To Dream or not to Dream. What was the Question?

The best thing about my sites is the quality of the readers who show up. These days I would say there is as much to gain, or more, from the comments section than from whatever I might have to say to begin with; not to imply that there’s anything to gain by coming around here but we certainly have some remarkable exchanges which spans the gamut from the scientifically precise to the potentially lunatic. Lately I have noticed a certain trend toward the fantastic. This is not to say that the fantastic is not as much a reality as the crap we are sold as real. It’s just that… in the end… it comes down to speculation. I’m going to talk about some of that today.

There are people who believe we might have been bio-engineered and people who believe that star travelers might have intermarried with humanoids. There are people who think that the evil elite have absolute control over life on Earth and that there’s nothing any of us can do about it. You name it and there’s someone who has mentioned it. I’ve seen some interesting takes on how we got to this moment from the places for which there is no longer any evidence or records of our presence in the past…wherever and whatever that may have been. You can read through the comments from the last several postings if you want some idea of what I am talking about or you can just use your imagination.

First off, let’s talk about these evil elite who are presently meeting in Greece at one of their occasional Bilderberger get togethers and who also tend to show up at the CFR “chop me out another line” dancing seminars, as well as at The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300 and sundry plunder fests where they decide what to take from whom and who to kill in the process.

They’ve probably got their informal as well as special moments for which we possess no known calendar. I’m sure at some of those they sacrifice small children on some kind of an altar in order to win the favor of that Old Testament cat with the burnt offerings jones. I suspect that the people running the show and manifesting the rituals think it’s all a bunch of hooey but it works for the purpose. I know that some of them are members of elite pedophilia clubs because we hear about them every now and then and it results in Jack and shit being brought together in close juxtaposition. This is because they’ve got a whole lot of Jack and because they control a whole lot of shit.

Yeah, I hear a lot about the evil guys and smaller portion of women like Elizabeth Bathory’s latest incarnation as Condoleezza Rice or maybe it’s Zippy Livni. It’s funny she had the word ‘bath’ in her name considering the kind of baths she used to take. She and Giles De Rais would have made a nice couple. Digressing… digressing. Where was I? Right… the evil guys and girls. So we hear about them and we can definitely see what they do. All you have to do is look at any situation that is screwed up on the planet and sooner or later it tracks back to them either in a torturous ‘all water eventually finds the sea’ kind of a way or through one or another of ‘the little people’ who seek to emulate them, given what they’ve acquired for themselves and given how they get away with doing it… or seem to. They are role models after all.

But… not much gets said about the good guys and girls and if this world is a study in opposites and polarities; given that this is a world of duality as far as the purposes of this argument goes then… there must be a cabal of good elites too and regardless of appearances they would tend to have the edge because the essential nature of evil is that it destroys itself. I’m not going to diagram why this is because of space considerations but since I have probably the best collection of readers on the internet that I have so far seen, I don’t think I have to diagram it. People… we need to use our common sense and we need to look at the symmetry of the universe and the incredible balance of tensions that manifests the awesome beauty of our surrounding… except in the places where we, as the resident planetary virus, have screwed it up.

We need to remember that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nor should we assume just because we think we can see something that it necessarily is there. In this context let me add that people often see things and identify them as something other than what they are. This happens a lot.

I’ve gotten a few comments from people who take me to task over my optimism. They can’t see it… why I might feel that way, based on where we are collectively at this time. This is a world where war is a constant simply because it is composed of four elements at war with each other and we are made out of them too. These interact within the fifth element of aether. Ergo… this is a place where bad shit happens. That does not mean that due to the ignorant combination of elements put together by bad magicians that we are doomed as a result. We’re all temporary as far as ‘here’ is concerned. For me that means you spend your time doing what you do with all of your heart and never mind about things like winning and losing battles; empires, fortunes, your life, your loved ones because… every single one of these things will be moving on before or after you.

Now, I know that there are other worlds than this one because I have been there now and again. I also have it on the testimony of those whose integrity is- for me- beyond question However… it shouldn’t matter whether there are other worlds or not. We should do our best regardless. It shouldn’t matter if the bad guys have awesome weapons and endless cash as well as police forces and prisons. Some are willing to bend the knee at this spectacle but I’m not one of them and I’m not alone.

I know that the bad guys are going to get it like neither you nor I can imagine. I realize they cause a great deal of mayhem in the meantime and I realize that the wheels of justice grind slowly just as I realize they grind exceedingly small. I realize that sometimes it can seem overwhelming and these days are some of those times. But… as I have said many times before, this is a movie. This is a series of movies within a much larger movie which is itself only another movie in an even larger series.

I’ve heard it said that the distance between the atoms in our bodies is relative to the distance between the planets. I’ve heard and seen so many things that all prove to interact within such a profound harmony of being and action that I am past questioning whether or not the system is conscious of itself. That still doesn’t matter as far as whatever is required of you. Some people are true to themselves and some are not. Some people have made themselves the proper study of their lives and others (most people) study everything but.

Maybe aliens did interbreed with humans. I do not doubt the presence of extra-terrestrial life forms. I’ve had direct experience of this WITH witnesses present. Maybe there has been some bio-engineering of human life and there’s no doubt that there is an evil elite but my take is that their power is the power of appearances and that in reality they are just a bunch of jumped up little punks who are going to find themselves in something more than a little hot water sooner than they think. You’re free to believe what you like. This is what I believe.

Do your best. You’re not getting out of here in this body and it is an interesting mystery how people will hold so tight to what they cannot maintain their grip on. People’s inability to come to terms with their own mortality is one of the main causes of a great deal of mischief and misery.

I like to ask myself how I am likely to feel at the end of this particular trip IF… I go this way or that way. I ask myself what it would be like to reflect back on my life and what I would like to see there when I do. I don’t think it matters how much power a handful of low to the ground shit-weasels seem to possess. You can step in front of a truck one day while you are thinking about it so it seems to me that just paying attention and hooking up with the right cosmic energy is the way to go. The jury’s out on what’s coming. The best thing to remember is that Boy Scout motto. If you don’t know what that is then look it up.

When I Lose You


One Response to “To Dream or not to Dream. What was the Question?”

  1. Sephardi Says:

    “All of this I have dreamed at one time. Or rather it was a reverie on the indistinct and sparkling line that separates a short sleep of repose and the the eternal sleep of life. Awakening suddenly after labours and cares, I would go up to the window and see off in the distance in sharp silhouettes the unknown contours of buildings. And up above a curtain billows, ready to fall, hiding from me the twilight of divine knowledge . . .

    ‘Morning is approaching but it is still night’ (Isaiah) Night’s music is vague. Flashing stars ring, dawns come and go, pearls trickle down – the incarnation is approaching. She arises and whispers above your ear – my beloved, my gentle one, is that you? . . .

    I say this is not a book. Let the reader of the human heart divine its meaning, or a wayfarer hurry on his way or a monk pray. ‘I have already dreamed this dream.”‘

    Alexander Blok, “Andrej Belyj. Simfonija (2-aja, dramaticeskaja)”

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