Dick Cheney and Murder Internazionale.

…and continuing to unveil… uncover and reveal we now find that America’s Fischer-Price version of Darth Vader… that porcine, shit golem extraordinaire, our very own Dick Cheney was running his own Murder, Inc Internazionalle. The fact that it is Sy Hirsch who is revealing it gives it a most plausible air. Even though Sy skates around certain major events of the last decade out of an understandable reluctance, still… thank you Sy.

In Canada they want to either bar from entry or arrest George, ‘the clown’ Bush. Interpol is working on arrest warrants for present day, Israeli war criminals and, if you can believe it, Bernie, ‘the lizard’ Madoff is in jail. I’ve only the lying media’s say so on this so, for all I know, it’s one of those Body Double things.

As I have been at pains to say, this apocalypse thing; whether it be mere planetary aspects or that ‘unseen hand’ we hear about in respect of both temporal and metaphysical force; whatever it may be, it’s all coming out and my take is that this only the overview of the tip of the iceberg before it has even stuck it’s nose out of the waves.

Wasn’t it Mineta who was in the war room with Cheney when Cheney kept getting updates about the plane headed to the Pentagon? Cheney was being asked about when to scramble the interceptor jets as the plane got closer and closer and closer and stalwart Dick continued to say… “Take no action” or something like it. I won’t go into who was in and what was happening at the particular part of the Pentagon that got hit. Heck, I won’t even bring up Rumsfields’s statement the day before about Dov Zacheim’s missing trillions.

The weight of evidence, by this time, that 9/11 was an Inside Job is overwhelming, as is Dick Cheney’s participation in it at the behest of his masters in a small Middle Eastern country, who’ve got some kind of pictures and video with Dick in a starring role. Knowing what I know about Dick by this point, I think I can assume they contain dead children, ritually displayed like a salmon mousse centerpiece at one of those parties he attends. Let’s don’t be cheap with the dill sauce.

Those of us who care enough to see for ourselves, rather than to be told what to believe have known about most of these things for a long time… just as we know who was behind Charles Freeman withdrawing from the offered post. Heck, we can even see the irony that it was AIPAC spy, Steve Rosen who was leading the pack.

Listen up people, as much as mainstream America and the rest of the world are suffering from this engineered economic downturn, the ‘greed is good’ crowd has seen their money disappear as well and they lost a lot more of it. There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth these days among the ‘coke and fine wine’ crowd. So let’s remember, even though a certain doom has come upon us all, it is the one’s who love money the most that are most greatly injured by its loss.

Yes… I’m all over the map again but it’s the map itself and not any of the locations on it that is the point of this particular issue so, if I can but sketch out the boundaries then the picture becomes clear; except to those who cannot or will not see.

We’ve got this summer of rage coming up and the villains are being dramatically rendered before our eyes in all their loathsome ways. The scrambling behind the scenes must be amazing as they seek to seize final control over that which no one has ever controlled before and… neither will they. The fact is that it is anybody’s guess what is going to happen but… whenever corruption completely takes over the ruling classes then some adjustments get made.

You know what ‘a perfect storm’ is. That’s when various forces come together to create a situation in which they all contribute to the perfect conditions for what follows and without which it wouldn’t have happened. Those conditions are present today and the revelations about Cheney; the arm-twisting over Freeman, the economic uncertainty along with Nature acting funny along with… well, it’s quite a list. All of these things are driving humanity toward an unpredictable destiny because… behind the scenes has a great deal to do with what happens in front of you and behind the scenes is turmoil.

It’s not going the way they want it to. They’ve got all of these conditions in place and strange things are happening that are out of their control. It is the nature of those in control to use any means necessary to maintain control so… what does that mean?

In one sense it has to do with former, high riding insiders being thrown to the wolves but there’s a grave risk in that and that is that more and more is going to be coming out… unveiling… revealing…. disclosing. Then public perception begins to shift and new awareness’s emerge. Following this come large polarizations and you begin to hear Yeat’s saying something about, “the center cannot hold.”

The dominoes begin to fall and many things tangential to Dick Cheney and all of the rest of those being exposed also emerge. Were it not for the remaining sheen on Obama much more would be upon us already.

Dick Cheney has got to be more than a little concerned at the moment because if what Hirsch says is true then he is an enormous liability to those to whom he gives fealty. He is also guaranteed to face criminal charges should what has been said be proven true. Those connected to Dick must be very concerned. The boys in the backroom are sorting their options.

Of course, what we are learning about Dick is only a part of the story and the rest of the story is on its way out as well. I sense legions of whistleblowers firing up their instruments. Some of them are being driven by fear and some of them by self-interest and some tiny handful by a late blooming, righteous indignation.

Consider the massive outpouring of revelations and expect more to follow. You know as well as I that when too much focus goes on to things ‘they’ don’t want us to hear about that it is time for a massive distraction or two. I would take this information about Dick as being a bad sign of things to come.

There are several ways that you come upon information. You might find particular evidence like tracks in the sand, a piece of cloth on some sagebrush or… someone might tell you something. The rats are getting a bad sense about the welfare of the ship. There is no honor among rats.

As for Dick, whatever happens, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. Though I suspect the onset of heart troubles and a plausible demise, you just never know. Every passing day this whole circus gets weirder and weirder. Meanwhile, some percentage of the man on the street is going nuts as recent headlines have shown. Money is getting tighter and the fear of this is making the money tighter still. Pakistan is in revolt and all across the world we are seeing similar situations brewing. What does it all mean?

The Bush Family Manson


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