It’s all about the Madmen Exposing themselves.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I’m thinking I ought to tell the reader a couple of things but it would be premature; notably about the Dog Poet thing. It would be premature. Sometimes what is, is the what of the isness not present. I am a little pressured by the emails and the commentaries at certain forums where, as usual, speculation and assumed reality take the place of truth. Nobody knows, myself included but… there are no accidents. Let’s leave it at that and see what happens? If you’re cool with that then, I am cool with that. If not… you’ll have to wait anyway because certain things haven’t happened yet. As for credentials, I think I’ve made an impression in that regard, though I’m just a horse or a dog if you prefer. In the one case I carry and in the other I give unconditional love. Both are quite true. In no case is it about me and if the time should come when that ever comes into question, I promise to take off all my clothes and dance in the street to invisible music. I realize music is more often to be qualified with audibility and not visibility but I am Les Visible and so that is a factor.

Now let’s get to the reason I’m writing this and stop annoying me with things I can’t explain to you. Why not let life in conjunction with time and events prove the point? Okay? Okay.

Irrespective of Steve Shane’s smokescreen of an article in the New York Times and irrespective of the debate that… ALL OF A SUDDEN HAS APPEARED… out of nowhere about how the Iran question is so much like the Iraq situation, I am asking the reader not to be deceived by what’s ticker-taping through your head via the crack-whore media. Just as Saudi Arabia had most definitely NOT cut a deal with Israel, all of this other smoke and mirrors is the sort of thing pickpockets’ work in public venues. It’s a form of bump and grind that is more bump and less grind. On the elemental level of the world’s appetites; whether it be in Atlantic City or Monaco; Bangkok or Gstaad, Hollywood or Bollywood, the whole game is about picking your pocket. Sometimes is can be a rough engagement if you happen to be in Marseilles or Tangiers. Sometimes they use mink gloves when they violate you. It depends on the comfort zone you can afford.

We won’t be dealing with the Greco-Roman Polanski here- that’s for the next Petri Dish. On that matter I will only say that, since Whoopi Goldberg says it’s okay it probably is, after all, I’ve never been on Hollywood Squares. Look, that whole Manson thing was orchestrated and I can tell you with some authority that you would be surprised about what was actually going on. I’m not going to address the satanic cabal that performs things like this all the time. I’m not going to talk about who may or may not be involved in these gatherings that take place in a very regular way. I’m not going to flash pictures of John Travolta or Sammy Davis Junior… no… that’s coming up shortly and the bad news for some is that some oracles can’t be stopped… after all… if there’s a bad guy there must be a good guy and we know how that works out in the end.

The assault on Iran appears imminent. When I start hearing unreasonable people talking like they are reasonable I know one of their friends is coming up behind me with a sap. One thing you must ALWAYS keep in mind is that we are dealing with psychopaths. If you don’t know what it looks like on the inside of their heads then you better school yourself. If you would like it presented in an entertainment format, I will send you a PDF novel that explains it for free. Just email me.

Any time you see a sudden shift in the way that formerly consistently lying sacks of shit present the news, you can be sure the word came up from below to switch the program because snakes were about to be slithering under the theater seats and it’s necessary that the public has their eyes on the screen.

Most people who read here get their news from the alternative media. I do to a degree but I also get my news from Asia and the Russian press so… a lot of you might have missed where Putin (who is definitely in charge in Russia) said very directly that Iran is not afraid, not even a teensy weensy little bit about Israel coming after them. There’s a reason for this. This is a point I want to make with serious impact. Iran is not afraid of Israel at all and there’s a reason for that but I’m not going to spoil the surprise. I just want to say that Bibi and Ehud are in for a big surprise.

Personally I don’t hate anyone. If someone is in that sort of state with me, I am generally watching their body language and I have that palms forward, knees bent sort of thing. Of course people like to do long distance romances with guns and scopes and this and that. It’s funny how things go haywire sometimes. It’s actually beyond amusement how twisted people can get. I know I’m talking around things I can’t explain… but why don’t you read between the lines? The people who read here are gifted individuals so, use your intuition and see where that takes you.

Israel has gone to the well so many times that they think they can do it without even caring what the world thinks. They control the information flow for the rank and file so what’s the problem? Heh heh… sooner or later everyone learns that one should never over reach themselves. Alexander who was the very spirit of the gods of war on Earth learned this lesson and what was that? Something went wrong with his stomach. Evil really does destroy itself and it is about to show you that. Life is truly a Shakespearean play and the devil always does take the hindmost.

Were I you, I would take a lesson from these earthquakes because, as I have said many times here, Nature is going to be playing a large part in the presumptive and arrogant affairs of the insects who somehow got the idea that they owned the place. You are playing with things beyond your imagination. If you are a bad guy and you are reading this… you had better get a clue because you have tripped the wire; you have set off the sirens, you have brought yourself to the attention of those whose attention no mortal wants.

There is a poem called The Hound of Heaven. You can find it. Words never do justice to events. Words are just words. It is the rare artist that can get the world to remember what they said. It is the supremely great artist that gets to be buried in Mozart’s grave.

A lot of you are wondering and worrying about your families tonight. I was in an email exchange with a reader today about this very thing. Keep this in mind…whether you call it the angel of death or random chance or the reason you thought you should get  more ammunition… the director is more aware of you than you will ever be of yourself. What I would tell you; the core issue that I would bring to your minds is this. What can you afford to lose? What do you care about? What is important to you? On that hinges your fate.

My friends, many of you are long time readers and you have accorded me a certain veracity and I can tell you that was not in vain but… I cannot make that leap for you. I cannot be you while you are trying to be yourselves. What I can do is hum Les Marseilles inside your head and tell you that this time, even though heads may roll, they will not be yours. Hold on friends. Do not despair. You have friends in high places. Stop paying attention to the ones who do not have your best interest in mind.

And for the people at those forums and the ones who want to send me messages, I have only this to say; how come I’ve been doing this all this time?  Do you see me at Sardis? Am I screwing starlets? You got your criticism machine full bore but what have you ever done to make this world a better place? How many hearts have you touched? You know what I do before I criticize someone? I look at what they have accomplished first and I am very generous in that regard. Maybe you ought to take a page from my book.

Walk Through the Fire or Burn

The New Shangri La

2 Responses to “It’s all about the Madmen Exposing themselves.”

  1. I have been on a journey seeking the truth for almost a year now. It was excruciating at times, learning that a lot of what I believed in was false. It took time to accept, and part of it was that I felt so stupid for being tricked or brainwashed or just too simple to ask the questions that were in my mind all along but that I feared putting a voice to because that’s not something that was done in my world.

    The more I learned, the more questions I had and it seemed like there wasn’t one truth that I could count on because it kept changing for me the more I investigated and read and questioned. I knew in my heart that the truth should not change with the wind and so I kept searching until I found what I needed to know.

    The biggest gift of my journey was the letting go of fear, my refusal to let fear define my life any longer and once I made that decision, I felt such peace in my life—I cannot even put it into words. And suddenly I wasn’t afraid despite all the worrying things that are going on around me–I simply know that me and my family will be ok. I can’t prove it–but I know it to be true. I run outside every morning and it’s there that I feel closest to God–it’s there that I feel we’re all going to make it through whatever obstacles lie ahead.

    I’m hopeful every single day.

  2. Bob's Country Bunker Says:

    Hollywood and some Goldberg person says it’s ok to be with a 13yr old when you’re way over 21. It must be then! I’m so glad our moral compass is based in Hollywood and Disneyland. Howdy Doody was unavailable for comment as he was busy admiring himself in a large mirror. But seriously what is this Polanski stuff supposed to be distracting us from?

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