require. There is enough work for all the hands and minds that wish employment. There’s free medical for everyone who needs it and money to pay for it without batting an eye. All you’ve got to do is stop the engines of war and the obscene money sucking machines of the vampire bat bankers. The rich could still be rich and the poor could still be poor. You’re always going to have poor people, even Jesus the Christ said as much. Didn’t he say that the “poor ye always have with you”, or something to that effect? I think the same applies to the rich. There’s just not as many of them.

As much as I think the people really should storm Rothschild castle with their pitchforks and though they might well do… I suspect other forces are going to come into play because a statement is going to be made by the invisible about this ugly, ugly behavior that we are all a witness to. From the food fascists at Monsanto to their lobby goblins in the FDA, from the media whores in S&MSM to the industry trolls in the FCC it’s all the same; top to bottom scoundrels with hands the size of truck tires perverting and stealing everything in reach.

The common herd of humanity just rolls back and forth like Sisyphus in search of breathing room and daylight. They’re not at wit’s end yet. Maybe something good will happen… dreaming of homes recovered, new cars and a trip to the glimmering mall. Christmas is coming after all. The credit card companies have gotten permission to charge their customers, who don’t overspend and who pay promptly, a penalty fee for doing the right thing… or maybe they didn’t get permission. I don’t know. None of them seem to need permission any more for anything. Like the song says, “something’s got to give” but we don’t know what and we don’t know when. We’re just treading water while we wait for the storm at sea. That’s right, just call me Mr. Positive; at least I dog-paddled to shore some time ago and hiked inland.

I know it’s all going to work out and it’s going to be bad for the bad and good for the good and we might even come to learn the difference too. Meanwhile the Prince of the Air is battening his wings and driving the force of his will into the ground with the command of “Say my name”. Because… you see… we’re in that period of one quarter light and three quarters dark and so the appearance of power is all on the side of the night shift. That’s about to change. The light is coming and a new golden age is waiting in the deep banks of the raw material, storage stations. It’s about to be placed on the conveyor belt of the time continuum, as it moves through the foundry, to the transport trucks, to the view outside your window one morning when you wake up; probably going to be some Sturm und Drang on the way.

We’ve come to the end of the text portion of the show which you can catch here on Sunday night or download here on Monday. Those of you only listening can ignore what you can’t see. Please bear with me in the space between this reading and the rest of the transmission.

Right Thru my Heart

The New Shangri-La


Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Probably a lot of people want to know what’s up at Casa Visible. This I intuit due to commentaries designed to cause me to stray from my determined course. You might be surprised to find how I actually live compared to how you think I live. First things first.

Whenever a person sets about telling the truth they are going to come into competition with lies. Lies are big money and they fuel your wars and they coalesce the companies that plunder. Whenever something is a major criminal enterprise such as; money, pussy or drugs, you can be sure that the government and the business community are silent partners. This is how they fund all their illegal behavior from things they made illegal to begin with. Some things should be illegal in a sane society, like human trafficking and loan sharking. Then again, most corporations do the former and most bankers do the latter every day.

So… all in all… it becomes something of a gray area. One thing you should know- these days- is that the government is not your friend when it comes to their market share. There is no real government anymore. They merely front for the corporations.

Because I got hit a lot when I was a child, something went wrong with my serotonin flow. The government and the corporations would prefer that I just bought the regular bottle of Scotch or went to my doctor for an anti-depressant. In all honesty and to be fair, I tried those venues and found them to be worse than the condition they were supposed to relieve. Since I have tried just about everything, I would know. Here is what I know about that. The legal end of what was available is the only thing that really messed me up and I stay away from that action these days.

It just so happens that in my travels I did find something that treated my condition and it worked like a charm. It also happens to be illegal. Well, so are insider trading, routine murder and a host of other charming pursuits that the corporations and governments get up to every day but hey! They are the man. Like Bernie Madoff with his cocaine and silicone-tit, fueled Ponzi scam, that’s all right if you are in the club… for awhile. Most of the time, you can get away with anything because you are the power that makes and breaks the rules.

I’m just some guy on a private mission who needs certain elements for his ship. I landed on this outlaw asteroid awhile back and I’ve been trying to get airborne since. Maybe I shouldn’t have developed the compassion that I did develop on behalf of a lot of the residents but… I did. I took exception to the way they were being treated by the overlords- while I was also looking high and low for the elements I needed to power my ship- and I may have said a few things about it so… there was a period of years there where I got to be a Public Enemy without the advantage of looking like Johnny Depp; that might have been just as well since I became a guest of the state for extended periods now and again.

I make no apologies for being out of my mind. From my personal perspective I can’t see how the rest of you oblige these scoundrels in their relentless bullying ways but that’s you. It ain’t me.

I go by the old stand by of ‘trust but verify’. I apply this to most of my engagements. I look at religion and I know it’s a marketplace that conceals a living wonder. I throw away the excess and I take what’s vital. I look at the rank hypocrisy by which your public servants rule you and I make my own rules. If it works for me then it works. If it doesn’t, I discard it.

Now I see that certain probes are being extended in my direction to see if I will promote behavior, that I might personally engage in, among those who follow my work. I never have and never will. My constitution is different than most peoples because I’m not a native of this planet and what works for me might not work for others. I have it on good authority that there are others like myself here; shipwrecked on this flea market planet and trying to cobble together the necessary parts to get our various conveyances back in the air and from there back to civilization.

I don’t want to drink Scotch. I don’t want to take dangerous anti-depressants. I know what works and what doesn’t. The corners I cut do not result in the same massive loss of life as does the activities of those trying to suppress the seekers and entrepreneurs among you. The fact that I am still standing and in better shape than most is a testimony to the fact that I must have some idea of what I am doing and… by this time… I know that the agents of the dark side that run the show here, for a little while longer, are lying sacks of shit who have no interest beyond self interest and couldn’t care who they hurt on their way to maintaining the status quo SNAFU that they routinely engage in.

It just so happens that I do have certain information that is useful to the saner residents of this planet. There’s nothing all that exceptional about it. I come from somewhere else so I can see things differently than the way most people have been programmed to see things here. The main thrust of what I am about is a change in consciousness and it has nothing to do with ingesting chemicals of any particular type, be they legal or illegal. If a visitor comes from another planet, it seems to me that it should be common courtesy to allow them whatever comestibles they prefer and to leave them alone with their native customs. Unfortunately that is not an automatic here. This has no bearing on what I do however.

The irony of seven thousand tons of opium, which I don’t use, flowing out of a war torn area where is had previously been suppressed by those now being hunted by the very machine that is profiting from this item should not escape the notice of even the most stupid of you but… I never underestimate the power of stupid.

I don’t provide anything to my readers but information and the occasional musical cds or books that they might order without my needing flashing LED adverts on my pages. When I am fortunate enough to obtain a certain item that assists me in my unfortunate stay here- which isn’t often- then I am grateful. It is a failing of mine that I am generally too honest with the reader about my personal behavior and maybe I should make an adjustment in that respect but… I feel I am in the company of friends and tend to behave that way. However, not everyone who comes here is a friend nor has my best interest at heart and I can tell when they show up, I’ve got that particular implant.

Far be it from me to ask those of you who are incapable of being honest with yourselves to be honest in any other way. I wouldn’t dream of it. If you think I’m going to play patty cake with your incredibly, unskilled efforts to make me out as something I am not, well… that’s not operative.

I’m pretty clear about most things and if it’s not clear you have only to ask. I’m probably one of the most law abiding people I know because most of the commonly understood laws make sense to me and I abide by them. I draw the line at the laws which are created for the benefit of corporations and government whores who break them on their own time any time they feel like it.

In the long run it is probably better to leave me be, as you should already know. I don’t work for you but I do work for someone and that someone has a lot more weight than your employers will ever have and you will just wind up looking like what you are, after it is over. Spare yourself this. You have enough embarrassments to be concerned with. You don’t need one more which will also serve to make my case far better than I am already making it on my own.

I know the ins and outs of your various ways and what you are capable of but these are very different times and you do need to keep that in mind. The hounds you formerly unleashed at will, may no longer serve you in the capacities you are used to and you wouldn’t want to find that they are prepared to turn on you now as they might well do.

End Transmission…….

Miracle of Love

The New Shangri-La

The Hour is Coming Round as Surely it Must.

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I try not to focus on the punishment angle. I believe what scripture reveals about that; “Justice is mine”, sayeth the Lord”. I can’t help myself sometimes when I find myself wishing that a hard rain will fall upon the heads of these demons in human form. I don’t stay there. It’s very momentary and then it passes. It’s a kind of red haze that rims the eyes and dreams of fire. (I’m not a Christian but I am a friend of Christ; if that makes sense.)

The very worst of them are those who pose as the opposite of what they are; men like George Soros whose money went to fund the Iranian Green Revolution; Zionist occupied Georgia’s Rose Revolution and the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. It makes me think of all the color coded alerts that the Bush League administration used to come up with. George Soros likes to paint himself as a philanthropist. He’s had some sneaky little efforts that landed him on the perceptual end of good guy country. It’s amusing to see now how all those organizations he funded are in full support of Obama’s Murder Inc.

I’d like to slip inside George’s head (and I might) and turn up the volume on Love’s recording of “She Comes in Colors”

I hate to say that I don’t trust very many people and almost no organizations. I used to look at and Code Pink the same way I looked at The Daily Kos; just power grabs of empty space to posture in. I don’t mean to be a cynic. I have powerful belief in some things that approach the level of ‘know’ instead of ‘believe’ but time and time again; I find that these organizations that rise up in opposition to the status quo are actually created by the status quo to give the impression of an opposition that doesn’t exist. I can say with certainty that not all the money or promise of personal power that could possibly be offered would cause me to change what I do… not one whit. You might say that’s easy words to say and hard words to live by but in this one regard I know myself very well. Some things are more important than money and personal power.

Why would anyone, given the opportunity to really make a difference, sell their asses like a street side hooker for temporary gain? Does it not occur to these people that these notes come due? There’s a temporal bank and a spiritual bank and you’re welcome to your choices. What forms a man like Soros who makes himself personally responsible for the deaths of people in countries far away, which are none of his fucking business? What kind of a vampire buys the souls of fools for money and then provokes them toward prison and execution?

Maybe I’ll be disappointed again but as far as I am concerned, Vladimir Putin, at the moment, is the greatest statesman alive. I think about Mr. Putin a great deal. I know he’s ex-KGB. I know various things about his life because I took the trouble to learn. Certain features about this man fascinated me. And I have some gift for Phrenology so there would be some curiosity in that regard but still, I will take him head and tails above the rest. I like Ahmanedijad also. He fares much better phrenologically. He is surely an honest man who loves his country. In this sense Putin and Ahmanedijad are quite similar. Putin loves Russia. He loves Russia more than himself. This could not be said about Obama, or Netanyahu, or Sarkozy, or Merkel or Gordon Brown. These creeps are in love with themselves and in a personal confrontational crisis they would all be cowards. Phrenology tells me this as well.

Putin’s a martial artist and I have studied in that area all my life. My interest in Phrenology came in tandem with this because when you’ve been sent to prison and other places for extended tours, you had better know a little something about Phrenology and body language. The mental institutions were the best. Then you really had to be on your game. But hey, the world is a mental institution and …if you are sane, and I’m not saying you are, but if you are sane you had better watch your step. They know you hooked those glasses from the set of “They Live”. Which-

brings me back to things I believe in strongly enough that they have become one of the few things I can actually say I know. I know there is a cosmic force for good and, regardless of appearances, it always triumphs… period. Go on with your vain fantasies of empires and fortunes, dancing boys and dancing girls; shimmering in a sea of permitted violation… the corner table at the high tower and the blood of your fellows on your hands. I will see you fall. I will watch you go.

George Soros, let me tell you personally that you are a soulless husk and your destiny is grim. You approach the gates George and the one who granted you this fortune will step aside as you go by; soon to see you in an entirely different context.

Let me say to everyone of you now strutting and parading across the stage while you play to the cheap seats; the population of which you have drastically increased, that your hour has come. You have been warned. There is a small window still open and if in your arrogant disregard you disdain this priceless mercy then there will be none after. You had better heed while you can. You had better fall to your knees and recognize the Lord of Light or you will be summarily handed over to his less benign aspect.

The time is shorter than you can imagine.

Let me tell you a little something about the ‘less benign aspect’. It’s you on steroids. It is exactly you, as you would have become, in your presumptions …of becoming the dark lord who brooks no competition. All the time you served him all you really achieved was his determined hatred. Just as the non-existent anthropomorphic god of the fundamentally inclined has no real existence; being nothing more than a bigger expression of the uncharitable self… the same applies to the dark side. Think of the irony of being in your own merciless hands …but raised beyond what you… mere mortal… aspired to. It is an easy road to enter and a lot of people go but as scripture also records, you will not leave until you have paid the last farthing.

So… even though I know too few of you have enough self-inquiry left to be slumming in my neighborhood, I’d like to take you back to the beginning of this piece and my mention of vengeance and notes come due. As hard as it is for me, I choose to err on the side of mercy and if you are in a position to heed, I suggest you be about that now. I am not imagining or fooling about what I am saying and you had better address this opportunity now because at some point known only to the Lord of Light, that window will close. Scripture also talks of wailing and lamentation; gnashing of teeth and I’m sure there’s a deal more to that. No man in flesh can accurately measure the blessings of Heaven or the miseries of Hell. I don’t come out of this particular bag very often because, as I said, I’m not involved at the punishment end. I do have something to do with the process itself, so you would be wise indeed to hear what I am saying.

Everyone ought to put just that much more effort into their lives at this time. When the entire spectrum shifts, you will only have what you have invested- and some grace- to call on. It’s not a hard thing that’s being asked of you. Serve as you go. Reach intensely within and recognize that it’s always now and that is for one reason only… that at some point in the eternal ongoing moment you will see that your life is a limitless possibility toward a singular bright home. You are admired and rewarded most for what you do when no one is looking. My friends… there are no secret places.

I never wanted any part of this, even when I was very young; all I ever wanted was my walled garden and the privacy of my invisible friends. Everything else had already let me down long ago but I can no more wall out the suffering of my fellows than You… yes You, can avoid the certain and irreversible judgment that is coming your way. You’ve seen the cartoon of the deranged, bearded man holding up a placard that says. “Repent, the hour is at hand”? Believe it.


The New Shangri-La

The Magical Wars within the Same Old Same Old.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

The mothership resonates into the dark haze of materialism that chokes the planet. The tiny repeater pod takes its position above Clear Channel’s main transmission tower and the information wraps itself around the noxious propaganda like alien music which transforms the propaganda into harmless audio confetti. It’s now becoming the inert matter you read about on the back of packages of processed food. The alien music is burrowing into the collective DNA and whispering words like, “freedom”, “awake” and other things. Tune your mind to the inner light and let us burn away the cobwebs of a vanishing age. Welcome to the dog poet radio show. Perk up your ears and wag your tails as the chief walker removes the leashes from your neck and transfers them to the newly forged collars of your former masters.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned it yet, that Israel was involved in an assassination plot against Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan. Well… there was some amount of coverage in the international press. I’m thinking this was the key motivation behind Erdogan walking out on Peres and Turkey denying Israel the opportunity to participate in recent war games. It wasn’t about Gaza. The video of the exchange between Erdogan and Peres has been scrubbed from youtube because of use violations. It’s available in one of the preceding links.

I’ve been noticing the tension between Turkey and Israel for some time now. Turkey was supposed to be one of Israel’s best friends. The truth is that Israel has no friends, just people who fear her and people who have been compromised by her. If you wind your sinuous way into the past, you will find that Israel and Turkey have an interesting relationship. Insert the key words, ‘Ashkenazi Turks’ into a search engine. The AshkeNazis make up more than 80% of world Jewry and they are not of Semitic origin. This is a key to understanding why they immediately change the names of the Arab towns where they have either killed, or driven into exile all of the inhabitants. They need to corroborate what ancient texts claim is so and what modern research has proven false.

The Palestinians are the real descendents of the people in the Bible, not the AshkeNazis. The AshkeNazis mean to graft themselves over the original inhabitants, in a search for legitimacy of their claims that they originated in the lands which they have stolen from the Palestinians.

If your sole purpose for studying anything is to discover the truth of it, you will find that it is not a difficult thing. It is much more difficult to discover or manufacture the evidence to support what isn’t true. Lying is the more arduous art. The truth is much easier but far more dangerous on occasion.

Before Herzl and the boys worked the Dreyfus affair into the international tragedy that we know today, Arabs and Jews lived together in relative peace. That continued for awhile, until the Zionists discovered that the Bible made mention that it is always open season for hunting and killing Arabs. That’s the thing with so-called holy books. You can find anything you’re looking for. This is made all the more interesting, considering that the Bible and, most specifically the Old Testament are works of Gematria. You can find extensive corroboration for this and it gives a deeper meaning to the twenty two major arcana of the Tarot. For years, I was fascinated with the Tarot and its connections to astrology and The Great Work, which is the process of manufacturing the philosopher’s stone …and it seems to have something to do with the pineal gland. Do you ever get a ticklish sensation in the center of your forehead?

Because of a certain consistent and hideous behavior on the part of the Zionist movement, many people simply reject the idea of Jewish mysticism as it relates to the Kabala. It has been further diminished by association with Madonna and the troglodytes, along with the duplicitous activities of the Bergs, as they prostitute the mysteries of a higher order for personal gain.

I want to mention Jacob’s ladder and ask you to keep it in mind. Jacob’s ladder runs up through your spine. In occasional moments of personal rapture, I have found myself climbing it as if it were a real ladder; mimicking the act in concert with an internal process of incremental elevation. For me, some number of these arcane techniques and procedures are real.

Let me present something and see if it might not ring a bell or two with you. Anything that goes up can go down. Every positive, good thing has a negative counterpart and by polarization, they hold each other in place. Polarities are very essential in the world of duality… in the relative world. This is one reason why Advaita Vedanta holds forth a singular promise for those who can apprehend it.

Let us turn now to the Kabala which combines two books, the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sepher Zohar. The original intent of this marvelous system was wisdom and illumination. It has direct parallels to The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. However, we live in a very materialistic age. I said earlier that anything which goes up can go down too. Let’s bring back Jacob’s ladder and add in kundalini and the human spine. Let’s mention ageless wisdom and point out that there is only one force in the universe and that force is given definition according to intention and direction.

It is altogether possible to take rituals from the Kabala and turn them to other intentions, devices and industries than it was intended for. What we have ladies and gentlemen is a reversed Kabala being utilized to manipulate the material plane. When you reverse the kundalini, you also find that its power applies in either direction. This is the source of the sudden expansion of particular, sexual practices and identities in the culture of the moment. Because we are on the verge of the opening of an ancient portal; both within and without, everyone is feeling some degree of kundalini activity. This energy is also the sex energy. Due to the impressive impact of materialism on the human mind, decadence flourishes. There are all kinds of people who will take aggressive opposition to what I am implying here. In any case, it’s either true or it isn’t

Ageless wisdom is concealed by veils. The point of this is to assure the correct progression for the aspirant. As the aspirant passes certain tests, veils fall away. The higher mysteries of divine magic confer powers beyond the capacity of the ordinary, human imagination. When this is reversed, you have personalities like Stalin, Netanyahu and similar types appearing. The power of right use of the principles in any tradition of magical enterprise is always greater than the power of those who have perverted and bastardized it. None the less, the keepers of the keys are vigilant to protect these processes and traditions because they can be very, very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Personally, I stay away from the magical arts. If magic wants to happen spontaneously (and it does) due to an upwelling of love, compassion or any of the virtues then… that is fine with me. To actively seek to perform it is not in my MOS. To paraphrase Arthur Edward Waite, when he commented on the difference between white and black magic; “On the one hand we have something that is certainly dangerous, on the other hand we have something which may only be foolish.

A new magic is coming down on to the planet and the perversion of the principles of light are about to get their due. We’re entering the realm of Topsy Turvy and the only reason this might distress anyone, besides those it is coming for, would be their attachment to what is being recycled into the coming age.

We’ve come to the end of the text portion of this week’s radio transmission/ I’ll be going into more detail about this subject there. I’ll be slipping into your ears in practically no time at all so, practice safe hearing.. Ahroooooooooooooooooo!!!

End Transmission…….

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Our Sacred Trust and the Greater Promise.

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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Being as I am in a philosophical frame of mind lately, I thought I might take this opportunity to clarify the position of Smoking Mirrors. You can see in the masthead above what the intention is but… I suspect that not infrequently there are readers who feel the blanket is much too big for the bed. No doubt there are people who believe that I have aversion and contempt for the material plane and more of the same for those who traffic in it, as if it were as real as they think it is. From this, you might also assume that I don’t think it’s as real as it seems to be. I’ve banged my head on enough low-hanging door lintels and other things, designed for people of average size, to know that it’s real enough.

On my way to doing what I now do, on my way to doing what I will soon do and on my way to whatever I’m going to do or not do after that, I’ve owned a few failed businesses and worked for people who had successful businesses. Some of the finest people I ever met were full on members of the business community and served to make my life a lot easier than it might have been. Some of them created an environment where fun and enthusiasm were the order of the day. They were generous, honest and often pleasantly eccentric.

Independent of the fact that I prefer other dimensions and the worlds inside my head, I’ve had a lot of fun in this one. I’ve been brutalized by it too. The one who oversees me saw fit to tenderize me in the gladiator schools of this tormented realm. It’s also been the springboard to other worlds and without a launching pad you will always be short of a launch. Conflict has made me strong and taught me the secret resolutions that are hidden within it. I’m only at a certain point on the spiral staircase to the stars but I’m far enough along that I can look over the railing and catch vertigo. As I’ve said a time or two here before, the key is not to piss over the railing.

I want to make it clear that there are a lot of really good people here that are struggling to do the right thing, even when no one is watching them.

I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books; not so many of the latter as was once the case. Without the business people who labored to bring these things into form, I wouldn’t have been able to do either. Without the people who built the roads and the rails and the airports and planes I would not be in Europe today. Let’s not forget the ships of sea. Without this world, I would have had no venue in which to learn the important lessons that I needed to learn, so that one day I could travel to the other worlds that draw me like I draw the very breath of life.

Without those who have opposed, betrayed and imprisoned me I would never have had the opportunity to make the decision not to be like them. I’ve profited from bad examples every bit as much as I have from the good ones. The tales of epic struggles for liberty and redemption have inspired my soul. The lives of the great hearted ones who have gone before have shown me the possibility of the human state. The tragedy of those who failed in their humanity, still remain as icons of what not to be.

I owe the snake in the grass as much as I owe the eagle in the sky. This world is a tapestry that is made beautiful by the contrast in colors. There is no lasting satisfaction in the endless stream of products and events that flow from the cornucopia of matter but that awareness is its greatest gift.

Even though people have tried to kill me and imprison me for the extent of my natural life and intended that I suffer even worse than either of these, I can honestly say that I bear them no ill will. I owe them for what they helped shape me into. Resentment and enmity are ship anchors that will keep you here as long as you bear them. I’m not going to rattle my chains. I do believe it is necessary to rattle the cages though.

The reality of what I try to do, within the limitations and restrictions of my ability, is to point out the dangers that I have been exposed to. Having been through some portion of these things, it is my desire that others will be spared these things. It’s foolish to imagine that I have any real ability at this but one can’t help but try. One will develop no ability further on unless they work at it now. In some ways, suffering is a real gift because it brings with it empathy and compassion, which one might otherwise have not acquired. This is not to say that suffering confers this on everyone. Quite often people choose to reap resentment and enmity instead.

I look at the terrors of the past as playground scraps now. You become old when you begin to look back upon your life more than you look forward. We do this because we are attached to things we failed at and cannot change. We cannot change the past which is why we work to alter the facts of it in our minds. Lying to yourself is a fool’s gambit. We’d be spared a lot of grief if we were more honest with ourselves.

What I am trying to say is, though we get into strong language here, even though we pen the endless Jeremiads and rail like Savonarola, it is not for the purpose of making a villain out of anyone. That effort is very effectively achieved by those so engaged. The purpose is to state what many others state in these days; some things are wrong and an offense against humanity and whatever there may be that can be called divine.

We are all confused… some more than others. Whether our crimes are great or small, we all have them. However, as soon as one admits they were wrong, they open the door to being right. As soon as one departs from selfish and offensive actions, they are on a different course than they were. While we breathe it is not too late to change.

My methods may not suit everyone. I’m still learning as I go and am a work in progress but some things need be said because lies can kill you. The few of us with the stones to speak out against the psychopathy of Zionism and Israel are labeled as what we are not. On the other hand there are some number of bloggers and pundits who accuse me of being too soft on the Jews because I don’t condemn them as a whole. You can’t win. You can only say what you know; never forgetting what you do not know. I will add that silence is a form of complicity.

It is past disputing that Israel was involved in plotting 9/11. It is past disputing that there are serious exaggerations in the historical records of events long gone. It is past disputing that Operation Cast Lead was a war crime and that the Palestinians are victims of genocide. It is past disputing that Israel is a much greater danger to the world than Iran ever will be. The insidious daily lies of the catamite press seek to twist reality into something it is not and unless some number of us expose these lies, these lies will go on being carved into the stone that hangs around our collective necks.

People may not want to hear the truth but some of us don’t want to hear the lies either. I have as much of a right to be here as anyone. I am not going to look back at my life with regret about what I did not say and what I did not do. I am going to look forward to the day when these lies have been hung out to dry before the eyes of the world, exposed for what they are and a testimony to the darkness in us all.

There’s nothing wrong with business and entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with taking what temporary enjoyments and pleasures one might find along the way, so long as they are not at the expense of our fellows. There is nothing wrong with being rich and in a position of prominence and power. There can be a great deal wrong with how one applies and uses them. We are stewards and nothing more. We can lose all that we have in an instant and curse the day these things ever came our way. We have a duty to one another and our first duty is to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. It is on this that we will be judged in the aftermath. It is better to consider this now than to discover it later.

I want to thank all of you who have been a part of this experiment for making me much more capable than I would have been. This has been a group effort and it is going to be a group effort. As soon as we make up our minds to engage in this effort with every particle of our being, just that soon will angels fly to our side. The battle is already won. This is the critical point.

End Transmission…….

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A Meaningful Stroll down Memory Lane.

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I’ve never fit in here. For a long time I thought it was some kind of a curse. I tried to fit in and that generally ended in tragic-comic results. It seemed like life was playing a joke on me, which didn’t strike me as funny a lot of the time. Other people seemed to integrate effortlessly. They knew what to do in different situations. To me it always seemed like I should do something else and that something else did not mesh with the demands of the circumstances or the world I was in.

I got into trouble with the law as if it were some innate ability I possessed. They keyed on me even if I wasn’t doing anything. It wasn’t just the law. It was also the established church and certain emergent organizations with pretensions of becoming the established church. Most of the time, all I had to do was open my mouth to offend someone and I didn’t even know I was doing it.

One time a couple of teenage girls came up to me in the park. They wanted my opinion on Scientology. I told them I thought it was a form of satanic mind control. My kundalini had not yet awakened but people often came to me about different things and I often had a crowd around me because of the things I said. I didn’t know the meaning of what happening to me. I didn’t know who I was and there’s an argument to be made that I still don’t.

Later in that day these girls came back to me and told me that they wanted to talk to me at the Scientology building. This was the flagship location for the firm in Washington D.C. They weren’t anything like what they later became but not much has changed, from then to now, in what they are and what they do.

So… I walked over to the site from DuPont Circle and a woman of about forty some years invited me into her office. She asked me what I knew about Scientology. I told her I was familiar with the book, “Dianetics”, and that I thought it was some kind of a scam. In those days a lot of energy was coming off of me so that it wasn’t always what people were hearing from me but what they were feeling. We only exchanged one or two following comments when she jumped out of her chair. She was trembling and unhinged. She screamed at me. “Get out! Get out of here. You’re a suppressive!”

I smiled at her and just walked out of the building. Over the course of the rest of the day and the following day, people would come up to me and hand me a folded slip of paper which said, “I can no longer speak to you or acknowledge you in any way, you are a suppressive.” I thought this was pretty funny and it didn’t matter to me one way or the other whether I encountered these particular people again anyway.

What followed I only found out about later on when a police detective confided in me. Representatives of Scientology went to the police and told them I was a drug dealer and a corrupter of the young due to possessing a Svengali-like persona. They were very insistent that the police do something about it and the police were more than willing to accommodate them.

The police sent a couple of guys into the park to work me. One of them was black and one of them was white. I still remember the name of the white guy, Eddie Verone. There were some amusing events that came out of this but the results were not so amusing.

The first time I saw them they had come into a circle of people where I was talking about something or other. During these days I often said and did things without knowing why. It was all part of pre-kundalini thing. I had gotten a strange hit from these guys so the next time they showed up in my circle I started singing that Dylan song, “Ballad of a Thin Man”. After a moment or so, one of these guys got really uptight and started screaming at me, “Are you saying I’m a cop!” I said, I don’t know what you are. I was usually pretty calm, no matter what was happening and that was because of changes that were taking place inside of me, due to the acid I was taking. Probably I should have been paying more attention. I was paying attention. I just wasn’t paying attention to things like this.

At that time I was a close friend of John Hall, who went on to form the band, “Orleans” and did a lot of studio guitar work with certain rock luminaries. Today he’s a congressman in New York.

It should be mentioned here that I was not a drug dealer in any sense at all. I was a consumer. So these undercover cops had to come up with a plan to snare me. They approached a fellow named John Reed who was a serious ne’er do well and who was a drug dealer. John and I were standing in the park a few days later when John Reed came up to me with these guys and said they wanted to get a few ounces of weed from a friend of mine named Frankie who lived in Virginia- ergo Federal implications. I was the only one who knew where Frankie lived. All of us wanted some pot and there were a couple of others guys around who also wanted some, so they decided to pool their resources.

I did not trust the under covers and so I said, “I’ll take you there but I’m not touching any of the money”. That was cool. We got in two cars and drove to Frankie’s place. John Reed jumped out of his car and ran toward the building leaving me behind and one of the undercovers called me to a car window and said, “Here’s $20., get me another ounce. Stupidly I took it and said, “I’ll give this to John. Of course, John was in on it which is why he ran off. It all went down and we returned to DuPont Circle. A few days later I found out there was a warrant out on me and so John Hall and I split for the West Village in NYC.

Some time later we returned to D.C. and I went to stay with John at his parent’s house in suburban Maryland. His parents were wealthy and very straight. It didn’t take all that long for them to begin to resent what they felt was my strong influence over their son so… and here it gets murky again…  a few nights later we were having dinner when we heard a bullhorn outside the house announcing the police and demanding I come out, or else. When we opened the door there were spotlights blazing in our eyes and a number of policemen with guns drawn etc.

I was arrested by a famous Maryland narcotics officer named “the White Rabbit”. The murky part is that later I was told that John’s parents had leaned on him and he told them I was wanted and I was betrayed to the police. This kind of thing happened to me a lot.

It took six years for me to get a pardon for this nonsense; most of the time I was on the run …and some of the time I was locked up. Every time I managed to get out I left immediately again which is why it took so long. As far as I was concerned I had done nothing wrong and I wasn’t about to cooperate. I never have and I never will. What I choose to put in my body is my business and not all the king’s whores or all the king’s men will ever change that. If I think a law is reasonable I will obey it, otherwise I will do what I think is right.

The point of this tale is that through all of the things I endured, I evaded all of the terrible things that happened to others in my situation and I am here today with no regrets except perhaps in the area of my early, romantic behavior (grin). I believe I was protected and looked after because there is a higher justice and if you put yourself under its wings you will be okay. If you buy into the temporal BS, or you accept guilt from those guilty of far worse, then the conditions are different.

I believe the same things apply now and always …and anyone who is willing can place themselves in the care of a power greater than anything they will come up against or… you can rely on your own devices. I would caution you against that. Shit happens, it is true, but when you are ‘in the way of the one’ it always works out to be something better than you expected. Lessons must be learned but there are a lot of ways for that to happen.

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Mr. President, you are a Low-Down, Snake-Eyed Liar.

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Listen up Howdy Doody; you’re a waste of carbon, oxygen and water, not to mention space. You’re a low-down, snake-eyed liar and a paid political whore for the nastiest psychopaths on the planet. I understand you wouldn’t be president otherwise but that doesn’t justify it. I remember little things that clued me early on. I remember Warren Buffet being in your corner and then I remembered Warren Buffet and Jacob Rothschild meeting with Schwarzenegger. I remember little things and vague associations across time. I also remember the things people say because I actually listen to them.

As soon as I saw you, my first thought was, “there goes a cool cucumber of a long tall drink of water from the Lincoln Reflecting Pool, minus the Lincoln”. You reminded me of one of those Chicago Pimps without the leopard skin coat. Politics is a world of strange contradictions. That’s how you can be both a pimp and a whore at the same time and have it make perfect sense.

I know there are those who will say it’s a big job being president of, the soon to no longer be, the most powerful nation on Earth. Maybe that’s why people can imagine that a lot of what gets done there isn’t your decision. However, I know the impact the president can have on policy and I also know that even with powerful opposition, the president can stand for the right thing.

You were elected on the platform of ‘hope and change’. Hope’s a hard thing to kill because it will remain as long as fools can dream. The only change I’ve seen is that you’ve expanded the theater of the conflicts you swore to end. I’m especially intrigued about your hypocrisy over the Guantanamo detainees. Any one who wants to, knows that most of those people were kidnapped and sold by opportunistic warlords and, since 9/11 was done by the former administration, in tandem with Israel, there are no other 9/11 terrorists.

Hi-ranking members of the CIA have gone on record that there is no Al Qaeda. That’s what makes hiring Blackwater to kill Al Qaeda operatives so damned ironic. If there’s no

Al Qaeda, and there is no Al Qaeda, then it must mean that someone other than Al Qaeda is being killed all along. Since Bin Laden’s been dead for years, the constant mention of his name every time you need to scare the public is also pretty low down. I realize that it is the Israeli controlled press that is responsible for this, just as I am certain that Israel controls everything you say and do. It’s got to be a hard thing for the black people to have come so far from slavery only to have one of their own become president and then sell his ass to the descendents of those who operated many of the slave ships AND the slum housing AND the pawn shops AND the liquor stores AND the film industry that portrayed them as Stepin Fetchits and google-eyed retards for such a long time. That’s pretty cold, Mr. President. That’s pretty cold.

Let’s be perfectly clear here, all the evidence points to 9/11 being an inside job that was accomplished by elements in the American and Israeli governments. The beneficiaries of the attack have been fascist elements of the American government and Israel. All the conflicts that followed were orchestrated by dual national Zio-cons in key positions in government and the corporate and media realms. The looming assault on Iran is being drummed up by the same elements. Israel, who does possess nuclear weapons, is in violation of all the things they are demanding from Iran. Iran is not in violation of all the things that Israel and the Israeli-occupied American governments are demanding from them.

So, consider this Mr. President, if your Zionist occupied government in tandem with Israel, carried out the 9/11 attacks; then for what reason have millions been murdered and displaced in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan? For what reason are all these people dying? If they have no association with 9/11 and the only acts they are committing are in defense of their nation against a pernicious invader then they are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters.

If the Taliban successfully stopped the opium production in Afghanistan why is it now more abundant than at any time in history? Why is this now being blamed on the Taliban who stopped it in the first place?

Now your government is pulling out all the stops to sink the Goldstone Report. Who owns your ass Mr. President?

You’re pounding the pavement for a comprehensive American health plan. Behind the scenes you are cutting deals with the pharmaceutical industry and the rest of the vultures that have keep affordable health care out of America all these years while most every other country has one. I realize the title of this post is misleading by omission. You’re not just a liar as we can see.

Your country’s economy is crashing around your ears. Madness is already surfacing on your streets. As the winter of American discontent comes lurching through the mist of global cooling, accelerating heating costs and the impact on every other area of the American economy is going to ignite the public rage and… perhaps that will keep them warm, Mr. President?

You gave all their money to the bankers who caused the problems in the first place. One of the things that amaze me is the resilience of the hope so many of your people have placed in you. It appears they are a nation of confused children and I suppose that makes you Gary Glitter.

During the rule of your predecessor, FEMA concentration camps were built across the nation and constitutional rights were dismantled and done away with. Gratuitous wars based on transparent lies were initiated in foreign lands and then you were elected to put things right …and you have allowed all of these things to continue …and then some. So why are you here really? You’re here to take it to the next step. You’re here to set the forces in motion that make the next step necessary. You and your policies and sycophants, at the behest of the psychopaths who own you, are here to instigate the conditions which make that next step unavoidable.

It’s not going to fly Mr. President. All across the course of history, one demagogue and madman after another has attempted to rule the world and they never pulled it off. You won’t either. What we are witnessing is not the final stages of a long sought after fait accompli. What we are witnessing is a cosmic, moral play with you and your associates as the object lessons.

What is it that causes such large numbers of people to follow so many bad leaders into the desert in search of water? What power closes their eyes to the obvious lies and crimes visited upon them? What has made them so dependent and apathetic that they indulge every injury directed at them? Is it materialism and convenience that weakened their spine?  Are there hidden technical or magical forces being directed at them? Is it some combination of many things, or is it just human nature? I don’t know. I see what I see and one of the things I see is you. I see right through you because you aren’t even there. You are composed of colorful smoke that dances before the terrible image of the beast that squats behind you.

Listen up; you would be prison warders of the planet entire. Your house of cards is set to tumble. The dominoes tremble as the Earth moves beneath them. I won’t ask you to see the light and change your ways. This is not something you are inclined or prepared to do. I will say only this to you, watch and see the fearsome destiny that awaits the perennial scoundrels who prey upon their fellows. Watch and see.

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