The Snake Dancing Broadcasting Mind Control

These times in which we live become increasingly more surreal. It could be that things have been strange for a long time but we are just seeing it more now. Of course, a larger percentage of us are not seeing it at all but even they know something is wrong. They just assume it is for the obvious reasons because that is what they have been told. They’ve been told it’s because of the terrorists and that “Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.” They’ve been told that all of the problems are due to somebody else and that the new people are going to fix the problems now. They’ve been told a lot of things.

There’s a pervasive hypnosis that floods the rooms in which we live. It drives down the street with us. It says hello to us like a Wal-Mart greeter when we enter a store and it vibrates under the bird songs in the parks and it only fades when you walk far enough into the desert or sail into the middle of the sea. Because it is happening every day and because everyone just goes about their business as usual there is the general understanding that it’s not hypnosis, it’s just the color of life; a natural thing.

We’ve been subjected to this mind control for so long that we find it hard to imagine what life might be without it. Everything that torments us comes out of the lies being broadcast across the airwaves we move through. They slip through the earphones inside the music that they allow us to hear. They travel inside the words of the people speaking out of your television and radio. They move inside the words on the newspaper and then open up inside your head and create for you the understanding that they want you to have.

We’re told that certain people are our enemies but our real enemies are the people telling us this. We’re told that certain things are bad for us but these things aren’t even as bad as the things they tell us we can have and which they make and sell to us so that we can hear the lies better and to put us in the mood to agree with the lies which cause us to injure ourselves and each other. The people who tell us these lies all went to school together and they learned to speak a certain language so that they can say things to each other that we won’t understand. While they were in their special schools they had their humanity removed so that they could do things that no human being would even consider because they have no conscience to inhibit their behavior. They have been compared to reptiles because that is the part of the brain that they act out of.

There was a movie where you could put on a pair of sunglasses and you would see things the way they really were. Back in the beginning you didn’t need sunglasses to see how things were but that was before the subliminal broadcasts began. After awhile… after a couple of generations… after the broadcasts started, the illusion was complete. From the time you were children… when you were learning to walk and to speak you also learned what was real. Even though it never has been real, it is real enough because there is nothing else to compare it to, unless you take a certain kind of mushrooms or you go away into the forest and practice things that neutralize the sounds and images that control the magic show.

This kind of behavior was made against the law for this very reason or it is made to appear abnormal and the practitioner is marginalized to the fringes of society. These people who do not conform are made into objects of ridicule and whatever they try to tell others is laughed at and generally ignored. None of the conforming multitudes want to be seen in this way. It can be hazardous to their livelihood. It can bring shame on their families and friends and they might lose both as well as their income and their standing in the community.

It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast. There always have been. History records many incidents of people revealing the existence of the broadcasting and image making force. We read that these people have warned humanity through the ages and we also see that humanity has paid no attention. Even with all of the examples that history shows about the ugly circumstances that are created by a mass belief in the broadcast, people still do not learn and each day they rise to the hope that the broadcast is going to lead them into the Promised Land but they die in Gary, Indiana, Calcutta or London town.

The broadcast tells them that consuming poison will grant them good health and that going to war will bring them peace. The broadcast tells them that bad men and women are the heroes of their time and that those who want to liberate them from the broadcast are villains. They routinely imprison, defame and kill these messengers but for some reason there are always new ones to take their place. There are never very many of them and that might be one reason that people do not come to see the true nature of the broadcast. Fear is another reason. This is why intelligent people, who know in their hearts what the broadcast is, will deny that they know. They will even encourage others to continue to accept the broadcast because there is no profit to the alternative which can get them into a lot of trouble.

A few years ago some men, who couldn’t even fly small planes, flew several big airliners into large buildings with a skill that even some experienced pilot’s lack. Not only did they do this but very shortly after two buildings were hit, these buildings collapsed at the speed of freefall and a neighboring building that wasn’t even hit by a plane also fell down into its own footprint at the speed of freefall. A television station in London announced that the third building has collapsed twenty minutes before it happened and most of the world saw nothing strange in any of this. Now… of course… plenty of intelligent people know that the explanation given for why these things happened the way they did is a lie but… they are going to tell you it did happen the way the broadcast says it did because they don’t want to get pointed at by their fellows and maybe have a run of really bad luck.

A major war happened because of this event. It is a war that cannot be won and the only thing that is different there- except that a lot of the people are dead- is that the opium trade is booming. It had been shut down before the war happened. Then another war got started based on a similar broadcast but without any planes or falling buildings and a lot more people died in that war which also can’t be won and now they are broadcasting about yet another war, which was the main target all along and which is why the countries that were the previous targets just happen to border the main target.

The broadcasters planned all of this a few years before they set to work. It’s a big project, a project for the new American century and it takes a while to complete. They had a particular president for the first part of the operation and now they have a new one for the next stage. It will seem that what follows will be based on new decisions by new people but it will just be another step in the same operation. It’s happening right now and people are learning what the broadcasters want them to know about why it is important for a lot more people to die.

There’s a small place called Gaza where genocide and casual murder is taking place on a daily basis. Hideous weapons are being used on people with no capacity to defend themselves. It’s a new weapons testing area that uses real people in order to study the effects so that these weapons can be used in other places. The broadcast has convinced a lot of people that terrorists are living in this over crowded little ghetto but the real terrorists are the ones testing the weapons. On an island off the coast of America some other well to do terrorists are torturing prisoners for information that only they possess because they are the ones who did the things that they have accused the prisoners of. This is an interrogation testing laboratory but the broadcast says otherwise.

Because all lies must eventually fail, some of the countries responsible for the majority of the lies are falling apart. The broadcast says they are going to fix it. The only country that isn’t falling apart and where a great many of the lies are being manufactured has actually been looting the countries that are falling apart. They are supposed to be really good friends with these countries but… you know how it goes… or do you?

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  1. Hey Nobody,

    Got some real Gazaesque $&CFB leadership (sic) info your Gaza supports pacifism believer readers may be overjoyed knowing:

    On January 27th, 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order allocating 20.3 million dollars to bring Palestinians related to the Hamas terrorist organization to the United States as refugees. These are the “victims” of the recent war at Gaza. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of them will be brought to the United States. These refugees will be eligible for free food and housing. This executive order appeared in the Federal Register, volume 74, number 221.e 1615. (7) (Last Trumpet NewsLetter)

    According to a Palestinian census, the population of Gaza jumped by 40 percent between 1997 and 2007. West Bank officials expect the Gaza population, which they estimate at 1.4 million, to double over the next 21 years. The growth rate in Gaza is roughly three times the global average, according to U.N. estimates. Most of Gaza’s residents are U.N.-registered refugees. (Truthdig – Gaza’s Baby Boom)

    “Nizar Rayan, his four wives and 10 of his children were all killed by in an Israeli air strike on his home after he ignored warnings they should go into hiding.”
    Rayan, 49, who ranked among Hamas’ top five decision makers, was killed yesterday when a one-ton bomb razed his home in the northern town of Jebaliya.
    Rayan, an influential preacher, had previously denied Israel’s existence and was a known mentor of suicide bombers. He even sent one of his sons on an October 2001 suicide mission that killed two Israeli settlers in Gaza.
    ‘The Palestinian resistance will not forget and will not forgive.
    He was one of the organisers behind the Battle of Gaza in 2007, in which 400 Palestinian Fatah party members were killed and dozens more tortured and maimed.
    A Hamas spokesman alleged that the Palestinian National Authority may have asked Israel to kill him because of his role in the clashes. He added that the chief was one of the main reasons why many of Mahmoud Abbas’s men ‘did not sleep well at night’.
    Rayan was fundamentally against the state of Israel and had declared: ‘There is nothing called Israel, neither in reality nor in the imagination.’ He was preaching in a local mosque on the day before he was killed and said: ‘Our only language with the Jew is through the gun.’

    Perhaps one of them wou’d like to take over as Minister of Gaza, for the Israeli Goverment, and resolve a problem with the Gaza population’s Hamas leaders, who clearly are fundamentalist $lave and Cannon Fodder Phallic (PenisGun) Masons.

    But unforutnately addressing the root causes of problems ain’t a high priority with many who make who have an intellectual, emotional, psychological or financial incentive, to remain in denial.

    “People think responsibility is hard to bear. It’s not. I think that sometimes it is the absence of responsibility that is harder to bear. You have a great feeling of impotence.” (Henry Kissinger)

    “I am here to accept responsibility for that which I did. I will not accept responsibility for that which I did not do.” (Oliver North)

    “Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility.” (Elizabeth Stanton)



  2. Saladin Says:

    “It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast.” If the human race was ever truly in need of a vaccine it is one to inoculate them from that hideous broadcast. But it is also the one they will never allow.

  3. JMCSwan
    The WORLD ‘will not forget and will not forgive’ what Israel has done over the last 60 years. If Israel were responsible they would pack up and go home.
    Still the same-
    Good one Les

  4. more than magnetic, les 🙂

    i like the look of the new digs 🙂

    tag! we’re it 🙂

    hey tony, good tcya here *wavin*

  5. “Your subtle efforts are not missed and I would wager that you would be surprised who reads your work because I am a somebody and I have told all of my friends.”

    “I read at all of your blogs and I know about that depression you are experiencing and I am warning you not to mention a certain thing any more.”

    Hmmmmmm……..I wonder if “professor” Goldstein is threatening you. You probably get a lot of this. Anyhow the “professor” is certainly right on concerning your journalism. You are as good as it gets. I’ve said it before, you would make a great syndicated columnist. You have them all beat by a mile.

    No wonder they fuck with your site. Can’t have an “idiot savant” waking people up. There are plenty of plain old idiots in Washington working overtime putting them to sleep.


  6. The implication of what you are saying is so enormous, it’s hard to know where to start. I like a term that came up in a dialogue between David Bohm and F David Peat. The ‘tacit infrastructure of the individual and society’. Now that says a lot. Almost all of the assumptions we believe from childhood, have been placed there by society and have evolved over thousands of years, most of it is not true. It’s easy for people to see other peoples beliefs and assumptions and discard them. Can you be so clear looking at yourself? Fact is most can’t.

    One way to see ourselves honestly is through the process of dialogue. We may have a creative insight into our own consciousness.

    I did a quick google and came up with this article that goes into it more.

    The fact is we all have been subjected to the broadcast, it’s up to us to sort it all out.

    Once again, Les thanks for bringing up this vital subject, we know people from around the world are reading it.

  7. I am a somebody too! I am somebody. Les you keep screaming you keep reaching you keep yelling and reaching to get to those people who will not wake up! I know your elephant man is a different God than mine but if he influences you to this……we must be ONE.


  8. Rick Simpsons movie ‘Run from the cure’

  9. A much slicker presentation here than that day-old gruel look over at Blogger. I don’t think I’ll be going back to that one ever again.

    Whoever R is … whether he’s a Harvard professor or a crackpot (or why not both?) … he’s bang on. You write like a man inspired in the original sense of the word, and that’s what keeps me coming back. It’s not just what you say – there’s thousands of others out there who see the same thing happening and aren’t afraid to say so – but how you say it: you have a the favor of the most beautiful of the muses. And the most temperamental, perhaps? I’d be fortunate to be blessed with a tenth the genius whose grace you’ve won.

    You know what I really love, though? You don’t tell any of us how or what to think. You lay it out, the way you see it, then step back and let the conversation flow. Mark of a true teacher, that. It’s a useful litmus test to apply to anyone, or anything. Is it explicitly or implicitly telling us what to think? Probably part of the broadcast, then.

    Whether you want it or not, you’re starting to attract students. An informal school is forming around you, not centered on you as some sort of object of worship, but through you … you’re pointing the way towards … well, you know. None of us are joiners in any sort of traditional sense … we’re misfits and outcasts, contrarians and expatriates, innately suspicious of leaders and self-styled masters and teachers, the type of people that instinctively walk against the crowd rather than with it, the type who are instinctively repelled by any effort to win their loyalty, who start kicking and struggling the minute the group tries to subsume their ego (and so perhaps are the first to wish to subsume their ego within the Self?). One by one, we’ve come (and are coming) here, and we’re finding that we’re not alone … nor crazy … we’re learning from each other as well as from you, in a way that just doesn’t happen in the comments sections of other blogs … and I’m starting to get intimations (delusional? perhaps) that there is a much greater purpose to which we are being gathered than mere conversation. I think you might have said as much yourself, though I’m not sure I really got it, then … nor am I now … which is why I come to sit before you under your banyan tree, and not the other way around.

    In the meantime, let these missives flow, continuing to interrupt the broadcast. A few more might perhaps be aroused from their slumber with each pirate transmission. And as for those of us who don’t anymore need to be told just how much of it is bullshit, well, we’d much rather you showed us how to fold some more cranes.

  10. -gasp!- And no word of the day!

    I’m sold. Screw blogger, it’s all about this place.

  11. JoseyWales Says:


    A year ago I read the Vanity Fair article on “The 100 Most Powerful People”

    Of the 100, 51 represented a certain group, identifiable by name. There were about 23 more that were also part of the same group but had names that would make it difficult to know.

    Among the comments I read were certain other members writing, “AWPOW, are we powerful or what.”

    We know who runs the FED and the top financial institutions. The financialization of mortages and other assets, moved the financial services industry way up in importance to the American economy and the worlds. The IMF and World Bank leadership is usually under their control.

    One year you can’t jump up and down about controlling 74 out of the 100 most powerful people, and later in the same year claim you we not responsible for the global disaster.

    The home country for these scum people, gets the lion’s share of foreign aid, while others around the world suffer and starve. There is no shortage of money there and all the while they claim to be humanitarians.

    The financial institutions in their country are not suffering, apparently they saw the disaster coming, but their brothers here running they U.S. financial institutions did not. Lots of money was moved to behind their new wall, designed to keep others out.

    Walls are funny structures, sometimes people get trapped inside what was designed to protect them.


  12. There is no vaccine–you gotta tough it out and go through the fever and sweats–then, when people find out what you’re up to, they will quarantine you so they don’t catch what will make them stronger–

    I don’t know about the professor, as anyone who wants to make you think you’ve hit the big time because some learned individual with a degree(?) who has been hiding out in the academic world reads your stuff…well, perhaps enough said–I’m just a guy with a 12th grade education–oops, scratch that–my education started when I hit the net and started finding what they wanted to suppress–or maybe it started when I shot my TV–

    I’ll look for you on the cover of National Enquirer–then I’ll know you made the big time–and I can say I knew you when……..

    Stay Visible my friend,


  13. I posted on this entry at the original site and will bring it over here if you wish.

  14. I don’t know Les, I prefer the old one.
    But then again it is probably familiarity conditioning or something lacking on my side.
    This is a bit too slick.
    I like the gray scale, slightly tattered look on blogger.
    Made it seem like it rose from the ashes kind of thing and that you could use it to wrap your fish and chips.
    And then the surprise was the genius of the words that flew off the pages.
    It looked so tatty but tasted so good, unlike all the other glosses that look so good but taste so empty.

  15. Roxette fan Says:

    I like the look of this new site Les, it looks dangerous.

  16. Cool Mr Visible!

    Well done for battling with boring stuff to get it up!

    greetings from the Med

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  18. Tim Schmidt Says:

    Dear Les, Your creative efforts is great resource for another of the misfits traversing this web. You have no idea how much being able to read your pennings helped me maintain my own inspiration. I’ve referred Bronte Baxter to you, her latest entry has some thoughts on the zionist complex and i admire her ability to think and be adamant about personal sovereignity. I also like the fact that she points out the pain suffered by people who try to live a sexually free life. I’m acutely aware of the fact that these people in places like gaza where medieval sharia law is still implemented and some of the links you give detracts from their credibility by homophobia, pushing some christian or anti black or pro-nuclear family agenda. We have to look at the ways that we are being pitted against each other to desperately keep the salient facts hidden. With much love and deepest resonance and appreciation with you and all the others visiting your beautiful fount of living water, tim.

  19. smokingmirrors Says:

    As I was clear in saying that this present appearance at this site was ‘temporary’ and that the site is by no means as fleshed out as it should be… I thought people would hear that (grin)… but some have not. We’re not done here. We have hardly started. I say we because there is more than one of me inside my head… since I’m alone almost all of the time I guess it’s good to have friends even if they turn out to be another version of yourself.

    If you like the old Smoking Mirrors then visit the old Smoking Mirrors because it is going to keep right on limping along until ‘they’ gut it entirely. This weekend people working at Blogger or in some connection with Google kept making all the text disappear off the page for hours but… if you are determined you will eventually see it again. This is their way of trying to drive my readers away. I’ve no doubt in my mind that Zionist interests at these firms are up to no good here and basically everywhere that they are because ‘no good’ is their nature and agenda.

    This is why there is a wordpress mirror blog and will also eventually be a third copy so that the nasties are frustrated in their attempt to turn the world into shit because that’s just the way they are.

    Be patient… I’m on a particular cycle right now and will not be getting much done until it ends. I might stop altogether for a month or two. It depends on whether I am successful in my efforts to locate something I need or not. If not I will go into a kind of hibernation until I am able to take care of things.

    We’ll have something new up here around mid-week.

    Much love my friends.

  20. aww… i know instar must occur for metamorph..
    but don’t stay gone too long….


  21. Noncomplicit Says:

    I saw an interview just recently at Project Camelot with John O´Leary, the free energy guy. In a side sentence he said: The truth shall set you free….but first it will piss you off.
    I loved that because it is so true.
    Freeing yourself from the broadcast is an active thing. It’s a choice. A lot of people I know don’t dare tune out for fear of what they might find. A paradigm shift isn’t something you do between breakfast and lunch.
    Of course, the work involved is also a deterrent. People are, by nature, lazy.
    I have scorned people on the net for linking to a complete different subject, which I then “have” to research.
    I have tried to “wake” people up, but have given that one up. It is just too consuming, because if someone doesn’t want to know, he doesn’t want to know.
    I, myself, want to know, so keep up the good work Les.

  22. Another Zionist War Mongering outfit comes into existence. Pushing lies and more lies to excite a gullible American public into thinking some more crazed “Muzzies” are out to get them

    United Against Nuclear Iran

    Here’s a copy of the email I sent to these shitheads:

    Subject: Another “Echo Chamber”
    Date: March 2, 2009 10:33:06 AM CST

    Looks like the “Wars for Empire and Israel” party is back in full mode, putting out lie after lie, all to scare a gullible American public into fighting another war for Israel, this time against Iran.

    You folks are shameless.

    I’ve already seen the stories about how Iran is supposedly “stealing yellowcake” from the Congo. A story no doubt put out by the likes of you bottom feeders.
    It worked swell in the lead up to the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, so why not try it again?

    You care not how much grief and misery you spread around the world, but seem to take particular delight in raining death and destruction over Israel’s “existential” enemies, which is pretty much anyone who Israel thinks might stand in the way of achieving their fantasy of an Eretz Israel.

    Here’s an idea!

    Why not make the ME a nuclear free zone? Yes, ALL of the ME, including Israel.

    That means Israel would have to get rid of those 200 or so nuke they have stored, ready to use against anyone and everything, but mostly against their favorite targets, Muslims.

    You sorry bastards are the ones that need to “disappear from the face of the earth,” not Iran.

    We’ve been brainwashed many times that Iran is some type of Islamic head case, lead by “mad mullahs” who have scores of devoted followers.

    If that is true, then how can one ignore that their head Ayatollah said that having or making nuclear weapons is a big NO-NO?

    But dealing with reality is one thing you war mongers aren’t good at, so I expect to see your “Wars for Israel” group on CSpan, along with other Zionist think tanks like AEI, issuing grave “fatwas” about what will happen if the USA doesn’t bomb Iran back to the Stone Ages.
    Zionist Think Tanks that seem to spend all their time figuring out how to get Americans fighting another war for Israel.

    All I can say and I know it’s not very eloquent is to “Fuck Off.”

    Greg Bacon
    Douglas, MO

    P.S. I tried to leave a copy of this at your Blogger site, but when I clicked on “Review” some type of download started and I bailed out.


  23. Cool, And good contrast. 😉

  24. veritas6464 Says:

    Greetings Dumballah… Fuck me Dumballah I was as good as I could be for weeks; but I can’t shut the fuck up on this one. “A much slicker presentation here than that day-old gruel look over at Blogger. I don’t think I’ll be going back to that one ever again.”PSYCHE-G, whattha? I’m fuck’n nuts, it’s in my Military Records, when I began to learn the truth I put that fuck’n Psyche evaluation in my Resum’e. You cannot be serious, sexy fucking slick yuppie granite-look formica! Fuck that, we’re over here because the Zionists are kick’n Les’ arse. Not because the fucking Brands management team thinks we need a new look! I’d read this shit if it was spray-painted onto the wall of a public shithouse. SCRITTI POLITTI – GRAFFITI,? Anyone? Bueller??? And ARMIGEDIBULLSHIT. They allways sprinkle sugar on the shit they feed you and the other Kool-Aid chugg’n fuckwads – “elsa it woodna tyst lark Kan-dee Jethrooo, shucks”.

    It had to be said again, YOU said it again.


    The miners in Peter Lalor’s patrol were all sworn in by him before the ‘Battle of the Eureka Stockade’.
    ‘It is my duty now to swear you in and to take with you the oath to be faithful to the Southern Cross. Hear me with attention. The man who, after this solemn oath, does not stand by our Standard is a coward in heart. I order all persons who do not intend to take the oath to leave at once.’
    ‘We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.’

    Suggestion; we the readers start blogs with generic titles and give you blogging rights, then you post the particular Blog to go to for a certain period of time before you move the feast. You know why democracy sucks, because it’s too much like fuck’n hard work. If you other readers need this blog if this candle in the window is helping to guide you home too. Whadya think? I’d prefer 20 different venues with smok’n mirrors playin on top of the Bill every coupla weeks than this sanitised fuck’n sheeples’ showroom. And one of my sad fuck’n attempts at blogging I have many reasons to love Smoking Mirrors, one of themn is the often overwhelming humility. And an enormous sense of gratitude. ‘Thank fuck, some one has managed to say IT! IT needs to be said, this man is saying IT!

    Fuck being bullied into wearing thier fuck’n uniformity. I dunno, I’m nuts.


    Tired of being an outlaw in my own land.

    As for Day old gruel; you get starved of sustinence long enough, that day old gruels gonna start to look real fine.

    I can rally to my gidon, because I recognise my Colours immediately, and if that looks like day old gruel “Please Sir, may I have some more?”

  25. This is a nice site. I visit sometimes. Good insight.

  26. I like the Black/Red/Grey tones. very nice.

  27. john C, UK Says:

    psychegram @1:10

    exactly, respect mate 🙂

    reading Tolle, Holmes, (to much into a literal god), hyatt and Benner, (heavy going).

    the learning curve goes onwards

    I AM
    John C. UK

  28. Hi Les

    It is always a pleasure to read you and sometimes, you bring me much more than pleasure. Because there are times I feel pretty much alone in my world, watching everybody surrounding me, walking to the beat of the “Broadcast”, totally abandonning what little critical sense their brain may have to a bunch of snakes with bad intents.

    Even if the sky sometimes, looks like a spider’s nest from an old horror movie, the zombies will still fight to their second death to convince us it does’nt exist. This méga denial alone would be cause enough to drive anyone crasy!

    Like you, I,m a songwriter, and the true nature of our world feeds my work. Like you, I have promessed myself to always seek for the truth, and I am quite dedicated to it for quite some time now. But there are other times when I feel I might be the one with a vision problem, being the only human to see this, until I read you, then I know I’m not alone, and I feel safe again, ready to take on some more bullshit from the broadcast, and take another good hit from my peers who all think I am the next Charlie Manson for reaching the same conclusion you do.

    Keep on the good work, you are an inspiration, and strengt to more than you know.


  29. Hi Les. This is a video response I made for Rick Simpson’s film “Run from the cure”

    This is my first attempt at making a video for Youtube. Hope you like it.
    By the way, good luck with this new site. Don’t let them win….

  30. “There’s a pervasive hypnosis that floods the rooms in which we live.
    We’ve been subjected to this mind control for so long that we find it hard to imagine what life might be without it.”

    Les is probably familiar with it, but for anyone who hasn’t read up on Charles Tart and his ideas about our “Consensus Trance” – I can’t recommend it highly enough. Google it and enjoy.

    Also, in the “fiction” realm, Stanislaus Lem’s book “Memoirs found in a Bathtub” was a fantastic read. It’s the only book I’ve read which gave me that post-trip “what is real anyway?” feeling.

    “It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast. There always have been. History records many incidents of people revealing the existence of the broadcasting and image making force. We read that these people have warned humanity through the ages and we also see that humanity has paid no attention.”

    Isaiah’s Job, by Nock:

    “…The official class and their intelligentsia will turn up their noses at you and the masses will not even listen. They will all keep on in their own ways until they carry everything down to destruction, and you will probably be lucky if you get out with your life.”

  31. smokingmirrors Says:

    People; comments aren’t showing up at this site either (surprise) so… remember, email me if you don’t see your comment after a day.

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