The Guy with the Ice Cream may not be your Friend

It’s not that hard to see the future. It’s a little harder to see how it is being shaped and then harder still to see the principal shapers and it can be even harder… or should I say… …rare? …to spot what is actually going on? It’s hard to see who is doing what, if they look like someone else.

If the truth goes to a Halloween party dressed as the family dog and you go dressed up too; the dog may not recognize you and bite you on the ass. So we begin today focusing a perspective on what’s happening.

The good thing about the truth is that the family dog knows its master, it can smell the truth, and this should hip you to a few other things.

One thing you should never do when you are very much in the game and people don’t know, is to tell them too early. Kissinger? not one of your smarter moves. I know you hear me too… or… maybe you hear someone else…? I hear the Hound of the Baskervilles. We know about the black spot and I am “as smart as paint.”

“Know when to hold them, know when to fold them” …and especially know WHEN to let the people you intend to kill find out that you intend to kill them…. If you are clever- and no one is that clever- …don’t do it too soon… or they will know that it is you and not the guy you are pointing at.

Now lets consider Dodd for example and who is this guy Schiff…? Some people are not all good and some people are not all bad… and then there are the degrees and that’s where Slim Shady and “ssssssmoking!” comes in and no, I’m not Jim Carrey.

These days even compromised people want to get uncompromised. Remember the boys in the back room? The backroom is on fire. Pretending it is happening somewhere else isn’t going to work this time because… because? You are actually there. You’re in that place with all the fire extinguishers and dry ice insulation made by Bechtel, Dow and Monsanto and you got dropped into the world’s biggest volcano…. …”Preciousssssssss.” Things like that would make me nervous but I don’t get nervous because I don’t do things like that.

Twitter huh? And look at those klaxons and klieg lights. Hollywood ain’t got nothing on you guys. No… I’m not impressed. If it was on TV I would change the channel. More to the point… I don’t watch TV. I watch suns set and sunrise. I watch things that are too beautiful to see… that’s what I watch. It doesn’t mean I am unaware of time and schedules, appearances and special effects. Some of them are some of the things that are too beautiful to see because of the Cosmic Justice angle.

Some people might not know this. In fact, a lot of people don’t know very much at all. They think they do and… it keeps them going… and going and going… but where? You see my friends… justice is real…truth is real… integrity ‘can be’ real and is… even what’s real is real and then there’s truth and the family dog and you dressed up in that costume.

You know… or maybe you don’t? Whenever I put on a costume, the thing I ask myself is… can I move around in this thing with the same ease as when I am not wearing it? Is this costume going to encumber me? Can I see through the eyeholes? Of course it depends on the part you want to play… Mr. Disappearing Act? …The Armies of Heaven? …The wind in the willows? Oh, I see, you’re coming …as a tweet? …A bad smell? …A tight shirt? Well… you do have to play a part… there is no getting around that and… yeah… no part? That’s a part too. So… let’s see what we have and… remember… this is a movie and the bad guys get it in the end.

I know that there have been a lot of movies over recent years where the bad guy gets away or worked for the right people or…. There are a million, million oars but… no boat. “Let’s throw in that lake of fire thing, I like that…” and then we will turn all the bad guys into gold and use them for money. Evil has real potential. It’s like rocket fuel, you just have to be able to get it into the rocket to begin with. Of course you have to be able to build the rocket too… or get one somewhere. I have a flying saucer… yeah, that’ll work. You can heat your home with evil. You can bring a guitar to the campfire. The heat from the evil in the campfire will keep you warm. That’s what evil does anyway, keeps you hot, fired and amped or maybe slow, sleek and shimmery… in dreams… in stories… in movies and in real life… or so it appears and yet does not appear to those invested in turning themselves into gold.

Digressing… was the fly that was bothering Kung Fu Obama supposed to be Iran? The Mind is a very strange place. Right around the corner, Tony Perkin’s is talking about how he wouldn’t even hurt a fly… that’s Kissinger’s job as the source who isn’t named.

Sure, life is a scam… if you are a scam artist. Life is pretty much what you are… or become… or stop doing or begin to assemble on a picnic table during a long, sweet, summer afternoon instead of… putting it together in the dark. The thing about putting it together in the dark is that you can’t see it. It’s like sex. It’s probing and` of course… in and out, yin and yang …and then there are the players…. I think I mentioned that we are all players? They don’t tell you who he is and what his track record is…. Wait a minute; I have to call the laundry… “Are you done with Mousavi yet?” “No, we’re still working on room temperature.” How come that same video-face is in both places? Whatever happened to that other guy that just got elected and used to be president?

Okay, let’s get the show on the road. What do you mean we’re halfway through the second page? No… I’m not going to hurry up. …I have to listen first…. That’s what I do, I listen……. I hear……. ……I think…… (“But I just don’t know.”) And neither do you. …And that is the first thing you should tell yourself… “I don’t know.” …He’ll be coming down on stage in a white suit in a New York minute, riding six white horses via twitter and he will be speaking English just like the placards and signs do in the photo-op.

But ‘they’ say, you do know. They have you in Kafka’s Castle and Dick Cheney is the maitre de. “Now, what can I bring you?” …and it is all happening in your mind. Inside, outside, same difference.

I may lose some readers but I’m going to have to say it. The bad guys lose big. That’s a reality headline. It’s not the headline on your screen. It’s the headline in your mind. And that is where the bad guys lose… in their minds and… why it becomes real life. Man, that’s physics… hard science… don’t blame me. And… when you lose your mind? …in the common vernacular …in the real world? That’s show biz. Show and tell turns into understand and hear… or is that backwards? It works either way in this case and that is how and why the bad guys lose due to the fact that being bad makes winning easy in the short term. Wow! The stock market just walked through my head. Give me a minute.

Like I said the last, however-many-times, …the media is a penis pump. Let me think…? What does that make the government; given that there is only one choice left? Don’t forget the person thinking about having larger sex …that’s the corporations. Then there are the people who make you believe you can perform according to the pump instructions which left out the details about technique which you don’t possess or you wouldn’t need a pump… that would be religion.

You know what? It would be real interesting if truth were the family dog. What would you rather; that it shows you affection? …or aggression? …Or, aggression, …but it’s a mistake. …but it’s a mistake? No… it’s a misunderstanding. You’re dressed in a costume as something you are not. You are playing a part. In the movie business… the actors leave the set and walk off into their real lives… (If they have one.) But what if you, ‘you’ are the ‘stand-in’ for the action shot they are playing… in real life?

Then the cards on the table are alive. Real Life… cartoons… fairytales….the froth from your latte? Quo vadis? And it is happening right in front of your eyes and you won’t know until the family dog bites you… or wags its tale… or pulls down your shorts in that Coppertone commercial when you were …that little kid in the commercial? Do you believe that? Do you think it was staged? Do you find what you are seeing and hearing to be staged or are you just going to go out and buy some Coppertone? For some strange reason, lives hang in the balance and one of them might be yours.

In any case, help is on the way. Endure and believe, because, whatever happens is supposed to happen, because evil is in the process of destroying itself; however they do it, let them do it. Get out of their way. Believe me…. They will be running for the fire doors. Step aside. You know what? Don’t listen to me. You can do as you like. Do something. Don’t do something.

The ball is either in your court or the dealer wants to know if you would like a card. I can’t make that decision for you but based on what I have experienced, read about, dreamed …and… that inexplicable thing. I think you are going to be okay if you are and if you are not; then there’s still time because you are reading this. What you are is what you are. Everything is what it is. We’ll see how that sorts itself out pretty soon.


4 Responses to “The Guy with the Ice Cream may not be your Friend”

  1. Debra from Philly Says:

    Unreal these mascerations to leave a comment. “It” kept kicking me off as I was reading. Anyway – I like what you imparted in this piece. We live in such interesting times.

  2. Les, I gave you the wrong email address. Just updated it. I’m an idiot.

  3. “How stupid and incurious does one have to be not to be able to connect the dots?”

    Well, a bloody sight more stupid than me, Les,(and I couldn’t even manage to pass the entrance exam to grammar school in England!). The lies, hypocrisy and propaganda are so blatant (“much of what is being done is being done in plain sight”) it is breathtaking in its audacity. But the latest group of morons I have to have a little chuckle at is the Iranian “exiles”. Do they realize they are Zionist stooges? What perfect irony!

    You won’t ever lose me as a reader, Les, but I am struggling to keep the faith that “the bad guys will lose big”. Nothing else to cling to though…

    Love, Susan

  4. “Help is on the way.”

    In all the comments here and the mirror sites, I haven’t seen anyone ask about this. I wish I could say these are reassuring words but after years and years of trying to put right what has been sundered, stitch together families and individuals who have been ripped apart, and keep singing “above Earth’s lamentations,” as the Quaker song goes, I am tired. I have been told I am a “lightworker” whatever that means, and have heard that God, Goddess, angels and/or people from the stars will come to help us save the planet from darkness. I’m not sure I believe it anymore. I wonder if this savior complex, this White Knight syndrome, is another means to keep me complacent in a heaven that will never come.

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