Monsanto and Corporate, Jail-House, Gang Rape.

One of the ugliest things to be manifesting in the Obama portfolio in these first 50 days is the war against small farmers; against farmer’s markets, alternative and organic growers of produce. There’s more but I don’t want to spend my time laying out what you can get from the link. You can get some nice details in the preceding site’s forum about Congresswomen DeLauro and her husband Stan ‘the man’ Greenberg who pimps for Monsanto. And… you can learn all you need to know about Monsanto in this video.

Those of us who have followed the predatory operations of this evil empire know about Monsanto deliberately seeding farmland they want to seize; their powerful law firms and helicopter spy ships. When you factor in what genetically modified foods do to the human body well… it becomes apparent that there is some kind of plan by a collection of corporate and government interests to make humanity as stupid as the livestock they consume and to reduce their numbers by a frightening amount.

It doesn’t matter if you believe there is a devil or not it if… there are entities that behave in all the ways that we have been told that the classical devil of religion and myth is alleged to behave… something… something… a rose by any other name might well be a Venus Flytrap plant.

There’s a war on and it is a different kind of a war than the usual wars that these same bloodthirsty Morlocks usually sponsor. It’s a war of corporation owned governments against the rights and freedoms of the individual. If you read the news listed at What Really Happened and The Truthseeker each day then you will see many examples of this each and every single day.

What is happening as a result is that individuals who still possess objective reasoning skills, along with a certain amount of dignity and honor, are banding together to fight back against this aggregate of soul eating larva. One might well assume that part of the effort of these larvas is to flush these people out into the open so they know who they are. Let’s face it, when you are as stone cold evil as these larvas are there are no limits to what they will do or to the hubris and greed that drives them.

There’s a tight little hotbed of incest between the bankers and the corporations and their ‘main bitch’ is whatever government is bending over in the shower for them. You don’t have to tell these public servants not to drop the soap. They drop the soap on purpose and then they bat their eyes and talk like Mae West.

Organized religion, which is the tranny in the mix, likes to camp it up in the mess area or the prison chapel. They’re usually pretty loud and festive and all sit at the same table during meals. It really puts them in the mood to wear those long robes and funny hats. I know some of you have heard about the government’s recruitment of pastors who are going to help herd their flock during times of civil unrest. Heck, the government even gave them appropriate Bible verses. If you don’t know about this particular feature along with many others it’s… because you don’t want to or… you’re deep asleep in a burning house.

The Department of Homeland Insecurity is now labeling all kinds of ordinary citizens as ‘terrorists’. Sure, I’m making this up, just like I made up and printed the official documents that you can ‘full size’ and read for yourself at the click of your mouse. You will note the ultra-heavy emphasis on the dangers posed for the ‘self-chosen’ who, of course- no brainer- had nothing to do with this showing up in the first place.

Basically what this intends it what H.R. 875 intends. If you can’t put this together with the bank bailouts and the radical fleecing and aggressive policing of citizen ordinaire then you aren’t going to have any problem existing in tighter and tighter quarters; with less food and comfort than you thought was possible. You’re going become an official resident of Gaza Global. You’ll want to make sure you stay in line at all times and, from what I hear, neither the TV or the lights ever go off so you’ll be able to stay entertained and also never have to be afraid of the dark again. You never know who might be out there. It could even be one of us growing illegal vegetables or herding contraband goats from which we are making psychedelic cheeses.

Alright, let’s move on to the next false flag terror attack. Our people in Vegas are doing some serious handicapping and the same people from the 9/11 short-selling extravaganza (gee, I hope that’s not an Italian word) are already putting in their bids as well. You might remember that the first serious foray into this win-win area of commercial enterprise, which puts the profit margin of the private prison industry to shame, took place in The Heartland of Oklahoma City. You can’t get more main street, USA than this. You can’t get more Red State than this and if you can’t be safe there, where can you be safe?

The next step was to hit the largest, liberal collective of lock-step, urban individualists in New York City and this had the added benefit of being seen as an implied assault by one of the largest religions on the planet against one of the smallest. This put as much good will as one could imagine into the neo-con coffers which they weren’t cheap with in the aftermath, if Afghanistan and Iraq could stand as examples.

The next step was to go ‘internationale’ and take the show on the road to jolly old London town and Madrid. After all, isn’t it the dream of any corporation to have offices all over the world? So let’s go back to the Vegas handicappers. The latest odds give us an 8 to 5 edge for Chicago which gets a real bump for being Obama’s home turf AND, it’s close to Canada AND the distance between Chicago and Toronto is only 441 miles AND, they have airports… yeah baby. This also gives that ‘internationale’ thing and speaks to the porous borders problems and helps out the Canadian arm of the whole shebang.

We’re getting 7 to 2 with no ‘over, under’ for both San Francisco and Seattle. The smart money says it’s because they’re both on the water and also it looks good on a chart if you draw a line from New York City through Oklahoma City and then to either of these soft targets. You’ll have to call the Vegas handicapping line for the rest of the odds which have to do with things like Phoenix and the Mexican problem, as well as other possibilities. My guy in Vegas tells me that wherever it is, it’s got to have an Iranian connection so, …keep that in mind.

I’m glad you could come with me today on my little space/time journey. Every now and then it’s good to get out and stretch your legs and, if you’re a regular Smoking Mirrors reader, you know we like to stretch your mind as well. Some might argue that we like to stretch your credibility and I’ll have to agree that it is a real bummer that so many facts and curious coincidences tend to muck up that particular perception. How about I throw in a little something about UFO’s or Saddam being alive in Paraguay down at the Bush mega-hacienda?

I love the smell of genetically modified, breakfast foods in the morning! While I’m looking out the window, I can merge together the sounds of the Rice Krispies crackling in the milk from the Monsanto-enhanced cows with the sonorous oratory of our great leaders …as they call us forth to face the mighty challenges that the people who own them …slipped into our early Christmas stockings.

Well… as the ass and mind bandits of the airwaves- and your local authorities- like to tell you… “Remain calm’. If you panic, you’ll just seize up and it will hurt that much more. Keep in mind that all good things must also come to an end and that’s why I’m going close today’s missive with a hearty “Hi Ho Silver” and I’ll see you next time we come around if there is one.

While the President Makes War


7 Responses to “Monsanto and Corporate, Jail-House, Gang Rape.”

  1. roddy nimbersen Says:

    Thinking hurts my aspartame. Can mommygov come and keep me safe from evul hairy muslims with stinky feet? They hunger for our white women! Woops the war on Tim Osman(Bin Laden) is at the 14:59 mark. Now it’s the economy (stupid). My favorite Muslim insult is “I fart on your beard” I could never hate a people with such a comedic sense.

  2. You are just so right, with every word!!

  3. Sephardi Says:

    I have just discovered the WordPress mirror site and I am finally able to leave replies to your fine site.

    Hear another “laureate of America’s decline” Mike Davis on the definition of the word apocalypse:

    “Since “apocalypse” is such an over-used and cheapened term, it is important to recall its precise meaning in the Abrahamic religions. An apocalypse is literally the revelation of the Secret History of the world as becomes possible under the terrible clarity of the Last Days. It is the alternate, despised history of the subaltern classes, the defeated peoples, the extinct cultures.”


    The terrible clarity of the internet age. If it were possible, they would fool the very elect.

  4. You must be new to WordPress…I haven’t seen you around here before.
    I feel sorry that you only have two or three comments with the amazing way you write. If you keep it up, perhaps by next year you will have a several dozen!

    Cheers to you and your new writing hobby,


  5. wolfish ways Says:

    L.V. thanks for wordpress mirror! Have you heard of the 2400% tax increase on class J loose tobacco? I think it is only in the people’s republik of amerika so don’t worry about it where you are (lucky dawg). Thanks for writings that even the dimmest bulb can understand. Everyone with a pulse and IQ in the double digits should be awake now since the power grab, cash looting, socialist collective law passing is so blatant.

  6. action speaks louder Says:

    Don’t get paranoid or overestimate your worth. The Jew World Order isn’t too worried about your huff n’ puff blow the house down blog. Their agenda keeps on rolling. They are happy that 00000.99% of people are hip to what is going on but the sheeple will never wake up because the truth is something they run from. Preaching to the converted? Converting the preached to? Challenging the intellect or intellectually challenged? All the ruff tuff keyboard commandos will go quietly when the J.W.O. comes for them so protest away its just like pissing in the wind.

  7. in the city of philadelphia pa. u.s.a. there is a small museum dedicated to the display of sculptures by the 19th century french artist A. Rodin. his most popular work of art is titled “the thinker”.this piece can be viewed from the pavement of the philadelphia parkway,where the museum is located. the statue depicts a naked male, seated with his right elbow on his right knee and his right hand propping up his chin, as he gazes downward deep in thought. i once visited this museum. i stood on the pavement of the parkway and gazed up at the thinker. i began to wonder what the thinker was thinking about. then i began to think about thought. what was it. of what did it consist. my abstractions were interrupted by the awareness of a presence beside me. it was an afro-american boy of about 9 or 10. he asked me what i was doing. i told him that i was studying the statue. as children do, he set his own inquisitive gaze upon the sculpture. i explained to the boy that it was a famous statue by a famous french artist. then as the child looked intently at the piece, i added it is called “the thinker” the boy gave an intuitive nod and continued to inspect the sculpture. then it occurred to me to ask him ‘what do you think the thinker is thinking about?’ the boy answered unhesitatingly, ‘ he’s thinkin’ ’bout where he can get him some clothes’ then walked on about his business.

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