The Madness at the World’s End.

Many who read here must have been noticing a new trend that has been moving away from specific subjects to a more general overview. The reason for this is that talking about Obamabush; torture, cover-ups, 9/11, wars in progress, wars on the horizon, financial crashes and the screeching demon spawn of modern day Israel, as well as the genocide in Gaza and across the globe from Peru to Western Papua doesn’t accomplish much because we all know about these things from the minority- I still have a heart- view or we don’t know much about anything because we really don’t give a shit about much more than our stomachs, sex organs and position in the pecking order.

The real reason I’m staying with an overview instead of specifics is that chain reaction, domino factor and my constant awareness of the Apocalypse thing. I’m an intuitive sort, being nearly all right brain. Most of you are left brain. However, it doesn’t matter how we come to our conclusions as long as they are accurate. It doesn’t matter if you use deductive or inductive reasoning. It’s the results that count. By my experience, my intuitive sense has been about 98% in governing my life experiences. There’s something to it. Rationalists can harp about empirical data all they want. It doesn’t change how I do things.

People think past life regression is a lot of BS but… they have no answers for uncanny events where people are speaking fluently in tongues unknown to them. People scoff at UFO’s, yet evidence of them exists in ancient cultures and large numbers of people have had experiences in the modern day. I am one of them. It is without question that there is as much fantasy and chicanery in these fields as there is in many of the holocaust memoirs but… some of it must be true and I am a firm believer that “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Even being mostly right-brained, as well as a metaphysician and mystic, I believe that anything which exists, no matter how fantastic in appearance MUST have a scientific basis. I believe that all the supernatural claims of religion MUST have a rational and scientific foundation. My explanation for this is that we only know a few of the laws of Nature and The Cosmos. The answer to what mystifies us lies in the laws we are not aware of or do not understand. Every bonafide, yogic master; Theosophist, metaphysician, holy man, woman or entity from the beyond will all tell you, “trust but verify.” Any authentic source will tell you to question everything. In many ways we are in a dark age. You don’t have to look far to prove this to yourself. The state of religion is always a good indicator of the degree of relative ignorance; this can be measured by the distance between the proclamations of the founders and the beliefs and behaviors of the followers.

Let’s go to Spengler’s theory of cyclic recurrence. Let’s look at the well know comment by Santayana that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If you were asked to verify these statements that most of us take for granted you might find yourself wondering how it is that you came to believe they are true. The seasons repeat. Day and night repeats. The planets and the moon go through their rotations and phases. Life is cyclic. People come out of the unknown and disappear back into it. History shows us that global crisis materialize and repeat in various aspects all along the length of itself. Revolution is a recurring fact. Catastrophes come and go. Civilizations rise and fall. It should require no great leap of the imagination to accept that apocalyptic periods occur according to their mysterious schedule. Once again I point out that the actual meaning of ‘apocalypse’ is uncovering, revealing. You can add ‘exposing’ to the list of possible definitions.

Let’s look at some of the things that are being revealed and exposed to the population which at any other time would have been swept under the rug; hundreds of facts concerning 9/11 and who did it, the root causers of financial mayhem, the dirty dealings of bankers and politicians, scams without count, genocide in Gaza, massive historical frauds about great events that clearly did not happen the way we had been led to believe they did, ubiquitous corporate malfeasance and so much more. Much of this has been uncovered and the veil lifted by tireless, internet detectives but… much of it has been made public by the very organs of disinformation that serve at the beck and call of those feeding upon the flesh, blood and resources of the peoples of the world.

I’m not a traditional prophet with a long beard and an even longer robe who feeds on locusts and cosmic fire. I don’t have to be. All I have to do is add up what is in front of me and weigh the possible scenarios against the conditions and the players and then see how that stacks up against what we know of the past.

Here’s what I see. I see a hard core minority of power mad reptiles who will stop at nothing to get what they want and who care less for human life than a boa constrictor cares about the comfort of the rat in its jaws or a psychotic pimp cares about the emotional state of an underperforming hooker. It’s probably less than that. It’s not personal with the snake and the pimp just sees himself as a business man. These other creatures enjoy evil for the sheer joy of doing it. You can’t take someone like a ruling member of The Rothschild family, David Rockefeller or his protégé, Henry Kissinger and attribute human qualities to them. They don’t have any. You may find this hard to believe or visualize but it is so.

On the other hand, you have a general public which, by dint of poor education, less curiosity and the endless assault of the Madison Avenue spin machine, has been reduced to a clueless automaton not far above the beasts of the field whose sole concern is the satisfaction of their appetites. Then there’s the people who get things done; heard, interpret experience, speak out in the available venues and who are awake by various degrees to what is going on. There are two groups here, those who serve the psychopaths and those who do not. The first group is the larger one.

You take these personnel and you analyze their possible actions under the influence of certain pressures such as the disappearance of basic needs and the rapid decrease of appetite satisfaction products. You consider the global money game being manipulated by the non-human entities I have mentioned and their reptile associates. You should remember that these characters have no more love for each other than they have for the rest of us. You add in natural calamities and engineered disasters which include assassinations, technical malfunctions, bio-engineered viruses and sundry. You factor in the intense pressure of the urban environment and the rapidly increasing population as well as the corporate fever to produce ever more dangerous items of ever more questionable quality for an ever increasing margin of profit.

There’s a great deal I could add to the mix should I be so inclined but you get the picture. What this all seems to indicate is that what is happening can’t keep happening and remain successful for the majority of the intentions of those profiteering from these things. The larger public is going to become more and more fearful of the loss of more and more of which they were accustomed to and more and more angry about it. The emerging of the police state in the U.S. and the U.K. is the reaction of the power junkies to the public unrest. Keep in mind their dislike of each other and the apocalyptic nature of the times.

Between now, on into 2010 and beyond, the world is going to be set on its ear.  You are a fool to believe otherwise and we’ve got no shortage there. This is the time of shit introduced to fan. This is time we always heard about but which always happened at some other time. These are the ‘interesting times’ of the well traveled Chinese saying. Some of you can surf and most of you can’t even swim. The one thing I will say in conclusion here is that no one knows what shape it’s going to take. You’d better have something you can rely on because there are far too many everyone’s out for themselves.

When it really starts to get underway it’s going to be like a tsunami of dominoes and the usual assortment of people will be impressed by all the new extension of beach and whatever they can grab out of the retreating tide. There’s little more that I can say but there is a lot more for you to think about.

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4 Responses to “The Madness at the World’s End.”

  1. I am unable to comment at all on SM, the explorer just crashes, dont get emotional I can’t even comment or sign in or anything anywhere. Please contact me via email. We are in receipt of some very interesting info recently – you might enjoy the read. Fight the good fight brother ‘FIGHT WELL, DIE HARD”. Non Nobis…oh, our blog is being fudged continually, it is only typos and repetative nonsense, however it makes a mockery of our credibility at one level or another. We are hereditary Knights by the by
    the by. Very interesting guy, excellent reads available to download PDFs free.

  2. all systems fail Says:

    I’m enjoying the collapse and coming shit storm. My only complaint is it’s not doomy enough. Sometimes I have trouble posting comments. I’m using Opera browser set on paranoid security level. I just keep trying eventually they get through after the prying eyes of the ISP look over it and filter it to make sure mommygov doesn’t get em in a twist!

  3. smokingmirrors Says:

    the winds can howl and the shutters may bang. Honest folk have no reason to fear. Others do.

  4. Brilliant. Nature’s path is going to be a bitch, so to speak. In the end, though, we shall be avenged…evil ones shall not escape.

    Thank you for sharing.

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