The Official 24-7 Nakba, Virtual Celebration Site.

I will honor and celebrate The Nakba whenever I can remember to do so. I will especially do so on May 15th of every year that follows, so long as I am here and so long as the Zio-Nazi regime continues to destroy Palestinian land; burn their crops, bulldoze their homes, rape and torture their people and kill them for sport and hegemonic enterprise. One with a conscience must ask themselves; when does the madness reach its limit?

I’m going to ask someone out there with connections to Palestinian Think Tank or any other bonafide Palestinian site to locate someone with graphic abilities… or it could be one of the readers here who would come up with a symbol or crest for The Nakba that can be put on thousands; tens of thousands of sites around the virtual world which states that, “This site supports and celebrates the legitimacy of The Nakba.”

I’m going to honor The Nakba today and I would like to invite Avigdor Lieberman to kiss my ass. Truth be told, I would not let that man’s foul lips anywhere near my pristine posterior, lest he dishonor that upon which I sit. He and the rest of his genocidal, maniac associates with their decades of false flag operations, including 9/11, have long since lost the ability to convince any thinking person still in possession of their minds and hearts of anything whatsoever. They are liars and psychopathic murderers and I am calling it as I see it and I can see it… the glaring evidence of their every footprint on their collective journey into darkness.

Their holocaust has long since been reduced to a tawdry business operation, including a Division of Lies and a Division of Blackmail. It’s just one more runaway corporation whose product is bullshit in colorful packaging… sugar and shit spun together in a monstrous confection for those lacking both intelligence and taste. It no longer matters to me that there are so many inconsistencies in the official story that is constantly contradicted by other official sources and just as often by their own sources. I am tired of hearing about it at all. I have holocaust fatigue and am seriously considering suing the nation of Israel for their responsibility in giving me this condition.

Henceforth there will be only one event that is to be legitimately celebrated on May 15th and that is The Nakba. The date of the establishment of the state of Israel is no longer to be celebrated because the nation is illegal as it presently exists. You cannot form a nation where a nation already exists and killing the former occupants and driving the rest into exile is not sufficient grounds to declare yourself a nation and this happening is what The Nakba stands for.

Israel has been a murdering, genocidal mad-dog since the day it began and has been at the cause of just about every incident of unrest throughout the Middle East. Let me further state that the two major wars that Israel engaged in were… neither of them… in response to an attack but were both preemptive assaults upon their neighbors. In one of these instances they attacked an American ship with the intention of causing a war between Russia and the U.S. They are also the primary force behind the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the sole instigator of war against Iran. They are a demonic entity with no justification for existence.

It’s now becoming clear that they were behind the murder of Prime Minister Hariri. It’s acceptable to assume they are engaged in a war against the rest of humanity and that Israel was created solely to give a certain group of people a sovereign nation whose purpose was to loot the wealth of the nations of the world and to build an enormous military presence to destroy their neighbors and anyone else they don’t like which is anyone else but them.

The world has had enough of Israel’s cynical behavior from the extermination of the Palestinian People; to their blackmailing the world’s food industry for Kosher Nostra Tax, their roving death squads, their torture teams in Iraq and elsewhere, their meddling in the governments of every other nation, their involvement in Sudan and with the Somali Pirates as well as their presence in illegal drug and human trafficking… the list is long.

The boycotting of Israeli goods is making its presence felt and we have to make it our business to look for the 729 in the bar codes of every product that we do not buy; buying only the products that do not bear this number and remaining alert to when they change this number to something else or create an alternative number with which to evade the righteous distaste of the public for anything and everything they make.

The vast majority of Israelis are not Semitic at all whereas the Palestinians most certainly are. Therefore the term anti-Semitic is a bogus slander that is used as a blind by Zionist, Israeli interests to disenfranchise the original Semitic people of Palestine and to give the impression that they are them. They are not and wiping out the people and changing the names of the towns does not make what is not so, so.

Tangentially and in defense of my own self-interest, let me link to the original source of the phrases, “The Truth is Anti-Semitic” and “9/11 is the Litmus Test”. This slight digression is made necessary due to circumstances I won’t go into at the moment.

We all realize that the 24 hour, false propaganda, spin system of the main stream media is nearly entirely owned by Zionist interests as is the entertainment industry and that they are a mouthpiece for murder and disinformation to be justified by all possible means. They are becoming increasingly bankrupt in the eyes of the peoples of the world which is evidenced by the collapse of the newspaper industry and associated enterprises. They are going down. The Apocalypse has lifted the skirts of these shameless whores and revealed the agendas beneath.

Many people these days talk about the Illuminati and the Zionist control of the manifest world via the larger vehicles of the formerly great nations of the Earth. All power comes from a single source and they only have what power they have for as long as it is allowed to them. Once it is cut off, they will have none. Their armies will turn upon them and each other. Their fortunes will disappear, their control will vanish and they will be destroyed or scattered to the winds. Let those who are fearful or complacent continue for their brief hour because it is all coming to an end.

I celebrate The Nakba and no one can change this. The opportunity to re-write this piece of history has expired. The reality of what happened is there to be seen in all of its gruesome behavior from the beginning to the present hour. Scramble like demented fools to control the information and change the perception of the world but Gaza has put that beyond your reach. You exposed yourself once and for all with that heinous action.

The Nakba is real. The Nakba will be celebrated. My heart embraces the people of Palestine and all of the people who suffer under the yoke of these psychopathic scoundrels. Their hour of judgment is coming and nothing will delay or deter it.

Let all who are willing, join with me in a constant, virtual, candlelight procession across the internet in honor and defense of those tormented people who had to misfortune of being on a piece of land that somebody else wanted and took by force.

The time is here for everyone with some remaining thread of conscience to stand forth in solidarity with The Nakba… lest that thread break and you become separated from your own honor, integrity and conscience, should any still remain with you.

We Could all be Free

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4 Responses to “The Official 24-7 Nakba, Virtual Celebration Site.”

  1. the indispensable nation Says:

    Maybe they hate the muslims because of their strict laws against usary.

  2. Will Wilson Says:

    Hi Les-your other site or my ISP in interacting with it(I know virtually nothing about computer stuff) is sure acting funny. I think the Zionists might be messing with you, am belaboring the obvious.
    Not surprising.
    What most Americans dont recognize is that Zionists have a history of messing with their opponents-IN the USA. Whether it be shooting at them from freeway overpasses (the JDL) or using informants compromised by government agencies or rules and programs written by those who sympathize with the Zionist (and, corporate) agenda (like the FBI’s COINTELPRO).
    We are dealing with those totally lacking in honor and principle. People who own the money-making apparatus.
    If the entire material world is hell, then the Palestinians, unfortunately, appear to occupy the most unpleasant sector.
    There is one way in which I see the Palestinians as more fortunate (although some might see them as accruing much spiritual merit by undergoing the tribulation they are undergoing) than those of us who live in the USA.
    They know their opponent. We, do not.
    In other words, the greater the understanding of Zionism exists among a people, the more powerless the Zionists attempt to make them. And, the more brutal the Zionists behave towards them.
    And, the inverse is true, also. The less a people know of Zionism, the more powerful they are allowed to become. And, the greater the amount of deception the Zionists practice in their dealings with them.

    If I knew more about algebra I think this could even be illustrated by an equation.

  3. Greetings Starship L.V. Tuesday I read a webpage that said Israel wants prison time for anyone who observes the Nakba. May the Palestinian people’s gods go with them. May they perservere and triumph, I am hopeful.

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