The Irish and The New World Order.

Yeah, it’s the Irish. They did it. It’s the Gang of Two, O’Brien and Monahan; members of POG (Paddy Occupied Government) who ripped off the Harvard Hillel. It is POG that is behind most of the world’s problems. It’s long been known but seldom mentioned how the Irish faked the Potato Famine and all the other things they blamed on the long-suffering British over the course of some 800 years. They’re really milking that victim thing. It’s their trademark and their signature.

No one talks about the Highland Clearances in Scotland but the Irish did that one also. Today, the Irish are engaged in a systematic genocide of The Glorious Orange Order and the noble souls who are dedicated to the spread of its high and honorable ideals around the world. Most recently the brave members of The Orange Order of Malaysia and Indonesia are experiencing horrific acts of terror from Muslim extremists who have taken exception to the Biblical right of The Orange to regain their divine right of control to these ancient homelands of The Orange. Lately it has become clear that The Irish are behind these acts of terror. No heart can remain unstirred by the power and passion of the traditional ballad which begins to play as the website opens.

Last week it was front page news that Frank Collins is a direct descendant of Michael Collins who mass-murdered so many innocent British citizens in their Irish homeland around the time of The First World War (which was caused by an international alliance of Irish Bankers). The blood libel lie that Frank Collins is actually Jewish has been exposed as a vicious rumor perpetrated by The Paddy Media which presently owns 96% of the MSM.

Vic Alhadeff of The New South Wales movement for Jewish Truth has recently proven that for centuries, a secret tribe of Irish insurgents has been operating within the Jewish peoples and fomenting all manner of terrible acts which are then blamed on both the Zionist movement and member of The Tribe worldwide.

One has only to study the names of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to see who the real perpetrators are. No, it was not Bin Laden and a rag tag ensemble of Stone Age Arabs. It was the Irish. Look at the names that come up in the PNAC (Paddy’s for a New American Century) membership list; William McKristol, Paul McWolfowitz, Richard McPearle, Douglas McFeith and Dick McCheney. One of the main architects of 9/11 and former Pentagon Comptroller who was responsible for the remote control mechanisms in the airplanes, Dov McZackheim can trace his roots all the way back to the High King Magog of Ireland. Philip McZelikow was appointed to control the whitewashing of the 9/11 commission

Michael Ledeen who has been neck deep in both the 9/11 attacks as well as the lies that led to the Iraq invasion is as Irish as they come. ‘Michael’? ‘Ledeen’? Get a clue. Every where you look you see the black hand of the Irish pulling the strings behind the curtains that conceal the controllers of world affairs.

What are we to make of The Five Dancing Irishmen who were filming the 9/ll attacks from New Jersey? It was later proven that they were members of McMossad, the dreaded Irish spy and assassination organization.

It was The Irish again who blew up the British ‘hero of India’, Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was noted not only for his military acumen but for his compassion toward the enemy both on and off the field of battle. As he sought to recover the ancient British homeland of India for The Empire as well as her resources, both English soldier and the common man of India spoke of the transformative power worked upon their souls by this inspired philosopher king. What was left of this remarkable hero after The Irish got done with him? We were left with a single shoe. Gaze upon the kind and loving visage of this hero of the people and weep as you read the glowing commentaries that follow. The people know who was behind this and at what cost… what cost! A single shoe… not even a foot attached, just… one lonely shoe. Alas.

It has been The Irish who are responsible, through their control of world media, for convincing the uninformed world public to believe the fantasy that the British MI6 was behind the majority of the IRA bomb attacks.

I know you find this hard to believe. I know you find it hard to believe that The Irish control the international media as well as the world of entertainment in television, music companies and movie studios. So do this for me. Go to any search engine. Go to every search engine and check out the actual names of the individuals in charge of these industries and tell me if you don’t see one Irish name after another. Look at the members of Obama’s cabinet and the names of his chief advisors; every one of them is Irish.

It’s the Lost Tribe of Irish Hassid’s who are responsible for the genocide in Gaza while the ordinary Israeli citizen looks on in horror. You’ve seen the recent youtube video of Irish thugs pretending to be Israelis where they cursed the American president while cavorting like drunken hooligans. Irish thugs routinely burn Palestinian orchards and farms, bulldoze their houses and kill unarmed women and children as IDF soldiers and concerned Israelis attempt to stop them but it is all in vain. They are too powerful and the world just does not care.

It was Irish slavers who brought black people in chains to The New World and who filled black neighborhoods in the 20th Century with pawnshops and liquor stores and who made up the majority of the slumlords and still do today.

A reader of this blog was kind enough to send in this video which shows how far the Irish Plot has gone toward enslaving humanity and gives new meaning to the term, Black Irish

The Irish funded Adolph Hitler and caused The Holocaust and are today the single driving force behind denying that it ever happened. It is the Irish who publicized the actual numbers of the dead provided by The Red Cross as if to refute the claims made by Jewish historians as early as 1919 of six million dead and dying. Nothing is greater proof of an event than to be able to predict it in advance of its occurrence …but that means nothing to The Irish.

Do none of you care? Look at the members of the Federal Reserve board and the heads of the banks that comprise its membership. You see nothing but a litany of Irish names. See for yourself. The most sinister dynasty in the world, The McRothschild’s can be traced directly to their Irish lineage here. The history of their despicable red shield is there to be seen by any and all.

Today, due to the draconian push of political correctness, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by The Irish has become something we can no longer talk about. The driving of the Irish moneychangers from the temple has been scrubbed from the history books along with their unbroken worship of the Golden Calf through all the tortured centuries of humankind oppressed by the Irish elite.

It is past time for the people of the world to rise up and thrown off the chains of our Paddy masters. It’s time to stop catering to their bloated victim industry as they simultaneously bathe themselves in the sweat and blood of the people. As the old proverb goes, “The Irishman cries out in pain as he strikes you”. When are you going to wake up? This ancient enemy of humanity is tightening his grip upon every area of our lives. Not a day passes that you don’t hear about another Irishman involved in a financial scam amounting to millions and often billions of dollars. They feast on the fat of the land while the rest of us go hungry.

I know that this is all part of a master plan and I do believe that their long rein of terror shall soon come to an end but we must all of us be a part of the change we want to believe in. God has no other hands than ours. The Irish must be held to account.

Multi-Cultural Cowboys (with apologies to Steve Miller)

Build Your Own Community


5 Responses to “The Irish and The New World Order.”

  1. cheesy bacon potato burrito Says:

    Them Irish always have stout livvers and I can never outdrink them!

  2. er…this 1 i dun git it. irish? for everything wrong in de world? hmmnnn…have to go git de salt and pepper out.

    irish here and irish there. irish everywhere.


  3. Uh huh! Here we go again!

    Yet another example of INTERNET TERRORISM right here on WordPress, I can’t believe it. The Irish are everybody’s scapegoats, always have been. No matter how many times we debunk their so called crimes there’s always a new tinfoil hat “conspiracy theory” to deal with.

    This is ESPECIALLY unprincipled because we all know it was the Eskimos that did it all. Will it ever end?

  4. PoLT hereby renounces his Irish heritage and proclaims that he is now a member of…SHIT, Les, we can blame something on just about everybody! Let’s see now….Okay, after consulting with my super-ancient spiritual ancestors, I now formally announce that I am a member of the Godonians.

  5. Greetings dumballah.. yeah point taken. We hav just had announced here in the land of Oz, by Senator P. Garrett. That we will have another Uranium Mine – the big fuck’n difference this time as apposed to when I was screaming along side him [P.Garrett] at the politicians that were talking just like him, then, NOW, is that he HAS ENSURED THAT THE BEST AND HIGHEST BLAH BLAH BLAH measures have been established and this ‘Administration’ will ensure the Blah fuck’n Blah will be ensured Blah fuck’n Blah’! This CUNT was voted into Office as a NDP Nuclear Disarmament Party member, and now…Oh, bollocks…whatever…
    They are all cunts and when we decide this fucki’n bru’ha’ha – promise me you will not protest as they are thrown up against the wall! Cue SOUND Byte: the stacatto rattle of gunfire!
    Bye the bye; Swine flu “THE PAAANNNDEEMMICC” that is, has killed 5 (FIVE) people in Australia – ACCORDING TO THE ‘YID’ MEDIA THAT IS!!!

    “E o non mori, E non remasi Vivo!” Fuck that.. I FIGHT!


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