The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.

I don’t know if what I’m thinking about is proof of anything. I myself don’t need any more proof. I’m surrounded by proof everywhere I go. I step in it and it sticks to my shoes and follows me home. I open my eyes in the morning and I see it and I close my eyes and it’s still there. If proof were a body of water, I would have to move about with inflatable collars around my arms because I would eventually get tired of swimming toward some hope of land only to drown in proof.

I realize that there are many who grapple with the argument of whether there is some invisible hand that guides human affairs. Since you cannot see what is invisible you are left only with the effects of its passage like the movement of the wind. We can and do attribute the causes of behavior and events to all sorts of things and no rational and intelligent mind can long countenance the absurdities put forth by religion as they rake in their end of the global swag; there at the trough with the rest of the pig-snouted opportunists.

Let us consider that area of inquiry known as scriptural prophecy. You can look at the biblical end, the Islamic end, the Hopi and the Mayan. There are many others along with the disembodied entities channeled by a host of entrepreneurs who seem to have found their niche at the international trade show. I remember, some years ago, looking through a large new age catalogue in New York City and noticing that there were five different people channeling Moses, at the same time, as well as some number who had the inside track from Jesus Christ and then there were the outer space entities with the Star Trek names. There were just a whole lot of people doing the Charlie McCarthy thing and that was just in New York City.

You can separate what might be called legitimate prophecies from your weekend hippie fare. I’m thinking we grant a temporary legitimacy label to any institution or school of thought that’s been around for a few hundred years. It’s interesting to note that all of them are in agreement with a general climate of massive upheaval and transformation scheduled to appear sooner or later according to signs and timelines and… 2012 seems to figure into various perspectives and can be easily grafted on to the others as far as the right kind of environment goes.

What I’m thinking about is a little hard to put into words but it has a lot to do with the proof I run across whether I’m moving or standing still. Part of it is something I am feeling and I note that a whole lot of other people are feeling something too. Part of it has to do with world headlines and another part has to do with the lies and blatant distortions of the press. Part of it has to do with world trends and events and part of it has to do with wide people moving through narrow aisles of crap with enormous shopping baskets as well as trampling their fellows when the occasional end of the world sale comes along.

Some of it has to do with the present quality of entertainment and the arts of all sorts. Some of it has to do with the most concentrated areas of human focus. Some of it has to do with the political and religious theaters which now host the biggest pack of venal, lying scoundrels that the world has ever produced. Some of it has to do with a geographical area of prophecy, where a professional victim nation, which was created for the purpose of international plunder, looting and fraud-, wrapped in false flag events –have been practicing bloody genocide for sixty years on an indigenous population while the world turns its head.

Tangentially- or more than that, depending –you have natural disasters yoked like oxen to manufactured disasters along with the gratuitous wars of empire for the gain and control of resources which does not belong to the empire. The Empire is inhabited by a population that uses 25% of the world’s energy resources. That explains a lot. Along with this is the increasingly pervasive social and political control of corporations over every phase of life. We’re seeing real life inventions which mirror that ‘mark of the beast thing’ and laboratory generated flu viruses destined to control, as yet unseen, epidemics that may require mandatory inoculations of the populations.

Over at that backwater forum which regular readers have been introduced to now and again and which is called “The Best of the Fray”, one of the more clueless of the residents demanded to know where I got the information that the flu was a laboratory product. Given the immense amount of proof, readily available concerning this, it is a wonder why people don’t bother to research, study and inform themselves more …and that leads to the ‘incurious factor’ that was iconically demonstrated by the previous occupant of the White House.

One really has only to take a good objective look at the world around them to come to certain compelling conclusions; most of the population is either hypnotized or insane, real life is imitating prophecy, something bad is coming and the people behind most of the mischief are busy at all levels trying to execute and manage what they have set into motion.

The FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands or millions of coffin liners by the sides of the highways are not new housing for the foreclosed upon any more than the coffin liners are actually porto-pottys for government sponsored rock concerts. The outrageous theft of the assets of the American people and the following bailout thefts which added insult to injury is not some sort of escrow account for future philanthropic activities. It really looks like there’s a network of super villains engaged in herding humanity on to the playing fields of Armageddon. So, I’ve got to ask… isn’t one of the main tenants of various schools of scientific inquiry based upon the interaction of opposites? What I mean is… doesn’t there have to be a counterbalance to the activities of these diseased whores and vampire scum? Doesn’t night follow day? Is there not regularity in the seasons? Doesn’t science tell us that everything we can see comes from something we can’t see? Haven’t they proven that the universe is thought born?

I’m wondering if the greatest collective enemy to the manifestations of the diseased whore, vampire scum might not be a sort of unified field of human thought in concerted awareness of their efforts. It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival. The power of human thought linked together by a collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply their elimination. This is why they don’t want us to touch The Fed.

What I seem to be trying to say is… doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious? Meanwhile… isn’t there a gradual awakening taking place? Isn’t the truth of the matter staring us in the face? Haven’t these soulless miscreants already lost?

Are we not in the last gasp of their desperate attempts at survival? Is this not why they pile lie upon lie; absurdity upon absurdity and outrage upon outrage to delay the inevitable?

Doesn’t it seem as if all of those prophecies are actually materializing right in front of us by natural means, as if all prophecy ever was, was the capacity to see the recurrence of cycles and to time them accordingly, based upon the emergence of the proper environments for their expression as… just one more object lesson for the human race?

Do you see why I might be optimistic? I don’t know what’s going to happen to me or you but I get a really good sense of the overall resolution of the thing. Heck… one of the biggest punishments I can imagine for the diseased whore, vampire scum is just to have to be one. Imagine also their disappointment in getting their hands on everything and finding out that it wasn’t what it was advertised as. That’s got to hurt. Anyway, I think there’s plenty of reason for a positive attitude regardless of the way things might look.

My friends, let’s not get trapped in these corporation generated, clouds of depression and despair. Comfort yourself with the fact that you are not a diseased whore or a vampire scum and take even greater comfort in the possession of the thing they thought their wealth and power would provide them. Have a laugh at the understanding that it cost you nothing at all but was just one of life’s mysterious gifts that seem to find their way to a worthy home.

Gone Baby, Gone

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One Response to “The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.”

  1. I’m with you. I am optimistic as well. I spent months feeling so down and hopeless, but then I woke up one morning and decided that I would not spend my life that way anymore, that I would not allow people who wish me and my family harm to suck all the joy out of my life.

    I think there is a great awakening taking place. I pray for it every night along with the demise/destruction of those people who call themselves “elites.” Here’s my take on things–these evil people have gotten away with so much, they have been so ruthless in their treatment of other human beings, that karma will quite a bitch when it comes around to bite them back for all they have done. I believe good will prevail. Evil will not win.

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