We’ll All be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan.

When the proverbial ‘first matter’ hits the blades of the cosmic fan it is not going to be preceded by general news announcements delivered via radio and television. It won’t be coming in the form of an official letter from some government agency delivered in your post. Bob won’t be telling you at the neighborhood bar that the shit is going to hit the fan at 9:00 AM on this Friday morning. It’s just going to happen. Some will have early warning and that will be the one’s responsible for the event.

It is possible to have some ball park awareness of when the shit will hit the fan by observing the sequencing of world events. If you are the sort of person who does pay attention to things like this, then you know that the fleet of ships, trucks and railcars required to transport the shit have already left the various docks, warehouses and stations where it has been stored against the day.

You’ve probably noticed that the Mossad/CIA official terror department, known as Al Qaeda, has announced that they have smuggled nuclear weapons into the U.S. This, of course, is as easy as the apple pie that used to be the national dish before it was replaced by cowpie and before Mom became a crack whore. It’s easy because Mossad and her jailhouse punk, the CIA, are in control of American security and no nukes need be smuggled since they are manufactured on site.

You’ve probably noticed that Mr. Brass Balls, Hugo Chavez, is going to be exporting oil to Iran and that Hong Kong is going to be doing something with gold that is likely to have an adverse effect on currency values very shortly.

You’ve noticed the recent appearance of major shitheads like Tom Brokaw; Rudolph, the brown-nosed, Giuliani and a host of other lying sacks of shit are going nova about the blogs corrupting the minds of the public with information concerning the government’s role in the 9/11 attacks and making the official line look like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

You’ve noted the cries for legislation against truth tellers and the association of truth tellers with terrorists and you’ve seen the damning evidence of nano-thermite at all ground zero locations, which proves once and for all that the government and their exploding shit-golem front men are just what they are; road apples for the cosmic fans of history.

You’ve noticed the relentless and sustained attacks against What Really Happened and The Truthseeker which have put them off the air for the last several days and which are being orchestrated by American and Israeli intelligence cyber-hit squads. When they get this dead earnest, it is an indication that a shitnami is on the way.

Alex Jones has just announced that he is about to reveal something today that is supposed to be huge. It’s some kind of shitnado; some kind of shitinferno that appears to involve some important figure revealing some important shit. I’m guessing that the shitmeisters at Shit Central are none too happy about this and that is a part of what is responsible for closing down some of the major truth sites on the net.

The news of Israel deliberately killing Palestinian youths in order to harvest their organs is rocking the globe. It wasn’t enough for them to mass murder the citizens they’ve sequestered in their Gaza death camp. It wasn’t enough for them to burn them with phosphorous and shoot them down like dogs in the street. They are actually harvesting them like livestock in ways that would make Dr. Mengele blush. They’ve actually managed to make the Nazis look like good guys. We don’t have a word to describe what they are at the moment. Some new definition needs to be minted but the lack of anything to compare it to has made the job difficult. Add to all of this the daily revelations about false historical records; slave ships, false flags, international crime organizations and the world wide pressure exerted by media and economic cabals and you’ve got more revelations than a thousand St. John’s eating mushrooms on a Patmos Island bigger than Teddy Kennedy’s funeral.

All this and much, much more is a sure sign that some massive wind farm of fans is about to come into contact with something larger than the life long output of those who have brought us to this point and are composed of the same substance.

It’s official, the shit is about to hit the fan.

I’ve presented a simple over view that is easily fleshed out into the visible form of a gigantic shit-monster who stands astride the globe, ten thousand times larger than the Colossus of Rhodes. Ozymandias on steroids with projectile diarrhea is an incontinent child by comparison. All of this has been engineered by an army of shit-soldiers composed of shit, whose every effort is the manufacture of more shit until the Earth is covered a kilometer deep in shit.

You can factor in the economy vis a vis the job market. You can add in the various wars and the disparity in wealth between the few and the many. You can add in the state of the culture and the witless comatose state of some large portion of the public and you’ve got the makings of the perfect shitstorm. Mr. Lahey is tongue tied. The magniturd of shit is beyond shitulation.

The weight of the shit is so great that it is compressing itself against itself and creating the sort of heat necessary for spontaneous combustion. It’s not going to be just the hard and soft shit that is stacked like bricks of opium in Rothschild banks and issuing in swirls like some godawful Dairy Queen machine with King Kong’s thumb on the full speed ahead button. It’s a precipitation of Shit from Outer Space drawn to the gigantic shit magnet of Planet Earth as homing beacon to the stars.

Prepare yourselves for the hour has come. This rough slouching shit is lumbering the Bethleshit and it’s got a gasoline can in one hand and a Zippo in the other.

Yes, we’ll all be together. Yes we’ll all make a stand. Yes, we’ll all be rewarded, when the shit hits the fan. Full raingear is definitely recommended.

I’m watching all of this from my heatproof saucer, K-1 as I orbit the globe. I’d do something about it but the incredible technology and far future weaponry of my advance saucer has yet to be activated. I can only observe and report. Maybe my superiors will turn on the power. I’ve asked them to but I am told it has to play out the way it was written. There would be no lesson learned if I were to be empowered to wash the planet and hose the bad guys at the same time. My hands are tied.

The Dog Poet’s nose is in a perpetual wrinkle and not all the poets that have ever lived- and they are few enough to begin with- can weave this abondanza of shit into the majesty of immortal lines required. There is no shovel large enough; no boots deep enough and no mountain high enough to move, traverse or stand above what looms over us now.

As Van Morrison predicted long ago, “Yes here it comes… da dum da dum dum” and so on and so forth. The wind turbines of destiny are rotating with enough force to burst the locks of Doomsday’s gate. What can I say except to say, “Back on your heads, coffee break is over.”

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3 Responses to “We’ll All be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan.”

  1. We’ll all be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan….

    Les Visible | Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    When the proverbial ‘first matter’ hits the blades of the cosmic fan it is not going to be preceded by general news announcements delivered via radio and television. It won’t be coming in the form of an …

  2. cackafrass Says:

    Holy Shit the defecation is going to strike the roto-oscillator!? I wish I could say I give a shit but I’m no good at lying. Hell life is just a shit ridden fecalith anyway a never ending quest for gas, food, lodging and debauchery after dark a heaping attack of the fifty foot shit wave might be an improvement. What a shitty state of affairs shit, I think I have to go pinch a loaf. Shit in Shit out.

  3. la madrugada Says:

    good shit.

    you wrote: “…the world wide pressure exerted by media and economic cabals…”

    actually, both the “media and economic cabals” are the same corporation often times, and are also industrial “cabals” too. look into General Electric for example. you will see that GE is a major US defense contractor as well as media giant, and producer of consumer domestic goods.

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