Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


It slips through the jungle like a jaguar in the night. It climbs out of the caverns that lead to the air-vents that sustain the illuminati in their castles underground. It leaks into the glaciers like sleep, slipping from the mouth of Albert Gore. It walks through Paris and waltzes through Vienna. It has a beer at the Oktoberfest and thinks about beer trucks filled with bombs. It wears a condom in Vegas and goes bareback in Salt Lake City. It dreams and it wonders, as it greets the sun in Samarkand and we are riding alongside on the doppelganger express. It’s the future and its possibility. It’s that indefinable something that you can taste in Chinese food and it’s a warning and the witness cause… Santa knows if you’ve been good.

Some of us can feel it when we can’t feel anything else and some of us are fast asleep in the kindling of a burning bed. Some of us have a bone in our nose and some of them are wearing loincloths and some of them are in designer clothes and it just goes to show you that everything is everything now and some part of everywhere is a part of everywhere else. It’s in the water supply. It’s like the gleam in your daddy’s eye except that he’s not laughing and you’re not smiling.

For quite some time it was only a vague sense of uneasiness. There was the feeling that conditions and events were not going in the right direction. Some line had been crossed. We chalked it up to stress or paranoia. Finally something happened and fear became a shimmer over everything we touched… everything that touched us. Then we found out that the original bad guys were windup dolls and that somebody else did the whole shebang. The fear increased. By increments it became apparent that the government itself was behind it. Later it became even more clear that agents of a foreign government had turned our government into a jailhouse punk. Our government was even ordering makeup and making denim skirts for itself. It liked it. Even when it became clear what the public role involved there were people lining up for the opportunity.

The people behind the people behind the people came out of the closet and leered into the eyes of the world. It was some kind of Mae West, Charlie Manson hybrid of a thing. It was some combination of “hello sailor” and “watcha gonna do about it”. Nobody knows what’s happening behind the Hollywood front. What could it possibly be that was powerful enough to make nearly everyone shut their mouths and… open their mouths depending on the demands?

You might say that a lot of people know what happened… or some version of it. You might say it is only because of the nearly complete control of the media that it isn’t sorted by this time. Still… think about it. Think about all the goons that magically appeared like Triffids in public office; on the TV and radio, in uniforms, in universities and behind the counters of the places that deal with paper. I don’t know about you but… the whole thing and all the little pieces of the thing are seriously uncanny.

Here’s a brief outline. A cabal of highly placed government officials, in tandem with foreign intelligence services and most especially… a particular intelligence service, launched a false flag assault on their own country, the most powerful nation on Earth. They used this event to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. They used this event to launch an even more serious assault on The Constitution and civil liberties of the people. They used this event to dramatically alter the way people move about. They used this event to make the world what you see today.

Just before the event a man entered the White House by means of vote fraud and then it was accomplished a second time the same way. Just last year a new president replaced him with the promise of hope and change and a determination to end the conflicts abroad. In short order he dashed the hope, turned change into more of the same and expanded the conflicts abroad. Now it involves Pakistan as well and Iran is in the gun sights.

For nearly ten years, the lies that justified the invasions have been revealed to the public. For nearly ten years we have watched the same lies being used to justify each new outrage and now… now we are seeing it in real time once again. Even though we have seen exactly the same thing before, several times, we are seeing it again and they are doing it with a straight face. If this were a movie it would be a satire. It would be a black comedy. It’s not a movie however- even though it is a movie- it’s not a movie and it’s not funny.

Iran sends a note to the IAEA to inform them that they are constructing a new enrichment facility. The rules require you to inform the IAEA six months before your facility goes on line. This new facility won’t go on line for eighteen months so Iran was well within the guidelines with lots of room to spare.

Suddenly a thousand tympanis begin to rumble. The stage explodes with pyrotechnic effects and the fog machine- especially the fog machine- goes to work so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Even if you can no longer see them you know the pyrotechnics are still happening. Like magic the fog begins to part on the stage and Curly, Moe and Larry descend from the rafters on plastic quarter moons. The band starts playing “Where or When” Moe pokes Larry in the eye and Larry swings at Moe and hits Curly instead. The crowd goes wild.

They must have had a full facial Botox treatment before they came out because they didn’t even crack a smile when they began to tell the audience that Iran had just violated not only the females of every household represented but also the males and the family pets. It was a stunner ladies and gentlemen. The stooges who front for three powerful nations came out before the eyes of the world and lied like there was no tomorrow and- if it were up to them- maybe there wouldn’t be. They stamped their big clown feet. They howled in outrage. In the wings, Bibi Netanyahoo wiped a tear from his eyes. “Now that’s acting”, he said to Barak who stood near him at a control panel.

Shortly after the stooges had left the stage, following a medley of their routines, the media airwaves lit up like Las Vegas having a Grand Mal seizure. Dogs, ponies, hookers and ping pong balls went flying in all directions. Headlines streamed through print media and across the internet. Somehow, Iran’s full compliance with all of the IAEA’s requirements had been transformed into an unspeakable, international gang rape of war orphans. I guess I don’t have to tell you where those war orphans came from but… I digress.

The level of hubris cannot be measured. People, it is officially off the charts. What power, what motive, what reason can there be for world leaders to present themselves as they have just done in the face of so much hard evidence to the contrary? Here is a mystery. We’ve all got our theories but still, it seems like there must be even more than whatever we may suspect. This brings us to the curious case of The Big Brzezinski and the interception of Israeli planes when the fait accompli goes down.

You’re reading the text to our once a month Smoking Mirrors Radio Show and this is the end of the blog segment. You can listen live here tonight and catch the second half of the transmission or you can download the show when it appears in the archives Monday or Tuesday. So be there or be square. This is the Dog Poet signing off on the blog portion of our show and sending out a collective ‘big up’ from your homies in the Sirius Cluster. Keep in mind that it’s only castles burning and none of us has one at the moment.


End of Transmission…….

Gone Baby, Gone

The New Shangri-La

One Response to “Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.”

  1. I was shocked by Zbigniew’s recent comments about US standing up to Israel. Are the elites starting to schism? And here I thought Barack Berry Soetoro was Brez’s Pinocchio. Found a funny jpg on tubes of intarweb. It shows Pelosi as Larry, Harry Reid as Curly and Berry Barack as Moe, muwahaha a funnee it makes to laugh aloud.

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