Political Correctness in the Court of Byzantium.

Despite its seeming veneer of civilization, its appearance of uniformity and routine, this world is a jungle where predators roam by day and by night. The ordinary focus is upon those at the ground level who break the usual laws which we all agree we need to maintain order. Even before Hammurabi there must have been some system. When we think of crime, we think about things like robbery, rape and murder along with all the white collar variants of the ancient shell games and cards tricks. Then there are the Badger and Murphy games and whatever else they’ve come up with since. Some laws are reasonable and some are not and… most often… the unreasonable ones come about without any reference to the well being of the public.

There’s a whole lot of hypocrisy combined with those who have the gold making the rules and we see it in things like alcohol and tobacco being legal while marijuana is not. Marijuana is illegal because of the alcohol and tobacco lobbies. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people in one year than all the illegal drugs in the world across a century or more and… when it comes to manufacturing violence and guilt; alcohol has no equal. If we could package and sell violence we could make a fortune, come to think of it… we do. I’m not just talking about movies and videogames and sporting events, I’m talking arms and the money for the causes for the wars from which the bankers rake in the profit from both sides of the conflict. Meanwhile, hemp production could revolutionize the world and that is also something that someone… doesn’t want to happen.

Now we are talking about bigger crimes and bigger criminals. I’ve a new blog called Profiles in Evil and in coming months I’m going to feature some of these people, the same way that Hustler used to profile their ‘asshole of the month’, complete with a list of their crimes. I’m thinking it should look like a baseball card with all the stats. We might even make them like the playing cards that circulated with pictures of the Iraqi leaders so… stay tuned.

Ordinary crime is something most of us want controlled and contained. However… these days there are so many things that have become criminal that most of us are lawbreakers without even knowing what we’ve done. Somewhere there’s a great big book of laws about crimes we may not have even heard about. The book is written in lawyer speak and authored by anyone in a position to do so for the purpose of control and financial profit which benefits all of the industries that feed off of their enforcement. The crimes in this book are not the real crimes. The real crimes are the laws that have been created to enforce them. These crimes are all associated with the regulation of social behavior for the purpose of behavior modification and the primary kingpin, mob boss of the whole shebang is Political Correctness.

If you want to see Political Correctness, when it becomes the ruling entity in the lives of the people, you have only to study the Khmer Rouge and you can trace that back through China in the 60’s and then back to its Marxist origins in Lenin land and then back into the brains of those who fashioned the template that preceded the presence. Here’s a conservative take on PC.

Its right about here that I start to get in trouble with the people who don’t want to know because… I tend to look under the bed and in the attic; behind the shoes on the floor of the closet and even in the slaughterhouses where the parts destined for sausage are stored. Because I am looking around, I find things like this. You have to scroll all the way down to see the list and it becomes apparent that a certain group of people have a vested interest in this particular industry. Then you see the parallel to this industry. Then you swerve around through historical realities and bend time a little to wind up behind the thing you are talking about and you see things like this. You can snake back over the course of time and find so many parallels that maybe you really start to wonder. Then you can come into the present day and you see Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza at the end of last year.

No one can dispute the massive carnage that was Gaza and no one can dispute 60 years of land theft and genocide. No one can dispute the apartheid status of the Palestinians but that isn’t the point of this piece. We are talking about Political Correctness and we want to tie all of these links into what happened when George Galloway wanted to speak in Canada and the ruthless suppression of free speech, including imprisonment whenever anyone criticizes the behavior of Zionist entities, due to politically correct laws that are designed to prohibit one’s ability to reveal the truth or to draw attention to bad behavior which… would have been against the law in Hammurabi’s time as it ‘should be’ against the law now.

So what we are getting is things like this and things like this. You have to trace that back to this peculiar period in history when Theodor Herzl founded Zionism and declared the uses of Anti-Semitism. The uncanny sensation that I am getting is that a certain group of people created Political Correctness in order to use it as a system of control against anyone who speaks out against the industry of control. It’s a powerful system.

It appears that one of the main targets of Zionist endeavor is to destroy Christianity and you can see how that is being accomplished by simply studying what is being shown in the links previously given. It’s not just Christianity that is the target. It is Islam too, which was the point of 9/11. It all connects. What we have is a not so Holy War against competing religious groups for control of the human mind. I’m not a fan of religion but religions, like the family unit, cultures and governments, are the glue that holds society together. I wouldn’t want them all done away with because, first of all it isn’t possible; something else will always replace what went missing but… what? That is the question you need to ask.

Now, of course, those who criticize what I say here will question the mindset behind the links given but… that’s not the important point. The important point is… is it true? Are the points being made true? Are the names given as being on various boards and representing certain industries true? Are those said to be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions true? Did these people occupy these offices and did they carry out the executions that history shows them to be responsible for?

In the game of Political Correctness, telling the truth is a hate crime. In the game of Political Correctness, what is is shaped into what is not and what is not… is shaped into what is. This is being worked in the sub-basements of the educational system. Very strange things are going on at every level. Football game schedules are conflicting with God’s time slots? The level of ridiculous has rendered the word obsolete. Now… what do you get when you sift all of the components presented here? Furthermore… what do you get when you look at the players involved in the financial crash and then look at those who are empowered to fix it? Which banks were unaffected by the financial crash or… are actually reaping enormous profits? Here is a bonus question… how does the present state of epidemic foreclosures relate to the drama detailed in the book, “The Grapes of Wrath”?

So… what are we to make of political correctness and how correct is it? Is it about what it says it is about or is it about something else entirely? Did I pull all of this information out of a particular part of my anatomy or… is it true? Is it true? Show me how it is not true. Please take the time to show me that these things are lies and fabrications. Furthermore please reflect on what seems to be the point of it all; use your imagination to connect the dots and look at the image. Now tell me if the picture you see is a credible portrait of a calculated effort by a certain movement over the last however many decades or… is it just coincidence? Since this is all affecting you in real time or… it’s all a product of a deluded imagination well… you probably should analyze it to see if what is affecting you is real or not. Does that make any sense?

Somebody has too much power and that power is being used to the detriment of us all. Where does this lead and… do you want to go there? The thing is… you are going there. You are flowing with the current. You are not swimming against the tide. If one and one adds up to two then… where does that leave you? I realize that some people are telling you that one and one do not add up to two but… you might want to think about that.


One Response to “Political Correctness in the Court of Byzantium.”

  1. Jack Handy Says:

    I don’t want to swim with the lamestream to my doom. But how can I ‘bail out’? I don’t have a golden parachute, I’m not one of the bankster criminals that runs this dystopia, oh well just have to hang in there.

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