Remembering the Villains, Seven come 9/11.

“Seven come 9/11, baby needs a new pair of feet!” “Yeah roll dem bones. Sift me out some bone flour and bake me some 9/11 Victory Bread.” “Oh Yeah, I got to make eleven the hard way.” That’s when you roll snake eyes and convince everyone it was an eleven. “Check it out people. One and one is eleven. Take this here paper and write down a one and then another one next to it. See? That’s eleven.” Next…

I see where Rupert Murdoch’s Fox-Scat news service is going to be having a homage to the heroes of 9/11 on their virtual upchuck site. No sooner had they printed “never forget” than AIPAC sent a lawyer around with a ‘cease and desist’ for copyright infringement.

Certainly there were heroes around the WTC game-board on that fateful day. There were people like William Rodriguez and various emergency personnel who heard the various explosions and saw the controlled demolition of the towers and told their tale. There were others who just did their job and had no idea of what was going on but whose memories lit up afterwards like a K-Mart Blue Light Special with flashbacks and various incongruities that all said… “That ain’t the way that it was.”

Oh, there will be those audio/visual presentations that will fill us with the remembered shock and awe of that day and silverfish from the sewers will crawl up into the news casting booths in suits and ties with blow-dried hair and a Halcyon glare and talk about what happened. They’ll have their little cameos and vignettes as the dutiful graduates of MKUltra and Tavistock share their recovered memories. So… they’ll be doing that and I thought I would do a little something too and that would be to honor the villains of 9/11. The people who planned and carried out the attacks and give them a little face time.

Therefore, in no special order and with a few facts and figures missing here and there, we will name some of the major players. There’s ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein who purchased the lease on the WTC a few months before 9/11 and promptly took out big time terror insurance and who knew all about the asbestos problems in the towers. Here’s a humorous puff piece from Haaretz mourning the loss of all of Lucky Larry’s good work. They make mention of how he’s a good friend of Netanyahu, Sharon and Barak. That’s no surprise since 9/11 was planned and carried out by Mossad with the help of American intelligence services which means that Nettie, the Pillsbury Coma Boy and Parrot Squawk were manning the phones at their home base, that ‘just add blood and larceny’ Instant Levittown, Medellin of the Middle East.

There’s Little Georgie Bush who was reading “My Pet Goat of Mendes” to a group of his intellectual peers on the day he lied about seeing a plane crash into the towers. He was attended by one of his handlers, ‘Slippery’ Andy Card who, coincidentally will be on Fox-Scat News today. Another villain of 9/11, one of the big villains would be ‘Dick’em’ Cheney who made sure that all the fighter jets stayed on the ground as he assisted in his role in the treasonous attack on his own country.

There’s the neo-con fun bunch over at PNAC who drafted the charter and floated in the think tanks and fast-tracked and vetted many of the principal players who had to be in place for the festivities of 9/11. There’s ‘Money Honey’ Dov Zakheim who misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars and worked with remote plane technology and who hot-tubs with many of the names already listed. There’s Donald Rumsfield who announced the missing 2.3 millions dollars and who was wearing headphones and laying in a leather sling being procto-scoped by Condoleezza Rice on the day.

There’s the Five Dancing Israeli’s who got shipped back to Israel so that they could appear on television to say that they had been shopping for their moms. There’s the cop who found Mohammed Atta’s passport. There’s Rudolph Giuliani who mysteriously got called away from where he was so that he wouldn’t be where the action was. There are all sorts of sidemen like the people who snatched all the video tapes and destroyed the air traffic control CDs and a host of players that you can read about here. And if that wasn’t enough you can go here. I’d skip the video which I find annoying.

There’s “I can’t keep it in my pants’ Paul Wolfowitz who along with Richard Pearle and Douglas Feith were Jonathan Pollard’s spy caper buddies who has left a trail of hissing, radioactive green slime everywhere he went and who chowed down over at the World Bank and leveraged his girlfriend with a forklift into cush city before he got canned and is probably now working in the illegal organ trade.

On this memorial day that serves to remind us about how bad things can get when you let vicious, murdering psychopaths ascend into the realms of government policy, so as to have the opportunity to blame their actions on a particular religious group which they set up as the fall guys, let us remember the people who actually did the deed.

Yes, I’ve left people out and it’s your job to add them to the comments section. There are two groups of people I would like to mention before I head into epilogue country. One group is that large body of the public who actually believes it was a rag tag band of Stone Age Arabs that pulled all of this off. One of my favorite lines that I have heard is, “I was in New York City on 9/11, I know what happened (snicker). This group has lowered the bar for stupid so that not even light can pass under it now. The other group is those who know that the official story is bullshit but who are restrained from action and comment out of cowardice and fear. The two of you have helped immensely and you need to be recognized for your contribution to the enduring lie that is 9/11.

One this day of remembrance, let’s showcase the actual parties who were instrumental in making your world the place it is today. Let’s not forget who was in charge of security at the WTC in the time leading up to the attacks and let us not forget who was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube on 7/7 AND the Madrid Train Station. (Whistling past the graveyard) Yes, it’s all a series of impossible coincidences. “Seven come 9/11 baby.”

We know who did it. We don’t need the videotape from the crime scene and what thoughts were passing through their heads or what they said to each other. We have the smoking gun and the fingerprints. We have more than enough evidence to prove the conspiracy, after that it is just connecting the dots. It’s time for the Ceausescu solution to be applied across the board.

Take a moment on this day to reflect upon the villains. Across the polluted airways of the captive and lying western media you will be allowed to wallow in the tacky send-ups and reminiscences of pointy headed mynah birds as they trot out the tattered bunting and rain damaged backdrops for yet one more gigantic disinfo extravaganza. Observe these mindless robots as the message flashes over their heads with the words, “sold out whores.”

Finally, take a moment to feel the gratitude that you are none of these people and groups that have been mentioned here. Let your heart swell with thanks that you can see what really happened and that you are not a mesmerized farm animal awaiting your pending date with realities axe. Be mindful of how lucky you are that you can see and think and reason for yourselves. You have retained your humanity and you have not sold out your integrity and conviction for the comforting, crowded darkness of those who have embraced the impossible lies.

Let us remember the villains and the accessories during and after the fact. The unveiling continues, day by day. Critical mass approaches. The collective mind is awakening. Whatever these villains have planned for the future will not be enough to conceal what they have done in past. They are marching to their doom as they imagine triumph within their reach. Nothing can shield or save them from the judgment within. Their judge and executioner has marched with them every step of the way and recorded their words and deeds with their own eyes and ears. The dice are loaded and will perform accordingly at the appointed time.

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The New Shangri-La


2 Responses to “Remembering the Villains, Seven come 9/11.”

  1. I have missed the truth seeker site as well.. i would have NEVER found your blog without their fine site…at least i still have you site… thanks les for the great writing…i do enjoy it

  2. by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Illuminati lackeys are intercepting and even changing emails between Patriot websites.

    Over the last weekend, I sent Jeff Rense a link to Paul Drockton’s article, “Jonestown Was an Illuminati Experiment.”

    I sent this link six times from two different addresses. Jeff didn’t get any of these emails. Eventually, I had to phone him.

    Then Monday night, Jeff wanted to interview Paul on his radio show. Paul sent me his phone number to forward to Jeff. But before it got to me, it was changed by an unseen hand. Jeff couldn’t reach Paul. I got the right number when I asked Paul to phone me. Paul appeared in the last segment of Jeff’s show.

    In the past, off and on, I have had my articles blocked when i sent them to Jeff. Jeff routinely has his emails to his webmaster blocked. Last week, Jeff’s site came under cyber attack and was down for about 30 hours.

    Two weeks ago, Rixon Steward, webmaster of “The” remarked that his site was coming under cyber attack. Then it went down and has been down ever since. Most of his email addresses went dead too. Luckily one worked and I got his phone number. But the phone was continually busy.

    “British Telecom is heavily infiltrated by Masons and/or intelligence operatives. Hence, I suspect problems with my phone are not mere technical problems,” he wrote Tuesday morning. “However, I’m OK and the website should be up in the next day or two.”

    Both Rense and Truthseeker are fearlessly anti-Zionist, anti-Illuminati and anti-NWO. The NWO is taking the form of brainwashing the human race. Obviously these sites interfere and have become targets.

    Israeli already monitors US telephone communications. We can assume all internet communications are also monitored. But increasingly the forces of darkness are moving beyond mere monitoring. They are attacking websites, stopping emails and actually tampering with them.

    This indicates a degree of desperation on their part, and the possibility that ominous events may be on the horizon.

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