The Conscience of a Crocodile, the Morals of a Pig.

Oh the coconut telegraph sounds like ten thousand Taiko drums at a Guinness world record event. We haven’t seen this since the build up to the Iraq War and the intel is more of the same. We’ve got a dead philosophy student- no doubt shot dead by the guys in Arab suits from Basra- and she’s making Rachel Corrie look like an extra in the Paris Hilton sex video; lets have another close up of the blood on the sidewalk. We’ll be tweeting in color all day long and Brit Hume is going to tell you in between dry martinis what nasty thugs those Iranians are. Lawyers are jumping out of toilet bowls around the world to sue for the psychological damage of all those guns fired into the air to scare the protestors off of the streets in Tehran.

Bennie Netanyahoo is going berserk about the carnage in Iran with nary a mention of 1500 ruthlessly murdered Palestinians. Has there ever been an international hypocrisy so clearly visible and easily defined? Never have I seen it as it is today.

Gaza… you don’t need another contrast. You don’t need to look any further than Gaza for all you will ever need to know about what is happening today and it stuns the mind to see the whole crew of scoundrels from every field of endeavor doing what they are both trained and inclined to do; lie like there is no tomorrow, not to mention that yesterday never happened… never happened at all.

How many cluster bombs have the Iranians dropped? How much white phosphorus has been fired into the crowds? How many children have been shot down in the streets? The Iranian forces have been restrained in a remarkable way. I don’t have to tell you any of this. You know and they know.

It’s all right here. You don’t need any more than this. It can’t be argued with. Everything Iran is accused of has been practiced with a thousand times greater, vicious persistence and at a million times the cost to everyone and everything in the way of these monstrous villains of the moment. These are comprised of the governments of Israel, the United States and Great Britain; twisted and trumpeted by the Zionist dominated, world media and distorted and reported on by newscasters in red micro minis and thigh high, white boots leaning into the windows of the world as it cruises down the boulevard looking for a little taste of strange.

I keep coming back to Gaza. I keep thinking of Gaza and all the things that never got said. I think about the razor wire and the relief convoys stopped at the border. I think about the Palestinians dying by the hour as they are denied food, water and medical care. I think about the bulldozed homes and orchards and gardens. I think about the young children shot for sport on their ways home from school. I think about the old men and women beaten into a bloody pulp by illegal settlers. while police and soldiers stand by and watch with smiles on their faces. I think about DIME and white phosphorous and bombed elementary schools. I think about a million cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed upon. I think about decimated UN buildings and entire families shot down in the street and crushed in the debris of destroyed buildings. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.

The Howdy Doody president says nothing about Gaza. He’s got plenty to say about Iran though. The whores in the U.S Congress pass bills of censure and outrage against Iran and say nothing about Gaza. You are every one of you murderers by proxy. You are hypocrites and liars. You have sold your soul for the right and opportunity to steal and lie with impunity. You are on the wrong side of history and your names will be recorded in infamy, mark my words. You are scum with the conscience of a crocodile. You have the morals of a pig. Read it and weep. Does this mean that Kucinich voted in favor? If so then add his name to the list.

No more need be said. No more need be said but I will say more. In this hour when the very worst in humanity is paraded as virtue in defiance of all of the evidence to the contrary, no more need be said.

Israel and her catamite, cabin boy of a sold out America culture be damned. The UK be damned as it continues in activities like this. Australia be damned as it continues in activities like this. The madness has reached a level of absurdity that cannot be defined. It is beyond definition and description. It is horror and indifference raised to the level of a religion. I don’t know what’s coming but it must somehow relate to what we are seeing.

I don’t know what else to say. I have run out of anymore that I can say. For the first time since I have been doing this I have to stop halfway through the usual length and end it here because there is nothing more to say… nothing at all.

Today’s song.


4 Responses to “The Conscience of a Crocodile, the Morals of a Pig.”

  1. The Conscience of a Crocodile, the Morals of a Pig….

    Oh the coconut telegraph sounds like ten thousand Taiko drums at a Guinness world record event. We haven’t seen this since the build up to the Iraq War and the intel is more of the same. We’ve got a dead philosophy student- no doubt shot dead by the g…

  2. I’m with you Les where these abominations are allowed to happen.
    Not just to children but to our indigenous people (and all groups that are unable to represent themselves adequately) as well. There are people doing things to counteract the terrible decisions made through our (Australian) courts.
    This is one woman that does wonders as does this group
    There needs to be more community outcry against these terrible decisions and the people who make them.

  3. gurnygob Says:

    Hi Les. I could not post over at smoking mirrors. Anyway, great words as always. I just wanted to pick up on something European American said… “Close the eyes and feel the Self…know the Self. It’s your only friend”.
    It seems to me that the “self” is the very thing that has caused all this shit in the first place. I think if people could only die to “self” once and a while then thigs wound not be so bad. Dying to self makes us free to love others. Maybe I am picking him up wrong. Anyway great post Les. The more things like this happen the more stuck for words we become. Its like, we shake our heads in total disbelief. Then again, maybe it’s just like you said, maybe theres no need to say more than you did.
    Truth and peace my friend.

  4. If this is to happen it will be the point at which nothing will be able to return.

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