The Rise of the Fourth Reich and the Weapons of War.

All I ask is that you ask, “Is it true?” Do not concern yourself with whether you want to hear it or whether it fits your belief system. Do not concern yourself with the spin cycle or whether you achieve orgasm by sitting on the washer. These may be personally important but they are not relevant or important to what is being said here. There will be no belief system, no washing machines or Stress Management Release taking place here today. Today we are going to make some statements and provide certain evidence and you are going to ask yourself, “Is it true?”

Today we are also going to launch a number of virtual, international organizations and millions of watchdogs all over the world to be the foot soldiers for truth. Today we announce the creation of the Iranian Anti-Defamation League in virtual space. I say so, so… there it is. We are also launching the Palestinian and Lebanese Anti-Defamation Leagues as well as AAPAC and AIPAC which will be the American Arab Public Affairs Committee and the American Iranian Public Affairs Committee. We will also be creating the Anti-Israeli Genocide (our own people’s AIG). We will have the TDL (Truth Defense League), the IDL (Iranian Defense League) and the ADL (Arab Defense League). You are all members and you are called upon to counter all offenses against these people by the Axis of Evil; the American, British and Israeli alliance with their satellite operations of Canada and Australia.

All bloggers are requested to activate their memberships in these and any companion organizations that they may also wish to create and issue position papers; statements, memos and complementary coffee cups, ball point pens, bumper stickers and news conferences. All members are required to attend the United Nations conference on Racism in their hearts and minds wherever they may be and to boycott all products made in Israel and to boycott all states of mind that might influence one to even consider anything being said by any representative of the Axis of Evil.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany in the 30’s. If we do not unite as a people against this emerging horror then we are all responsible for what happens and deserving of the consequences when they get around to us. There is no difference in the treatment of Jews, Gypsies and whoever else during the Nazi years than there is now in the treatment of the Palestinians. Just as the Nazis did, the Israelis are making war on all of their neighbors and using propaganda and lies as a justification. In many cases they are engineering terror events against themselves for which they then punish whomever they wish.

The Iranian Anti-Defamation League must consider, as its first order of business, the clarification and refutation of the statement attributed to Ahmanedijad where it is claimed that he called for the destruction of Israel. Here is what actually happened, “The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.” They didn’t even get the person quoting it right, much less the quote itself. It is also claimed that he denied ‘the’ Holocaust. Ahmanedijad NEVER said the holocaust didn’t happen. His concern was that scholars should have the right to investigate what appears to be number fudging among those who have been using the holocaust to blackmail the nations of the world and to justify the genocide of Palestine.

Is this true? It is most certainly true. It has been exposed and revealed in places too numerous to list and both of them thoroughly debunked except in the Zionist controlled press.

We, who are members of all of these instant, new organizations, with full membership privileges, and a lot of other organizations that you may create on the spot, are all required to refute these and all of the rest of the lies as we go thru our day.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany. Millions of us in one voice must chant, “Israel is just like Nazi Germany.” Chant it in your mind as you drive to work. Chant it when you hear the news which fashions the lies that seek to make all of us little Nazis.

Dennis Ross is a BIG TIME Nazi that Obama appointed to a post which will stand as an act of the most aggressive, lunatic irony of all time. Is this true? Did Obama appoint him? Did Obama appoint dual national Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel to control who sees and speaks to him? Where are the Muslim; the Arab, the Iranian, the Pacific Islander in his cabinet? Does his cabinet reflect a cross section of the population or is it tilted to the operations of The Fourth Reich? How does this reflect upon whatever future actions Obama will engage in???

Is Iran in compliance with the IAEA? Yes it is. Does Iran have a nuclear weapon or is Iran engaged in creating a nuclear weapon? No. Is Israel threatening to attack Iran (as she has attacked everyone else in the region)? Yes. Has Iran attacked anyone in over a thousand years? No. Has anyone attacked Israel? No. Has Israel given the appearance that she was attacked while actually launching the primary attacks in all cases? Yes. Is Israel just like Nazi Germany? Yes. Should Iran have a nuclear weapon to offset the vicious aggressions of Israel in the neighborhood and around the world? Abso-frickin- loutely!!!

People of the world and new members by the millions in all of these new Anti-Fascist organizations… we must go to war. We shall not war on the ground or with conventional weaponry. We shall war on the plane of the mind. We shall use ideas, thoughts and words as bombs; depth charges, mortars and IEDs… bullets and whathaveyou. We shall fight them in the forums and comments sections that follow the news articles. We shall fight them in the public places with our public statements. We shall sit down by the millions in the thoroughfares. We shall stymie them in the workplace. We shall become insurgent within the military and wherever we are employed. We shall use our hearts and our humanity as deadly weapons, as lie-killers. We shall boycott all products from all fascist nations.

I am going to give you a powerful truth now, which I have not seen revealed before this time. The reason for the creation of the Cluster bomb of anti-Semitism smear labeling… the real reason which was the impetus for this powerful anti-personnel device is because the AshkeNazi forces knew that they were not Semitic but that the Palestinians are.

In order to use the Biblical claims of regaining territories that never belonged to them they HAD TO supplant the natural and legal and spiritual claims of the real inhabitants by co-opting their identity. The people of the Bible are the Palestinians. They knew this and this is the reason for the creation of the Anti-Semitic weapon. It is all a subtle and pervasive fraud.

I here declare this truth to be the revelation that ends all phonied up legitimacy to Zionism and the goose-stepping Nazi dance revue whose marching, blood-stained, hobnail boots are crushing the innocent for the profit of the wicked. The true anti-Semites are the ones masquerading as Semites as they torment and murder the people they are pretending to be.

We are hundreds of millions. They are very few. Simply by focusing our minds on the truth of what we know we can effect a paradigm shift. Use humor; use scorn, use the higher arts and weapons at your disposal. You have only to scroll down the page at The Truthseeker and What Really Happened to see what The Fourth Reich is up to.

I am coming to the end of my 1500 word limit and must end this call to virtual arms but you must each of you, in your own way, begin to arm your fellows with the Swords of Truth and the Mirror Shields that flash the lies of the deluded enemy back into their own vitals. Let us draw upon the collective power within and drive the servants of darkness back into the pit. The tyranny of the vampire is at an end. Let your personal sunlight provide the disinfectant and let your heart takes wings. Pass it on… pay it forward… Tag, you’re it.

Every Day


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